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PhIlIPP grIeBel

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2013 munIch unIversITY IndusTrIal desIgn

T h at ‘ s m e , 2 4 Industrial designer Munich, Germany

PhIlIPP grIeBel

* a m s T e r d a m


+49 160 97378896

c u r r i c u l u m v it a e 1988 - 1990

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1990 - 2000 England, grew up and went to school: Newton Bank School preparatory school Milton Keynes preparatory School 2000 - 2009 Technical Grammar School Ravensburg, Germany graduation: Abitur 2009 - 2010 Civil service KBZO Friedrichshafen Since 2010 Industrial Design studies Universtiy of applied sciences Munich

S k i l l s / C o m P E T I T I ONS


F r e e T I ME

Frauenhofer Institute compitition: Finalists, 3rd place

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe llustrator, Adobe After effects,

Photography, surfing, cooking, traveling, climbing.

In charge of Universities 3D-printer (Objet 40) 2 year member of student association

Html, CSS, Javascript Rhino, Cinema 4D, Keyshot


B aT Z e e urban car charging

esTIce independent label

vornach12 sustainabilty workshop


2 sTePs model & construction.

honda the future of motorcyles.


3Rd tERM

urBan car charGinG semesterproJect



03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

2025 CAR CHARGING one serviceconcept, two products. Batzee responds to people‘s needs for flexibility and security in terms of charging electronically driven vehicles. A fleet of manned and autonomous charging-units moves through 2025‘s cities and charges and services empty or broke-down e-vehicles. The design is cityintegrated and friendly to make Batzee a part of tomorrows positive experience of electronic mobility. The positive experience that it needs to make sustainable electric transport the dominating form of urban mobility as soon as possible.


teammembers: Maximilian M端nster Ralf Josef Prof. Peter Naumann HS Munich Dr. Joachim Kolling BMW


03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign


due to the transition period there are no charging stations at the mall yet. The closest ones are 2-4km away. So what now?


no difference than today. Even in future technical devices will have problems and fail. So then professionial help is needed to support.

OBSERVATION Current batterycapacities already offer enough energy for the average urban /suburban commuter. 90% of the time, e-vehicles will be charged at home or at work. People don‘t trust the new technology and fear unpredictable breakdowns or empty batteries. This restricts both their physical and psychological mobility - they are insecure and not flexible . But putting chargingstations all over the city is not realisable - considering the aesthetic, economic and ecological consequences. So why not get energy on demand, were it is needed?! 13

03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

WE HAVE to GEt to tHE ENERGY! why doesn‘t it Just come to us?

SERVICE Via a smartphone-app the user can either request an immediate charge of his vehicle, or call for technical assistance whereever he/she is located.

This could be based on a requestonly business model or different upgradable „service-“ or „chargingflatrate“models.



a short video-clip which explains the problems of charging electric vehicles in todays cities.





03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

CHARGING dRoNE - machine with attitude. The drone patrols through the city with a battery module. It is called on demand and in comparison to common chargingstations it can move to the demanded places of charge. So there are much less unused charging devices compared to ordinary stations. In addition there is no need in building new power lines and ripping open pavements and roads.


It charges cars by parking next to their rims and transfering electricity via an induction spool.

battery modules which load cars, pedelecs or e-bikes.


they are transported in drones and get replaced through recharged ones by the service vehicle.


Regarding the changes in automobile architecture thanks to electric mobility,

in ordner for the drone not just to be noticed as „stupid machine“ it can express diverse attitudes, for a better human approach. Like a crooked position after a hard working day for example.





03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign



03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

sERVICE VEHICLE - rescue on its way. The service vehicle is controlled by trained technical personnel, that can service typical problems on e-vehicles. It also holds several battery-modules that can be used to charge vehicles, and to replace empty modules in the drones. The footprint of the service vehicle is kept minimal (1,5mx2,3m) to occcupy as less space on the street as possible.

â–ś designed so

that the driver can hop on and off quickly and easily during his daily worktours



battery-modules that are inserted in drones and when empty picked up and replaced by service personnel and their vehicle


03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

â–ś picture taken in

jan 2013 in the eisbach river in Munich by -5°C air temperature.



eSTice independent proJect


Independentproject | Productdesign

▶ our greatest

passion united in one: surfing skating and good design.

▶ 28

a paintjob for a surfcamp in France, painting the camps‘ own caravans.

Independentproject | Productdesign

Estice Passion & entrepreneurial spirit Estice, founded by three friends, is an independent surf brand from Munich. The city in which riversurfing was born. A project that sucks up lots of free time.

Estice is well known in the scene for their longing to make high quality handmade stuff. Making unique juwelry out of old broken skateboards and surfboards or selfmade and painted skateboards as well as other merchandise like t-shirts and beenies. Estice combines passion to sport and design, as well as entrepreneurial spirit. A great experience in all areas, which started off as an idea and ended up to be realised and sold.


03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

Boards Re-valuing old „rubbish“ Estice doesn‘t only custom paint all sorts of boards and walls but also reshapes old, thrown away skatedecks and make them into cruiserboards, which are as good as new, able to roll smoothly through the city. We‘ve exposed our stuff on serveral arts and sports exhibitions and sell our stuff in Munich‘s favourite skate/surfshop. And there is more to come.

a selection of numerous handpainted boards and reshaped skateboards.







Independentproject | Productdesign

Products Handmade Stuff.


Using old and broken skateboards as well as surf-fins to craft new, one-of-akind rings and necklaces all handmade in many hours of work. Save the old spirit of the boards and give new life in form of a ring or necklace.

cut out of old surf-fins and skateboards, sanded and varnished. There are many combinations. Due to every fin or board looking different.


Independentproject | Productdesign

â–ś the display picks

up the asthetics of board-sports. Laminated wood and black griptape.

Package DESIGN The story behind. In order for people to understand the story behind the juwelry and to express it‘s value we developed a small, recyclable package. Complemented with a selfbuilt product display that enhances the rings story and beauty.


Independentproject | Productdesign

devided into two categories: rings and necklaces which then again are split up into fin or skateboard.


front and backside. Screenprinted on 290gr cardboard and held together by a brass rivet.




sCREENPRINt bacK to the roots

In ordner to communicate our own style we created unique yers by screenprinting them. Each one differs from the other.


Independentproject | Productdesign


▶ combination

of flayer and businesscard. Pickung up Estices‘ joy for art and colours giving every flyer a unique look.

GRAFICWoRks communication. We developed our corporate design to express a unitery appearance. It consists of forms, flyers, cards and stickers.


Independentproject | Productdesign





HoMEPAGE the online portfolio In todays online world it is important to be represented on the internet. We decided to create an own website with small webshop and programmed it ourselves. So people are able to get an idea of who we are and what we do. Soon to be launched.


4tH tERM

SuSTainaBiLiTy. semsterproJect



4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign


discussion at university concerning the topic of sustainability.

PART 1: SusTAINABILITY WORKSHOP developing a Manifest Due to the complexity of the topic, we started off by dealing with theory instead of deploying it without knowing what sustainabilty really is and means. We acquainted ourselves with help of literatur, documentaries and discussions. To our disgrace we discovered numerous alarming facts of products and materials that pretended to be sustainable but weren‘t the slightest.



three class-members created a manifest based on the knowledge we gained together in the foregoing workshop


03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

â–ś Alfed Stromberg, the friendly man that delivers us lunch on a daily basis

to get a better knowledge of the buisness we interviewed him.


4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign


develope a sustainable food supply at our uni.


a students day at uni. coming early, leaving late. only being provided lunch at 12:00.

always available, but not really nutritious a sweet and softdrink machine.

alternatives are too expersive or distant. food delivery only at 12:00, doesn‘t last very long. everything packed in plastics.


4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

we carefully observed our uni-colleagues, their eating habits and their preferences.


RESEARCH MARKET- AND CONSUMERREsearch After having realised the problem on our own territory we set ourselves the goal to create a sustainable food supply before 12:00 and after 12:00. Not knowing which problems lay ahead of us we started researching, interviewing and analysind people and markets for a better understanding. We had to deal with questions like:


-What is the daily routine of students like? -How does selling work? -What can we sell (food hygiene)? -How do people pay?

analysis of food and packaging in ordinary supermarkets as well as organic, independent stores.







4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign


brainstorming phase. Genterating ideas and concepts. Most important point it has to be self - servant


4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

CoNCEPt worKing out bits and pieces Due to the fact this project wasn‘t financed and to lack of voluntary workers it was pretty clear the whole thing had to run self-sufficient. This should be realised in form of a counter that is self serviced, Filled with organic sandwiches, fruit and salads and diverse healthy snacks like nuts and cereal bars. Biggest issues were :

-what do people want to eat a which day time? -how does the food get there? -Where is the ideal postion on our campus? -how does it stay clean and appealing? -how do people pay?


MOcKuP â–ś

We built a Mockup model in scale 1:1 from honeycomb cardboard. In order to test out dimentions, construction and so on.


The premise of the project was of course sustainability. So we wanted to use existing running systems to get hold of our food. Which in our case was the catering that comes on a daily basis. So we convinced him to work together with us and suggested him to support us with carefully chosen, sustainable products. Unfortunately this didn‘t work out too well because the price rise would have been unbearable with poor students. In addition the catering service didn‘t want to adapt their supply chain due to higher costs.


03.Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign


the counter is made out of a soldid wood frame producing no offcuts and using neither glue nor scrues. giving every item on the counter it‘s fixed place, it not only insures the counter staying clean and tidy but also creates a logical order.



Result BITTER TRUTH. We started off very ambitous to improve eating conditions at our uni. But in the course of the project we were confrontated with many barriers and how hard it is to convert an idea into reality with the intention on the best possible solution. Due to the fact we had to respond to so many compromises: Nowhere near sustainable food and it‘s packaging. Lack of fincances which would have led to buying cheap materials and equipment. Resulting a short durability. We finally decided it wouldn‘t be sustainable at all realising the project under such conditions. But all in all was a very important expericence we have made and can learn from.


4th Term | Semesterproject | Productdesign

▶ pay -slot postioned

diagonal aggainst the horizontal layout to attract attention. Accoustic signal to surrounded people coins fall into the deep money container and encourrage payment.

small deepening in surface, so that coffee drips run into and rest of surface stays clean.

small deepening in surface, so that coffee drips run into and rest of surface stays clean.


3rd Term | exercise | model & construction

3Rd tERM

TWO STePS. eXercise In our school subject modelmaking we got the task to build stairs with only two steps and the limitation only to use wood. Biggest focus lay on function and construction.



3rd Term | exercise | model & construction

first try. we tried to make the whole object out of paper maché.

Process Building a MOCKup We set off with the idea to construct a very light but stabil stairs made from paper maché and a resin. This didn‘t work out to well so we rethink our concept. It was important to us to create a good product in as few manufacturing steps as possible. we developed the stairs so that we produced very little offcut and used neither glue nor any screws or nails.



function test and stress test with a mockup model built firrst..


3rd Term | exercise | model & construction


RESULT Pilotserie. The formal design exudes calmness and stability. In daily use the stairs function as stool to sit on. On demand the second step can easiliy be pulled out and used as footstep.


made out of MDF-wood and beech. Without the usage of glue, screws or nails. Held together by cloging the pieces.


5tH tERM

hOnDa the future of motorcycles

5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

HoNdA - the future of motorcycles. What do future motorcycle-concepts have to look like, in order to fascinate young people? Motorcycles used to be a dream of ever young kid. Unfortunately less and less young people buy motorcycles but for what reason? We had the great opportunity to work together with Honda, supported by two great motorcycledesigners from Honda Rome, Italy Together we decussed our perception of todays Transportation, which role Motorcylces have and what should change in future in order for them to be successful again.



5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

stAtus Quo non-public transportation. After a great trip to the motorcycle exhibition Eigma in Milan, Italy we started off. At present there are two ways to travel motorised and independant through a city: either with a car or a motorcycle


Motorcycle : cheap, small and agile but...


good vehicle concept, is a cheap, small vehicle good for urban areas with lots of traffic and no parking spaces. But...

1. need a motorcycle liscence!

2. no storage!

3. safety issue!


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign


CAR: safe, spacious and fast but...


protected by a Framework of metal it is able to take four passengers and luggage Can reach speeds way beyond a scooters‘ 60km/h.


1. traffic! can‘t take advantage of speed in a city because it‘s full of traffic. Mostly you‘re even faster with a bicycle!

2. no parKing! crowed cities, many cars but finding a parking space is like hell. Why have a big vehicle in the city?

3. inefficient! the majority of vehicles in a city are used for commuting to work, so about 20 km a day. But in most cases only one person is sitting in a Ø2 ton vehicle with at least 3 spare seating places. So why move so much mass?


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

â–ś my mate Pawel on my

special cargobike I bought from Denmark.

â–ś Useful to transport shoping, friends or huge loads of wood.


â–ś quick and dirty mock-

up in scale 1:1 in order to better understand dimensions, such as wheel base etc.


what do people need & want? Existing motorcycle concepts are not safe and practical enough to provide a convincing alternative to a car on a daily term.


Inspired through my special cargobike and a vehicle from the Tokio fishmarket, whichs allows easiest access, I started bringing my thoughts to paper. The aim was to create a new vehicle type which everyone is able to drive. Allowing to take more friends and a good load of luggage at the same time.

vehicle from tokio fishmarket. Easy, just hop on and drive!


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

CoNCEPt unconventional approach Caused through its‘ three-wheeled conception the vehicle doesn‘t get signaficantly longer than a regular scooter because the chasis fits inbetween the front two wheels. Further advantage of using a threewheel base: it makes the vehicles handling easier and safer especially for unexperienced. In germany you are aloud to ride this vehicle type with your normal driving liscence, which broadens the potential customer field.

▶ a rough overview of

sketches and renderings made during the project.


the driver sits at the front and is able to take two additional passengers on the back seating bench and their luggage in the compartment beneath.



5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

â–ś side view of the

final rendering. 3d modeled in rhino and refined in photoshop



5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign


RESULT - MULTIPURPOSE USAGE. Bigger than a bicycle, smaller as a car. A new three wheeled vehicel type developed to fit your needs in crowded urban areas. It not only provides the advantages of a scooter, gets through traffic quick and easily and park in every small gap. But it also gives the opportunity to take two further passengers with you as well as their small luggage. Designed to easily be driven by anyone, with a car liscence, in the daily urban jungle. Size and costs of a scooter, practical as a car.




maximum length of two meters, thanks to its three wheel base.

beneath the passengers seat there is a compartment for smaller items, such as helmets and shopping bags. If more space is needed it can be opened to a big cargo surface


â–ś 80

front view of the vehicle


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

rear view giving an insight of the cockpit. In order for an easy entrance the steering is drawn in the vehical for more space and when used just needs to be pulled towards the driver.


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign


5th Term | Semesterproject | Transportationdesign

6tH tERM

rOSenThaL form eXperience


T h aT ‘ s I T, T h aT ‘ s a l l !