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The pig Farm Farm The Kaleidosco Kaleidoscopig

Wu Chang Jung

Wu Chang Jung Taiwan(R.O.C.)

B or n in 19 8 4, l i v es a n d work s in Ta i na n a n d P in g tu n g c urr en t l y.

W u is do i n g he r s tu d y i n G r a du at e I ns t i tu t e o f P las t ic Arts , Ta i na n Na t io n al U n i v ers it y of T he A rts . Sh e rec e i v e d th e S e l ec t e d Awa r d of Taip e i Awar d 2 0 10 . S h e's t he r ec om m ende d ne w ar tis t of A rt Ta ip e i 20 1 0, wh ic h org a n i ze d b y C o unc i l of Cu l tur a l Aff a irs a nd Ta i wa n Art G a l ler y A s s oc ia t io n , a nd r ec e i v e d th e S e l ec t ed Awa r d of Ka o hs iu n g th

Awa r d 20 1 0. Sh e a ls o par t ic i pat es i n Collateral Event of the 54 International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia - Future

Pass – From Asia to the World, A rt H o ngk o ng 20 1 0, Es lite Showc ase,

an d t he 2n d C on tem p o r ar y C al l i gr ap h y a nd P a in t in g Ex h i bi t io n . W u m ain l y f oc us es o n n e w m edi a ar t , ex per im en ta l c a l l i gr a p h y pai n ti n g, a n d m ult i - m ed ia ins ta l l at i o n. H er ar t work s ar e c o m bin ed c l os e l y wi t h e v er yd a y l if e , an d s h e s tar ts to p rod uc e a s er i es d a il y doc um entar y of p i g - ra i s i ng s c en es aft er th e d e pr e s s i on of h er o wn s t yl e s .

Solo Exhibitions 2011 "Tap-Tap",Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan 2011 "Jia Hsin",Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan 2010 "Eslite Showcase", Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 2009 "These people/Those people", Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse, Chiayi, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions 2011 “International Contemporary Art Collection of a Salaryman-- Daisuke Miyatsu", MOCA Taipei,Taipei,Taiwan 2011 “Ahhhh Planaria”,Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei , Taiwan 2011 2011 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010

"Collateral Event of the 54th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia - Future Pass – From Asia to the World", Venezia, Italy "Singapore Contemporary Art Fair Art Stage Singapore 2011", Exhibition Exhibition planning area, Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, Singapore "The 7th Busan International Video Festival Schedule", Media Center, Busan, Korea "ARTHK10 Hong Kong International Art Fair", Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Wanchai, Hong Kong "The First Cross-Strait Chinese "Broadwood • Chinese Chinese creative life " Theme Exhibitio,Beijing Art District, 22 Court Street, White Space, Beijing "Taipei Arts Awards", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan "ART TAIPEI 2010 – Made in Taiwan: Young Artist Discovery", Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 "Traversing the Fantasy", The Cube,Taipei, Taiwan 2010 "HOW MIAO",VT Artsalon,Taipei, Taiwan 2010 "Kaohsiung Awards 2010", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2010 "Final Assessment Exhibition of Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts", Tainan National University, Tainan, Taiwan 2009 "Kaohsiung Awards 2009", Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2009 "Group Exhibition of Clarify Bogon Art Brushworket", Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan 2009 "The 2nd Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial", Art Center in National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan 2008 "The 35th Annual National Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting", Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan 2007 "The 11th Travelling Art Exhibition of Chia-Yi City", Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chia-Yi City, Chia-Yi, Taiwan 2007 "The 45th Group Exhibition of Chinese Culture University", Taipei Culture Center, Taipei, Taiwan 2007 "The 2nd Hwa Kang Experimental Exhibition", Hwa Kang Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Awards 2010

2010 Taipei Arts Awards,Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

2010 Excellent Art Award, 2010 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Award (New Media Art), Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2009 Nominated 2009 Kaohsiung Fine Arts Award (Calligraphy and Painting), Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2008 Excellent Art Award, The 2nd Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Award, Art Center in National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan 2008 1st Prize, The 35th Annual National Award of Calligraphy and Painting, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan 2007 Nominated Cathy Life Insurance Potential Artist Award (Oil Painting), Cathy Life Insurance, Taipei, Taiwan 2007 Nominated The 11th Art Award of Chia-Yi City (Calligraphy and Painting), Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chia-Yi City, Chia-Yi, Taiwan

Documentary I-Pig Five Flower

2009 single-channel Video 03’10”

Documentary I – Pig Five Flower This film is entitled “Pig Five Flower.” I call all the healthy pigs on our farm Pig Five Flower. In 2008, our family’s pig-feed business became a victim of problems in the larger economic environment that led to rising prices on raw ingredients. We temporarily halted production, and focused on the pig breeding business to use up our leftover stocks of pig feed. As a cost-cutting measure, we laid off all of the employees at the pig farm, and my mom and dad took on the work of caring for the 2,000 pigs on the farm. I took off my nail extensions, put on my wellington boots and pitched in to help out at the pigsty. Our entire focus for every hard-working day on the pig farm was the health of the pigs. One of the signs of healthy pigs is that they will circle around the trough as the food cylinder rotated and dispensed food. Visually, it reminded me of a kaleidoscope. I documented the ideal image of healthy pigs that we’d hoped to see each day we worked at the pigsty, and edited the recorded images into the kaleidoscope that I’d imagined -- a kaleidoscope that turned out herd after herd of healthy pigs, representing my family’s hope for economic recovery. I also hope that through this

documentary, this continuous kaleidoscope of healthy pigs would lessen the pressure my family feels about our financial situation.

Documentary II- Jia Hsin

2009 single-channel Video 06’59” Documentary II - Jia-Hsin Jia-Hsin is the name we registered for our family’s pig farm. This work follows the kaleidoscopic visualization of the pigsty documented in the film “Pig Five Flower.” It is a visual record of a week of my life in the pigsty, filmed between December 25 and 31, 2009, and attempts to realistically document a special transitional year in my life: 2009 – a year of living as a pig feeding machine. Each segment of the conveyor belt pictured in this work represents a task that is repeated every day and night. The images were organized and edited according to their sequence in my repetitive daily work procedure. In addition to documenting the reality of the assembly-line type work I did at the pigsty, the images of the production line conveyor belt from my family’s pig-feed manufacturing plant, realistically documents my days as a human pig-meat manufacturing machine.

Documentary III - SLOT MACHINE

2010 single-channel Video 02’58� This film, Slot Machine, is a record of an important aspect of my work at the pigsty – the mating and breeding of pigs. Under natural settings for mating, a healthy female pig can give birth to 6 to 9 piglets, but through artificial insemination, a female pig could easily gestate 10 to 21 piglets.

Each piglet carries a price tag of 1000 yuan.

Thus, to raise the financial returns on a pig farm, artificial insemination has replaced natural mating methods. It takes about six months before the results of an artificial insemination effort can be determined.

Being under

constant economic pressure, and wanting to maximize my own time and effort, this process of inseminating a pig and then waiting for results felt like I was playing the slot machines each time I artificially inseminated a pig. This documentary is a continuation of my kaleidoscopic vision of the pigsty.

Here, the Slot Machine theme

accurately expresses my feelings of anxiety and my imagination as I wait for results after breeding, whether from natural mating or artificial insemination -- one of my most important tasks at the pig farm.

Documentary IV- Little mince cloth

2010 single-channel Video 02’30” Documentary IV—Little mince cloth

This film records the process veterinarian anatomizing and examining the ill pigs. Before the anatomy, the veterinarian will firstly gives the pigs an electric shock, and dissects them at the status of brain death. I keep track of the dying organs, and arrange them into the flora pattern in order. Every scene is crocheted by pig organs and the background sound is pig’s lament when being castrated. The two elements form the work, active and wailing flora cloth, Florgan Cloth. I try to convey the idea of wonderful and, meanwhile, brutal world by the displacement of the two perceptions.

Documentary VI - Get good result˙Flower World

2010 single-channel Video 02’22” Documentary VI –Get good result˙Flower World While I feed the pigs in the pig farm, my previous experience has been teaching me how much portion I should give to the pigs.

If the baby pigs eat too much, they will have diarrhea problem.

much, they will a difficult delivery.

If the mother pigs eat too

Every time after I finish my feeing work, those pigs will follow me with their

tails waging, as if they are asking for more to eat.

That is how I come up with this connection.

This documentary features the pigs wagging tails. I rotate the shots at various angles. wondering what moving patterns I can create with these pigs in different colors. closing, opening up, and withering.

By doing that, I start

The flowers are bloom,

Elegant but short, the circle of life is visualized into the wallpaper-like

patterns. From the pigs’ tails to the flowers, and from the flowers again back to the pigs’ tails, their interlacing relationship invite viewers to think about how many fancy “patterns” we need to deal with the outer world. Do we really need to decorate ourselves like the gift wrap to survive in the world? How we value the beauty of the surface is imposed by the symbol system.

What do we bring to the world?

know about us because of these fancy patterns?

And what does the world

In whose name we are completing this process? We are

making our great effort to ornate everything, for what?

Documentary VIII – Night Night Flower

2010 single-channel Video 01’50”

Every day when I finish the routine jobs of feeding and cleaning, my dad and I will walk through the floating dream one by one, without distraction. greatest eyesight.

It is the work which requires the greatest patience as well as the

While the temperatures are low, pigs – the sick ones and the healthy ones – will stay close to

each other as they are deeply asleep. patterns interlacing with each other.

For m, it is the most magical scene, visually speaking –just like the carpet It sometimes even comforts me about the worries that some ill pigs are

deserted at the corner, waiting for anyone’s intensive care. Therefore, walking through these moving carpets becomes my diary to record my night-by-night routine to check the health condition of the pigs.

It also records my self-reflection and my future direction.

I keep telling

myself that I should not let the superficiality of the outer world to replace those which really deserve my care and concentration.

Documentary IX – Next Stop

2010 single-channel Video 03’20”

My life in the pig farm is not merely full of labor intensive works.

I have also experienced some personal

growth and transformation, along with the pigs. At each stage of their growth, my emotion and perception change with them.

When pigs grow older (and gets bigger), they need to be moved to different rooms.


work, therefore, documents the 68 baby pigs delivered by myself and every time they move. The document Next Stop includes the preparation work, the process to goad the baby pigs to the next room, and how we transport the grownup pigs to the pig market through trucks. process.

It is a seven-month-and-an-half

The background music –starting slowly and gradually becoming passionate – also captures my

contradictory feeling, anticipating but yet reluctant to say goodbye. Life is full of worries.

Every stage of life has its worries.

In most of the cases, the previous stage is actually the

foundation of the following stage. Every stage is important because they influence each other. pig farm is the same.

The life in the

I want to make this documentary a recording of my self-examination – just like the waves

hitting the shoreline, those pigging running toward their next stop, can we really maintain our best condition in this world overloaded with informaiton? Can we attune ourselves to be fit into our next stop at a firm pace?

Documentary XI – The X Mission


single-channel Video


I am there. Every inch of my body has been launched. Every step allows no mistake. Every moment requests my non-stop concentration. Every struggle is not easy to pass through. Every breath of air can not be given up. Every injection can not save you from the pain. Every new-born pig has its own value. It is the mission about life and death – The life and the death of the pigs. The life and the death of the pigs farm, economically speaking. For your own good, so I need to accomplish the X Mission. The Mission X documents those mother pigs who suffer from a difficult labor. Through this document, I want to share with you the value of life -- in the ways we breathe, in the surroundings we walk by, or in the moments we feel our desires. We might only have one chance. So we need to seize the moment. Being happy and content is the best way to take the challenge of the X Mission.

Documentary XII – Did

you hear me

2011 single-channel Video 02’42�

This piece of work includes the sounds heard along the way from the carts starting off the feed mixing plant to the pigsty, as well as the visuals of pigs charging toward the fences once they hear the carts coming from the distance and grunting ceaselessly at the top of their lungs when expecting the feed. Demonstrating the loudest and the most chaotic part of one's work at a pig farm, it presents through slow motion and silence in the most part a seemingly contrasting fact: in the world of pig breeding business, the more frenzied, clamorous and jostling the animals get when they compete over feed, the healthier they are in actuality. Oddly enough, I find the most stable peace of mind in the most unstable realities. The moving and screaming wallpaper surrounds the jobless situation which is the scene of grabbing one spoon of rice under this economic recession. The concept of this piece is realized via moving and sounding images projected on the wall as wallpapers.

《Documentary I-Tap-Tap》

2011 single-channel Video 02’55”

"Sound" is an integral part of fodder factory. The sound of machines tells if they are functioning normally, signals a "work mode" and dictates the progress of work. While at work, workers need to listen to the sounds of all types of machines attentively, determine progress and decide what button to press. Raw material goes in from the right and comes out from the left. One batch after another, the material is taken to the barrels at the other side of the factory. Consisting of repeated steps and separated by paralleled rows of procedures, the production process works much in the same way as a typewriter. The da da sound resembles the sound of confirmation inside a plant - a sound that brings hope and stability to everyday living for me and my family. Using sounds of the production process - sounds normally regarded as "noises" - as the design elements, and with the inclusion of imagery as a supporting role, this sound installation records the piling-up, tumbling, breaching and spilling-out of material - common scenes on a conveyor belt - to present the artist's impression and hope for balanced supply and demand of the world's natural resources.

《Documentary I-Da-Da》

2011 single-channel Video 02’57”

This is a sound installation using sounds that are normally seen as "noises", sounds that are heard at the last phase of a batching plant - cleaning up of the raw material container, batching of livestock feed and piling up of the feed on trucks. The work re-presents the image of "piling up" - the main mode of operation in a batching plant - through sounds and images. Every step and procedure is completed by "piling up" in order to function normally, follow the correct formula and produce the right product. It also portrays finished feeds piled up high and solidly, and the measures to be taken for proper storage. By piling up sounds and images, the work also implies a hope for an intact economic pyramid for the world.

2010_Taipei Arts Awards_Taipei Fine Arts Museum_Taipei_Taiwan

<< Art Stage Singapore >> Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre, Singapore

2010_Final Assessment Exhibition of Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts_ Tainan National University_Tainan_Taiwan

2010_HOW MIAO_VT Artsalon_Taipei_ Taiwan

2011_Invisibleness is Visibleness International Contemporary Art Collection of a Salaryman-- Daisuke Miyatsu_MOCA Taipei_Taiwan

2011_Jia Hsin_Wu Chang Jung Solo Exhibition_Project Fulfill Art Space_Taipei_ Taiwan

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Wu Chang Jung +886-981-250-787

Wu Chang Jung-The Kaleidoscopig Farm  

《The Kaleidoscopig Farm》created by Wu Chang Jung

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