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Tiger Talk Volume I Issue 5 October 21, 2011

Have you Considered Joining ROTC?




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Upcoming Events 10/25 Open House at Our Lady of Holy Cross College call 504398-2175 for more info or to register 10/29 FREE ACT practice Test 9:30-1:30 call 1-800 KAP-Test to register 11/2 LSU visit to 1:10 PM location TBA. Sign-up at the clerk’s counter 11/9 Tulane visit 1:10-2:10, location TBA. Sign-up at the clerk’s counter. 11/15 Priority deadline to register at ULL. Email or call 337-482-6515 for more info 11/16 Southeastern University, 1:10-2:10 sign-up at the clerk’s counter 12/3 SAT Subject test go to to register 12/3 ACT Test go to to register

How can joining the Air Force ROTC Finance College?

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) may be a viable means for helping finance college for

some students. The four-year Air Force ROTC program is a path for college students to receive a commission to the Air Force. Students attend Air Force ROTC classes along with other college course and normally receive elective academic credit.

The Air Force ROTC College Scholarship program awards scholarships to candidates pursuing undergraduate engineering or other scientific and technical disciplines. Scholarships are awarded in increments of two, three, and four years. There are several types of scholarships offered. Type 1 scholarships covers full tuition and most required fees. Type 2 scholarships covers tuition and fees, but is capped at $18,000 annually. Type 3 scholarships pays up to $9,000 annually and can be used at any university that offers Air Force ROTC. Type 7 scholarships are designated for in-state tuition-level institutions. All types of awards provide an allowance for books, most required fees and a monthly nontaxable stipend.

dards to earn and maintain scholarship benefits. The application deadline is December 1st. For more information please visit or call 1-866-

Don’t forget always submit a copy of all scholarship and college acceptance letters to the counselor’s office. Thanks!!

Don’t forget always submit a copy of all college and scholarship award/ acceptance letters to the counselor’s office, even if you don’t plan on attending the school.

All scholarship cadets are required to meet certain academic, military, and physical fitness stan-

Spotlight Senior One of my goals for this school year is to become a more wellrounded person to help prepare me for life after school. So far I'm doing well by balancing a job, schoolwork, sports, and volunteering. I can truly say Taylor has helped me to challenge myself. It's not easy going to a school with less kids from 6th-12th grade than most schools have in their graduating

class. This is also one of the benefits of Taylor; everyone knows each other and teachers can give more personal help to stu-

My hobbies are just like any other teenager's. I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, and surfing the web. My post high school goal is to go to college somewhere beautiful like Colorado or New York. I plan on getting a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering and then moving back to New Orleans to help solve some of our many environmental problems.

More SCHOLARSHIP Opportunities…. leadership ability, have a GPA of 3.) or better, and are from groups underrepresented in computing should visit and apply. Winners will receive $500 cash award, laptop computer, a trip to Bank of America Technology Showcase and Awards ceremony, and an engraved award. Applications due Oct. 31st by 11:59 PM. Parent and school official/ mentor endorsement due by 11:59 PM on Nov. 7. Al’s Formal Wear will be offering two $1,000 scholarships. Entries are accepted Oct. 15, 2011through May 31, 2012. Visit SchoolApp for an application. NCWIT Award for Female Aspirations in Computing: All high school girls (grades 9-12) that have demonstrated outstanding aptitude and interest in? Computing, and demonstrated

ter color, crayon, charcoal and more will be accepted: up to $6,000 in scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors, visit for more information. Deadline Nov. 4, 2011 PFTSTA is an affiliate of NCSSSMST. The Albert Forman Honors College at NJIT offers several distinguished advantages for outstanding students in science, technology, engineering, math or architecture and design. Students that graduate from NCSMST schools who have 1300 SAT (critical reading plus math) and at least a 3.5 GPA will receive at least a full tuition scholarship package plus $1,000 room grant. Arrangements are being made for a Skype conference so Taylor students may speak with an enrollment counselor .

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Scholarships: Jefferson Caffery Scholarship-score 30 on ACT, 3.0 GPA and National Merit Finalist/semifinalist-$45,000 Academic Scholarship-28 on ACT, 3.0 GPA -$8,000 Enter Lela’s Holiday Art ContestOriginal photography, pen/pencil, wa-

Just Say No to Bullying! Bullying happens when a person, or group of people, pick on others who are more vulnerable and can’t really stick up for themselves easily. Bullies want to feel powerful and picking on someone and making them feel scared is a way of doing that. Types of bullying may include: physical abuse, kicking, hitting, poking, touching, pushing, name calling, mocking, sarcasm, teasing /taunting, leaving people out of games, racial, religious, sexual harassment, spreading rumors, taking possessions without permission, destroying or vandalizing other people's property, making demands, threats, blackmail, encouraging others to fight, or sending treating or hurtful emails/

digital messages. It may be one of these things or several. Whatever form it takes, you want it to stop.

If you see someone being bullied don’t ignore it: you need to act, otherwise you are saying it’s OK. If you see someone being hurt, get

help from an adult, but don’t put yourself in any danger. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it if you feel you can’t step in and help out – a teacher or mentor is a good start. If you are being bullied you really need to tell someone, otherwise the bullying may not stop. Tell a trusted adult at the place where the bullying is happening – so if the bullying is happening at school you might want to talk to your principal, teacher or counselor. Ask to speak to them in private if you are worried about the bully finding out. Please visit resources/videos/index.html to learn more!

Important Reminders Sheets are on file in the counselor’s office, When you register for the ACT, remember to have your scores as well as a copy of your resume. sent to TOPS by using code 1595. Students when requesting that TOPS can get your scores without transcripts be sent to colleges, this code, but it takes longer. Our please be sure to include a mailschool number is 191-161. ing address to the undergraduate admissions office, and if the Students please be sure to submit school has provided you with a requests for recommendation student identification number, letters 2 weeks before the deadplease include that as well. line, and be sure a copy of your Student, Friend, Parent Brag

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The 2nd 9 weeks of school has officially started, please continue to stay on top of your assignments/grades. Ask for help if you find yourself struggling in any of your classes. FREE Afterschool tutoring every Wednesday through NHS. Please sign-up at the clerk’s counter!



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