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Tiger Talk Volume I Issue 9 December 2, 2011

Counselor’s Comments… Be Responsible


Counselor’s comments


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 12/3 SAT Subject test go to to register  12/3 ACT Test go to to register  12/16 PFTSTA Alumni Panel Discussion 1:10 PM in the cafeteria  1/9 Jefferson Dollars for Scholars application due to Ms. Durant

be responsible in all you do. So students, ask I being a responsible Taylor student? Are there any areas where I need to improve, and what steps can I take to be more responsible? Being a Taylor student is a big deal. When you graduate from our school, it really has meaning. PFTSTA is very well respected in the community and education world as an A+ outstanding school. Besides providing our student with excellent opportunities and a superior education, we hope that all of our learners will walk away with important life skills such as responsibility, good work ethic, integrity, accountability, critical thinking, and much more. We understand that you are young-kids and teenagers, and still developing. However, because you are a Taylor student, we also expect you to do your best, be honest with work/ assignments, and complete tasks thoroughly, efficiently, and most

I along with your teachers know you are great, we look forward to seeing positive improvements!

Make all requests for recommendation letters 2 weeks in advance. Also, even though you apply for admission to a college/university and they contact your teacher or counselor for information, you need to also speak to the individual directly and make a request for letters, etc…

Be sure to provide copies of all scholarship and college acceptance letters to the counselor. This information is needed to advertise your success/accomplishment and for our records. Even if you do not accept the scholarship or attend the university, please be sure to provide a copy of all acceptance letters to the counselor’s Don’t forget always submit aoffice. copy all scholarship and college acof Jefferson’ Dollar’s for Scholars ceptance letters to the counselor’s applications are due Jan. 12th office. Thanks!! There is a page the school counselor must also complete for each application– DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. Although Jefferson Dollar’s for Scholars application is due on Jan. 12th– please submit all materials to Mrs. Durant by Jan. 9th so that I will have time to complete the counselor’s section.

Make sure your volunteer hour info is up to date

Spotlight Senior Goal for 2011-2012 year: My goal for the year of 2011-2012 is to get accepted in a close to home University that has a wonderful Music Business/Management program!!! Thought about Taylor: I think Patrick Taylor has prepared me for college in ways that no other school could have. Helpful tip for success at Taylor:

In order to achieve success at Taylor DON’T fall behind. Try not to miss too many days. Missing a day at Taylor is like missing an entire week of school.

In order to achieve success at Taylor DON’T fall behind. Try not to miss too many days. Missing a day at Taylor is like missing an entire week of school. Post Senior Academic/ Career Goal: I plan to work for a large record company and make a name for myself in the music industry after I graduate from college with a degree in Music Business/ Management.


Counselor’s com- ments Spotlight Senior 1 December 2, 2011  Make sure your volunteer hour  Make all requests for recom- Goal for 2011-2012...

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