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Indoor Fencing P.F.S Fence, Inc. For All Your Indoor Fencing Needs

P.F.S Fence offers a variety of services that you can avail of! From indoor fencing services which require specific designs to meet certain needs such as partitioning, security, containment and other related uses, we can design and create them for you. We also offer outdoor fencing services in order to provide the needed security that your property needs. With over 60 years of being in service we are capable of handling any installation services for whatever fence design you need. Below are all the types of fences and unique gate designs that we can build:

– Outdoor Fences Galvanized metal fence used in various schools, factories, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Barbed wire fences are also among the many types of fences we make for private properties which demand high security. The razor ribbon style fence has also been used in several projects in Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Toronto.

– Indoor Fences For our indoor fencing services our team can create uniquely designed fence that can be used for a specific use that your business needs. Whether if its livestock, medicines or even industrial equipment, the fences that we build not only last but is also durable. The fences can even follow unique designs that fits the “theme” of your business to not only make your business safe but attractive as well. This makes us the ideal choice when looking for a contractor to build fences for partitioning of stocks in warehouses or for more storage areas. We have built driver compounds, fences for smoking sections, aerosol and even narcotic cages. There’s nothing are contractors will come up against that they can’t manage.

– Gates Other than fences we also build the first line of defense that many residential, commercial or industrial entities have on their residences, the gate. The gates we build can fit the particular entrance you wish be it sliding, overhead, swing and cantilever. Traffic barriers are also among our resume. The services for our indoor fencing and outdoor fencing services are also widely used on North York, Markham, Etobicoke and other Greater Toronto Areas. The projects that we have handled has exposed us to all kinds of outdoor fence and gates designs that are widely used by many companies.

P.F.S Repair Services and Contact Info Other than all our installation services, you can also call us for any repair services that you may need to handle and resolve your gate or fencing problems regardless of the design of the fence. Anything can happen and your fence and gates may be damaged by various causes. Storms, earthquakes and damages incurred by other vehicles happen all the time. Our repair services also accept emergency calls for any repair request which requires immediate attention. We are well aware how the gates and fences act as a bastion of defense among many areas so our team is always ready to serve. We also accept indoor

fencing repairs even if it is custom designed. Ornamental fences and even wood privacy fences are a few of our most common received request.

Visit us at 110A Kennedy Road South, Brampton, ON, L6W 3E7 if you wish to learn more of what we can offer. Or simply dial 905-456-0623 or our toll free number, is 1-800-6857459. Get an estimate now for any repair or installation services you wish for us to handle. Email us at Our services are available in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Scarborough and all throughout Ontario. P.F.S is service you can count on, done by professionals you can depend on!

Indoor fencing - PFS Fence System , P.F.S Fence offers a variety of services that you can avail of! From indoor fencing...

Indoor fencing - PFS Fence System , P.F.S Fence offers a variety of services that you can avail of! From indoor fencing...