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Francesca Cataldi Walter Kratner

“lost memories“ Schloss Batthyány | Körmend




Francesca Cataldi was born in Naples, where she graduated from Fine Arts Academy. She lives and works in Rome. She holds his first solo exhibition in 1964 and then many others in Italy. The beginning of her artistic activity is strictly pictorial (informal painting), but by the end of the ‚70s she stars a research on plastic materials in order to approach a third dimension, that of sculpture, which suites her better (iron, fiberglass, copper, bitumen, tar, glass, cement, cellulose, paper handwritten, photogravures). All poor materials which take on new meanings, processed in the unconscious of the viewer, through the play of light and volumes. The artist gets significant results as demonstrated by the important solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and by the participation in the Venice Biennale in 1995 and 1997. In 1990 and 1992, she is consultant for the art for the Book Fair in Naples and for RAI International; Since 1995 she is teacher at the Europaische Kunstakademie of Trier, Germany. (...) As regards the small books of stone or of paper, they are the places where take form the stories of materials, of colours and maybe even men. For Cataldi this is the way to tell stories, to fantasize, to immerse herself in other times and in other realities.

From this fascination, Francesca Cataldi moves to construct the paper panels. Blending the paper using also the techniques acquired in other experiences, she realizes panels which recall the materials made by the thinking. In this way, when she inserts images found long the way - images which she recycles and treats such as the others materials - everything becomes more abstract and historically stratified. The plans are stratified by multiplying - if we think the paper that crushes everything on a single sheet - these panels in the outside and the inside are integrated, container and content come together permanently. The artist investigates the different souls of papers using also the language of the video. Through the fusion between paper and video, she tries to read the paths of things and of people along the streets, designed such as a large moving river that allows the populations open up to external contacts. Click for more

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“LAMPEDUSA” / VIDEO „Lampedusa“ (site specific installation by Walter Kratner) filmed by Masoud Razavy Pour. Click for more Click for more

Trailer „Lampedusa“ Booklet „Lampedusa“

In the Booklet: Statements and essays for the video by Susanne Ramm-Weber (Offenburg), Javid Ramezani (Teheran), Stefania Severi (Rom), Walter Kratner (Graz), Masoud Razavy Pour (Graz), Shmulik Krampf (San Francisco), Barbara Jenner (Berlin), Fery Berger (Weiz), Gregory Edwards (San Francisco).

WALTER KRATNER BIOGRAPHY: Walter Kratner was born in 1954 in Graz (Austria). He recieved his education from the University of Florence (Design and History of Art). His site specific installation works include in Austria the Church of Tabor and the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma Victims of National Socialism. He recieved a 2002 Carl Djerassi-Artists-In Residence Program Award. He exhibited his work at the Exploratorium, The Refusalon Gallery, the Projects Room in San Francisco and in different places in Europe. His revisited photographs used to transform and reconstruct memory and history. Recently the artist reflects on the situation for refugees in Europe and in the Middle East. Click for more

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ABOUT „LAMPEDUSA“: In Walter Kratner’s piece, Lampedusa, takes us into the deep sea, where he puts imagery of a remnants ,drowned boat. Socially and Politically connecting us to the subject matter. The matter is refugees from Africa drowning in the Mediterranean sea. Beginning of some of humanity‘s cradle, same sea, same issues. Frantz Kafka says about his writing “I want to be the ax on the frozen lakes of your soul.” Well, my friend, the lakes melted already. Franz Kafka axed it already, and history repeats itself. We choose to turn our eyes to another direction, when the direction is right there. (Shmulik Krampf; Gallery Owner, “Refusalon”, San Francisco, Usa)

“DIE ANKUNFT / THE ARRIVAL” / INSTALLATION installation view Click for more information

“DIE FALLE / THE TRAP” / INSTALLATION installation view Click for more information

“UNRUHE / UNREST” / INSTALLATION installation view Click for more information

Schloss von Batthyány-Strattmann


Batthyány-Strattman Museum

Dr. Batthyány-Strattmann László utca 3. 9900 Körmend / Hungary Web: T.: +36 94 410-425 Opening / Reception

of the exhibition “lost memories” Francesca Cataldi (Works on paper) Walter Kratner (Installation)

Saturday, 8 September 2018, 6 pm

Introduction: Zsuzsanna Pálóczi

Museum Batthyány-Strattmann With the cooperation of Associazione Culturale „la roggia“, Pordenone, Italy


FRANCESCA CATALDI (Works on paper) WALTER KRATNER (Installation) Opening / Reception of the exhibition “lost memories” On Saturday, 8 Septe...


FRANCESCA CATALDI (Works on paper) WALTER KRATNER (Installation) Opening / Reception of the exhibition “lost memories” On Saturday, 8 Septe...