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Decide to make a movie

Produce audio/find audio

NO Have an idea?


Go internet, brainstorm, watch movies, write stuff

2D Animatic

Check movie duration, pace, and estimate number of shots

Model Environment (low poly) Develop idea: Consider time available, resources, skills 3D Animatic Write script

Define character visual style

Define environment visual style

Plan production flowchart and timeline

Re-check movie duration, pace, and define number of shots

Finish modeling final environment

Character modeling

Produce Storyboard Unwraping

Rigging and Skinning

Model assets



Character Animation

Image composing

Assets Animation

Fine tunning

Facial Animation

Add sound and sound effects

Camera Animation

Finalize the production

Add materials to character, assets and scene

Add lights

Illumination and texture test renders

Final renders: Render in layers to allow post production and refining


Flowchart -liron topaz

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