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I was at Prior’s Field from 1989 to 1995 and I am delighted to succeed Chantal Borciani. Part of my role as Old Girls’ Ambassador is to collaborate with the Alumnae Office to think of new events that you, our Old Girls, would like to attend, whether at school, London or elsewhere. I hope to encourage interest in and support for Prior’s Field through social media, at alumnae events and also with the girls in my own year group. I have been in the role since last summer and it has been fantastic coming back to school regularly and meeting a variety of Old Girls at different stages of their lives. I rekindled my relationship with Prior’s Field at one of the annual Julia Huxley Lectures. Before the talk, a PF prefect showed me around the school. We shared stories past and present. It was a fantastic trip down memory lane and I visualised many happy moments from when I was a pupil. Prior’s Field has changed over the last 20 years, but there is still the same happy, warm atmosphere I remember. One of my aims as Ambassador is to encourage you to return and see the Prior’s Field of today. There are many opportunities to do so, so please make sure the Alumnae Office has your most current details and you will receive invitations to reunions, the annual lecture, concerts and many other events. If you haven’t heard directly from us recently, then we do not have your correct details. A key memory for me and many other Old Girls is the importance of enduring friendships and mutual support for each other. In this spirit, I would especially like to foster interest in the Prior’s Field Foundation. The Foundation provides transformational bursaries for girls who could thrive at Prior’s Field but need full financial assistance. None of us can doubt the value of a good education, and a gift to the Prior’s Field Foundation (more on page 18) is an excellent way to help the school and give something back. Members of our Prior’s Field alumnae community are scattered over the globe. I am delighted to be working with the Alumnae Office and we would love to hear and share your news, both personal and professional. I really look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Anna Hogg née Clementi (OG 1989-1995)


Editor’s Note

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What a busy year my first year has been. Taking over the role of Development & Alumnae Officer from Sam Bushell in February 2016 was not something to be taken lightly. Sam was instrumental in keeping in touch with Old Girls of all generations and, of course, our Friends community consisting of former parents, former staff, former governors and other associates. On my third day back at PF, I was involved in a ‘Classics and Cakes’ concert and I met some of my former teachers twenty years after being taught by them, including Mrs Sheldrake, Mrs Walker and Madame Gunn, which was brilliant. There have been many other events since then where we have welcomed back Old Girls of all ages, including Spring Art Tea, the Mary Watts portrait adoption event at Watts Gallery, STEAM Careers Day, Heritage Open Day, 1976 Sleepover Reunion, Recent Leaver Drinks and many others. We have had two exciting appointments: Old Girls’ Ambassador, Anna Hogg, and part-time Archivist, Joanne Halford. You can read more about these two appointments in the magazine. It has been busy, but that’s how we like it here and we’re excited to meet more of you over the next few months.

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Please do make an appointment to visit the school if you’re passing. We would love to show you around your school, which I am sure has changed so much, but will always remain the same PF. Why not take a trip down memory lane and celebrate with a visit back to Covered Way, Oak Hall and your old bedroom?

Polly Murray (OG 1995-2000) Social Media Follow us on social media and stay updated with stories from our Old Girls and Friends. Search for our groups: Prior’s Field Alumnae


Prior’s Field School Alumnae


GSA Girls’ Boarding & Day School 11–18 Prior’s Field School, Priorsfield Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2RH Email: Phone: 01483 813459 Web:

School Highlights New centre opens We were delighted, in March, to receive final handover of our new Science, Music and Technology Centre – one of the largest Prior’s Field projects ever completed. It was with equal pleasure that we welcomed back former Head, Mrs Julie Roseblade at the end of April, to formally open the centre which has been named The Arnold Building, in celebration of our founder Julia Huxley (née Arnold) and in acknowledgement of the Arnold family’s considerable literary and educational heritage. The centre provides wonderful additional space and facilities for pupils and staff. For Science: eight additional laboratories and two prep rooms, fitted to the highest standards. For Music: an 80-seat recital hall, recording studios, generous dedicated classrooms and practice rooms, all furnished to deliver optimum acoustics. For Food Technology: a purpose-built suite of rooms, complete with a blast chiller. In addition, five general classrooms have been created to benefit the whole school.

ISI ‘Excellent’ leads to record numbers of registrations We celebrated a fantastic ISI rating of Excellent in all 9 areas in 2016 and saw a bumper number of registrations as a result.

Giving to GOSH Sixth Form seen here presenting a cheque for £1,800 to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), raised through their annual RAG day.

4 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

Prior’s Field in numbers

Oxbridge Spires Inspire! Fifth Formers planning to study Mathematics and Science degrees on a recent trip to the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University and Jesus College. The girls returned inspired and with sights set high.

440 pupils

Victoria Hamilton Famous most recently for her starring role in ‘The Crown’, stage and TV actress Victoria Hamilton (OG 19821989) visited the school, where her passion for theatre started, with her father to raise awareness for their campaign for a brand new Urology department at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) all gained an A* or A in 2016

Sixth Form raised

£2,200 for charity



Watts Portrait Adoption

trips in the UK and abroad

We were delighted to welcome eight Old Girls to a special event at nearby Watts Gallery, Compton, to mark our adoption of a beautiful portrait of Mary Watts in the name of the alumnae and girls of Prior’s Field. The picture takes centre stage in the newly refurbished studios at Limnerslease where we enjoyed lunch with the Mary Watts Guild and ceramicist Emma Bridgewater, the guest of honour. (See main picture on page 13).

2016-2017 academic year


s taking Former of Fifth hematics early Mat A*-A IGCSE ined an ga 17 in 20

150 girls working on a Duke of Edinburgh Award; 11 Upper Sixth completing Gold

Annual Julia Huxley Lecture, Kate Adie OBE We had fantastic feedback from our Old Girls who returned for our annual Julia Huxley Lecture. Daphne Stoddart (OG 1942-1947), Helen Milliken (OG 1942-1947) and Pam Rash (OG 1948-1954) amongst others, made the trip to school to hear Kate Adie explain her struggle as a woman journalist in a very male dominated industry.

University courses chosen

Biomedical Sciences


Classics and English

Fine Art

Religious Studies and Ethics

Criminology and Sociology

History of Art

Photography and Film Making



We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 5

News A Future

for Our Past The last year has been one of historic exploration. The journey, which began in the Old Library and led to the Houses of Parliament, has resulted in a wonderful new future for our archives.

In March 2016, a senior advisor from The National Archives at Kew visited Prior’s Field to assess our archive collection. He found “…a large amount of material that has been collected and safeguarded since 1902; enough to justify creating a permanently safe space for everything.” So began an exploration of how that might eventually be achieved. “School archives constantly animate the present; giving new meaning to what we do in school, today and tomorrow. They are not just our legacy but the way we influence our future.” Howard Bailes, Archivist, St. Paul’s Girls’ School

“It is important that we understand and appreciate where our school community came from.”

The Development Office team, together with PF Foundation Trustee Lizanne Milton, embarked on a series of visits and consultations. We received superb guidance and advice from impressive school archives including those at Charterhouse School, Westminster School and Epsom College. We explored the cavernous storage room of the Surrey History Centre and gained further insight into archival cataloguing and conservation. A highlight was a trip to the Parliamentary Archives at Westminster whose staff were generous with their advice and showed us some fantastic original documents from their vast collection of the laws of the land. The team attended the School Archivists’ Group Conference and a training day with Hampshire County Council. Knowing that the professionalisation of our own archives would be costly, we sought advice at the London HQ of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

6 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

The HLF have helped to make archives of every kind accessible to a wider public; we learned that an archive such as Prior’s Field’s could interest anyone researching educational, social or women’s history. This journey shaped our wish to employ a qualified archivist to list and protect our historic material for the benefit of everyone at Prior’s Field. With such help we could grow the collection and document the evolving life of the school and, in due course, share our irreplaceable archive with the wider community. We are absolutely delighted to report that we have already been able to embark on this plan.

Thanks to a wonderful private endowment gift of £100,000, we have recruited a parttime archivist to organise the archive to professional standards. As Lizanne Milton, herself a past PF parent, says: “It is important that we understand and appreciate where our school community came from, why it began the way it did and the marks individuals have left on us. Prior’s Field School’s identity emerges from the relationships between thousands of individuals over the past 115 years, individuals whose talents and expertise, endeavours, dreams and achievements deserve to be explored, revealed and learned from. These relationships were formed through admiration, hope and love; hallmarks of the Prior’s Field School way of life. They should never be forgotten.”

I am thrilled to have joined Prior’s Field as Project Archivist. I will be helping the school to make the most of its archive by providing a detailed catalogue and undertaking promotion and display work. In 2003, I gained a Master’s degree in Archive Administration from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Since then, I have worked as Archivist in a wide variety of repositories, including eight years for the British Psychoanalytical Society. In 2014, I became School Archivist for Kingston Grammar, a post which I very much enjoy and which will continue alongside my work at Prior’s Field. At KGS, I have developed an understanding of school archives in terms of their unique subject matter and stakeholders. This will be very relevant to Prior’s Field. At the time of writing, I have only spent two days in the Old Library, under the watchful gaze of the Burton-Browns!, but I have already seen some wonderful items. I am looking forward to sorting and preserving these records, and to showcasing some of the gems I find. If you would like to share any documents or reminiscences, or maybe even help as a volunteer in the archive, I would be delighted to hear from you. Joanne Halford

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 7

. . . m o r f s Note As an Old Girl, I can’t believe it has been 22 years since I walked through the doors on my first day at school. I can honestly say I had the most amazing time at Prior’s Field as I met some of my very best friends that I still see regularly. I learnt some valuable lessons, all of which would help me in the years ahead. I now work as a TV Production Manager for ITV Studios. I help to make TV shows like ‘Come Dine with Me’, ‘This Morning’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, and the show I’m currently working on in Australia, ‘I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!’. I have also, recently, made the life-changing move to leave London and live ‘downunder’ full-time, and will be based in Australia for the foreseeable future. I am of course learning to surf and will immerse myself in the ‘Aussie’ lifestyle. When the production is up and running full-time, I work in the jungle every day. I have an office and it is not uncommon for some Australian wildlife to end up in there; we actually found a snake in our stationery box one year which was a bit of a shock! That’s when I realised how incredible my job is and how lucky I am to be here in the amazing environment I work in. This is also why I decided to make the move to Australia. Within the show, I have worked on different areas, and for the past two years I have production managed the ‘Bush Tucker Trials’ and ‘Dingo Dollar Challenges’. Suffice to say I have had to eat some VERY questionable items whilst organising the Food Trials – someone has to test the ‘food’ before the celebrities eat it! I’ve always loved organising and being challenged, which is why being a Production Manager suits me; it’s fast paced, exciting and there is a lot of problem solving to be done. It also means that I have to work as a team which is something I learnt at Prior’s Field when I was part of the netball and lacrosse teams, which I loved. One of the most important parts of my job at ITV is working closely with the Producers and Directors. They have a vision, and it is my job to make that vision possible within our budget and to the given time-frame. Each show I work on has a variety of challenges, but I love a challenge and when I see a programme I’ve worked on broadcast on the television, I feel very proud.

Amy Bell (OG 1995-2000) 8 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

I love adventures, and when I was given the chance to complete my undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Not only would I have the opportunity of a great education, I knew that I wouldn’t get the same experience if I had stayed in the UK. I arrived in Canada the day after receiving my A-level results, and I felt instantly welcomed into the culture. Yes, it was different, but Vancouver is such a diverse city, that I didn’t feel like an outsider. My experience with Canadians has been incredibly positive, with the feeling that the mixture of people makes life better here. UBC is a campus university, and I think that was a key part in how easily I settled in here, as you instantly become part of many communities; your residence, faculty, teams, clubs and more. Before classes started, I attended a two-week orientation on campus with hundreds of other first year international students. We were all in the same boat, and the university were incredibly well prepared for us. They made sure we had everything arranged, from study permits to ‘cell phones’ and bank accounts. There is only so much that you can prepare before making this kind of move, the rest you just learn and sort out when you arrive. I would definitely recommend taking the risk and studying abroad if you can, because even if you can’t just nip home for the weekend, the friends you make and the amount you learn about yourself while you’re there is priceless. My tip to anyone looking to go abroad, whether for a term, or for their whole degree, would be ‘Do it!’. You can’t be fully prepared, things won’t go as you planned, but you’ll have a great time doing it! And if you’re going to Vancouver, take an umbrella. Or two.

Ros Fomin (OG 2014-2016)

I left Prior’s Field in 1997 to come back to Africa. I moved from Zimbabwe to Durban, South Africa, in 2000, moved to New Zealand for two years then moved back to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2007 where I currently live. I am very happy here in Johannesburg with my husband Cameron and two sons, Tyler and Josh, and baby girl, Mia. Being from Zimbabwe I was used to the African culture, so moving to Johannesburg was not much of a shock. It is a very busy life, with many different races and cultures. Johannesburg is a very beautiful city with lots of green trees in amongst the buildings. We spend a lot of time at the dam and there are many safari lodges and retreats a couple of hours from the city centre where we go to unwind and we are able to drive just a few hours to the coast and have a beach holiday. My husband owns a construction company and I am currently starting my own photography and digital art business. Johannesburg has wonderful weather most of the time, with the odd heatwave here and there but averaging 30 degrees in the summer and about 5 degrees in winter. I have experienced snow here once, which was nothing much, but very exciting for us Africans nonetheless. Johannesburg is one of the greenest cities in the world with all its parks and gardens scattered throughout. It is rich in history and the museums and monuments are a definite must for tourists and residents alike.

Layne Spero, née Bersin (OG 1994-1997)

I moved to Hong Kong in October 2009 with my husband Arun and our two very young sons. We moved because of work and although moving to the other side of the world with a 12-week old baby and a toddler is not high on most people’s must-do lists, we decided to go for it. Hong Kong is a city of great contrasts. Many people think of it as a huge concrete jungle. However, although the iconic skyscrapers that line Victoria Harbour are instantly recognisable, there is a different side, filled with stunning beaches and beautiful countryside. The local language, Cantonese, is very difficult to learn and I have to confess to only mastering a few phrases – about enough to negotiate my way around town with taxi drivers. Language barriers have hindered my ability to get to know some of the older local Chinese people, but most of the younger generation speak excellent English. The expat community is extremely helpful when you first arrive, as many people are in the same boat and miles from family and friends. Hong Kong’s geographical position means it is a gateway to the rest of Asia and we have enjoyed visiting Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

As a Saudi-American novelist raised in Jeddah, I began my studies at Dar-el-Hanan, the first girls’ school in Saudi Arabia. I now reside in the historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts most grateful for my years at Prior’s Field School. While the East and West coasts of the United States are quite welcoming and culturally international, I found making friends with other mothers displaced from abroad critical to form a support network. As a religious minority, I also found helping others to be the most useful way to avoid isolation while far from extended family. In 2002 I began teaching Arabic classes for religious education, and was elected to the board of the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland in 2005 throughout the $4 million mosque expansion. In addition to hosting the grand opening as master of ceremonies, I continued to serve in a variety of roles including the Election Committee, and Domestic Harmony Committee.

Rent in Hong Kong is as high as the skyscrapers, so your living quarters are far smaller than those at home. Hong Kong can also be extremely polluted at times. My advice to anyone considering moving abroad for work is – do it. One thing our time has taught us is, however daunting it might feel, it can be very easy to create a happy life somewhere new. It can definitely give your career a major boost. Go with a positive attitude, try not to judge and join in with everything you can.

Joanna Mahtani née Hickey (OG 1982-1987)

Layla Hariry (OG 1986-1988) We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 9

News and Reunions Tahnee Beck née Atkin (OG 20012006) I married Peter Beck in 2014. We had our daughter Melody in 2012 and our son Jasper in 2015. Jessy Deans (OG 2006-2013) ran the 2017 London Marathon in 4 hours and 25 minutes. In October 2016, Old Girls Jessica Denham (OG 2008-2015) and Ella Briscoe (OG 2007-2014) attended the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ceremony at St. James’s Palace, London, where they collected their Gold awards. Shree Desai (OG 2007-2014) ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in October 2016 and raised £861 for Sebastian’s Action Trust. Becky Formstone (OG 19992006) Since school, I have gone on to study Graphic Design at Southampton University. Three years ago whilst in full time employment I decided to set up my own brand of home furnishings from an office at home and called it ‘House of Stone’, selling a small range of fun, quirky decorative items and greeting cards. Sarah Gordon née Durban (OG 1999-2004) I initially trained as an English teacher, inspired by how much I loved English lessons at Prior’s Field, and after a few years of teaching, I moved into educational development and fundraising. I am now Deputy Development Director at The Perse School, Cambridge, and enjoyed visiting the Development Office at Prior’s Field recently to see how the school has changed. I married George in 2013 and live in Cambridge.

Layla Hariry (OG 1986-1988) As a member of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association, I was recently delighted to facilitate the Harvard Arab Weekend 2016 panel ‘Filmmakers in the Arabian Peninsula’ to focus on emerging Arab narratives. Moreover, I am pleased to have completed the 365-page English version of the dystopic novel manuscript ‘Nights of Arabian Terror: Tale of a Modern Concubine’, which I plan to publish with the completion of the companion version in Arabic. Olivia Hamer née Murray (OG 1989-1995) I played the lead in a short film shot at Pinewood Studios called ‘Dr. Sugarloaf’ that was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival 2016 (the “short film corner” section). I never thought that all those drama GCSE lessons and LAMDA exams at Prior’s Field would eventually lead to me following my dream! Annabel James (OG 2003-2007) I am currently working in Japan. I came back to do my MA in East Asian Contemporary Art at the Courtauld Institute in London in 2014-2015, and before that I was in Tokyo for two years on something called the Daiwa Scholarship. Last October I moved back to Japan to work for Mizuma Art Gallery in Tokyo. If there is any interest in setting up an Asia-Pacific Old Girls’ gathering, please let me know! I would be delighted to attend and/ or assist with organising. Artist Camilla MacDonald née Ingram (OG 1990-1995) showcased her work during her debut exhibition at The Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham, in March 2017, teaming up with Duncan Powell Photography for a delightful display. Angelina Huai-Lo Lee (OG 1990-1995) I am living in Taiwan, working as a Research Scientist at the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

10 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

Elizabeth (Ellie) Lux (OG 1988-1993) and Fiona Katz née Heggie (OG 1990-1993) have co-authored two cookbooks aimed at families with children with a food allergy. The books are selling very well. They contain over 100 recipes, all excluding major allergens, using everyday ingredients that appeal to everyone regardless of food allergy. The books are also packed full of tips and advice and have been endorsed by a leading paediatric allergy consultant, specialist dietitian and the charity Allergy UK. Both always enjoyed writing and while at PF received a prize in a local creative writing competition. Congratulations to Hettie Maylam (OG 1995-2000) for completing the 2016 London Marathon and achieving a fantastic time of 4 hours and 47 minutes. Hettie went over her fundraising target for Anthony Nolan, raising an incredible £4,221.24. Hettie was raising money for her father with leukaemia who very sadly passed away in March 2017. Tessa Pitto-Duarte, née Pitto (OG 1996–2003) I studied Music at Chichester University and have a Master’s in Music Performance from the same university. I now teach private singing, piano and music theory lessons in Gibraltar. I’ve been married nearly four years and have a son who is two in May 2017.

Elizabeth Raby née Henderson (OG 1952-1959) After Prior’s Field I went to Dorset House in Oxford (now part of Oxford Brookes) to do Occupational Therapy. In 1964 I married Peter Raby whose sister Bridget was at PF from 1948-1952. In 1966-1969 we lived in Canada where my husband was working at the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford, Ontario.

Reunions 1965 Leavers’ Reunion, Prior’s Field Elizabeth Webster née Leather, Lucinda Ormerod née Hellyer, Romilly Lyttelton née Barker, Susie Arbuthnott née Parker, Tessa Baker née Parker, Rosemary Robinson née Stewart.

From 1972, I ran a greetings card business, designing and selling greetings cards and stationery at Top Drawer and all the big trade fairs. Since giving up my business I have been concentrating on oil painting and had an exhibition in Cork Street five years ago.

2014 Leavers’ Dinner Reunion, Godalming We went out for a meal at Piazza Firenze in Godalming, on 28th December 2016. The group included Hanna Stephen, Paloma Badenhuizen, Emily Milton, Julia Parison, Kimi Worsdell, Ellie Maris and me, Jemma Sexton. We were all Pankhurst girls starting Prior’s Field in 2007.

We have three children and five grandchildren. We have enjoyed living near Cambridge for over 40 years while my husband has been writing and teaching at the University. I still keep in contact with Hilary Bean née Rich and Jean le Maitre née Finlay. Magda Salvesen (OG 19561961) I was immersed last year in the preparations for the 2016 centenary of the American artist Jon Schueler (1916-1992) whose paintings I look after in New York. Exhibitions continue this year, and the acquisition of a Schueler by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is very pleasing. I continue to teach Garden History at New York University as an adjunct lecturer.

Imogen Simmonds (OG 20052010) has spent the academic year 2015-16 at the University of Otago in New Zealand as part of her degree in Art History, Archaeology and Anthropology at UEA. She has travelled widely in New Zealand and Australia and has enjoyed meeting other international students. She has also discovered that not all Kiwis are obsessed with rugby!

1965 Leavers’ Lunch Reunion, London Rosalind Bowen née Wylde, Romilly Lyttelton née Barker, Susie Rudebeck née Kerr, Bee Grant Peterkin née Jensen, Jane Scott née Locke, Hilary Latham née Biggs, Elizabeth Webster née Leather, Susie Arbuthnott née Parker, Lucinda Ormerod née Hellyer.

2012 Leavers’ Dinner Reunion, Guildford Vicky Moore, Alice Gribble, Emma Scarf, Tay Barnett, Katherine Griffiths, Tori Lattimore, Suzie Forbes, Grace Ferry, Livi Goode, Clare Aldrich, Izzy MacDonald, Maddie Martin-Binks, Lauren Gee née Krelle.

2002 Leavers’ Lunch Reunion, Prior’s Field Natalie Bligh, Zöe Jackson née Bloor, Katharine Clarke, Victoria Salt née Clegg, Helen Collins, Kathryn Hickox, Lauren AulettaCroker née Auletta, Emma Crabb née James, Polly Murray.

1976 Leavers’ Dinner Reunion, London Juliet Short née James, Anna Miller née Robinson, Harriet Wilson, Fiona Heggie née Tower, MC Prowse née Cutcliffe, Sarah Mackay, Caroline Trotter née Brewer.

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 11

Sleepover Reunion In October 2016 we welcomed back the class of 1976 for our now firmly established tradition of the ‘sleepover’ reunion. Rallied with great enthusiasm by Caroline Trotter née Brewer was a group of Old Girls, most of whom were returning to Prior’s Field for the first time in forty years. Armed with old uniform, photo albums, and quite a lot of champagne, twelve OGs arrived on a Friday evening, excited to see each other again. As the noise levels grew the reminiscing began. The Sixth Form House where they were to stay was completely at their disposal. The group prepared supper in the kitchen, talked about old times in the common room and danced in the Loft until the early hours. The smart en-suite bedrooms they enjoyed were, somewhat to their relief, rather different from the dorms of their day. On Saturday morning, fortified by a PF continental breakfast, the girls were ready to see the rest of their school. In Oak Hall they were joined by former Head of Geography, Head of Lower School and Head of Upper School Mrs Cook, as well as additional day guests and more joyful remembering ensued over coffee. Soon the group were off on a tour starting in ‘Private Side’, including the Head’s office and the ‘aquarium’ rooms above, before delving further into the school and their memories. Stories were shared, some unrepeatable, and the laughter continued as they explored their old boarding rooms, Maid’s Landing, Covered Way and the Assembly Hall – where they remembered a screening of ‘The Graduate’ which shocked some of their parents at the time. The group then spent time in the Old Library where memorabilia and photos from the archive, featuring many of them, were displayed. The girls were quick to start their ‘homework’ to name 12 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

the people in their year-group photos and spot their own appearances in copies of The Prior’s Field Magazine of the day. All were ready for lunch which was enjoyed in the Dining Room. This had not altered much but the alumnae were very impressed by how much the food had changed. A delightful three-course meal did much to lay to rest the school cuisine of the 1970s which had lingered long in their memories.

“It is hard to believe that it’s the same school. The facilities are superb, the accommodation is modern and the food is fabulous.”

A great day was had by all, including the Alumnae Office staff who really enjoyed seeing Prior’s Field through the Old Girls’ eyes. An exhausted but contented group vowed to meet more regularly and as can be seen on page 11 they have since had a followup reunion in London. Caroline Trotter said: “It is hard to believe that it’s the same school. The facilities are superb, the accommodation is modern and the food is fabulous”. Editor’s note: Following the success of this event, the year below them have signed up for their Sleepover Reunion in October 2017 and we also ran a similar spring reunion by request of another year group. Please get in touch if your year group would like to get together!

Seen at PF Boarding Orchard


We were delighted to meet Sarah Hohler (OG 1957-1961) in April 2016 whom we welcomed as a special guest to plant the first tree in our new Boarding Orchard. As part of a Boarding School Association (BSA) initiative, the trees symbolise the ‘tree of knowledge’ and demonstrate Prior’s Field’s commitment to growth and caring for the environment.

Lauren Auletta-Croker (OG 19952000), Hannah Beard (OG 20042011), Natasha Borciani (OG 19841989) and Pippa Gardner (OG 2002-2007) returned to PF in July 2016 to talk to the girls during a session at the STEAM conference. They spoke with enthusiasm about their career paths since leaving Prior’s Field and answered many questions from keen Fourth and Sixth Formers from PF and visiting schools.

Clarissa Beedie née Carle Clarissa (OG 1983-1989) and her two daughters came to visit PF for a tour. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing her memories, showing her the new facilities and her many bedrooms, some of which are now part of the Learning Support corridor.

Inter-House Art Helena Traill (OG 2007-2015) and Sung Hee Park (OG 2009-2015) were invited back to judge the Inter-House Art Competition at school. They bring a wealth of experience, as they are both currently studying at Central St. Martins, London.

Interview Techniques Speech Day Guest In July 2016, entrepreneur and founder of The Book People, Seni Glaister (OG 1977-1982), was our guest speaker and wowed our audience, leaving a lasting impression on the girls. It was wonderful to meet Seni, who explained “If you don’t like reading, you haven’t found the right book.”

Anna Sterling After frankly admitting that she had not enjoyed her time at school, Anna (OG 1995-1997) was keen to come back to find out why. She was pleasantly surprised at all the fantastic new buildings and facilities and particularly enjoyed meeting Sheila Steele who is still at PF, selling stationery over 20 years later!

Spring Art Tea As is now a tradition, during the AppART Exhibition hosted at Prior’s Field, we welcomed back 21 Old Girls and Friends for an afternoon tea. There was a chance to see the sculpture trail in the Rose Garden as well as paintings, glass and ceramics in the Assembly Hall.

An Interview Techniques evening for the Sixth Form in November 2016 was organised to help them gain true-tolife interview experience. Each girl created a CV, applied for a fictitious job, attended an interview with our Old Girl interviewers and was given written feedback from our Old Girls.

Recent Leaver Drinks 2016 leavers were invited to the Inn on the Lake, Godalming, for a Christmas drink and get together having left Prior’s Field in the summer. This year we will be inviting the three most recent leaving years.

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 13

Not the usual 9-5 What are Prior’s Field Old Girls up to these days? We spoke to six of them to find out.

First Officer Lydia Wratten (OG 1995-2001) “How do you cope with the jetlag?” Believe it or not, this is overwhelmingly the most frequent question I’m asked about my role as First Officer of the Boeing 777 fleet at Cathay Pacific. I am one of around 100 women in a team of over 3,000 pilots. I grew up as the proud daughter of an aviator father and, as such, I always had one eye on a career in the skies. It wasn’t until I was 27, after a number of years in the corporate world, that I applied to Hong Kong’s national airline, and was subsequently accepted onto the company’s pilot training scheme. Flying had always appealed to me, but it took a huge leap of faith to actually go for it, and leave behind much of what I had worked so hard for, at what seemed to many too mature an age to change career drastically. I’m so glad I found the courage to make that decision, because I am employed to do something I love, in a role that stimulates and challenges me every day. I fly for one of the world’s most iconic airlines to the four corners of the world. I work with some of the best aviators in the skies, increasing numbers of whom, I’m happy to say, are women. As with any career, the glamorous side of the role is matched by some of the more challenging realities. Nervous flyers will find solace in knowing that aviation is the most tested profession on earth. I am regularly in a simulator, or under examination, often training for scenarios we all hope we never have to face on a real flight deck. Hours can be

14 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

long and antisocial and we work through the night across various time zones. It is all worth it to experience a sunrise over the Himalayas, or the final approach into Heathrow that reminds me of the EastEnders opening credits. I have chosen a career in what is unquestionably a male-dominated world. For all the extraordinary moments in the cockpit, whether flying alongside men or women, there’s nothing quite like looking down the cabin at the end of a flight and catching the gaze of a young girl, who I know is thinking ‘I wish I could do that!’ To that young girl, I say: You most certainly can. Jetlag is the last thing that runs through my mind and thankfully, I am an absolute champion sleeper.

“We hope you’ve enjoyed the Cathay Pacific service and we look forward to seeing you on-board again soon.”

Lifestyle Concierge Samira Abdullah– Stevenson née Abdullah (OG 1990-1995)

Maze Owner Diana Brooks (OG 1972-1977) 2004 was our first year of growing a maize maze at Wistow, and we had no idea how much time and hard work it was going to be. The set-up costs seemed to spiral daily and were very quickly more than double the £20,000 we originally estimated. After complications in obtaining planning consent and satisfying highway safety issues, the car park was seeded to grass. The main field was ploughed and we planted the 10-acre field with maize and pelleted fertiliser. Having chosen the original theme of the maze and with specialised software, the maze image was georeferenced into a satellite-compatible format, enabling highly skilled geotechnical engineers to walk the site using differential GPS and a local base station. The position of every path, curve and void in the maze design was accurately plotted across thousands of square metres. The GPS is accurate to within 10 centimetres, enabling 1,600 numbered flags to be placed all over the field. Checking the areas of unwanted maize against a large map, a specialist hand sprayer with a strong weed killer was carefully used to mark the paths, while the remaining crop was left to grow and form the maze. Bridges and towers were lifted into the maze and assembled on the spot, trying to avoid stepping on the growing maize. Constant mowing,

litter clearance and repairs to the maze kept our staff of eight busy for months, while safety issues and risk assessments were addressed, fencing installed, and road signs erected. 20,000 flyers were printed and distributed, tourist offices were notified and local journalists were alerted. Radio and TV played their part and we were involved in countless press releases, emails and telephone calls. The maize grew taller, and the corn cobs swelled. Annoyingly, many people picked the cobs thinking they could eat them, but being a variety of maize specifically grown for cattle (and not for humans), it would have been as tough as old boots! When our maze season ended, the field was harvested and fed to the cows. (All the maize is used including the corn, leaves and stalks and are finely chopped and mixed together for winter feed.) We were delighted to win Leicestershire’s ‘Best Visitor Attraction’ and Trip Advisor’s ‘Award for Excellence’ two years in a row. It certainly made all the hard work worthwhile to be acknowledged, and to know that a vast majority of our 15,000 visitors had really enjoyed the experience.

There is no such thing as a typical day. The only routine is the all-important jumbo mug of coffee and then checking in with our clients and our wider freelance team. Other activities throughout the day can include booking travel, from corporate trips to luxury holidays; liaising with event suppliers and venues; and completing client expenses and personal shopping. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing your client’s face when you exceed their expectations with the perfect event or finding that allimportant gift. There is a natural assumption that a PA is just for booking meetings and answering calls, which we do, however the reality is that the job requires you to problem solve, be super-organised and be a general ‘fixer’. Whether a client wants to throw a fabulous cocktail party at the eleventh hour, needs someone to coordinate their home or office relocation or simply assist them with a few hours of flexible admin support, that’s where we step in. We source and provide services to ensure that our clients’ needs are always met, no matter what the request. We will always find good solutions whilst remaining flexible and professional.

Each year the Wistow Maze is redesigned and previous years have seen themes such as Harry Potter, HMS Victory, Olympics in 2012 and, as pictured, Roald Dahl’s BFG.

Our clients come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and requirements. Being a Lifestyle Concierge and Virtual Assistant isn’t something that had ever occurred to me as a career choice, but with varied working experiences, backed by a good education and some great friends and family, I’ve been able to build my business and work side by side with an eclectic mix of people. It is an enjoyable and rewarding path which I am excited to grow further.

Find the maze in the Old Girls’ Directory on page 20.

Find me in the Old Girls’ Directory on page 20. We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 15

“I’ve cooked for rock bands Muse and Radiohead.”

Chef Catherine Clark (OG 1994-2001) Since training as a Cordon Bleu chef at Tante Marie in Woking, I have been lucky enough to use the skills I have learnt to do many exciting jobs. I became a personal chef to HRH Prince Ali Bin Hussein in Jordan, cooked for a ski and summer season abroad,

Senior Caseworker to MP Beth Healey (OG 2005-2012) I left Prior’s Field in 2012 to read Theology at The University of Manchester; I went on to produce a thesis on whether the existence of God can be plausible, in light of instances of evil in the world – particularly focussing on the Holocaust. During my studies, I also opted for modules that examined the relationship between religion and politics, and this is when I started to think that a political career might be one I would like to pursue. After graduating in June 2015, I went to work for the Health Secretary and Member of Parliament for South West

cooked for rock bands Muse and Radiohead while they were on tour, and worked in Michelin star restaurant, The Kitchin, in Edinburgh. I have met and worked alongside some worldfamous chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, Gino D’Acampo, Antony Worrall Thompson and Tom Kitchin which was a fantastic, valuable experience. I have also been on Surrey and Hampshire’s Eagle Radio sharing my ideas. After a few years of working for other people, I decided that I should take the plunge and set up my own catering company ‘Kitchen Sink Catering’. Based in Guildford, I am a freelance chef covering London and the South East. I offer a wide range of

Surrey (of which Godalming is a part) – Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP. At his constituency office in Hindhead, Jeremy and his team provided me with thorough training in how to support and advise highprofile politicians, and by October 2015, I was employed as a Senior Secretary to an Education Minister in Westminster. In May 2016, I left this role and moved to Fulham in order to embark on a new challenge as a Senior Caseworker to Rt. Hon. Greg Hands MP for Chelsea and Fulham and Minister of State for International Trade (my current role). Here I assist Greg in providing his constituents with constructive advice on how best to tackle local and personal issues, along with organising and attending his Constituency Surgeries which are held on a fortnightly basis.

16 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

services from intimate dinner parties, interactive children’s birthday parties, canapé parties, funerals and business lunches to weddings, hen evenings and old time vintage tea parties. So, why did I become a chef? I love food! I am passionate about the way good food brings people together – this is my aim. What I love the most about my job is working closely with the client, to ensure we work to their brief and to help fulfil their hopes and requirements. Clients find it a big treat to have a Cordon Bleu chef come to their house and produce a meal for them and their guests in the privacy of their own home. Please find me in the PF Old Girls’ Directory on page 20 and maybe I can cook for you some day.

District Nurse Lauren Jones (OG 2006-2013) After leaving Prior’s Field in 2013 I studied for a Bachelor of Adult Nursing at the University of Southampton. This involved three years of practical placements based in a number of different hospitals and in the community throughout Hampshire. Alongside this I had my academic study which involved many hours working on my dissertation that critiqued research on the psychological effects on women who miscarry. In September 2016, I graduated and obtained my registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I moved to London to start my first post as a staff nurse in Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in October of last year living with my close friend Tilly Cook – another Prior’s Field Old Girl. I am a rotation nurse which involves me working in three different areas for six months at a time throughout the Trust. Having just finished working on a fast-paced Gynaecology Ward at St Thomas’ Hospital I am now a District Nurse providing care for patients in their own homes in Streatham, South West London.

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding profession, so I urge any Prior’s Field Old Girls to consider a career in nursing or healthcare given the endless opportunities for development within this sector.

Your boarding memories Inspired by Ysenda Maxtone-Graham’s amusing hard-back ‘Terms & Conditions: Life in Girls’ Boarding-Schools, 19391979’, we heard from our Old Girls who remember their boarding lives at Prior’s Field. “The water fights, then sneaking past the matron’s office trying not to get caught!! (Although the wet clothes drying everywhere later on might have been a slight giveaway.)” “We had one school dance at Charterhouse and teachers were armed with rulers, to make sure we didn’t dance too close.” “There was a ghost on the covered walkway.” “We had a fire warden with a torch in each dorm in case of a blackout but the batteries were usually dead by the end of the first week of term.” “No radios allowed until Fourth Form and then they had to run on batteries.”

“Compulsory Saturday morning letter writing and shoe cleaning.” “Distracting the kitchen staff when we were collecting breakfast supplies for the Sixth Form House so we could ‘steal’ an extra loaf of bread.” “I remember one evening, shortly after an incredibly early lights out, being terrified when duvets were tugged by an unknown force.” “Mrs Sparks standing at the top of the stairs jangling her keys to announce she was ready to open the tuck shop but only coming down if there was absolute silence.” “Wearing the ‘60s style tweed outfits for church and school outings.”

“Running to grab seats for Top of the Pops was a popular sport.” “Fines for your grey socks falling down.” “Fines for going up to the dorms during first break.” “Dorm requests – you had to say who you didn’t want to share with and then inevitably ended up sharing with them.” “Caught pillow fighting after lights out and being made to get up at 5am the next morning to run around the field as punishment.”

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 17

The Prior’s Field Foundation: Transforming girls’ lives through education A new brochure with a heart of distinctive Voysey design on the cover has been produced to promote the Foundation’s purpose to the Prior’s Field community. It features images from the school’s illustrious history and explains how the Foundation is rooted in the school’s founding ethos and its philanthropic tradition. Through transformational bursaries the Foundation helps girls disadvantaged in life to fulfil their potential. The aim is to assist girls who stand to gain the most but who could not attend the school without complete financial support. Since launch, the Foundation has attracted £550k in gifts and pledges and has made six Foundation Awards.

What is the Prior’s Field Foundation? The Foundation is the school’s own charity. It was created in 2012 to mark the 110th anniversary of the founding of Prior’s Field. It has two objectives: ♥ 1 00% Foundation Award Bursaries for girls who would thrive at PF but need full financial support ♥N  ew buildings and learning facilities to benefit every PF girl

The two Foundationers who left Prior’s Field in the summer of 2016 have both gone on to Russell Group universities. The Foundation looks forward to keeping in touch with their progress and future careers as an encouragement to those who could benefit from or contribute to this special charity. If you would like any further information, the Prior’s Field Foundation would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact Jenny Schneider, Director of Development on or visit the website

Don’t miss out! Come to the PSA Christmas Fair at Prior’s Field on 25th November 2017 to see our full range of alumnae gifts. Open to all. Please see Forthcoming Events for more details of the fair.

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Nominate your

Prior’s Field Old Girl of the year 2017

Forthcoming Events 2017-18 OG London Drinks Friday 6th October 6pm-8pm Charlotte Ellis (OG 1955-1959) has kindly offered her London W12 music studio for alumnae drinks. The space will allow a maximum of 30 guests, so please book to avoid disappointment. We would love to hear from others who are able to host drinks parties at their houses, space permitting.

Sleepover Reunion

Who has inspired you? We are looking for Old Girls of any age who have: • Had noteworthy professional or academic success • Raised significant funds for a charitable cause • Undertaken voluntary or philanthropic work within a community

(1977 leavers) 20th-21st October If you left PF in 1977, please join Diana Brooks née Thomas and friends. Contact the office if you would like to attend.

• Been an inspiration to women or young people We’d love to hear about your nominated Old Girl. Please submit your nomination by email with an explanation of what she has achieved to The deadline for submissions is Monday 4th September 2017. The winner will be recognised on social media and featured in next year’s Field Notes magazine.

Christmas Fair 25th November A quality gift fair run by the PSA. Open to all. Alumnae and Friends are warmly welcomed to our stall, selling unique PF alumnae gifts.

Recent Leaver Drinks

Keep us posted If you have moved house recently, changed email address or think that we may still have your parents’ address, please do keep us up to date. With the ever increasing cost of postage, we’d love to be able to communicate with you by email in addition to post. Please follow the URL to our online form to update us with any information that you would like us to know.

Can you help?

• You could give career advice to our Sixth Form. We have many opportunities including the Careers Dinner and Interview Techniques evenings etc • You have archival knowledge and experience and could help in the future as a volunteer • You have any PF items you would like to donate to the Prior’s Field Archive

Inn on the Lake, Godalming (December, date TBC) A chance to get together again for all leavers from 2015, 2016 and 2017. First drink on us!

Julia Huxley Lecture Our flagship annual lecture is moving to the spring term. Details to be announced. Please contact the Alumnae Office if you would like to book your place, find out any more information or to suggest a venue for a future event.

• You could be interviewed about your PF memories for our Oral History project

Countless Old Girls have given their time generously to help the school and our current girls. There are many different ways you could help. We’d love to hear from you if:

• You would like to organise your year group’s reunion at PF

• You have a unique venue where we could hold an alumnae event – whether it be your house or place of work

• You would like work experience in the Development Office

• You could host a reunion where you live around the UK or overseas

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 19

Make a note!

Do you have your own business and would like to be listed here? Email

Art & Craft Gabriella Irving

Gabriella Irving Artworks

Pencil and watercolour artist

Vicki Hodge

The Crafting Place

Wool and craft supplies

Lucy Makin

Mural Designs

Mural paintings

Charlotte Williams

Wildlife Art and Pet Portraits

Wildlife and pet portraiture

Business and Corporate Eleanor Ainsworth

Shrewd PR

PR and marketing consultancy

Caroline Warburton

DDA Event Management

Event management

Catherine Clark

Kitchen Sink Catering

Cordon Bleu catering

Emma Treeves

Cake Your Day

Cakes made to order

Lizzie Jenkins

Mint ~Catering With Taste~

Catering company

Penny Hartley


Ukulele, rhythm and dance classes for children

Vicki Hodge

A Mind To Learn

Career development training

DCM Pest Control

Pest control

Fenella Price


Luxury ladies’ fashion

Caroline Graham-Watson

Mandarina Shoes

Designer shoes

Lucy Clark

Olive Design Studio

Interior design

Becky Formstone

House of Stone

Online home furnishings

Cat Dal-Gilmore

Cat Dal Interiors

Interior design

Chania Coveyduck

Gites La Foye

Homes for holidays

Diana Brooks

Wistow Maze

Award winning tourist attraction

Samira Abdullah-Stevenson

Lifestyle concierge

Little Bay Realty

Real estate


Classes and Courses

Domestic Cassie Starr


Home and Design

Leisure and Travel

Lifestyle Samira Abdullah-Stevenson

Property Belinda Bender

20 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

Announcements Shaun McGowan

Births Sarah McGowan née Weight (OG 1994-1999) Shaun Brian McGowan was born at 1.56am on March 5th 2016 weighing 8lb 5oz, baby brother to Jasmine-Rose McGowan.

Sophie Masood

Emma Masood née Dewfall (OG 1992-1999) Sophie Zahra Masood was born on 14th July 2016 weighing 8lb ½oz.

Gabriella Vickerman née Varey (OG 1997-2004)

Juliana Vickerman

Paddy and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl Juliana Maria Vickerman into the world on Thursday 15th September 2016 weighing 7lb 4oz.

Lauren Gee née Krelle (OG 2010-2012) Our daughter Grace was born on 29th October 2016 weighing 5lb 2oz.

Sophie Douglas née Mayer (OG 1991-1996) Dominic Jocelyn Marius Douglas was born on 19th November 2016 and is joined by his Prior’s Field Old Girl Godmothers Natalie Cheung and Abigail Best as well as alumnae (left to right): Sophie Bialek née Mottram (OG 1991-1998) Natalie Nihalani née Cheung (OG 1993-1998) Lotte Gaisford née Hunter (OG 1991-1998) Sophie Douglas née Mayer (OG 1991-1996) Abby Thomson née Best (OG 1991-1998) Dominic Douglas

Mikila Rosewall née Lawrence (OG 1990-1997) We welcomed our second daughter, Helena Mae Linda Rosewall, on 25th November 2016.

Charlie Turrell née Slade (OG 1997-2002) Oliver James Nelson Turrell was born at 9:07am on 19th January 2017 weighing 9lbs.

Helena Rosewall

Jemma Trickett née Phillips (OG 1990-1995)

Mia Spero

Molly Rose Trickett was born on 26th February 2017 weighing 7lb 9oz – little sister to Zac and Poppy.

Layne Spero née Bersin (OG 1994-1997)

Molly Trickett

We had Mia Kathryn Spero on 22nd March 2017 weighing 3.4kg.

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 21

Ale and Jack Greenwood

Marriages Ale Greenwood née Wilkinson (OG 1999-2003) Jack and I were married in May 2016 in Florence, Italy. Peanut Lamb (OG 1998-2003) was one of my bridesmaids and Lizzie Jenkins (OG 1998-2005) did a beautiful reading in the church.

Cathrine Dal-Gilmore née Dal (OG 1996-2000) Stuart and I were married in Ibiza at Can Taliais on June 11th 2016. Amy Bell (OG 1995-2000) was one of my bridesmaids.

Olivia Hamer née Murray (OG 1989-1995)

Olivia and Symon Hamer Cathrine and Stuart Dal-Gilmore

Symon Hamer and I got married on 18th June 2016 at St. Mary’s Church in Chiddingfold, Surrey where my parents still live and where I grew up, with our reception at the Chichester Hall in Witley, Surrey.

Jacqui Varndell née Young (OG 1990-1994) Dan and I got married in the Lake District at Kendal Register Office on the afternoon of Friday 9th September 2016.

Rebecca Crosby née Courtley (OG 2002-2004) Neil and I got married on our 12 year anniversary on 29th September 2016 at Elstow Church in Bedfordshire and had a reception with a hog roast in a converted barn. Our two dogs, Sora and Basil came to the church after we were married for photos and with us on honeymoon in the Lake District.

Neil and Rebecca Crosby

Zöe and Thomas Jackson

Zöe Jackson née Bloor (OG 1996-2000) I married Thomas Pelham Jackson on 15th October 2016 at St. Laurence Church, Lurgashall, West Sussex, with a reception at Bartholomew Barn, Kirdford, West Sussex. It was a wonderful day and we were lucky to have such amazing weather in October. Sarah Hains née Meynell (OG 1996-2001) who did a reading at the church and Emma Crabb née James (OG 1995-2000), both friends from Prior’s Field, were guests at the wedding.

Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller née Mahon (OG 1998-2002) I married Simon Fuller on 3rd November 2016 at Babington House, Somerset. Natalie Bligh (OG 1995-2000) was a bridesmaid.

Sarah Fuller née Dilks (OG 1995-2000)

Sarah and Chris Fuller

Sarah married Chris Fuller on 10th January 2017 and they had a baby boy in March called Lawrence.

Lauren Gee née Krelle (OG 2010-2012) Andy Gee and I were married in Bradford on Avon on 25th February 2017.

Imogen Harrison née Tillman (OG 2002-2007) Matthew and I were married on 8th April 2017 at Berkhamsted Chapel, Berkhamsted School, where Matthew went to school.

22 Field Notes – Prior’s Field Old Girls’ Magazine

Imogen and Matthew Harrison

We Remember Kirsty Maxwell Stuart 1935-2016 Magda Salvesen (OG 1956-1961) and her sister Katrina Turner née Salvesen (OG 1954-1959) are very sad to report that their dear sister, Kirsty Maxwell Stuart née Salvesen (OG 1948-1953) died in January 2016. Amelia Cazalet née Salter (OG 1948-1953) and Kirsty were at PF together in the late 1940s and she was a very special friend who she will miss forever.

Susanna Stephens 1978-2016 Susanna Stephens’ sister Kate reported that Susanna (OG 1989-1993) very sadly died in January 2016. She is dearly missed by friends and family but her spirit lives on.

Kathleen Talbot (Betty) 1914-2016 Alumnae Officer Polly Murray attended Kathleen ‘Betty’ Talbot’s (OG 1925) funeral on 4th July 2016 at Guildford Crematorium on behalf of the school. There were numerous references to Prior’s Field throughout the service, highlighting her love for the school. One of the few books that Betty took to her nursing home was one she had kept from her time at PF.

Tina Trafford 1963-2016 Lucy Trafford (OG 2004-2011) informed us that on 22nd July 2016, her mother and PF school nurse Tina Trafford passed away after suffering a devastating stroke whilst at home. In memory of Tina, 100 people including six PF Old Girls are cycling from London to Paris to try to raise £100,000 for the Stroke Association.

Josceline Browne (Joy) 1916-2016 I’m writing to let you know that my aunt Josceline Annette Doughty Browne (Joy) (OG 1929-1933) died on 28th August. She was born on 7th April 1916 so was 100 years old. Joy was Head Girl and had the most excellent manners. She wasn’t the most academic girl but she was a talented dancer and pursued dancing after leaving school, for some years. Right up to her final days, when she couldn’t really remember anything for more than a moment, or recognise anyone she’d met in recent years, she still charmed all her friends and carers with her concern for them and her unfailing gratitude for every little task undertaken. Joy never married and in middle age found herself caring for her disabled – and fairly disagreeable – mother back home in Poole, which put paid to her life in London where she had many friends and a job. Although she had no immediate family, there was a wide range of family and of friends from wartime, dancing and several other walks of life with whom she took great care to keep in touch. Her life was not exciting or dramatic, or even particularly achieving in the generally accepted sense, yet she was widely held in very high regard and with great fondness, which to me is indeed a great achievement. Rolly Thomas, Nephew.

Norah Dobbs née Vestey 1916-2016 Rosemary Steen née Dobbs (OG 1957-1961) reported that her mother Norah Dobbs née Vestey (OG 1931-1933) died in September 2016 at the grand age of 100.

Pearl Mitchell née Bond 1927-2017 Penny Hawker née Dening (OG 1959-1964) reported that her aunt, Pearl Mitchell née Bond (OG 1938-1943), died peacefully on January 24th 2017 aged 90. She would have been 91 on 1st March 2017.

Sally Crosthwaite née Casement 1944-2017 Sally was at Prior’s Field from September 1956 to December 1960. She was a renowned athlete, as was her brother, Richard (an Oxford Blue). She always loved painting watercolours of flowers and, once her family of three children were grown up, she was able to follow this path. Her husband, Patrick, whom she married on Leap Year Day in 1968, was a tremendous source of encouragement and support, and her work was exhibited all over the world and is in many private collections. A member of the Society of Botanical Artists, she was very proud of the gold medal she was awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society which was the culmination of the years of study and hard work. Tulips are her signature flower. Sally (Fish) was part of a close group of PF friends who kept in contact over the years, and she and Patrick hosted a lunch at their home at the end of November for eight close friends from nearly 60 years ago! Needless to say, it was very noisy and full of laughter. Diana Roth (OG 1957-1962).

Elizabeth Dixon née Ashwin 1934-2017 Alumnae Officer Polly Murray went to Elizabeth Dixon née Ashwin’s funeral on 13th March 2017 on behalf of the school, at St. Peter and St. Paul’s church, Godalming. Miss Ashwin, as she was known at the school, was a music teacher at PF.

Alice Beale née Vestey 1918-2017 It is with sadness I inform you that my aunt, Alice Beale née Vestey, died on 23rd May 2017, sister to my mother Norah Dobbs née Vestey (mentioned opposite). Alice remembers being on a holiday in Italy and getting into the hotel bus which ferried them down from Fiesole to Florence. Alice heard unmistakeable tones from the back and of course it was Bice. They had a very jolly drink together. This was about 50 years after Alice had left PF! Rosemary Steen (OG 1957-1961).

Kathleen Talbot Elizabeth Dixon

We live by Admiration, Hope and Love 23

Registered Charity No. 312038


‘EXCELLENT’ in all 9 areas ISI Inspection 2016

GSA Girls’ Boarding and Day School 11-18 Open Day: Saturday 30 September 2017 10.00am - 1.00pm 10% alumnae fee reduction

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Field Notes - 2017 - Prior's Field Old Girls' Magazine  
Field Notes - 2017 - Prior's Field Old Girls' Magazine