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Trick-Training · Liberty Work

Jutta Wiemers

Playing with Horses 1-3 Jutta Wiemers shows you how you can motivate your horse playfully to think and play along. After an introduction into the basics of horse language, Jutta Wiemers shows you how you can deepen your leadership by taking fear out of a flight animal’s life! Mobilise your horse’s body with healthy gymnastics, help him to balance and co-ordinate his feet, so he becomes a safe partner in any situation. Play in a group and include your dogs in the fun! Pre-exercises for collection and trust games get you ready for advanced riding fun! DVD Part 1: 321302 · 81 mins. · 3 28,00 DVD Part 2: 321312 · 68 mins. · 3 28,00 DVD Part 3: 321322 · 65 mins. · 3 28,00 DVD-set: 321332 · 3 75,00

Jean-Francois Pignon A Path to Liberty Call him "trainer", "handler", "horse whisperer", whatever you like! Jean-François Pignon is a bit of everything. Follow his first steps, discover the very simple life of the man and the tinsel and glitter of the trainer's life under the spotlights. Step in his tracks and learn the basics of training at liberty, the fruit of long years of trial and error and success. Book: 160611 · 200 pages · 3 58,85

Chevaux en liberté

Bea Borelle Bea Borelle is a committed and engaged trainer and wellknown among horse people. Her pony Ben is the darling of the public and the star at countless trade shows. Bea Borelle's circus workshops and clinics for ground work, riding and training horses are very popular all over Europe.

DVD: 160612 · PAL 60 mins. · 3 28,00

Liberty Riding

Part 2: The second part of this series is even more challenging. Bea Borelle shows how horses learn funny and classic circus exercises full of enthusiasm. She presents high school exercises with her star pony Ben - it's amazing.

Independent of your style of riding, this DVD shows you a developmental program by Saskia Klemencic. Join her on the path to liberty riding which is the path of ease, refinement and harmony between man and horse.You learn how to develop an independent seat, to ride just by body language and with fine aids and you learn the right timing...Your horse will become motivated, relaxed and alert and you and your horse will be more pleased with each other.

DVD2: 4400931 · NTSC · 44 mins. · 3 29,90

DVD: 160174 · 50 mins. · 3 29,90

Circus School 1+2 Part 1: Bea Borelle shows how horses can learn funny and classical circus exercises with a lot of ambition. Ben is the star of the show; he presents various tricks and "haute école" exercises. DVD1: 4400911 · NTSC · 49 mins. · 3 29,90


The DVD consists of six parts, which are out of his shows. Great music – beautiful…..

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