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After almost 30 years in corporate finance, what brought you to Pfeiffer? I wanted to teach and Pfeiffer was so appealing to me because of the focus on working adults. I made the decision to pursue my CPA certification while working on Wall Street in the 80s so I felt an affinity. It’s a great connector between me and my students. Are you still involved in corporate finance? I spend a good deal of time working with the CFA Institute – a global organization for investment professionals. I’m a grader for their Global Investment Research Challenge, in which groups of students assemble and prepare a research report and compete all the way to the international level. Is that work reflected in your teaching? Even though our finance course is an introductory MBA course, I’ve made sure everything is in line with the CFA program. The Institute canvasses practitioners in the field to make sure what they’re teaching is what’s required in real life, so I make sure to include that perspective. How would you advise a student considering a major in your division? One word: commitment. Whatever you have to do, don’t miss class. If you don’t make the most of it now, there’s no guarantee you’ll have time later. Anyone who’s getting a degree is going to be time challenged, but you won’t learn anything if you don’t show up. Do you have the nature to serve and the knowledge to lead? That’s another reason I was very happy to come to Pfeiffer – servant leadership. My pet project is microfinance, which I’ve explored through my membership in the Financial Women’s Association in New York. That organization was funding projects in South Africa and Mexico, and when I expressed an interest in continuing to explore microfinance at Pfeiffer everyone here was very supportive. In 2009 I organized a microfinance colloquium that has become an annual event, and Pfeiffer will be offering an elective in microfinance.

ROSEMARY MINYARD Assistant Professor of Economics & Finance B.A., New York University M.A., Princeton University Ph.D., Princeton University C.P.A.

My pet project is microfinance, which I explored through my membership in the Financial Women’s Association in New York.

— Rosemary

Pfeiffer Faculty Taking the Lead- Rosemary Minyard  

The nature to serve. The knowledge to lead.

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