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Retail 10% Automati


Complete Nutrit General Daily Balance

Absolute Greens

Omega 3 Plus

Pain in and -nutrient, multi-vitam A comprehensive 43 tion of all nda fou s a ed a tiliz mineral supplement u of AlignLife. nutritional programs

Pain-X Joint Rescue

uper ten-free and alkaline s A blend of organic, glu arbs per serving. of c ms gra six only foods with servings ntioxidant value of ten Each serving has the a s. sed on ORAC rating s ba able get d ve s an of fruit il complex rcury-free essential o Nitrogen distilled, me HA and EPA. with potent blend of D

Retail Custo me 10% hed natural anti- Automati arc ese st r mo the c Reorder A blend of three of ximum pain relief. inflammatories for ma duce and lation designed to pro Joint restorative formu e tissue. ctiv nne d co e an renew cartilag


al-G Formulat

minerals alinizing vitamins and Twenty balanced, alk lth and increase bone hea Bone Matrix one ce b han formulated to enPain density. Pain-X of magnesium Digestion ble, alkaline fo A brms lend of three of th Three highly-absorba e most research . Triple Mag absorption ed um infl nat axim am ura r m ma l an d fo tories for maximu ticombine Ki Ultrabiotic pain rht elieLo f. ss Ten resilient strain Wm eig Joint Rescu h Medium Chain s of probiotics, ha e in D wit tam by e Vi Joi vels ctiv nt r le of a rve res uga rm ste pea tor d fo od s the d a k activity, and d by Liqui t their n of blo tione f ormulation desig absorpativ Ped esigned to restor Active D al uptake a rovides rapid regulatio nedanc ight rennd to pr e odu Pce wen, e ew cartil tingctio e digestive ar Bal age ed and Sug Triglycerides for optim mix an by d connect nhance absorption nsport and promofun ive tissue. 3 is further stabilized and improve im enhancing glucose tra ith d w res iate pon rose soc body. The Vitamin D se. ral mune atu e effects as orbyl palmitate in a n loss without typical sid tocopherols and asc pies. era al th scl e Support IG Uniq conventional medicMu mary extract. ue combination o f glutamine and p n ket rice proteie ( yridoxal alpha- Om PA llergenic, high-fiber oglutarat e tion, K) designed to strengthen the An advanced hypo-a ifica th junetox ctio dy d n in t bo tight por Balance Protein e g sup ut wall improvin d to g le supplement designe s. aky PA gut syndrome. K rone orm ecy te h cle gula s g d re lut r an am ine preventing Lnormalize blood suga converting into glu glutamine from tamate, a potent neurotoxin. ulation providing form bal her Pedia Ca and nd -X A unique vitamin term Thisfor vitlong amin a MetaTrim nd herbal comb for those looking e ina anc tion a three-tiered affect enh is add to des res ned ign s an overgrowth ed to ulation is desig of fungus to stim weight loss. The form cells to “ anc ulate Kumpfer dige est” the fungu ss appetite and enh s and reduce sym energy levels, suppre gas, bloating an pto ms of d cramping. Reco Aller-A metabolism. mmended for us with Ultrabiotic. e Weight Loss Gastro Plus A ratio of betain e HCL, glutamic a cid and a full spec trum of enzymes G ALO CAT designed to enh T Su• 2 DUC ga013 PRO r Ba lan ance digestion b ls ce ica ste eut rilizing the gut, pr Provides rapid r y 2 | AlignLife Nutrac egulation of blood omoting natural , he flor sug alth a a ar enhancing glucos nd increasing nutr y gut levels by e transport and ient absorption. promoting weig loss without typ ht Gastro Guard ical side effects a A combination o ssociated with conventional medi f deglycyrrhized li cal therapies. corice, aloe and additional h erbs designed to Balance Protei soothe the gut, promote the grow n An advance th of a healthy m d hypo-allergen ucus lining ic, high-fiber ric and assist in he supplement des e protein aling gastric ulc igned to suppor ers. t body detoxificatio normalize blood n, sugar and regulate hormones. MetaTrim A unique vitamin a nd herbal formula tion providing a three-tiered aff ect for those loo king for long term weight loss. The f ormulation is des ign ene ed to enhance rgy levels, supp SUGGESTED USE: Preventative, 2 tablets/day. Deficient 4 tablets/day. ress appetite and Osteoporosis, 6 tablets/day. enhance metabolism. Serving Size: 2 Capsules Formulated to be free of allergens derived from gluten, soy, dairy, corn, artificial colors and flavors. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before taking this product. As with all dietary supplements, some individuals may not tolerate or may be allergic to the ingredients used. Please read the ingredient panel carefully prior to ingestion. Cease taking this product and consult your physician if you have negative reactions upon ingestion. KEEP CONTAINER TIGHTLY CLOSED. STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product was sealed for your protection. Do not use if the outer neck seal or inner-seal is missing or damaged.

Servings Per Container: 30


AlignLife Nutraceuticals 4812 N. Sheridan Rd. Peoria, IL 61614 In the case of an Adverse Event, Please call, 1-877-688-7241

Physician Formulations Pharmaceutical Grade




Vitamin A (Mixed Caretenoids) 250 IU Vitamin D-3 (as 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol) 200 IU Biotin 250 mg Calcium 250 mg (as acetate, glycinate, succinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate) Magnesium 250 mg (as acetate, glycinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate) Vitamin C 100 mg (100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn free) Manganese (as citrate) 7.5 mg Zinc (as citrate) 5 mg Iodine 1.5 mg Copper (as sebecate) 500 mcg Vitamin K-1 (as phylloquinone) 375 mcg Vitamin K-2 125 mcg Biotin 125 mcg Chromium (as citrate) 120 mcg Selenium (as 100% l-selenomethionine) 125 mcg Strontium (as gluconate) 25 mg Silica 5 mg (from magnesium trisilicate from horse tail/equisetum) Boron (as citrate) 3 mg Iodide 175 mcg Vanadium (as ascorbate) 125 mcg * Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Magnesium Stearate.

5% 50% 833% 25% 62% 167% 375% 300% 1000% 25% 469% 156% 42% 100% 179% * * * * *

AlignLife is a multi-faceted chiropractic and wellness corporation that is involved in many aspects of the health industry: Chiropractic Services, Franchising, Nutrition and Software. For them, have I have produced a variety of items that have a welcoming, soft and modern feel, utilizing their color scheme to appeal to their core audience.

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ers Discount


Grade tions


dia Balance

ega Kids


Aid Jr.

Twenty-four ess ential nutrients co mbined in a che able wafer to pr wovide a baseline of vitamins and minerals to main tain or restore ove rall health. Vitam K free for those on in medication who must avoid Vitam in K. Highly purified an d concentrated omega-3 fish oil pearls containing an orange-berr y flavor that is e joyed by young ch nildren. A full spectrum, powdered prob iotic formulated the beneficial ba with cteria most comm only found in the gut of young child ren.

A chewable, natu ral, ephedra-fre e allergy relief formula designed for children. The m ain ingredient, quercetin, has b een shown to stab ilize mast cells before they releas e histamine.


Tastes Great! Kid Friend


Feel the Diffe rence. Taste the Diffe

Did You Eat Your • Organic Fruits


Veggies Today?

& Vegetables

• 49 Different S

uper Foods

• Only 6 grams

of Carbs

• Only 35 Calori

es per Serving

Researchers State More & Vegetables May Fruits Help:


CATALOG • Align Lif


e Nutraceutica

ls | 3









Mixes Easily Tastes Great!

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ultiple Platforms

(Available 24/7)




support. It is rary is your first line of therefore easily s are key worded and short and to the ur questions. They are all videos are fit bene d adde an ic. As watch videos at lows you to search and ology available ust another support techn



The Do Simple,

Quick Access Slider you Roll out screens allow to access additional data without leaving your dashboard.

t Chat Suppactivor e Video

Inter a quick search of the Live Chat is cond line of support. The ssed directly from CST and can be acce of our highly l be initiated with one option will members. The Live Chat of the time our uestions as a majority your screen and this s your desktop to view Live Chat Support.

il Supportl support. Phone

Support is phone or emai or emails received lling 858-866-9453. Calls You may also email ct a same day response.




Peoria, IL 61614 • Sales

(888) 432-2447

ology VitaLogics is a wellness techn practors company created by chiro rstand for chiropractors. We unde We can the trends in the market. needs appreciate the technology rence in that make a world of diffe e with day to day practice. We relat ire new the dire need to acqu rstand patients and we truly unde paid. We the importance of getting ing to are on your team work ology provide seamless techn experisolutions allowing you to dreams ence the practice of your and while changing lives each purpose, every day. On a higher publish VitaLogics is positioned to amazlarge scale research on the nts are ing results all of our patie practic. experiencing with chiro itment to Thank you for your comm let us this great profession. Now make it show you how we can better.

s Patient Demographic • View real time balance and collect payments ent • View next appointm and schedule a new ent intm appo on • View and modify reas af visit

Flagging System Utilize the flagging e system to monitor offic r to promotions, remembe e goriz cate or update notes patients. Insurance Information y Review insurance polic information at a glance. Previous Visits • Review type of visit, • See whether it was completed or cancelled • Roll over to read previous note in detail.

World Class Suppoert Th Billing Po Instant Solutions with

ctical, Detailed a Multiple PlatformPra s

Video Library (Availa blOn e e24To /7uc ) h EOB

The VitaLogics Interactiv

e Video Library is your

first line of support. It is The videos are key word ed and therefore easil EOB’s in searchable for quick answ You can post y ers to your questions. ly They areseco shornds t andby to simp the point to address a very specific topic. As an adde ying the amount d benefitverif all video s are available on our IPhone pany com e App that allows you to insuranc search andthe watc the amo s at unt your fingertips from your paid hisvideo IPhone. Just another supp ort techn d. able ology oweavail the for your office. available 24 hours a day.

Instant Live Chat Su pport er after

If you don’t find your answ

a quick search of the Interactive Video Library, Instant Live Chat is the second line of supp ort. The Live Chat is available from 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST and can be accessed directly from your desktop. An insta nt chat will be initiated with one of our highly qualified customer supp ort team members. The Live Chat option will provide quick answers to your questions as a majority of the time our support team will need to access your desktop to view your screen and this can be done directly throu gh the Live Chat Supp ort.

Phone/Email Suppor t

The third option for VitaL

ogics Support is phon e or email support. Phon e Support can be accessed by calling 858-866-9453 . Calls or emails received prior to 4:00 pm CST can expect a same day response. You may also email your support concerns to support@VitaLogics .net.


4812 N. Sheridan Roa


Vit co for the app tha day the pati the are prov solut ence while every VitaLo large ing re experi

t of View ess Poinble The Busin Data e, Real-Time and Usea

t of View octor’s Prehoenin sive Notetaking


Quick and Comp

Custom Macros ence structures to Create your own sent create a compredocument your notes and rt in seconds. repo en hensive, well writt

istics Rolling 12 Month Stat tile month to Many stats are very vola the last 12 over month. Stats averaged e value. months provide extensiv

Doctor’s Notes t the patient Notate information abou your SOAP note that is not included to documentation.

Referral Source entage of each See a total and a perc rstand where your referral category to unde and assess the referrals are coming from return on investment.

Patient Funnel ‘New Patients’ are NOT d to anyone who is just adde the software. See the to s pect conversion of pros leads and leads to new matipatients. Occurs auto cally via CPT code. Ins Missed Appts/WalkNext Month’s Appts tively effec is staff See if your . managing the schedule

Itemized Categories rt to Fully customized repo of assess the total number ed orm services/revenue perf and gory cate for each sub-category. Images ographic scans, See images (x-rays, therm at a glance in every etc) on the dashboard patient visit.

ard Customizable Dashbo board according Customize layout of dash e. renc prefe to each user’s

oint of View


Accounts Receivable n See a three-tier breakdow based of accounts receivable on age.

wn Collections Breakdo See the percentage of collections based on case type.


and Effective


Reactivations reactivations Automatically update s. based on procedure code

Active vs. Inactive ted in Keep your accounts upda inactive order to market to your patients.

em Simple Re-Bill Syst Rebill directly from the patient file with ease.

al Scrubbing Reports by CPT Code Intern ns tio Ac ize om st Cu You can allow policy overrides and deters mine which CPT code should copy from visit will This . to visit decrease time to process each patient visit and allows for an extremely accurate patient balance.

This will alert you to claims that are incomplete prior to creating the HCFA and sending it off to a clearing house, saving time and money. It not only tells you what is missing but also tells you where to go to fix it.

company that special VitaLogics is a software d ke as s chiropractors. I wa izes in EMR software for be g piece that could to produce a marketin tive buyers. handed out to prospec ,I n shots and information Using a variety of scree t en cli look and feel the was able to convey the s es n of tech and busin wanted, a combinatio . explanation of services modern with a simple

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Southern Flight O

Juncal 3699 10th Floor Buenos Aires Argentina 1425 Phone # (11) 15.5693.9322

Brett “Root” Ericksen Owner

US Office: 309.246.2727 11.6118.0886 Argentina Contact: 011.54.9 9472 Field Phone US: 773.251. Email: brett@southernflig www.southernflightoutfitter .com www.southernflightoutfitters

12 Day Gr and Slam To ur 12 day all inclusive A marriage of everytVIP Experience with exacting atten tion hing fine that Argen tina has to offer. to detail. An experie

nce that will combin es, the most exquisi and the worlds best te of meals, the fine wing shooting and st wines fresh water fishing.

Wing Shooting

4 Nights Lodging &

3 Ful

l Days Of Hunting Southern Flight Out fitters is dedicated to bringing our clients possible. We follow the best hunt these four main decr ees: Premier Locatio Staff, All-Encompassin n, High Quality g Service And The Best Equipment Availabl every other lodge in e. Unlike Argentina, we are enti rely owned, operate by U.S. duck hunters d and staffed . Our staff was born and raised with duc their blood; with a k hun combined 90 years ting in of experience we kno ducks the right way w how to hunt . Every aspect of the hunt is thought of: hot cup of coffee in from the piping the blind to the prop erly placed bait. We a born and bred duc have taken the esse k hunter knows it and nce, the purity of the coupled it with Arg you what we think duck hunt as only entina’ liberal laws and is Argentines finest lack of hunting pres duck hunting lodge. Southern Flight Out sure to bring If you are looking for fitters Is Your Only an authentic tradition Choice! al duck hunt,

Mendoza Wine Co untry

3 Nights 2 Full Days

Tour Buenos Aires

In Me

ndoza Wine Countr • Meals provided y 3 Nights 2 Full Days by your own Private Chief Loren Root. In Buenos Aires • Tour the Vineyar • 4 star lodging at ds by Mercedes coac Hotel Marseille Des h with your own Sommelier. Anges www.marseilledesan • 5 star lodging with • 24 hr Bilingual Con private chief and Som cierge and Guide serv melier instruction. ice. • Touring Buenos Aires cultural landmar • 24 hour bilingua ks • Dining at Buenos l concierge and guid Aires finest restaura e service. • Includes commer nts. • Mercedes coach cial air service from and chauffeur at you Buenos Aires. *1st class or private r disposal air charter can be arra 24 hours a day. nged. • Your own persona l cell phone while in country.


Starts at $12,000.00 US for 12

Day 1 - Depart Day 2 - Arrive Bue

nos Aires transfer to the Duck Hunting Lodge Day 3 - Wing Shootin g Day 4 - Wing Shootin g Day 5 - Wing Shootin g Day 6 - Transfer to Mendoza Day 7 - Tour Mendo za Day 8 - Tour Mendo za Day 9 - Return to Bue nos Aires Day 10 - Tour Bue nos Aires Day 11 - Tour Bue nos Aires Day 12 - Return Ho me

A minimum number

Season May 1st to July 30


* Inclusions and Exc lusions listed on page 14.

Buenos Aires Provin ce attracts great variety of duc k species. These include:

• White Faced Wh istling Duck • Rosy Billed Pochard • Yellow Billed Pin tail • Fulvous Whistli ng Duck • Red Shoveler • “Chileon“ Widgeon • Black headed Duc k • White-Cheeked Pintail • Silver teal •  Cinnamon Teal •  Speckled Teal •  Puna Teal


of 2 people per group.

Wing Shooting

Mendoza Wine Co untry

Buenos Aires Tour Option

s • 5 star lodging • Luxury Apartments can be furnished upon request. Please check out Apartments BA @ www.apartmentsba.c om

Tour Buenos Aires


• Excludes all food , drink, gratuities & travel to and from Arg entina • Extra Days in Bue nos Aires • Pre-paid calling cards


www.southernflight 15

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balance magazine


one tE ON ReplacemEen for Life


Page 8

By MD Julius Goepp,

: t iFe HnCowGthD e acts! K

Page 14

t is Is it FOOD thSaICK? Making You

Page 48

ANDROcuPssAedUSSidEe The Undis of MEN’SHealth

Issue 2 • Volum e 1 • 2010

Page 36

e s u a p o R e n m o e V e m Inche e s u a In Just ealth

e After

Page 34

2 Weeks!

Balance Health & Wellness is advertorial magazine focused on preventive medicine. I was literally, a one man show, I had my hands in every aspect of the magazine from article layout and design to article editing and advertising design. A memorable experience that pushed me both mentally and physically as a designer.

paIn suRgeRy DoWntIme


de of Menʼs H

Lif  a Better Sex Your Guide to


Page 30

natuRal hoRmone Replacement theRapy by:




Sec y

Page 18


A MUSt reA



a revolution ar

y approach Page 10

Issue 1 • Vo lume 1 • 20 10

Is Your

Immune sYs tem readY for t he

NaTuraL HOrM Ne rePLaCeMO eNT THeraPy

Cold and fl

season? Page 12



Page 24

TreaTing an d BeaTing anxieTy & d epression Page 20




sluggish, W eak Cold an d depressed ? Matthew Mc Millin, MD Bloomington Location

treAting Depre





Page 39

Shawn Snide r, CNP Founder

Pictured: Princ iples of Rejuvan ation Preventative & Integrated Me dicine James Porte r, COO Founder

TImothy La Hood, MD Peoria Locatio n

Page 12

An AlternAtive

rAditionAl HeA


ltHcAre Page 36

cretS to BooSt ing yoUr MetABoliS M Page 4



Ad F

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Vitamin D has been shown to significantly lower systolic blood pressure...

s 16 | Balance Health & Wellnes

Creating $89.4 Billion in Health Care Costs? s in the last There has been significant pres iency of Vitamin couple of years about the defic e scholars som and ty, socie our uing D plag levels of claim we have reached epidemic deficiency. medical Unfortunately, many American ss organizations negate the seriousne of Vitamin D deficiency and are equally opposed to Vitamin D as t an enhancement to the treatmen t of chronic disease, including hear the disease and cancer, regardless of . lable avai e atur liter ent pres

This opposition by conventional ry ha medicine is nothing new. Histo s year 25 t abou s take it that shown al for a clinically efficacious nutrition . treatment to catch on in medicine the of case the in ent evid This was nancy. utilization of folic acid during preg evidence In 1975 there was ample clinical folic acid that women supplementing with certain birth during pregnancy could prevent ng the following defects in their children(1). Duri pt folic acid acce to icine med took it des two deca sands upon thou y, polic ic publ as during pregnancy with severe birth thousands of children were born ented. defects that could have been prev

g that the FDA will On the other hand, it is interestin medication in less safe a as ical chem hetic synt a approve can take 2.5 times ce ptan acce ient nutr e than a decade, whil as long. research and interest I hope to provide enough clarity, encourage you to to le artic t shor in Vitamin D in this es up with the catch y take action before public polic . ence evid cal clini g lmin whe over


ed that men with A study published in 2008 show times more 2.42 red suffe ls leve D low Vitamin adequate level heart attacks(2) than those with financial liabilit To show you the magnitude of Vitamin D a ng taini main from lts that resu te average pola extra will we ty, deficient socie the America heart disease expense data from n with the Heart Association(3) in correlatio g Vitam ovin Impr e. abov d note y 2008 stud costs by care th heal ce redu D status would rds to approximately $89.4 billion in rega y clearly ienc defic This e. alon se disea t hear in regar a profound effect on our society strain. T to overall health and economic effects does not include the significant diseas nic chro r othe on has D min Vita mu er, canc , etes diab ity, such as obes sclerosis and many others.




ls. ty

e an e min y

y has rds This s ses ultiple



D has recently helped over turn Cutting edge research on Vitamin where parents were convicted s case guilty verdicts in child abuse to the presence of physically abusing a child due icular cases, the part e thes In . ures fract iple mult of ntal abuse but pare from ed caus not fractures were ting brittle crea D, min Vita the child’s deficiency of I believe that The profound reality bones more prone to fracture. the extent of medical americans have of those court cases highlights deficiency. D min Vita g ignorance regardin ard

been conducted concerning Over 5,000 research studies have seventeen different cancers. Vitamin D, including its effect on D Research has correlated Vitamin deficiencies to numerous health conditions including: • Cancer • Heart Disease • Fractures • Hypertension • High CRP Levels • Muscle Pain • Insulin Resistance • Decreased Immunity • Obesity • Osteoporosis • Osteomalacia • Depression (SAD) • Seasonal Affective Disorder • •

Autism Auto Immune Diseases

gone overbo with their fear of the sun. I think sensible exposure to sunlight is really important for your overall health and well-being.

hael Holick,

very important clinical I would like to leave you with a min D: the growing Vita of c topi the on consideration ren. In addition to child ient number of Vitamin D defic recommendations dose ious prev the of note g takin is important to be for children from Dr. Carnell, it the stage for early sets h whic aware of the cascade min D. developmental deficiencies in Vita lly covered up First and foremost, mom is usua her skin is the last from the sun because showing ing weight during thing she wants to do after gain get the natural not does she e, efor Ther pregnancy. the dose of Vitamin D from sun to pass on to her growing baby.

Dr. Mic The research being done on the their and e abov d Boston university conditions note y is correlation to Vitamin D deficienc short Although profound. The following three ide you prov ld shou arch rese 92% of excerpts of studies en take wom with a window into the exciting nant preg disease and Vitamin D. that are available about chronic prenatal vitamins, ient defic D min Vita ly in • Diabetes occurs more common a shocking 40% of shown to stabilize blood individuals. Vitamin D has been white women and an . sugar when at optimal levels (4,5) overwhelming 54% lic systo r lowe ntly ifica to sign • Vitamin D has been shown of black women have sure pres d on the bloo blood pressure due to its effects insufficient levels related hormone rennin (6). of Vitamin D during ls leve D min Vita er prop with • Cancer outcomes are improved pregnancy(11). 7): sms( hani through the following four mec n 1. Promotes cell differentiatio When the child death (Apoptosis) 2. Regulates programmed cell is born he/she is er canc 3. Limits metastatic spread of also “protected” d supplies 4. Limits growth of tumor bloo from receiving sun exposure during the are yOu DeFICIeNT? first couple of years of life further min Vita of s blish deficiency state There are numerous ways to esta robbing them d test bloo a do to is od meth rate D. The most common and accu of Vitamin ul usef very be also can al findings for 25(OH)D. Clinical radiologic D. When D min Vita in ion r supplementat because radiological changes afte there is ). ion(8 ntat leme supp r afte k wee can be seen as early as one chance of the in with vary ls leve H)D The lower acceptable limits of 25(O exposure, It L. nml/ 5 60-7 levels range from 20-37 nml/L range and optimal the child re ensu to of supplementation is important to retest after 90 days is usually proper dosing. dipped in that nded cil, it is recomme According to the Vitamin D Coun done in sting rete with day per IU 0 adults take a minimum of 5,00 90 days (9). Council on Vitamin D, According to Dr. Carnell at the age of one should obtain a the r unde ren child and ts Infan from their formula, sun day per ) mcg (25 IU 0 total of 1,00 over the age of 1 year ren Child nts. exposure, or suppleme ds of body weight poun 25 y should take 1,000 IU per ever ence, skin pigmentation, resid of ude latit on g ndin depe per day, (10). and sun exposure

17 lnesss || 17 Wellnes & Wel lth & Health Bala nce Hea Balance

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Case Study: HCG Diet

magazine layout


Case Report:

ic Effectiveness of Human Chorion one Gonadotropin (HCG) and Horm Balancing in Weight Reduction

Case Description: Background The patient is a 28year old female with a relatively unremarkable medical history. She was diagnosed with asthma and seasonal allergies in early childhood and a benign adenoma of the anterior pituitary in later adolescence; however, the patient does not suffer from any serious, ongoing medical conditions. She experienced significant weight gain of 40 pounds and extreme difficulty in weight reduction after having three children and, later, discontinuing oral contraceptives after nearly 15 years of use. In February of After 2010, the patient presented with complaints of chronic fatigue and malaise, , hair loss, abnormal widespread musculoskeletal pain aches related head re seve weight gain, nausea with exacerbation of to monthly cycles, and frequent stigation and workup asthmatic symptoms. Further inve ism, hypoadrenalism, ogen restr hype t revealed significan mic inflammation. syste of ence hypothyroidism, and evid

Amanda S. Relph, MS

Medical Intervention

was placed on In early March, 2010, the patient g of bioidentical a medication regimen consistin adrenal support, thyroid hormone (specifically, T3), sterone therapy, testo and one ester prog transdermal ntation. leme supp A DHE oral pregnenolone, and was recommended Approximately 6 weeks later, she an chorionic for a 40-day trial of injectable hum very low calorie a with led coup ) (HCG gonadotropin loss. Regular ht weig of ose diet (VLCD) for the purp ughout the course office visits were maintained thro ratory workups were of treatment, and frequent labo one levels, serum horm id thyro itor performed to mon C-reactive prote and ne, progesterone and testostero (CRP).

Outcome the patient During the course of treatment, 50 pounds, and of loss ht weig l tota a experienced reduced by been had ge her body fat percenta her presenting over 50%. Additionally, many of malaise, symptoms albeit disappeared; the ea, naus , pain l eleta ulosk musc widespread to subside and asthmatic problems began ment. Toward approximately 8 weeks into treat nt also patie the ram, prog the of the end in chronic reported a significant reduction hair loss and a fatigue and previously-noticed activity levels marked increase in energy and tive side nega No life. of ity qual all and over t. men treat g durin rted effects were repo ts, the In terms of objective measuremen T3, lly ifica spec s, level id thyro patient’s and began to normalize, progesterone rd testosterone began to move towa d optimal levels, and CRP decrease a matter significantly – from 7.1 to 1.7 in of only 8 weeks.

e m ein

Case Discu ssion: Trends Du ring Treatment

As describe d in much of the curr the patien ent HCG lit t noticed a erature, significant day during loss in the treatm en to 2 pounds t (varying fr weight each om 0.5 poun per day). Sh e also repo increase in ds rted a mar energy leve ked ls, motivat activity, an ion for phys d quality of ical sleep. Beca in need of us additional medical inte e the patient was aforementi rvention fo oned cond r the itions, it is some intere important sting trends to note reported du course of in jectable HCG ring the 40 -day . • When thyroid leve ls began to optimum, fall be weight loss slowed sign low Additionally ifica , the patien t noticed di ntly. fatigue an d cravings scernible for sugars and starch es. • As the menstrual cycle approa progestero ched or ne/estroge n levels wer weight gain e imbalanc stalled (som ed, several days et , and obviou imes reversing) for s fatigue, su and edema were presen gar cravings , t.

HCG as a W eight Loss Solution Coupled w ith bioident ical hormon HCG offers e balancing, a very prom isin weight prob lems. The ap g solution to chronic optimal ho parent corr rmone leve elation betw ls and HCG een makes it cl protocol su ear that th ccess e two work ensure posi hand-in-han tive patien d t outcomes improvemen . The consid to t, not only erable in biologic disease and al markers dysfunctio of n, but also energy and in the pati motivation ent’s levels, abili weight, an ty to manag d overall qu e body alit evidence fo r the treatm y of life provide nota ble ent’s effica to note that cy . cl It is import ant course of tr ose provider supervis io eatment is vital in orde n during the optimal re r to ensure sults; theref ore, no pati attempt to ent should carry out th is protocol profession outside of al medical care.

Sleep distur bances and increased st to have a di ress seemed rect correlat ion with su severe hung gar cravings er, fatigue, , and a decr loss. ease in wei ght • Vigorou s exercise (i. e., running, weight trai speed wal ning) decrea king, sed successf throughout ul weight lo the progra ss m; whereas (i.e., yoga, , light exer walking at cise a comfortab several tim le es per wee pace) k improved success.

Case Study:

HCG Diet

Balance Health & Wellness | 17

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Your Guide to a By The Mommy Docs

Loss of sex drive during menopause may be “normal”— but it can still be fraught with frustration, guilt and sadness. The , good news, say the Mommy Docs o is that you can boost your libid n. and enjoy a healthy sex life agai

“Doctor, I love my husband. But at this point, I will do anything to avoid being intimate with him. We go to bed at different times, or I tell him I’m too tired. I feel horribly guilty. He feels rejected. It is tearing us apart.” ents, Francis, was in tears One of our menopausal pati secret. We reassured her ssing arra emb this ed as she shar these thoughts —nearly 50 ng havi in e that she wasn’t alon privately confess to similar en percent of menopausal wom drive is rarely brought out sex in ease decr this Yet, feelings. ted. trea or ssed discu be in the open to

Where Did My Sex Drive Go? use is 51. Often, women The average age for menopa the menstrual cycle— to ty ulari irreg an ce will first noti ng this stage, called Duri . flow er skipping periods, light of hormones—estrogen, perimenopause, the production by the ovary declines progesterone and testosterone— production actually starts ne stero testo significantly. In fact, to decline after age 30. Women in this phase of life can experience hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, vaginal thinning, depression and decreased libido. It is during this erratic and unpredictable transition from normal hormone levels to low hormonal levels t pronounced. The severity that the symptoms are the mos to woman, but nearly 80 an of symptoms varies from wom e degree. som to them e rienc expe will percent

Stress Factors

this issue is that the time Adding to the complexity of s with several other major cide coin n ofte se opau men of the children move away from Her life. an’s wom a transitions in career, or she takes on th in ges chan home, she experiences s levels go through th Stres role of caring for aging parents. or desire. Metabolis est inter of lack a in lting resu roof, also as well, and the life of time this at ent slows 10 to 15 perc s 34 | Balance Health & Wellnes

5 e s u a enop

he he sm

Ways to Boost Your Libido

thing on of energy can make sex the last resulting weight gain and lack toms of symp The o. libid in the decrease a woman’s mind, compounding n—also contribute to essio depr and es flash hot nia, menopause itself—insom which then can lead to painful intercourse, libido decline. Vaginal thinning e. desir less equently causes tension and fear, and subs

st? Isn’t It Normal to Lose Intere

f Do Something Nice for Yoursel

Review Your Health History and Medications

can do Getting into the right mind-set g, cisin exer n mea may wonders. This making getting a good night’s sleep and special space time for intimacy. Try clearing a ses stres the from y awa acy for intim of everyday life. cribed Some of the most commonly pres s have State ed Unit the in ons icati med t. These decreased sex drive as a side effec ts like include common antidepressan d pressure Prozac and Zoloft, as well as bloo . In kers -bloc beta as such ons medicati estrogen addition, corticosteroids and oral sterone in can decrease the levels of testo of these the blood. If you are taking any about or doct your to talk medications, alternatives.

there physical response to arousal, While there is a clearly defined it me assu nts patie my of y Man ponent. is also a large psychological com through menopause and, go they as sex in est inter lose is “normal” to lack of libido in this area. They attribute the therefore, do not seek out help being ner— part their with y liarit fami or to strain within the relationship ner is part their ss unle and it, e it or leav bored. They feel like they can take ect with anyone. We tell them subj the ch broa r neve may pushing them, they to be mandatory. it is common, but it doesn’t have

Learn to Live with It?


Consider Testosterone

prospective There have been more than 20 sterone studies that have shown that testo though, gly, estin Inter . drive sex oves impr medications the FDA has not approved any reason, for this use in women. For this ne from patients must get the testostero medications use or ies mac phar ding compoun These are s. dose r lowe in designed for men m forms. The available in pill, patch and crea sterone use in main risks associated with testo th and acne. grow hair ased incre women are l and are smal e quit are However, these risks reversible.

ents have learned Most of our menopausal pati have given up on that to live with it. They essentially ionships take on new aspect of their lives, and their relat our patients say they of t mos d, aske n whe dynamics. But, ionate sex lives with pass fun, , lling would love to have fulfi they ask what can ion, erat their partners. So, often in desp . be done

things for loss of sex drive, but there are Remember, there is no quick fix stly with your partner hone king spea is t mos fore that can help. First and to your doctor. about your feelings. Next, talk my Docs.” While they are and Dr. Alane Park are “The Mom more than 15,000 Dr. Yvonne Bohn, Dr. Allison Hill between them. They’ve welcomed kids six with moms also e they’r doctors, “Deliver Me” on the series TV the in red featu are my Docs babies into the world. The Mom visit information on the Mommy Docs Discovery Health Channel. For more

Vaginal Estrogen

painful Vaginal dryness and subsequent vaginal intercourse can be treated with return the estrogen preparations. These can l state, ausa enop prem its vaginal tissue to They come which is more elastic and less dry. tablets. in the form of creams or inserted re befo ks wee six t abou s It usually take maximum benefit is obtained.

Couples Therapy

often Open dialogue with your partner, to guided by a therapist, can bring t be the surface other issues that migh ding inclu lem, prob the to contributing image stress within the relationship, selftherapist problems and guilt. A trained sex munication can help with relaxation and com . techniques as well

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he diagnostic process too— n’t recommend that every t,” Morgentaler noted, “We gnosis in an increasingly o complain of fatigue, poor y levels, in addition to xual complaints, should have d. Not all will have low T, of that we’re missing a very ple at present.”

ood test, it’s important to mal” levels are, and how vidual. “According to the l T level is 300 ng/dL,” says y interpreted that would h a level of 299 is low, while 301 is normal. That’s simply ch. The Endocrine Society, a as produced guidelines that gh they do point out that no be used and that symptoms gnosis.16 The International of the Aging Male17 uses a The point is that we need mbers in the context of a oms are consistent with low he and his physician should

they are done, and how se local laboratories, which nge. We pulled 25 hospital rent low and high ‘normal’ ms—they were based simply “In a population with 10% s three-quarters of them e significant impact when a ssibility of low T, gets back elsewhere.

Are You r HngGH Younci re erie AExp

Levels Low?


g Are you experiencin s any of the symptom in rgy scribedEne deLow ticle? the ar Fati gue Weight Gain In Mid-Section Less Sense of Well-Being Lower Mental Clarity Decrease in Libido

What are you waiting for?

blood tests such as vels based on the jective measure that outcome.”

o order for testosterone. rgely bound to a protein ee” testosterone that easures only total T (free evels when they do their normal’ range in a man be considered.” Do doctors ponded Dr. Morgentaler. order them.”

concerning symptoms and “We have many options “There’s no recommended hat are not very effective

ished enthusiasm e.

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to see if

Sermo relinADDING LIFE Therap y TO YEARS

can help you.

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for Age rejuv s

ermorelin is a biological active analog of growth hormon e releasing hormone (ghRh) that is produced by the human brain to stimulate production and release of growth hormone by the pituitar y gland. sermorelin stimulates the release of the body’s own hgh. During youth, ample amounts of GHRH are produced so that the pituitary is able to provide the body with sufficient growth hormone to sustain health, vitality, and otherwise normal aspects of form and function. However, during aging, GHRH declines causing reduced production and secretion of pituitary HGH and thereby resulting in growth hormone insufficiency that erodes health, vigor, and vitality during later life. Sermorelin therapy for adults increases adult lean muscle mass, reduces body fat and reverses the effects of aging. unlike hgh, Sermorelin affects a more primary source of failure in the GH neuroendocrine axis, has more physiological activity, has a better safety profile, and its use for adult hormone deficiency is not restricted. the purpose of sermorelin therapy is to cause the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone release in humans. The purpose of adult Sermorelin growth hormone therapy is to reverse the effects of aging and secure the extensive treatment benefits shown below: 1) Increases the development of lean body mass through the development of new muscle cells 2) Reduces body fat through lipolysis 3) Increases energy and vitality 4) Increases strength 5) Increases endurance 6) Accelerates healing from wounds or surgery 7) Strengthens the heart 8) Enhances the immune system 9) Increases IGF-1 production 10) Improves sleep quality 11) Increases calcium retention, and strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone or bone density 12) Reduces liver uptake of glucose, an effect that opposes that of insulin as a result of sermorelin therapy, the increased volume of human growth hormone secreted by the stimulated pituitary gland is converted by the liver into IGF-1. The increased amount of IGF-1 in the blood stream results in an increase in metabolism and growth of new cells within the body’s organs and bones. This treatment is prescribed for unlabeled use in adults to reverse the effects of aging, increase bone density, enhance the immune system, and strengthen the heart as well as other organs of the body. Since the increased volume of human growth hormone is released by the body’s pituitary gland, the body’s endocrine system will not allow more growth hormone to be produced than the body can safely process within the endocrine self-mon itoring system.



[ser’mo-rel’in] A synthetic peptide corresponding to a portion of growth hormonereleasing hormone, used as the acetate salt in treatment of growth hormone deficiency in prepubertal children. it is administered subcutaneously.

sermorelin is patient-administered by subcutaneous injection once daily prior to bedtime. It is best to use a different place on the body for each injection (for example, abdomen, thigh, hip, or upper arm). The time of injection is important because the additional GRF provided by Sermorelin complements that which naturally occurs during sleep and thereby facilitates the nocturnal release of HGH that is characteristic of youth. Sermorelin is a prescription therapy that is compounded by specially-trained and equipped pharmacies pursuant to a physician’s prescription. The injectable solution must be stored in the refrigerator. Do not freeze. Sermorelin is FDA approved. The off-label prescribing of Sermorelin is not prohibited by federal law. Sermorelin therapy is more affordable than growth hormone. It is medically preferable and safer for the human body to increase the level of human growth hormone and IGF-1 naturally within its own capacity by the use of Sermorelin therapy, rather than through the injection of exogenous genetically engineered human growth hormone. the reason that Sermorelin has a lower risk of causing side effects than injected HGH is because the brain automatically prevents too much of the bodies own HGH from being released by the pituitary gland through feedback processes involving the inhibitory factor, somatostatin. Sermorelin activity is physiologically modulated by feedback while recombinant human growth activity is not. sermorelin should be considered a valuable alternative to HGH by practitioners seeking to provide contemporary adult hormone deficiency interventions to their patients.

Article by:

Wade Siefert, RPh

Sermorelin therapy for adults increases adult lean muscle mass, reduces body fat and reverses the effects of aging. ©

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starters Fries

onion rings

ms Lager

buFFalo blue Jack sticks $575

Jack and Blue cheese sticks with a hint of buffalo wing sauce infused in the breadin g.


rse ed Tree IPA Stout Blueberry

gator tails


Rogue Amber Ale American Ale Dead Guy lers 1/2 ga. Grow y Gu Dead en Half-E-Weiz Ale Yellow Snow

Wisconsewining Co. Capital Br t Island Whea Maibock


Fried alligator tail served with a side of marinara.

chicken striPs


chicken Quesadilla


Lightly breaded, all white meat chicken breast. Served with a sauce of your choice.

a na Light quis a Especial



Thin sliced, beer battered onions, served with a side of southwest sauce.


levard Wheat Pale Ale lling Rock hlafly


Fried Green Beans

Sliced portabella mushrooms, breade d and seasoned to perfection. Served with a side of ranch.

s Irish Ale

e n o y r ve t! E e r Whe angs Ou H

Made with all white meat chicken breast, four cheese blend. Served with homem ade salsa and sour cream. Sub Steak for $150 .

beerbelly caviar &chiPs $350

A big pile of our homemade, all natural chips and choice of Beer Belly Caviar (A Must Try!) or substitute homemade salsa.

catFish liPs


Catfish filets served with tarter sauce.

11am - 1am Bar Open: - Midnight tchen: 11am


46.1n,1IL5614554 0Co9ur.3 3 reet • Peki St t 2801 AndG rBellysBar www.Bee


belly burger

A 1/2 pound of the finest chuck Valley Meats cooked to your liki on a butter bun.

Portabella Fries




Fresh cut, made to order fries. Home Cut • Cajun Seasoned Waffle Style • Sweet Potato Add cheese sauce $100

Mini burger trio


Fried Pickles


BBQ Cheddar Bacon with Onion Straws, Mushroom & Swiss, & Mini Black & Blue.


Start with a 1/2 pound o chuck from Echo Valle cooked to your liking. toppings, cheese and s

For our pregnant women, or if you just feel like eat’n em. Lightly breaded slices, served with ranch.

Fried green beans


Lightly breaded, served with wasabi


corn nuggets


Not quite ethanol, but these puppie s sure will fuel your stomach.

sPinach artichoke diP $650

This dip is amazing -- so cheesy and fragrant. My only question is: Is it okay to just eat it with a spoon right out of the dish? Served with tortilla chips and celery.

JalaPeño PoPPers


Macho nachos


Batter fried jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Served with chipotle ranch.

Homemade tortilla chips smothered in taco meat, a blend of cheeses, onions, jalapen os, tomatoes, black olives, and green pepper . Choice of Beef or Chicken.

BeerBelly Caviar is a tangy corn, onion, c

sandWiches buFFalo chicken

Our special breading blend topped w lettuce, tomato and your choice of sauce. Served with a side of b cheese.

belly tenderloin

dragon Wings

Our signature wings are BIG. No little wings here. Served with celery and a side of ranch or blue cheese.

honey bbQ • hot bbQ • Mild Wild • dragon Fire

1 lb. 00

2 lbs. 4 lbs. 00

Homemade and “Huge”. Af attempting this one, get a ho and sleep this one off. Served w custom made bun, lettuce, p onion and tomato.



8 Slices of applewood bacon piled with fresh lettuce and tomato. Serve a side of mayo.

Mini steak Medallion


Tender, juicy, marinated steak medall io from Echo Valley Meats, served with gr onions, & mushrooms on a sis

ed with choice of fries & a pickle



k from Echo ing. Served

chicken breast


Fried or Grilled. Build your own or have it plain.


of the finest ey meats . Add sauce.



Pork choP


Served with homemade chips & salsa.

veggie WraP


Tomato, olives, sunflower seeds, lettuce , carrots, pepper jack, cheese topped with ranch dressing.


8 oz. Butterflied and grilled, Top with BBQ or build your own.

chicken striP WraP

Seasoned chicken strips with lettuce , tomato, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing.

turkey WraP





Served with choice of fries or corn nuggets & choice of baked beans or cole slaw.

bluegill Fillets


Whole catFish


A large serving of walleye with homemade breading. Served with choice of fries & a pickle


with wing blue


After otel room with a pickle,


d high ed with


ons, rilled




A toasted club piled high with ham, bacon, turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and jack cheese.

turkey sandW





gator tails

Fried alligator tail, fries and slaw. Served with a side of marinara.


Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Onion , Mushrooms, Black Olives, Green Olives, Green Peppe r, Pineapple

grilled sourdough steak $800


side salad

14 inch thin crust 1 Topping $950 14 inch gourMet crust 1 Topping $1200 7 inch Personal 1 Topping $300 toPPings (50¢ for each additional topping)

Corned beef piled high. Topped with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Served on rye bread.

Pub club



Fried portabella fries, topped with red peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese . Served on a bun.

Choice of grilled mushrooms, onions , and choice of cheese on a sourdough hoagie bun.

dinner salad

hoMeMade dressings:


Portabella MushrooM


House Vinegar & Oil, House Italian, Ranch, 1000 Island, Honey Mustard, French, Raspberry Vinaigrette, & Blue Cheese .


Fresh Farm raised catfish.

cheF salad

Topped with ham, turkey, egg, cheese , mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and green pepper. With choice of dressing

Our lettuce blend with tomatoes, onion green pepper and crackers. Choice of dressin g.

Lightly breaded bluegill fillets served with a side of our homemade tarter sauce.

y blend of black eye peas, pinto beans , shoepeg celery and jalapenos. A Must Try!!!

Fried/grilled chicken salad $725

Served with our lettuce blend, egg, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, and green pepper with your choice of dressing.

A big serving of our lettuce blend with cheese, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and green pepper. Choice of dressing.

Chicken Strip Wrap

eese: American, Ch ed Blue Cheese dar, Hot Pepper, Swiss, Crumbles, or Mozzeralla. Sauces: BBQ, Blue Ch eese, Wasab i, Southwest, Chipotle Ra nch, Hourse Radish & Beer Belly Caviar



Turkey, bacon and swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.

(50¢ each

or 3 of $1 00) Applewood Baco Grilled Onion n, Onion Straws s, Grilled Mush Grilled Peppers, rooms, or Av ocado.


Sub fries for $1.36

childrens Menu

deluxe $1300 Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and black olives.

taco Pizza $1400 Taco Sauce, taco meat, tortillas, lettuce, tomato, black olives, served with salsa and sour cream.

Personal Pizza

belly “gut” buster


White Pizza

grilled cheese & Fries



Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, onion and green peppers.


White garlic sauce, cheese and

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