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America's Waterways A-Z

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By: Peyton Weekley          

A is for Arkansas River

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The Arkansas river mostly flows east-southward and covers about 1,460 miles through Kansas, Oklahoma,  and Arkansas. The river drains into the Mississippi  River.       

B is for the Brazos River

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The Brazos River is about 840 miles long and comes from the Blackwater Draw. It flows southwest through  Texas into the Gulf of Mexico.       

C is for The Colorado River

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The colorado River runs Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California ending  after 1,450 miles. The river cuts through the Grand  Canyon and 11 national parks.       

D is for The Delaware River

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The Delaware river Flows through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. It flows for  301 miles and makes up 2 state borders.     

E Is For Lake Erie

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Lake Erie covers about 9,940 square miles and has a maximum depth of 210 feet. It borders the states of  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York.           

F Is For Fall River

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The Fall river flows through Wyoming and Idaho. It flows for 64 miles.       

G Is For The Great Salt Lake  

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The Great Salt Lake in Utah covers 1,699 square miles. The maximum depth is 33 feet.     

H Is For Lake Huron

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Lake Huron has an surface area of 23,000 square miles. It borders Michigan and Canada.       

I Is For The Illinois River

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The Illinois River is about 273 miles long and runs through Illinois. It is about 300,000 years old.        

J Is For The James River

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The James River is Virginia's longest river. It is 348 miles long.         

K Is For Lake Kissimmee

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Lake Kissimmee is located 40 miles south of Orlando. It is a 34,948-acre lake.         

L Is For The St. Lawrence River

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The St. Lawrence River is 2,500 miles long. It runs through Massachusetts.            

M Is For The Mississippi River

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The Mississippi River is 2,350 miles long and flows at a speed of about 1.2 miles per hour. It flows through the  states of Minnesota, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois,  Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, and  Arkansas. 

N Is For Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls borders the USA and Canada. You can see Canada from the US here.             

O Is For The Ohio River

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The Ohio River is 981 miles long. It branches of of the Mississippi River and runs through Illinois, Indiana,  Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.          

P Is For The Potomac River

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The Potomac River is 302 miles long and its mouth is the Chesapeake Bay. It runs through Maryland,  Virginia, and West Virginia.        

Q Is For The Queen River  

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The Queen river is found in the smallest state, Rhode Island. Along the river you can find a 2 mile hiking  trail.         

R Is For The Rio Grande  

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The Rio Grande makes up the border between Mexico and Texas, but also flows through New Mexico and Colorado.  It was called The Fierce River of the North by Spanish  settlers.       

S Is For Lake Superior

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By surface area Lake Superior is the biggest freshwater lake in the world. The lake borders Michigan,  Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Canada.           

T Is For The Tennessee River

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The Tennessee River is very shallow and is named after a cherokee indian tribe.             

U Is For The Utukok River

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The Utukok River is a small stream in Alaska. It rises in the De Long Mountains.               

V Is For The Ventura River

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The Ventura River is 17 miles long. Its mouth is the Pacific Ocean.       

W Is For The Wabash River

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The Wabash River is Indiana's most famous river. The river flows for 475 miles.          

X Is For San Xavier's River

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The San Xavier’s River was a failed mission of the spanish armada. It is now has a new name.             

Y Is For The Yukon River

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The Yukon River is the biggest river in Alaska. It also flows through Canada.       

Z Is For The Zuni River

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The Zuni River is a tributary of the Little Colorado River. It flows through New Mexico.         

Summary I wrote an A to Z book about America's bodies of water.  For each letter of the alphabet I gave a name of a river  of lake in the US that started with that letter. This  book will inform many people about the names and  location of water in the US. All in all after reading  this book you will come away with new information  about America. 

America's Waterways  

I wrote an A to Z book about America's bodies of water. For each letter of the alphabet I gave a name of a river of lake in the US that star...

America's Waterways  

I wrote an A to Z book about America's bodies of water. For each letter of the alphabet I gave a name of a river of lake in the US that star...