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Franklin County High School Career & Technology Education Craft/Advisory Committee Meeting Program Area

Business Management and Administration___________ Date _April 22, 2016

List Committee Members Present 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Janet Demers Sallie Jones Peyton Hart Mr. John Vitange Glenn Toney

Phone # 706-384-4525 706-384-4525 706-384-4525 706-356-1934 706-245-7226

6. Donna Toney 8. Brenda Haley 9. Greg Pitts 10. William Loudermilk 11. Wanda Loudermilk

706-356-7800 706-282-4514 828-384-2096 706-491-6711

Area of Representation FCHS BMA Teacher FCHS BMA Teacher FCHS BMA Teacher Retired Guidance Counselor Emmanuel College Director of Information Technology St. Mary’s Sacred Heart Hosp. Retired First Bank & Trust Department of Labor FCHS Business Student/FBLA President Parent of Business Student

12. Breanna Saxon

Business Student/FBLA Vice-

12. Wayne Randall 13. Olivia Wiley 14. Marty Williams

President FCHS Career Tech Director Emmanuel College Student Teacher FCHS Guidance Counselor

706-384-4554 705-384-4525

The committee discussed and/or evaluated the following items: 1. Program objectives, statement of purpose, program content, and methods. 2. Equipment/Material and supplies available in the Career Tech Program. 3. Job placement opportunities in the community and area. 4. Other

      

√ √ √

The dept. recognized our newly named superintendent, Mr. Wayne Randall. FBLA President and Vice-President presented an update on FBLA. Sallie Jones discussed Best Practices Program, Microsoft Office Certification and gave an update on the Roaring Café (FBLA Fundraiser.) Peyton Hart updated the group on our department pathway completers and pathways offered. Janet Demers discussed upcoming Industry Certification. Wayne Randall gave an update of the Career Tech Facility. Discussion from all Committee Members

The Craft/Advisory made the following recommendations:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Committee suggested that we have our FBLA officer team to come and present to businesses and community groups. Discussion with Greg Pitts (Department of Labor) on how all students should be prepared for the workplace with soft skills as well as academic/technology skills. He felt the importance for students to have soft skills should be the reason we continue with our GeorigiaBest program. The committee offered their support as we move toward renewing our Industry Certification next year. Committee added their input on the update of the career tech building and career tech programs.

The meeting was adjourned at: 8:00 a.m. Craft/Advisory Committee Chairperson Signature:

Janet Demers

Please use reverse side for additional recommendations, actions, comments or suggestions

Advisory committee minutes april 2016  
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