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Drive with Safety ‌ Experience Innovation A company on a course for success

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Dynamic, Trend-Setting and Global …the qualities of our development Highest quality and extreme precision – we have worked to those standards since our foundation in 1977. For this reason we have made a global name for ourselves in the automobile industry. We serve this particularly demanding market with a broad range of products. For example, our brake pad wear indicators are an important contribution to road safety. The PEX Group is made up of the six independent business segments: cable technology, vacuum technology, tool manufacturing, industrial parts, sensor technology and, for some time now, medical equipment. Our work within these sectors is of the highest quality. Only in so doing can we meet the standards we place on ourselves. Since 1984, we have been developing and producing wear indicators, cable harnesses and watertight connectors as original equipment for major automobile manufacturers. Our developments in this segment continue to set the trend for the entire industry. In this way, we have successfully established ourselves as one of the globally leading companies for brake pad wear indicators. In the same year, the group also began its activities in the vacuum technology sector. We produce, among other things, deep draw components for car floors and trunks for all conceivable automobile types. In 1993, the Pex Group also successfully entered the medical equipment segment. Technical medical components are of course produced in a GMP ISO 7 class clean room. All factories are DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified in acknowledgment of the high quality of our work. In all our production facilities, we implement Total Quality Management. The environmental management system of our factory in Hungary is also certified according to ISO 14001:2004. All PEX factories are placed within an excellent infrastructure, including proximity to airports – thus we can guarantee short routes and quick delivery times for all of our customers.

Our areas of expertise at a glance: Development and production of the following programs:

Wear indicators Cable harnesses Watertight connectors 12.33.464 Brake systems 12.45.656 Trunk components 22.64.709 Injection molded parts 22.26.824 Car floor mats 22.83.685 Medical equipment 23.94.396

Safe mobility in all areas of automobile technology thanks to PEX.




Know Your Limits …latest sensor technology for reliable measurement

The most stringent demands and ever tighter limits on safety, wear and emissions from motor vehicles continually challenge the development departments to develop even better, more intelligent solutions and systems. In these departments, it is indispensable to measure many different current states and target states accurately. In all of the different processes, highly precise and often even real-time measurements must be taken, for example, of air, gas, liquid, environmental impact, positions, and so on. These many recording and measuring tasks are fulfilled for the most part by the sensor technology industry. Sensors are the “eyes and ears” of the electronic “brains”, and without them, the elaborate and important regulations that all kinds of control units perform in vehicles today would be inconceivable.

These probes make it possible to measure the oxygen concentration, say, in exhaust fumes, one use being in present day catalytic converters for aftertreatment of exhaust gases. We supply such Lambda probes for all kinds of industries. Our renowned break pad wear indicators for cars and trucks are being continually enhanced by our engineers. For example, new, more resilient materials are being incorporated, as are different new sensors, in order to measure different disturbance variables of the brake system in addition to wear of the brake pads. Analysis of these disturbance variables allows early prevention of faults or failure and thus significantly and lastingly reduces the potential dangers, especially for commercial vehicles, making road traffic safer.

Our extensive range of products from the sensor technology sector includes, for example, air mass meters, which are essential in the familiar combustion engine for adjusting the injected fuel quantity precisely to the current power requirement, air pressure and air temperature. They are thus the prerequisite for adhering to the legal exhaust limits. Other important elements in sensor technology in our program are active and passive speed sensors and their steel or magnetic trigger wheels or shafts. These serve to measure wheel speed without contact, and thus without wear – as is used, for example, in the highest quality and for the heaviest conditions in electronic ABS systems. In today’s brake systems, almost exclusively active wheel speed sensors are used, since they respond to the tiniest change in the magnetic field and thus offer the reliability that is expected of our products. Added to this are also Lambda probes, with stable and noise-insensitive output signals, which are built on the principle of galvanic oxygen concentration cells with a solid electrolyte.

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When Premium Becomes Standard ‌our cumulative know-how for your parts

As specialists in cables and plastics processing, and suppliers of system components, we provide the basis for manufacturing technically and qualitatively high-grade products for every kind of industry. From watertight connectors, to plastic-coated PCBs, to complex injection molding geometry, to cable harnesses, we produce everything according to your needs. Starting from developing and realizing new products, we work together with you at a partnership level to advance the project. We employ the latest SAP, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor systems and the latest analysis tools.

If you require special industrial cable sets and cable harnesses, then we are a logical partner. Our competences here are in automatic cutting to length, automatic crimping, encapsulation and extrusion coating of contacts and fully-automated final fabrication and testing of cable harnesses. Cables such as rigid wire, stranded wire and flat cable are produced and then incorporated into all kinds of applications.

As a full service provider for the automobile industry, we produce up designs and prepare, among other things, 3D solid models ranging from wood or aluminum models to stereolithographic models (STL). Given our own tool manufacture department, we are able to create any molds you require for your plastic products. For this, we have state of the art CAD/CAM systems, a modern machine park and, of course, the experienced staff to operate it all. The tools we manufacture are each tested in a way that emulates series production conditions. The parts are tested according to the respective specifications and current QA guidelines before they are cleared for production. In our machine park of 70 Arburg machines from 350 to 1500 kN, we produce in small, medium and large volumes. The plastics we process include thermoplastics, duroplastics, TPEs and special high temperature resistant plastics. We offer the following follow-up processing steps and finalization options: Inlay technology, plastic/metal compounds, ultrasound welding of metal and plastic, resistance welding, assembly, hot-melt extrusion, electrical and mechanical testing, imprinting, flocking and mechanical working.

12.33.464 12.45.656 22.64.709 22.26.824 22.83.685 23.94.396 Call on us – we will not disappoint you.



cabletechnology cars

Brakes are Matter of Trust ‌our contribution to active safety

Since the foundation of PEX GmbH in 1977, it has been one of our most important duties to make brakes safer. Our brake pad wear indicators give automobile manufacturers the certainty that their customers are on the go with fully functional brakes at all times. The idea is simple, yet ingenious: before the brake pad is worn down so far as to impair the brake action, a contact part sends a warning to the dashboard. The driver now knows that he/she has to call in at the garage at the next possible opportunity. In order to implement this concept, the highest technical requirements must be fulfilled. The contact parts must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 1000 °C. That is why we employ high-temperature resistant materials such as polyimides. The processing of these materials may be somewhat more complicated than for ordinary materials, but they do guarantee us the greatest reliability, which is, after all, what we want to offer our customers.

Brake system manufacturers: Akebono Bosch Brembo Continental Teves Delphi PBR TRW Brake pad manufacturers: Akebono Federal Mogul Honeywell Nisshinbo TMD Friction

By making continual enhancements, we are currently able to specify the signal point of the wear indicator to 0.2 mm precision. As such, we satisfy all different requirements of the automobile industry as well as the brake system and brake pad industry. Currently, we have more than 650 types of wear indicators. We lead the global market in cable technology.

Cars with PEX wear indicators: AUDI Cadillac Ford Jaguar Mercedes-Benz Opel Peugeot Porsche SsangYong Volkswagen

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cabletechnology trucks

Only Precision Guarantees Safety ‌state of the art technology for the most stringent demands

Especially when driving on long tours, trucks busses and trailers must be absolutely reliable. This is because when you drive into a different country, it is often impossible to find fitting parts. In these cases, a wear indicator must give its signal much earlier than for a personal car, so that the driver has enough leeway to be able to react in time. In order to guarantee safe operation, truck, bus and trailer manufacturers put their trust in PEX brake pad wear indicators. For us, it is the safety of your vehicle that counts! In order to achieve that safety, we make it a rule to work in close partnership with our customers. That way, we can incorporate our innovative and forwardlooking ideas into your projects right from the very beginning. As leading manufacturer of brake pad wear indicators, we have many years of experience and extensive technical know-how with which we fully satisfy the demands of our customers of the commercial vehicle, bus and trailer industries. The evidence of this is the steadily increasing volume of wear indictors and cable lines we have to supply. Despite the ever shorter development cycles, we deliver reliable, high-quality components for brake pad sensing. This is evidenced by the results of extreme test drives, such as the renowned Rossfeld descent for trucks. During this test, disk brake temperatures of up to 1000 °C can occur. For such mechanical and thermally stressed brake systems, we only ever use the highest quality plastics, such as polyimides. We develop and produce individual solutions taking full advantage of our competence and state of the art technology.

Thank PEX for safety on all road trips.

Trucks, buses and trailers with PEX wear indicators: MAN Mercedes-Benz Renault Trucks 12.33.464 12.45.656 Iveco 22.64.709 Volvo 22.26.824 Neoplan 22.83.685 Schmitz-Cargobull 23.94.396 VanHool Brake system manufacturers: Knorr-Bremse ArvinMeritor Wabco 13



Getting Into Shape …high quality, aesthetics, a perfect fit

Our solid and experienced project management develops according to your specifications and designs, to give your works of art the perfect shape. From development to delivery, our specialized employees coordinate the manufacture of your molded plastic parts. With the support of our own construction department, new tools are constructed and the 3D data you provide are processed on CAD/CAM workstations that allow reverse-engineering from 3D data. In our tool manufacturing department, we process materials such as ureol, plywood and aluminum into tools of the highest quality. Using these materials allows us to produce prototype tools quickly and economically, to provide scale samples or working prototypes. That makes it possible for us to remain flexible in the vacuum technology department for planning and realization even of projects with tight deadlines.

In this way, we can produce initial prototypes easily and quickly.

We have the latest generations of machines at our disposal to develop, plan and produce your products. As such, we are able to produce plastic extrusion parts with maximum dimensions of up to 2700 x 1800 mm and a depth of 800 mm. Our existing customer base values our extensive knowledge of plastics, and we pass this knowledge on to our customers so that we can come to the best solution when choosing the plastic that best suits the production of your products. State of the art production methods, such as twinsheet forming, allow us to produce warp-resistant, robust, light-weight and yet highly durable deepdrawn parts. Our many years of experience in producing plastic parts out of PE, PP, ABS, ASA, PS, PC, PE-EPDM, PP-EPDM and PET assures the quality standard of your productions every time.

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Show Product Responsibility …our production competence justifies your trust

Product responsibility begins with the development of the product and ends with the patient.

A high degree of technical, medical knowledge, paired with many years of experience in the field of medical parts and dental products is required to produce plastic components of highest quality for this branch. As such, we take utmost care when processing customer-specific products, so as to ensure our customers’ full satisfaction in the sensitive field of producing technical medical components and medical applications. We develop in close cooperation with our customers, as a partnership, and use every last bit of our experience of the field of medical technology. We provide full service to our customers from the idea to the finished product, and can thus introduce a high degree of core competence and individual planning.

Our medical products are produced in state of the art clean rooms.

As with all good manufacturing practices, we produce all kinds of injection molded parts and components from many different types of plastics at highest quality in clean rooms classified ISO standard 7. We have manual processing as well as fully automated assembly facilities to allow the most economical production as possible. For follow-up processing, we have the latest ultrasound welding systems, inscription systems and packaging machines at our disposal.

As we see it, many years of experience in component production results in a high degree of customer satisfaction, since the handling of sensitive medical devices is a matter of trust.

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The Right Tool …state of the art technology – the guarantee for highest quality

In order to guarantee a quick and smooth satisfaction of a customer’s order – from design, to prototype, to series production – and to be able to react as quickly as possible to change requests, the PEX Group manufactures its own tools.

The following aspects are paramount in tool manufacturing: Producing prototypes out of plastic or metal Constructing the new tools for the form molding department Producing assembly and test equipment Maintaining, servicing and modifying tools and equipment In order to deal with all of these processes, we have invested in a state of the art and fully equipped machine park. In this way we carry out all necessary processes from turning/milling to grinding to wire and cavity sinking by EDM, without unnecessary delays.

List of tool manufacturing machines: CNC machining centre Conventional lathes, milling machines and drills Surface grinding machine Horizontal band saw Wire-cutting machine 2 cavity sinking electrical discharge machines (EDM) EDM drill Die-spotting press Sandblasting and polishing station

Directly integrated into tool manufacturing is the tool construction department. This is where injection mold tools are constructed according to 3D models and development specifications.

This superior equipment combined with the experience of the employees, short paths and few interfaces guarantees smooth throughput of the projects.

12.33.464 12.45.656 22.64.709 22.26.824 22.83.685 23.94.396

The tool data is fed directly from the CAD/CAM workstations to the CNC machines for production.


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