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Pet Shipping Welcome to Petwings We are a human and veterinary professional team devoted to the relocation of animals from/to every part of the world. We have six years of experience in transportation of hundreds of pets around the world and the only thing that motivates us is our love for animals. Our main concern is your pet’s welfare during the trip, and to give you full comfort with all the sanitary and documentary requirements needed for the transportation of your beloved pet.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at pet agent, pet travel & pet shipping We are the only company in Peru that offers full service covering travel logistics, transportation, accommodation, health care procedures and veterinary supervision throughout the process. Only in this way, we can ensure that your pet will easily arrive at its destination, without any problems and, most importantly, safe and sound. MIssion To allow our customers to travel anywhere in the world with one of the most important members of their families: their pets whose safety and comfort are guaranteed by us during the whole process, in order to make it a peaceful and stress-free experience. PET TRAINING FOR A SUCCESSFUL TRIP According to the country of destination and if the pet travels in the baggage or cargo section, the duration of the trip may last up to 3 days. In short, the most important purpose of the entire export process is to make the trip as most comfortable and stress-free as possible. After a lot of years of experience at Petwings, we have come to the conclusion that the most important thing for a successful relocation is the comfort of the dog in the kennel (cage) during the trip and, in order to accomplish this, we have developed a technique by which, step by step, we get an excellent adaptation of the pet to the kennel in order to help your pet feel comfortable and safe while it is inside. SHOULD I GIVE TRANQUILIZERS TO MY PET? No. The veterinary science research indicates that sedation is often fatal even if owners commonly think otherwise. The mixture between tranquilizers and altitude may cause a drop in blood pressure and this may lead to the death of the pet. IMPORTS AND IMMIGRATION The following requirements are needed for the entry of your pet to Peru:

Pet shipping Review - For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at pet agent, pet travel & pet shi...