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It is a great pleasure for me to be able to recommend Mr. Petros Vaxevanakis as a valuable partner for the “Event Coordinator� position in your company. Petros has been working with us for a period of 3 years, mastering our events actualization as a field coordinator and event production director. His abilities of communication and problem solving have been giving solutions in all these areas both in smooth operation and when things needed direct and clever solutions. Our company is the first one in Greece to produce really extreme concept events, TV shows and stunt coordination, athletic events and product launches. Petros has been there nearly from the beginning, gathering a valuable experience in every field and being one of the brains to take our company one step ahead as he was always following the upcoming trends in our market. As a snowboarder since 1989, a surfer and president of the Greek Kiteboard Riders Association I can personally guarantee that he is one of the most talented snowboarders and surfers in Greece and has been impressing all of us the way he ‘s been riding any kind of board. Hope that I have been helpful enough and that I will visit him as a guest in one of the events to organize on behalf of your company.

47 Pigis Avenue, Melissia Trade Center 15127 Melissia, Athens- Greece

T: +30 210 8102243, F: +30 211 7200045 @:, W:




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