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Beat the Winter Blues 8 Bright Ideas for you and your pets

2012 Holiday Gift Guide 9 Latest and greatest pet presents Winter Wellness 17 Take care of your pet this winter

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Winter Birds 101 21 Learn what to feed this winter

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s! Santa Paw T h a n k yo u

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eco friendly litter

Tip Avoid rejection!

It's GOOD for the environment

When transitioning your cat to a new litter, be sure to layer some of the old litter on top and gradually reduce the amount over two weeks.

Fresh 4 Life’s new line of cat litters includes an assortment of eco-friendly options, so you can finally feel good about littering! By LUA EMILIA


They’re not taking away from your bread-making. Fresh 4 Life uses wheat straw, a product created by wheat harvesting that is typically thrown out. • 3x more absorbent than clay • Highly absorbent with hard clumping action • Less likely to be eaten by pets • Natural ability to eliminate ammonia odours


Environmentally friendly, with a Canadian twist! Made from Northern White Pine, this litter uses what’s left from the lumber industry. • 2x more absorbent than clay • Locks away odours • Natural pine scent for extra odour control


No corn roast shortage this year! Fresh 4 Life only uses the cob that would otherwise be rendered useless after the corn itself has been cut away for food production. • 3x more absorbent than clay • Naturally absorbent with hard clumping action • Excellent odour control • All natural and chemical-free

Recycled Paper Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Fresh 4 Life has used recycled paper to produce an ultra soft, textured litter. • 3x more absorbent than clay • Higher cat acceptance • More litter box fills per bag

Have more traditional taste? Don’t fret, Fresh 4 Life has a selection of clay litters for you to choose from including fragrance-free, non-clumping and multi-cat.

Athse Pket Experts


My 9 year old min-pin, Jackie, HATES the snow. She starts shaking as soon as we open the door and she doesn’t even like to put her paws down. I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the ice or the snow but she hates everything about winter. Would you suggest anything to help make the next 4 months more enjoyable for all of us? Daove, Clarkson ON.

Poor Jackie isn’t alone, this is common in little dogs, but we have a couple products that may help Jackie warm up to the idea of winter. Make sure you have a warm sweater that fits her well, keeping her body heat close to her. For her paws, boots are the ultimate protector for sensitive paws, but because Jackie is older she may not like them very much (tip for pet parents: get your pet used to boots as young as possible!). If she refuses the boots, try Dr. Maggie Paw Protector, made with waxes and moisturizing ingredients. It is very easy to apply and waxes harden in cold weather to provide a barrier to salt, snow and ice. Good luck this winter!

HAVE A QUESTION? We have PET EXPERTS that can answer your pet questions. Email us at and you could see your question printed in the next issue of Companion! Only questions that will be published will be answered. Please include name and city of residence. - 2012 WINTER Companion 3

new food

What's new in the dog food aisle? New Formula!

☞ For all breeds and all life stages.

Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Kibble Believe in the benefits of raw but still having a hard time serving it to your pet? Nature’s Variety has come up with a solution. They have created the first of its kind – grain-free kibble with freeze dried raw food – all in the same bag! The convenience factor is through the roof with

New Flavour!

their new line of dog food. The freeze dried raw pieces provide natural enzymes for optimal digestive health and dogs love the taste. Every bite your dog takes will contain a healthy raw boost of grain-free, gluten-free pure ingredients.

☞ For all breeds and all life stages.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets® Legume & Duck Meal Formula New flavour alert! Natural Balance L.I.D. has added Legume & Duck to its recipe book – making that the seventh L.I.D formula that they offer our pets So, why legumes? Well, legumes - including garbanzo beans and peas - provide an excellent

New Look!

source of fibre and protein, making them a great carbohydrate alternative for dogs. Healthy, digestible carbohydrates, such as beans and peas, give your dog serious amounts of healthy energy.

☞ For all breeds. Life stages vary.

Merrick Classic or Grain Free The bags may look different but don’t be distracted, Merrick still stands by their 5-Star Promise to you and your pets: Local Growers, Real Whole Foods, From their Kitchen to Yours, Balanced Nutrition and Health You Can See. Merrick knows that dogs thrive on quality protein 4 Companion Winter 2012 -

✱ Lu

cy L ove s

and healthy fats, which is why every Merrick recipe starts with deboned meat as the first component. In their dry recipes, meat with high levels of protein is the first, second and third ingredient used. Serving Merrick tonight will be a homerun with your pets.

digging deeper

It’s all out of

the bag!

light on all the great We’re taking apart the bag to shed rmatrin Ultra. reasons to go Grain-Free with Perfo By LUA EMILIA

% We are the 85 this formula comes

That’s right, 85% of the protein in ious blend of turkey, straight from meat by using a delic make any dog drool! to gh enou ’s salmon and duck. That

From Playful Pups To Wise Old Hounds all ages. This formula is suitable for dogs of food dog ee n-Fr Grai Ultra Performatrin al ition nutr the t mee to is formulated Dog CO AAF the by ed levels establish es. Stag Life All for iles Prof Food Nutrient

Whole Foods For Whole Health

Colour of Health in

en prote NO meat by-products, grains, chick , colours tives erva pres icial artif any nor , or soya this recipe or flavours. Instead, we’ve packed that are with delicious natural ingredients rich in antioxidants.

dient Using local foods helps maintain ingre Plant-based rint. footp on carb our ces quality and redu ases dise phytonutrients help prevent chronic ease s iotic prob such as diabetes and stroke, and a just tion: func une imm digestion and stimulate lesome recipe. few of the great features of this who

INGREDIENT LIS T: Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Salmon Meal, Duc Peas, Chicken Fat sta k Meal, Potato, bilized source of Vitamin E), Veg with Mixed Tocopherols (a natural etable Pomace (Tomato Beet, Parsley, Lettuce, , Carrot, Celery, Watercress, Spinach), Nat Cultured Yeast, Whole Fresh Sweet Potato, Pum ural Flavor, Cranberries, Whole Blu pkin, Whole ebe Lecithin, Choline Chlorid rries, Sea Salt, Chicory Root Extract, e, Alfalfa Juice Concen trate, Dried Kelp, Fresh Spinach, Fresh Whole Blackberries, Drie d Yeast, Taurine, Rosemary Extract, Ma rigold Extract, Yucca Sch idigera Extract, Spirulina, Green Tea Extrac t, Glucosamine Hydroc hloride, Chondroitin Sulfate, Ascorbyl Polyph osphate (source of Vita min C), Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactob acil Streptococcus Faecium lus Casei, Bifidobacterium Bifidium, , Zinc Proteinate (source Iron Proteinate (source of Chelated Zinc), of Chelated Iron), Vita min E Supplement, Manganese Proteinate (source of Chelated Ma nganese), Copper Proteinate (source of Chelated Copper), Vita min A Supplement, Niacin, Thiamine Hyd rochloride, Riboflavin, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Calcium Pantoth enate, Pyridoxine Hyd rochloride, Inositol, Vitamin B12 Suppleme nt, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium Iodide, Selenium Yeast (source of Organic Selenium). - 2012 WINTER Companion 5


Natural Ingredients. Complete. Canadian.

Health Tip EƵƚƌŝƟŽŶzŽƵdƌƵƐƚ͘YƵĂůŝƚLJdŚĞLJdĂƐƚĞ͘ Over 25 Years Making Premium Pet Food Quality Manufacturing At Its Best!

At Nutram we make our own food. We control everything to ensure our products meet your highest standards. Nutram is Canadian innovation from beginning to end. In-house product development by our team of Nutritionists High quality ingredients sourced by our industry experts

The Power of Antioxidants Just like you, pets also need a healthy dose of antioxidants for a strong immune system. Naturally occurring antioxidants can be found in grains, oils, herbs, and some fruits, like berries and pomegranate. Canadians know that a strong offence is your best defence, so make sure your pet is getting enough immune boosters!

Holiday Entertaining Tips…

Focused on supporting other Canadian business (local ingredients, packaging, etc.). The holiday season can be a stressful time for many pets. Canadians supporting Canadians. Changes in routine, including feedings and household activity levels can lower a pet’s immune defenses. Help All Nutram products are manufactured and keep your pet safe and healthy over the holidays by: packaged in Canada, we control the entire process. Strong Defences – offer a quality pet food rich in antioxidants and easy to digest for a healthy immune Quality Comes First system. At Nutram we feel pets are important members of Inform Your Guests - explain that it is in your pet’s our families. Nutram is produced in a Certified best health to eat quality pet food. Greasy food, sweets Global Food Safety manufacturing facility, the and excessive treats can cause digestive upset and other highest certification standard for Pet Food Manufacturers in the world. Our dedication to this health related issues. leading quality program is second to none. Routine - when entertaining feed your pet their Experience the difference… usual meal before guests arrive and limit the number of treats. Exercise is a great stress reliever for the entire Nutrition you trust, quality they taste. family, including your pet.


A Complete Taste of Canada Nutram addresses the main key areas of your pet’s health in every diet with a large number of functional ingredients.


This special seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, is a one of a kind. Research has shown superior prebiotic action (5 times higher than Chicory Root!), improvement in skin and coat health and decrease in prevalence of diseases. It doesn’t get any more “complete” than that!

Canadian Salmon

We have all heard Omega-3s are good for our health and your pet can benefit from it too. Nutram uses high quality Canadian salmon. 25-30% of all protein consumed daily is used for skin and coat maintenance, so ensuring your pet is eating quality protein and getting enough omegas is crucial.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant, rich in EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). This potent polyphenol has a positive impact on free radicals, protecting the body from oxidative stress and helping support dental health.

Sensitive Dog

Combo Diet : SKIN + STOMACH A large number of dogs with stomach sensitivity will likely experience skin and coat problems in their lifetime. This food offers the perfect balance of omegas, vitamins & minerals they need.

Finicky Indoor Cat

Combo Diet : INDOOR LIVING + PICKY EATERS Indoor cats groom more, are less active and get picky when it comes to food! Natural fibres, lower calories, special kibble shapes and fantastic taste makes this food a success among the most selective eaters.

Made at Home From Local Ingredients Carrots Chickpeas


Fresh Turkey


Urinary Care Male Cat

About 70% of cats struggling with Oxalate stones are males! Oxalates form in acidic pH and Nutram is the only brand of pet food to develop a diet specifically tailored for Oxalate Stone control. Nutram Male Cat provides a more basic urinary pH to reduce the chances of Oxalate stone formation.

Green Peas









Fresh Trout PEI



Berries Quinoa Seed

Butternut Squash

Organic Seaweed Fresh Duck



For more information on our complete line of life-stage and specialty diets, please visit:


Bright Ideas to Raise Your Spirits this Winter Wintertime has a way of shutting us down and exposing us and our pets to a little bit of cabin fever. Use your imagination this winter and get down with some fun activities to enjoy with your pet. Need some ideas? Here are some of our favourite wintertime, pet friendly activities. By Gavin Carothers

❆ Socialize

Invite a friend or two over to your place along with their pet. If your pets haven’t met before, use your best judgement based on how they have each reacted when meeting new animals and how well socialized they are in general. Getting social support of any kind is a good way to get through long winter days.

❆ Goofy Fun Inside

The holiday season tends to yield a lot of boxes and wrapping paper making their way into your house. Make a fort for your pet – many pets just love to explore dark, interesting places and like the sound and feeling of playing in wrapping paper. Get a laser pointer as a stocking stuffer and watch as they “stalk” the light.

❆ Get Some Sunshine

Lack of sunlight can make us feel down in the wintertime. Research has shown that brain chemistry is affected by bright light. It would not be surprising that our pets could benefit from this as well, so take advantage when the sun is shining by going for a walk and soaking up some rays.

❆ Snowball Fight

Does it snow where you are? Whether it’s playing tag or joining a snowball fight, dogs love to play in snow. Remember that if you take your dogs off leash in the winter, ensure they have up-to-date ID tags. Dogs are much more likely to get lost in the winter because their sense of smell cannot guide them the way it does in warm months.

❆ Kong It

Kong is a pet toy that has stood the test of time and punishment from your furry buddy. Kongs come in all sizes and you can stuff them with goodies or treats to fit the appetite of your pet. It’s sure for a laugh watching your go positively batty trying to get the treats out.

❆ Volunteer

One of the best ways to feel good any time of the year is by giving back to your community. There are many places such as seniors homes and community centres where you and your pet could make a huge difference in someone’s day, just by paying them a visit. Your pet may have to pass some behavioural testing, just to make sure that he or she will not be overwhelmed from the attention. 8 Companion Winter 2012 -

IMAGINATION! With a little imagination and the right attitude you and your companion can enjoy the winter months together and take advantage of the best parts that the season has to offer. Seizing opportunities to socialize, experience new things and get outside together will help ensure a fun and enjoyable wintertime for both of you.

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Northern biscuit turkey & cranberry


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16 Companion Winter 2012 -

winter health

In dog years, winter lasts almost 2 years! Yikes!


Wellness Winter is no time to drop the ball when it comes to your pet's health. The cold weather brings unique health challenges for our pets. Here are some ways you can help take care of your companion all season long.

Stay Wild... • Healthy Omega-3 Balance • Healthy Skin and Coat • Healthy Immune System • Healthy Joints • Healthy Appetite

By Kellie McCutcheon

Those who are chilly together, stay together The best indicator for when to take your pet inside and out of the cold is when you are too cold yourself to stay out any longer. For pets with shorter hair, like dachshunds or beagles, make sure they have a warm coat for when the temperature drops. Does your dog like to not just walk, but play in the snow? Look for a coat that has a waterproof shell, to help avoid their fur getting wet.

Old Souls The cold can leave joints in older pets extremely stiff and tender. Make sure older pets have a thick, soft bed to curl up in during chilly nights. Also, watch stiff and arthritic pets when you go outside, a wrong step on some ice could prove to be very painful and cause an unwanted injury.

Keep the flakes outside Winter can be rough on your pet's skin and can cause it to become dry and itchy. Try switching to a food with fish in it, to give your dog an extra boost in fatty acids. Better yet, add an all natural oil like salmon oil, to your dogs food, and you will not only notice a difference in their skin and coat but it will also help reduce shedding. Win-win for everyone! - 2012 WINTER Companion 17


...Stay Healthy!


e d a m r o l i Ta Health Nutrition ™


red for your Pureb


If you’re the owner of a purebred dog you are most likely aware that purebred dogs have gone through a selective breeding process and are bred to have specific traits. The result of doing this is that every breed will have a specific set of genes that distinguishes the dog from other breeds and will show consistent, replicable, and predictable characteristics. These characteristics include physical traits such as size, coat, and colour, as well as temperament characteristics such as energy level and intelligence. On the down side, because purebred dogs come from a limited gene pool, they are also susceptible to a wide range of congenital health issues. Nutrition can help in preventing some of these health issues. Royal Canin’s expertise, developed over the last 40 years, lies in providing dogs with the most precise nutrition to meet their purebred needs.

UniqUe Breeds, UniqUe needs, UniqUe nUtrition Rottweiler


The Rottweiler is a protective and powerful dog. However, they are predisposed to cardiovascular disease including subaortic stenosis. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes a healthy heart with EPA and DHA, taurine, and L-carnitine. Vitamins C and E, along with green tea polyphenols and lycopene help to protect the heart cells against free radical damage. The kibble is tailored for their unique jaw, and encourages the Rottweiler to slowly chew each kibble, helping to decrease the risk of gastric torsion. Recommended nutrition: Rottweiler*

Boxer The Boxer is a powerful, athletic breed who can develop heart issues in the adult stage of life. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes heart health through the use of taurine, L-carnitine, arginine, and antioxidants including vitamins E and C, lutein, green tea polyphenols, and lycopene. The tailor-made kibble is also shaped for the Boxer’s unique jaw. This specialized S-shaped kibble prevents gulping by making kibble prehension easier and encourage chewing, which helps decrease bloating and gas. Recommended nutrition: Boxer 26TM


Cocker Spaniel

Golden Retriever

The Cocker Spaniel is an easy going and trusting dog. This breed is two times more likely to develop cataracts than other breeds. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes healthy vision with antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthine (protecting the lens and retina of the eye), with additional antioxidant action from green tea polyphenols and vitamins E and C. The unique cashewshaped kibble is low-density, which helps slow down food ingestion to keep Cocker Spaniels feeling fuller longer. Recommended nutrition: Cocker Spaniel 25TM

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, energetic dog that can be prone to skin irritations. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes skin and coat health with a specialized complex of four B vitamins and one amino acid, methionine, cysteine, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The appetite satisfying low-density kibble is specifically designed to help prevent gulping, helping your dog to feel full more quickly, and reducing the amount of calories consumed. Recommended nutrition: Golden Retriever 25TM*

German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is a courageous, dependable companion. In comparison with similar sized breeds, German Shepherds have extremely fragile digestive systems. This can lead to bloating and soft, wet stool. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes optimal digestion with ultra-digestible ingredients, like brown rice, soy protein and wheat gluten, plus beet pulp and prebiotics. The specialized kibble features a custom X-shape helps support healthy digestion by encouraging the German Shepherd to slow down and chew their food, and increases kibble surface area to further increase digestibility. Recommended nutrition: German Shepherd 24TM*

The Bulldog is a gentle, big-hearted dog. The Bulldog’s thick tongue can affect both its breathing and digestion which can result in flatulence (or excess gas). Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ helps promote better digestion and less gas with highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates, prebiotics, and zeolite. The tailor-made kibble is designed to make it easier for the Bulldog to pick up and chew their food, which slows down eating, improves digestion, and helps to prevent bloating and gas. Recommended nutrition: Bulldog 24TM*

Labrador Retriever

*Also available in puppy formula.

The Labrador Retriever is a devoted and playful dog. However, this breed tends to have more fat than muscle. Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ promotes a healthy weight with hunger-satisfying oats and barley, fat-burning L-carnitine, high protein, and controlled fat levels. The tailor-made “hole-in-the-middle” kibble has a low-density design to reduce the amount of calories consumed, and to limit gulping by forcing the Labrador to slow down and chew. Recommended nutrition: Labrador Retriever 30TM*

Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition™ range is formulated with precise nutrient levels, high quality raw materials, exclusive shapes, textures, and natural aromas which attract the dog immediately. The very high digestibility of the carefully selected proteins promotes intestinal health and ensures the best possible utilization by the body. These formulas combine scientific knowledge and nutritional precision; taking into account each breed’s particular sensitivities to formulate a unique product tailored to their specific needs. Breed Health NutritionTM also available for small purebred dogs. See in-store for details.

Holiday 10% Give Back! NEW!

Receive 10%† more free BReed HealtH NutRitioN


† Get 10% free when you buy a 30 lb bag of Royal Canin Breed Health NutritionTM adult formula. Offer valid on Cocker Spaniel 25 TM, Bulldog 24TM, German Shepherd 24TM,, Boxer26TM, Labrador Retriever 30TM, Golden Retriever 25TM, Rottweiler. See in-store for details.

Boxer 26

Golden Retriever 25


German Shepherd 24



Bulldog 24


Cocker Spaniel 25


labrador Retriever 30



on the web

Are you in the


Pet Valu is more than just a store. We have an entire online community that, like yourselves, loves pets. There is a lot happening online with Pet Valu and we want to make sure you know all the ways to connect with us!


Want to find your closest store? View our flyer online? This is the place to go. You can also learn here about the services we offer as well as our product selection.


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Our blog is all pets, all the time. Learn many things including pet safety tips, new products in-store, rotation feeding and the benefits of holistic. Like one-stop shopping, there is something for everyone here. The most “awww-inducing” pinterest page you will visit! The pictures will melt your heart and leave you smiling for days. Be sure to upload pictures of your adorable pets and pin them on our boards. Our boards include “Hand-held Cuteness” and “Amazing Adoptables”.

20 Companion Winter 2012 -

✱ Lu

cy L ov

es ✱

WILD apparel BIRDS

Winter can be a harsh season for many wild birds. As temperatures drop, scores of birds fly south to find readily available food. However, there are many birds who fly north for the winter, or remain in the area, and because of the declining amount of food available, it is important to leave food out for these birds.


❆ Look for these winter birds American Goldfinch FEEDER TYPES: tube with small holes or platform



By Tera Cashen

❆ Extreme Temperatures & Food As long as birds can find shelter in dense shrubs and conifers, the cold temperature does not bother them. Some species roost in holes in trees with many other birds keeping each other warm. Others, like black-capped chickadees, are able to grow more feathers that fluff up during the winter to provide better insulation. But without a good source of food, birds can become too weak to find food. Foraging, or hunting for food, is cut drastically by shorter days, especially for smaller birds who spend most of their waking hours searching for food. The smaller the bird is, the higher their metabolism is, and the greater their need for food. Because of this, it’s a good idea to leave food out for the birds in the winter to help them with searching for food.

❆ Types of Wild Bird Feed

Northern Cardinal FEEDER TYPES: hopper or platform

Bluejay FEEDER TYPES: hopper, ground or platform

Downy Woodpecker FEEDER TYPES: hopper,platform or tube feeder with large holes

It is important to find seed that birds will use for energy with a lower amount of waste below the feeder. Poor quality bird seed won’t contain a large amount of seeds that winter birds actually need to survive. The best protein source, and the most popular for small birds and large birds alike, is the sunflower seed, particularly the black oil sunflower seed. The outer shell of black oil sunflower seed is easy to crack. It contains a high amount of protein, fat, and nutrients like iron, calcium and phosphorus, which birds really need for surviving the winter months. A great mix that has mostly black-oil and striped sunflower seed is Solesca Woods’ Woodland mix. This mix also contains Red Breasted Nuthatch peanut halves and safflower seed, which is great for attracting a Black Capped Chickadee FEEDER TYPES: wide variety of birds. FEEDER TYPES: hopper or platform hopper,platform or tube The second most popular food for winter birds is Feeding winter feeder with large holes peanuts. These contain as much protein and fat as birds can be quite black oil sunflower seeds. Solesca Woods’ Waste enjoyable. Free mix contains peanut chips, and the Shell Free Not only do you get the mix contains hulled peanuts. Both mixes are great satisfaction of knowing these birds for reducing food or shell waste below the feeder. will have plenty of food, but you will A smaller seed with high fat and high protein enjoy watching a wide variety content is nyjer seed (sometimes labelled niger of birds gather in or thistle). These thin black seeds are a favourite of your backyard. House Finch smaller birds, like chickadees and finches, but require FEEDER TYPES: tube feeders to keep the seed from falling out. You can buy this platform or tube feeder with small holes in Solesca Woods’ Finch mix, which contains other small seeds for small birds. - 2012 WINTER Companion 21


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22 Companion WINTER 2012 -

5 horrible holiday foods

& what to feed your p ets instead! 63% of pe t owners say that their an imals had been sick afte gorging on holiday lefto r vers. Scrap the need for a vet visit this season by sticking to treats that are safe for animals to ea t.

Instead of this…

Cooked meat

The seasoned meats that made up your big holiday dinner contain too much fat and will wreak havoc on a pet ’s tummy

All the trimmings

Freeze Dried Treats

Dog - Throw Fido a freeze dried treat, which is healthy & full of flavour. Cat - Felines love 100% free ze dried treats.


Onions, macadamias, gra pes and sultanas are extremely toxic to pets


There always seems to be so much of this left over, but using this to satiate you r pet’s sad eyes is a bad idea


Nothing new here, the coc oa found in chocolate is awful for animals

Pecan Pie

Feed them this…

All that sugar and butter tastes delicious, but give n that it’s hardly good for us, just think how bad it is for you r pet!

Dog – Nummy Tum-Tum 100% organic pure pumpkin (Item # 78951) Cat – Weruva Cats in the Kitchen pumpkin jack spla sh

Turkey Treats

Dog – Northern turkey cra nberry treats Cat – Whiskas Temptation s tantalizing turkey flavour


Dog – 3 Dog Bakery cookies with natural carob and van illa Cat – Pawbreakers! catnip candy

A Fruit-Filled Treat

Dog - Fruitables sweet pot ato & pecan (Item # 29666) Cat – Cranimals Very Ber ry organic cranberry, blueberry & raspberry

Did you know that some of our stores have pets of their very own? Many have cats or dogs, but the Brampton, ON store (located at 55 Mountainash Rd) has a big, beautiful parrot named Red (so festive!). We held an interview with Red, to get to know him a little better.

❉ It’s very nice to meet you, Sir Red. So formal! ❉ We heard you love to eat. What kinds of things are usually on the menu? My parents, Satbir and Navdeep, try to keep me healthy so they usually feed me Parrot Granules and fruits. But I love peanuts with the shell, canteloupe, apples, pears, watermelon, grapes and my not-sohealthy favourite is…


❉ How about you tell your fans about some of your other favourite activities. I like to hang upside down on the door of my cage, saying words like “hello”, “hi” & “peekaboo” to customers. ❉ Sounds like you’ve got a fun life! My bright red and green feathers are a show stopper! ❉ Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Red. You’re welcome. I can’t wait to get some visits from my fans!

Read more about Red on our blog! - 2012 WINTER Companion 23



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Companion Magazine Winter 2012  

The Winter 2012 issue of Pet Valu's Companion Magazine. Your Pet. Your Life. Your Store.

Companion Magazine Winter 2012  

The Winter 2012 issue of Pet Valu's Companion Magazine. Your Pet. Your Life. Your Store.