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am pretty sure Lucy’s favourite time is fall. Summer days are spent trying to beat the heat, laying on cool tile or finding the perfect shady spot outside. Winter is fun but her time outside is limited to what I can handle (my favourite season is summer…) and her paws have been known to crack from sidewalk salt. Spring is muddy and wet, which inevitably means more baths than she would like. For Lucy, fall is perfect. One thing Lucy and I both love about fall is pumpkin. Pumpkin is one of Lucy’s all-time favourite snacks (and my favourite latté flavour). Did you know pumpkin is a pet super-food? It's packed with vitamins and your pets will find it delicious! Look to page 11 for all the benefits of pumpkin and why you should always have an extra can in your cupboard. While pumpkin is a very healthy treat for dogs, there are a ton of other nutritious treats available for your pet. On page 8, a panel of pets review some of your favourite treats and on page 14 we talk about what role treats play in training, rewarding and bonding with our pets. I hope you and your pets have a wonderful, pumpkin-loving, treat-filled fall!

Happy reading,

Your tricky questions are answered here!

6 Performatrin ultra Grain-Free Cat is Here All the details about your cat’s new favourite food

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For Fashionable Pets only Collars & leashes that combine function & fashion!

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JW crackle & crunch dog ToyS

Zoo Med MoPanI Wood

50081 • from $7.99

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50066 • $5.99 • 4.25 oz

ZM WIPe ouT 50064 • $5.99 4.25 oz

y To o n

did you know that some of our stores have pets of their very own? Many have birds, cats and dogs, but one store decided to go a different route by having a pot-bellied pig named Petunia. We heard that she had quite the personality, so we decided to get to know her a little better by holding a celebrity interview.

❉ it’s very nice to meet you, Miss Petunia. Please, call me Toony! ❉ We heard you love to eat. What kinds of things are usually on the menu? My parents, Karen & Dave, try to keep me healthy so they usually feed me pig kibble, bok choy, romaine lettuce (no iceberg, thanks), and fruit such as watermelon, apples and bananas. I’ll eat carrots, but only if they are cooked. ❉ For a breed with pot-bellied right there in the name, you still stay very fit. What’s your secret? It’s actually no secret, I like to play a lot! My favourite toys are plastic water bottles and cardboard boxes, as long as they have Cheerios hidden inside. I also love playing in my rooting box; it’s a box filled with rocks that I can dig through to find my treats that someone has hidden for me.

❉ How about you tell your fans about some of your other favourite activities. I like to lie at the front door of the store and watch the people walk by. Sometimes, on warm sunny days, I’ll even go walking. I absolutely love splashing around in my very own piggy pool, and nothing beats having my belly rubbed. ❉ Sounds like you’ve got a fun life! I really do, but what I love best is sharing the joy by making people smile. Sometimes people come into the store who may be feeling a little down, but after they meet me they’re always smiling. What can I say, I’m my own claim to fame! ❉ thanks for taking the time to talk to us, toony. You’re welcome. I can’t wait to get some visits from my fans!

2012 fALL Companion 3

asK tHe pet eXperts

! s t r e p x E t e As k t h e P

that ybody out there ine. Is there an az ag m – on ed ni sh pa t Com Bouvier’s don’ ing Paulmac's Bouvier gets? y m at Hello! I am enjoy . th le s ib at rr m te e e matting is ol can handle th is great, but th knows what to ly answer. and then, which w no y scratch is the on er m ev fro ps g tin ar st d an their fur clum m down t need help think buzzing hi use at home bu I’m beginning to . I need a tool to ive ns pe ex be n ing ca estions? Regular groom rIO. works. Any sugg AGrAvE, OnTA ng that actually hi et m ANE CooKE – SE so di ng di fin es forget the insid r br ush (don’t ve l-o al ke ep fanc y t only will this to mat ting, no of his le gs!). no W hen it comes of ee, but e -fr on at is m it JW dematting Brush t d quire d, bu ing his be st an ok lo m hi gadget s ar e re y 52786 • $14.99 pr even ep tr ack of an er e an ounce of al so help you ke ll wi it thos e case s wh s r ar ea re gula pet, like tender pound of cure. change s in your tion is worth a m r fro fo s e at m tim t n e it a fu ld pr even or lumps . Mak br ushing shou l t have to be a n’ es ring him sp ecia fe do of it t by bu you both forming, or o tw es s. ut at in m tre e- only e a fe w gr ooming-tim chor e. Set asid gi ve your do g an to ek we a es thre e tim g d tr y a detanglin at ting br ush an m de a e us , le d a mat or tang W hen you do fin se it out. ea ly spray to gent s a perfect so I thought it wa I live in a condo , rd bi nd and spread a ou ng ar tti fly in ge ed to let them ne u I am interested yo at th sure I have e I want to make pet but then I se “small house” rd really need?? bi a es lp! do he e ur ac w much sp t! Thanks for yo O. their wings. Ho opt my new pe ad AuGA, OnTArI d ISS an SS go MI I – re dAvid ers befo all these answ to prevent very important, spacing is also d bir of hing. While ies rc ned what spec enough for pe injury, yet wide You never mentio ing liv er large all room to flutter, g for, but in a sm small birds need you were lookin ies ec sp p their d fla bir d to stretch an ggest a small birds need room space, I would su ybu n he W . ch e. , budgie or fin wings for exercis such as a canary o account how int ke ta to ed ne ing a cage, you h time he will is and how muc active your bird g a cage, cage. When pickin spend inside his in mind ing ep as you can, ke always go as big e. m ho ur at will fit in yo the cost and wh dth is wi ge ca additional For small birds, dth will wi e th as than height, more important h to rc pe m fro room to hop give them more d an lly ta en m s need to be perch. Bird cage sure e ak m so d, ating to a bir physically stimul and s toy d's bir room for your there is enough r ba er op Pr . move around ample space to

have a queSTIont?

tha We have Pet eXPertS estions. qu t pe r you er sw an can to ion email your quest com companion@petvalu. r you see ld cou you and next question printed in the ! ion an issue of Comp will be published • only questions that se include name will be answered. Plea and city of residence.

clean life house Bird cage 51077 • $99.99

2012 fALL Companion 5

product review

Product Review by lua eMIlIa

You expect a lot from your pet products. You need tools and supplies that are effective and easy to use, treats that are palatable, and above all, you want to give your pets the very best. So we unleashed our discerning team of product reviewers (and their owners!) to put some of our products to the test. product: Furminator Grooming Grooming tools – dog • from $44.99

promise: The design of the edge allows the tool to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair. Won’t cut or damage your dog’s delicate skin. You wouldn’t believe the furry mess my tiny teacup Chihuahua used to leave behind on my clothes. I was a bit skeptical about how much this would help since she is so small and has a short coat, but even after just the first brushing I noticed a major improvement. very impressed! • Lua & Zoë - 5/5 The Furminator easily and efficiently removed excess hair on our Golden retrievers and English Cocker Spaniels without damaging their skin or their topcoat. We are now recommending this tool as an essential and safe dog grooming tool to all of our puppy buyers and other dog owner friends. • Michele & darryl and the dogs of blackpool Perm. reg. Kennel - 5/5

m $49.99

rinder • fro

tor Nail G Furmina

ed tool

d ttery-inclu

ba c LED cordless, product: . Automati gn of this si e d e h d painless T n : a e t n is e ci m ffi o e , pr ing is safe

ol. ail trimm izes contr ensures n and maxim ty fe keep the sa s re ver helped co light ensu ic st la p ders e other grin ght and th an that of e safety li th th r d te ve g her ie u lo We bout havin otor was q nervous a an. The m is e g cl o d ss r enough u l ce pro powerfu helps if yo der wasn’t et, which n rk ri a g m e e s. th g t th on r small do side is tha perfect fo The down . e e b n o ld d u o s il w na eds, but it larger bre to handle s /5 4 as her nail denver – h my dog it • Alison & w le g g a ru e. It took lways a st soft cuticl g time is a pinch the to nail-cuttin d n d that the te ze rs s she reali that clippe il a y n n ti w fe so all, are x. Best of but after a ed to rela g used to, rt a in st tt e e g sh le d litt ing her an required! asn’t hurt , no filing h is grinder w n fi th o o r left a sm the grinde /5 4 – Lua & Zoë 8 Companion fALL 2012

product: Furminator Gr Grooming tools – Cat • from $49.99


omise: Effectively reduce s hairballs and reduces shedding up to 90%. Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any other brush, rak e or comb. Easy to clean and remove loose hair. Furm min ina ato torr removes lots of hai r and is easy to clean. It reduce s the amount of hair left clinging to my hand when I pet the cats. As for hai rballs, it’s hard to tell if there was a ma jor reduction. • daniel & Keen Eddie & Captain Awesome – 4 /5 This product is so easy to use. It did a great job combing out the fine und ercoat. My cat didn’t min d being brushed at all! • Leslie & Marley 4/5 This is an amazing pro duct. The tool collects so much hair when you start brushing, so make sure there is no dra ft or it will fly! As you continue to use the comb, there is less and les s hair. I used to pet Sonny on the couch while watch ing Tv and get handfuls of hair, but not anymore! • Sherri & S onny 4/5


Please Stop

Begging Your dog's begging driving you crazy? There’s hope! by candace eBerTS


egging is a nuisance. We have all encountered that dog. You know, the one who stares at you while you’re eating? Whose huge starving eyes watch as your fork reaches your mouth and wills food to drop on the floor? Begging is a behaviour that can embarrass as well as frustrate not only the pet owner, but friends and family who come for a visit. If your dog shows these behaviours while you are sitting down to dinner, entertaining guests or even preparing a meal, there’s hope! There are some tactics that can help train this behavior out of your dog. But first we need to learn and understand what begging is and where it comes from. Begging is a learned behaviour that is taught to the pet by the pet owner. When we share our food with our pets while preparing or eating a meal, we are teaching them to expect food whenever we eat. As humans, it is part of our nature to provide for others by offering food just as it is your pet’s nature to seek out different foods to eat. Dogs and cats alike will exploit human behaviours to get what they want so it is pretty important to set limits. Establishing rules around food is a great way to teach your dog when and what he is allowed to eat. So how do you stop your dog from begging once he’s developed the habit? Here are some tips to improve canine manners.

 reward only behaviours You Like To help train the begging out of your dog you must learn to ignore the bad behaviour. Dogs will complain about being ignored and they will do everything they can to get your attention. Barking is a dog’s most common tool for attention. Whining, jumping and even howling are other attention-seeking behaviours that dogs will use to their advantage. Ignore them! Stand your ground and do not give in. This can be quite difficult to do as dogs can be very persistent. Everyone in the household must adhere to ignoring begging behaviour. It can take days or even weeks of ignoring bad behaviour before your dog begins to understand that he won’t get any results. Only reward the behaviours you approve of and remember that one slip could undo any progress you make. 16 Companion fALL 2012

 Set Limits If your dog's begging behaviour occurs during meal time, it is important that you set and maintain some rules. It is recommended to feed your pet after your meal is finished. Maintaining this order of meal times will teach your dog that his food will come, but only after you have finished yours.

 use a Specific Command Some popular commands where food is present are ‘Out’ or ‘Down’. These are commands you can use at meal times. ‘Out’ is a command for your dog to leave the room. It teaches him that during mealtime, his place is not at the dinner table. It also keeps your dog out from underfoot, creating a safer and more inviting kitchen environment. She can spend meal times outdoors or enjoying a chew toy in another area of your home. Teaching your dog ‘Down’ is another command you can use if you’d prefer having your dog in the same room throughout your meal. Since this command grants your dog permission to join you while you eat, it is helpful if your dog has first learned when it is his time to eat. Remember, when training your pet it is very important to be consistent. One simple slip can undo weeks of training. Don’t hesitate to tell your family and friends when they come over that you and your dog have set meal times and ask them to be respectful of your training. Encourage them to participate by not feeding snacks or handouts while they enjoy your dog’s company. Rewarding your dog with pats and scratches behind the ears will grow and deepen the bond between you in ways more satisfying than a simple snack.

dr. dave

Do Your Cats Have a

Drinking Problem? They wouldn’t be unusual if they did. by dr. dave SuMMerS


ats evolved in a desert-like environment, where they adapted to the conditions by conserving water and obtained most of their water intake from the food they consumed. Even today cats eating canned or raw food will consume up to twice as much water as cats eating only dry foods. The decreased water consumption by cats fed dry foods puts them at higher risk for developing urinary crystals which can lead to a syndrome called Feline Lower urinary Tract Disease (FLuTD), which in extreme cases can lead to a blockage of the urinary tract. To help prevent the formation of the most common type of urinary crystals, many dry cat foods are formulated with a low magnesium level, and also to create urine which is slightly acidic. You can further help your cats avoid urinary crystals by ensuring they consume as much water as possible, thus diluting their urine. Maintaining a higher level of water consumption helps reduce the chances of FLuTD. The more water that is consumed, the less concentrated are the minerals in the urine and therefore crystals are less likely to form. not all cats have the same drinking habits. Try to become familiar with your cat's drinking habits, as well as her eating habits. That way you’ll be better equipped to identify if her water consumption suddenly decreases or increases – either of which could be a cause for concern.

There are many ways you can encourage your cats to drink more: 〉〉 Provide fresh, clean water everyday (as I am sure you already do).

〉〉 try moving the water dish away from the food dish. Place it across the room, or in a completely different room.

〉〉 Provide multiple water dishes, especially if your cat spends time on more than one floor of your home. Have a water dish on two different floors. In multi-cat households, the general rule is one dish for each cat, plus one. (The same rule applies for litter boxes).

〉〉 offer moving water. Most cats are attracted to moving water. This may be another adapted trait, because standing water in an arid environment is more likely to be contaminated. There are cat fountains and other cat drinking systems that use the cat’s attraction to running water to encourage higher consumption.

〉〉 Add water to food. If you’re feeding some wet or canned food, try adding additional water. Or, try adding a bit of raw or canned food to your cat’s current kibble. How much water should you add? The answer is as much as your cat will allow. Some cats will let you add none, but most will let you add a little.

〉〉 buy new dishes. Some cats do not like plastic dishes and some do not like crockery like ceramic or stoneware. There is no rhyme-or-reason as to why, but if your cat doesn’t drink much from their current dish, try a different type. In addition, ensure that his water dish is big enough so his whiskers don’t touch the edges of the bowl.

〉〉 bait the water. Adding some of the gravy from a stew canned cat food, some milk replacer or water from a can of tuna can help encourage your cat to consume more water. This method is more often used in extreme cases for cats who won’t drink at all. 2012 fALL Companion 17

Purr if you love Performatrin Ultra Give ‘em

love! what they

Paulmac's is proud to introduce grain-Free cat as the newest member of the Performatrin ultra family. dr. dave Summers has done it again. Performatrin ultra grain-Free Feline Formula was developed with the optimal health of your cats and kittens in mind. • Packed with turkey, duck, chicken & salmon making this food irresistable to your cat • Made for all feline life stages – built to support growing kittens and adult cats • recipe includes cranberry, to support feline urinary health • no meat by-products, grains, chicken protein, soya, artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors




Feline Life Stages

Learn more at


eco friendly

Natural, recyclable and environmentally friendly toys for cats and dogs have become increasingly popular choices for environmentally conscious pet parents. Natural and recycled materials are used as alternatives to provide safe and healthier toys. Without the use of chemicals and by reusing existing materials, natural and recycled toys are improving our environment. So what environmentally friendly toys are out there? Here is a variety of eco-friendly pet toys that will provide hours of healthy playtime for your pets.

Environmentally Friendly Toys for Dogs & Cats by candace eBerTS

Aussie Naturals offers a selection of wool and Jute/Cotton rope toys. Wool is a fantastic, natural material that is anti-microbial and repels bacteria and odours! Coconut filling is used in the plush toy line and is 100% environmentally friendly; for chewing, snuggling or a fun game of tug, Aussie naturals definitely gives your dog something to wag his tail about.

West Paw has a durable, floatable, bouncy line of toys that are made from 100% recycled materials. Even the packaging boasts recycled paper and soy based inks! Brightly colored and shaped to entertain, West Paw offers chews, balls, tugs and frisbees for all types of play. These toys are fantastic for fun-filled afternoons at home, water filled adventures at the cottage and general sharing frenzies at your local dog parks. Planet dog offers an environmentally friendly selection of minty scented toys your dog is sure to love. Made from non-toxic, recycled materials, Planet Dog toys are buoyant, durable and rated for chewers of all types!

For cats, our selection of toys varies from natural toys to organically grown catnip toys. Check out our selection of fish, balls, feather tailed chews and even cigars! Your cat will enjoy hours of entertainment with one or more of our many environmentally friendly alternatives. Kong Naturals is a line of cat toys that features materials and dyes used from natural, renewable resources. Specifically designed to stimulate the stalking and hunting instincts of cats, the natural catnip filling provides an added bonus to the successful hunter. Some Kong naturals products offer a straw outer layer, which is quite durable and offers a textured surface full of nooks that are great for chewing and clawing.

Cat it terra toys are made from 100% natural materials. Eco-friendly and designed with your cat’s best interests in mind, Cat It Terra Toys are designed to engage your pet for hours of pouncing and chasing fun. Check out the Cat It Terra Toy Ball with String for some quality playtime for you and your feline companion.

Yeowww! is a company that grows and manufactures organic catnip. Yeowww! toys are filled to the max with catnip and zero stuffing! Offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these catnip stuffed toys will keep you and your cat quite entertained. For licking, kicking, chewing, biting and chasing, Yeowww! Catnip toys are made from a tough cotton material strong enough to withstand all types of play.

20 Companion fALL 2012

do-it-yoUrSeLf! We definitely have toys covered so how about some natural do-ityourself alternatives? below are some exciting ways to keep your furry friends entertained. basic materials are required so be prepared with recycled containers, tasty treats and creative hiding places.

Ice-Cold Frozen treats are a healthy, cool treat you can offer your dog or your cat during the summer months. using a plastic container, layer a few treats at the bottom and add some water. Freeze and repeat the process until the container is almost full. remove your frozen treat and place outdoors for your pet to enjoy.

Found You! Hide and seek treats are another fun, healthy and environmentally appealing way to entertain your pets. Choose a selection of treats that are durable, tasty and chewy and hide them around your house! Cats and dogs have an amazing sense of smell and will be able to seek out these tasty, hidden surprises. Feel free to hide some tasty treats outdoors as well! With such a wide assortment of fun to choose from, feel free to visit your local Paulmac's store with your pet. Nothing beats a helpful paw to ensure the right toy is selected.

West Paw Zisc 52625 • $17.99

✱ Lucy


fall apparel apparel

Back to Cool:

Bailey & Bella Bone roll neck SweaterBlack/Blue/Ivory • 69685-69689, XS-XL $24.99

Fall Apparel For Dogs Not sure if your dog needs a little extra warmth and protection in the winter months? Unless your dog’s coat was built especially for winter (like Huskies or other breeds with thick weather-resistant fur), a little extra warmth will be most welcome. by alISon PreISS

Hot Couture Next time you’re reminding your family to put a sweater on, don’t forget the family dog! Whether you’re conserving energy by turning down the thermostat, or venturing out on a cool fall day, a sweater can help keep your pet cozy when the temperature drops. Chilly Dog sweaters help your dog stay warm, and are also ecofriendly and support fair trade. Chilly Dog sweaters are hand-knit by Quechan Indian artisans in South America using organic wool and natural plant dyes. The knitters are paid a fair living wage, and by using fair trade guidelines, Chilly Dog employs many knitters in healthy workplaces so your dog’s sweater is helping workers achieve a better lifestyle in their small villages. Warm your dog and your heart in six different styles.

Winter Wonderland Wear

2012 Fall Apparel from Bailey & Bella

Bailey & Bella Stripe Scarf with Pompoms – red/Black • 69691-69693, S-L $12.99

Don’t let the winter weather slow down your dog’s active nature; pick up a coat made for winter. Coats with a water-proof material on the outside and a warm material on the inside will provide a great combination of weather protection and comfort. Try on coats before purchasing to make sure the fit is right, and to make sure your dog can move freely.

Bailey & Bella reversible nylon vest with Bone applique – red/Black • 69935-69939, XS-XL $24.99

Bailey & Bella Plaid Blanket coat – red Plaid • 90282-90283, XS-XXXL XS, S - $24.99 M-XL - $29.99 XXL-XXXL - $34.99 note: Plaid Coat is available in stores Sept. 15th, all others are available in store August 20th.

For fall 2012, Paulmac's is launching our new line of dog sweaters, vests and coats. ❉ Look for our new bone-patterned roll-neck sweater, striped roll-neck sweater, and matching striped scarves with pompoms, all available in three great colours. ❉ Also included in this new line is a reversible nylon vest with rubber bone appliqué. Bailey & Bella apparel is offered in all sizes and colour co-ordinated for the furry fashionista. 2012 fALL Companion 21


Q: W hen d guine oes a a pig go “m A: W oo”? hen it is a ne l e arnin w lan g guag e!

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Q: W hat d o you give a sic k bir d? A: T weet ment !

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Q: Why do dogs run in cir cles? A: Beca use it’s hard to run in squares !

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find all


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ERS W S N A NE cs K ID eb

www.fac 22 Companion fALL 2012

o t g n i t t Ge ! u o Y w Kno at have family? Families th t allergies in your pe th wi perfect addition a ne e yo ar an s) Do you have pigs (skinny pig a ine gu s es er, irl ha that iry Willis this summ allergies have found y to get to know Ha nit rtu po op e th d to the family. We ha very large appetite! ry cute ears and a a skinny pig with ve I turned 2 this year! thday is July 21 – bir My e: Ag iry Ha Name: Cancer Astrological Sign: ination of Breed: Skinny Pig 0 cage with a comb is a spacious 20x4 It a second floor, : ve me ha ho to ur ed yo e us Describ on the bottom. It b co rn co oo for nd igl ou an gr g on it. I have aspen fluff and because I kept peein course ed of ov d an rem d be foo to d sh ha fre but it a large bowl of y, ha of r ine nta co privacy, a large ac's. Pig Food from Paulm s lots my Oxbow Guinea Nice weather mean dinner last night: for ve , ha ple u ap yo ey, did What mber, parsl me! Romaine, cucu of fresh greens for ts. rro ca d an y ler ce lly! basil (my favourite), y, eat anything rea : Eat treats, eat ha do to ing th ite ur Favo Apple Bites Favourite snack: adorable face with : I am told I have an re tu fea ll! l ica ys ph Best is pretty cute as we Mom says my bum ing rn mo my large ears. My the frisky in e of day: I am most st ready. kfa ea br my Your favourite tim ng tti ing my home and ge when Mom is clean

hairy recommends: oxbow guinea Pig adult 30529 • $14.99 - 5 lbs


H a ir y

Ingredients Our pets have specific dietary needs, and one of these is protein. Like us, their bodies can’t synthesize all the amino acids and nutrients that they need, so many of these need to be obtained through food. Dietary protein provides these essential amino acids and nutrients, and replenishes protein reserves. Let’s look at the benefits of some proteins commonly found in pet foods.

Beef– In addition to having a balanced profile, beef is also a

fantastic source of phosphorous for strong teeth and bones, zinc for a healthy immune system, B-complex vitamins which help release energy from food, selenium for the production of antioxidant enzymes, and iron for energy production.

Pork – This meat is an excellent source of nutrients such as

Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorous and B-complex vitamins. It is also a rich source of histidine, which is especially important for growing kittens as well as dogs of all ages.

Fish – In addition to being a good source of leucine,

lysine and phenylalanine, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish such as wild salmon boost a pet’s ability to withstand allergies, fight kidney disease and arthritis, and maintain cholesterol at a healthy level.

Poultry– Considered a “complete” source of protein, poultry such

as chicken, turkey and duck is a highly digestible source of protein and has a well-balanced amino acid profile. It also increases the palatability of your pet’s food.

Eggs – Also a complete source of protein, eggs contain a variety of

nutrients including choline for brain health, and are a natural source of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus to help your pet's metabolism.

2012 fALL Companion 23

Looking for an alternative? Developed by Dr. Dave Summers, Pet Valu’s nutritionist, Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free boasts a unique blend of three meat sources – Turkey, Salmon and Duck.

Why Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free?

• Balanced nutrition for all life stages - from puppy to senior • Unique tastse of 3-meat blend is ideal for picky eaters • No chicken protein and no grains eliminate related food sensitivities • Omega-3 from salmon oil helps ease itchy skin and hot spots • Required protein levels to support improved muscle development and maintenance • No meat by-products, soya, artificial preservatives, artificial colours or flavours

Available in three convenient sizes › 26.5 lb bag - $69.99 › 13.2 lb bag - $39.99 › 5 lb bag - $17.99

Paulmac's Companion Fall 2012