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In early May I adopted two adorable kittens – renamed Eddie & Awesome – from the Kawartha Lakes Humane Society and they immediately changed my life. In the 20 years since I last had a kitten, I’d forgotten how funny and sweet they are. Picture this: they make more noise than would seem possible just running across the floor. It actually sounds like they could hurt their paws! Their claws are like tiny needles, just as small and just as sharp. They climb up the side of the couch and leave no marks. And when they’re tired, they fall asleep while sitting up. First their eyes are half closed, then completely closed and their little bodies sway back and forth. I just melt. I could go on all day about little Eddie & Awesome, but instead I think I’ll turn off my computer and go home to see them. They’re not like dogs. When I arrive home – they don’t run to the door to meet me. But I couldn’t be more smitten. Enjoy your own pets, and enjoy this issue of Companion. We’ll see you in your Pet Valu store.

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3 Chews and toys for dogs Shedding Season 4 The importance of regular grooming Top 5 Summer Dog Toys 6 Outdoor fun, plus an ocean theme Smart Dog Toys 8 Challenge your dog with these interactive toys Just for Cats 9 Yeowww! Catnip toys and more Defining Holistic Pet Food 10 Understand your pet nutrition options Great Brands of Pet Food 12 Your Pet Valu has foods to fit your pet’s needs Coming Soon: Weruva! 14 A superb-looking food you’ll want to eat too. to Summer Safety 16 6KeepSteps safe & have fun with your pets this summer Anxiety-Free Summer for Pets 18 What to do when your pet displays a

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Think Small 20 Small pets offer a lot of great benefits Kid'Zone 21 Teach a new trick and try the word jumble Pet Stories 22 Strange An eco-friendly use for pet fur and much, much more! to Win! 23 Enter Ten lucky readers will win featured product.

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Your New Companion Toys Latex Balloon Animal Dog Toys

52895 – $4.99

Planet Dog On a mission to find a toy that will stand up to your dog’s seemingly endless energy? When choosing the perfect Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toy, consider these three things: › The mechanics of a dog’s jaw › The size and shape of the dog toy › Your dog’s chewing habits Everything is more susceptible to destructive chewing when it’s able to reach the back of a dog’s jaw. That’s where their jaws are most powerful. Give your dog an appropriately-sized round, hollow ball made of super durable Orbee-Tuff and they can chew for hours because they can’t get it to the back of their jaws. If you have a very aggressive chewer, stick with the perfectly round shaped toys. Buying the right sized toy not only ensures top performance, it also keeps your buddy safe from potential choking. Always supervise your dog’s play and discard damaged toys. Planet Dog rates their toys on a ‘Chomper scale’ with five being the toughest and the best option for truly aggressive chewers. Round toys are usually a five. The Sport Balls score a four on the Chomper scale and are recommended for fairly aggressive chewers. The Bones are a three because it’s much easier for dogs to chomp on the toy with their back teeth. The Planet Dog company mantra is ‘Think globally, act doggedly’ and they follow through by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues and creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products. Since 2006, the Planet Dog Foundation has donated more than $500,000 to animal charities in North America.

Coming to pet valu stores in late


52857 – $11.99

LARGE 56283 $14.99



These new mini latex toys are irresistible! Is it the adorable crew of characters? Is it the bright colors? Probably both. It’s not hard to fall in love with these hand-painted, all-natural latex animals – Dudley the Dog, Baxter the Bull and Pearl the Pig. The gang grows this summer as well, with the addition of Digby the Duck and Shelly the Sheep. Ideal for light to average chewers.

52894 – $4.99

Oh Deer

That’s a Great CHEW Naturally shed antlers are the new trend in dog bones. In fact, the antler is the fastest growing bone on earth: up to half an inch per day! Male deer (bucks) grow these antlers for mating season, then shed them naturally and start growing a new set. This & That Canine Co. collects the antlers, cleanses them in an all-natural solution, then provides them to your dog, via your Pet Valu store, for hours of chew time. Antlers last for an average of three weeks and are available in a range of sizes. They won’t splinter or crack, are rich in calcium and protein and best of all – they’re odorless! Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 3



Season is here! The warm weather is here and along with it: shedding season. Summer is the right time to perfect your dog’s grooming routine.


rooming helps maintain the health of your pet’s skin and hair coat. Brushing stimulates and spreads the natural oils from the skin, encouraging a shiny, soft coat of hair and discouraging dry, flaky skin. It also removes dirt and debris, keeping pets comfortable and extending the time between baths. A daily brushing (for long-haired pets) and even a weekly or twice weekly brushing (for short-haired pets) is a great time to inspect for fleas and ticks. You’re more likely to notice changes in your pet’s health, such as bumps, sore spots and skin irritations, if you have a regular grooming routine.

Oster Grooming Tools • Slicker Brush 63120-1 From $17.99

A wide range of brushes are available, including this new line from Oster. Choose the brush that best fits your pet, based on the type and length of hair coat and your pet’s size. Small-size Oster brushes are perfect for cats too.

〉〉 Wire Pin Brush – These brushes are great for pets with longer coats. They untangle a slightly matted coat and minimize damage.

〉〉 Plastic Pin Brush – Much like the wire pin version, the

Huh? The earliest U.S. patent for a modern hairbrush was by Hugh Rock in 1854.

plastic pin brush is ideal for untangling slight mats and will preserve longer coats. 61322-3

〉〉 Slicker Brush – These brushes remove dead hair, helping to prevent mats in the hair coat. Removing dead hair allows better air circulation to your pet’s skin too.

〉〉 Bristle Brush – Soft bristle brushes are often used as

Coming to pet valu stores by


a ‘finishing brush’ after the de-shedding and de-matting stages. Short-haired dogs may only need a bristle brush to remove dirt and stimulate natural oils. Also available, a de-shedder tool and a nail trimmer to help round-out your pet’s grooming routine.

• Wire Pin Brish 63124-5 From $17.99

• Bristle Brush 63126-7 From $17.99

• Nail Trimmer 63131 - $17.99 4 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

• De-Shedder 63128-9 From $34.99




“Naturally Green” Tropiclean shampoos are made from natural ingredients and packaged eco-consciously. The bottles are made from recycled materials and the sleeve labels are made from corn, which makes them natural, renewable and biodegradable. Smartly, the bottles are also shaped to be easy to handle in slippery situations like a dog bath!

The word shampoo in English is derived from Hindi chãmpo and dates to 1762. The Hindi word referred to head massage, usually with some form of hair oil.

Choose from these shampoos at your Pet Valu store, each available in a 20 oz bottle for $12.99.

How Often Can I Bath My Dog?

〉〉 Puppy – This hypo-allergenic option is gentle enough for your puppy’s sensitive skin. Great for sensitive-skin dogs of all ages, and kittens too! 44014

〉〉 Papaya – A luxurious 2 in 1 shampoo with mango and Vitamin E to condition while cleaning. Botanical conditioners help prevent dry skin and mats in the hair coat. 44016

〉〉 Berry – A deep cleansing option for dirtier dogs, but still gentle enough for regular use. If your dog finds every mud puddle in your neighborhood, this is your best choice. 44015

〉〉 Oatmeal – Formulated with both oatmeal and tea tree to sooth dry, itchy skin. Great for dogs with flaking skin, it’s a naturally medicated formula. 44013

〉〉 Awapuhi – This unique whitening formula gently cleans while Awapuhi White makes your pet’s coat whiter and brighter. Natural protein highlights all colors naturally as well. 44018 All Tropiclean shampoos are soap and detergent free. The natural ingredients won’t irritate your dog’s skin, and they won’t interfere with spot-on flea or tick treatments. Most of these products are good for cats too - in case you happen to have a cat that can stand a bath!

FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tools A de-shedding tool removes the undercoat & loose hair from your dog or cat, reducing shedding up to 90%. FURminator deluxe tools are easy-touse, and include an ergonomic grip handle and a FURejector button to easily remove fur during a grooming session. The stainless steel edge is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb.

You can bath your dog regularly – once or twice a month. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s not safe to bath your dog more than a few times a year – or even ONCE per year – but that’s a myth. Most dogs can be bathed monthly without any problems. If your dog gets into the mud more often than that, go ahead with additional baths. Simply choose a dog shampoo that fits the needs of your pooch – a gentle formula for dogs bathed more often, a soothing or hypoallergenic formula for dogs that tend toward dry, itchy skin.

Key features of FURminator deShedding tools

〉〉 The tools do not cut, they simply grab and remove the loose, dead, undercoat hair. By eliminating the undercoat hair you remove the primary source of shedding.

〉〉 The tools are designed

• Large 4" deLuxe Tool 63118 - $74.99

• Medium 2.65" deLuxe Tool 63117 - $64.99

for use on shedding breeds only. There is no benefit to using the FURminator tool on a non-shedding pet. Some examples of non-shedding breeds include: bichon frisees, soft coated wheaton terriers, poodles and many poodle-mixes.

〉〉 This tool should not be used to remove matted hair. Use a pin brush first. Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 5



Five Fabulous

Summer Toys 52622




Zogoflex is made in the USA of an exclusive material that’s super-durable, extremely pliable, tough, non-toxic and guaranteed to last through even the most energetic summer fun. Ideal for the most aggressive chewers, pullers and fetchers! And Zogoflex float, so they’re great for beach play too.

Look for these great toys with crazy names: Tux, Bumi, Zisc, Huck & Hurley.


FROM $11.49



Tuffy Ocean Series

Not planning on spending any time at the ocean this summer? Bring the ocean to your backyard with these durable sea creatures: Eel, Starfish or Octopus.


PICK! 'the eel'

Our favorite this summer? The Eel – a great take on the classic, always popular, stick.

FROM $17.99

6 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010






Orbee-Tuff balls and bones live up to Planet Dog’s slogan “Wagging tails always guaranteed.” These doggie-durable, bouyant, bouncy and minty toys are irresistible to dogs. The non-toxic, recyclable Orbee material (made in the U.S.A.) easily rinses clean – if only your dog did too!



FROM $6.99

Some dogs love to get wet, so their toys have to be water ready! If that’s your dog, in every pool and puddle he sees, get yourself some Chuckit! Amphibious toys - specially designed to float high on the water. Their soft but rugged construction and highly visible, bright colors mean these unsinkable toys are your water-loving-dog’s best friend.

Chuckit! Balls & Launcher

Sometimes all a dog needs is a really great ball. The Ultra ball is a top-seller year-after-year because it’s back-to-basics at its best. The launchers not only pump up a great game of fetch, they also guarantee a slobber-free experience because you don’t have to pick up that ball with your hands! Balls and launchers available in mini, regular and mega sizes – one’s just right for your dog.


FROM $12.99


Come in and meet our dog toy experts we’ll help you find the perfect toys for your best friend this summer.

FROM $3.49



Safe t

Firsty !

A dog w lways su perv hen fabul she’s play ise your o Disca us summ ing with h e e rd da mage r toys. r to av d oid a chok toys ing hazar d.

Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 7


How Smart is

Your Dog? Find out with these new interactive toys. by julie johnston

These Nina Ottosson toys challenge, entertain and reward your dog while appealing to his natural instincts. In the wild, dogs spend most of their day foraging for food: grazing on vegetables or hunting prey. Our pets have these same instincts, and when they aren’t challenged, the result is extra energy and resourcefulness which can translate into negative behaviors. Regular walks and play are important, but don’t really address these age-old instincts. Finally – a line of toys that does!  Mental stimulation engages your dog and leaves her satisfied, as you are when you finish a crossword puzzle. And just like a crossword puzzle, there are Nina Ottosson toys for different ability levels. Start your dog off with the Dog Spinny. It’s the easiest, with only one piece to remove for your dog to spin the top around to reveal treats. The Dog Brick has a skill level rating of medium, with eight movable pieces to manipulate. The Dog Tornado is one of the tougher toys. Abbie, a bright Australian Shepherd belonging to Pet Valu store owners Heather and Cameron Rodger (Reenders Square store in Winnipeg) went straight for the Tornado, removing pieces and spinning layers to find her well-deserved treats!

Look for all three Nina Ottosson toys in Pet Valu stores this June and find out:

Is your dog up to the challenge? • Spinny

• Dog Brick

8 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

• Dog Tornado

DID YOU KNOW From growing young puppies right through to older, less mobile dogs, mentally-stimulating toys are great for all ages.

PRICE & INFO Spinny $44.99 #49105

Dog Brick $54.99 #49107

Dog Tornado $52.99 #49106





52450 – $7.99

Sleepy Heads


Yeowww! catnip cat toys were named after the phenomenal reaction cats had to the catnip inside. Each toy is completely filled with 100% premium, organically grown catnip. No chemicals or pesticides are used in cultivation and Yeowww! believes it’s the strongest catnip on the market. Let your kitties be the judge! All of the toys are handmade in the USA with high quality cotton twill strong enough to withstand as much scratching, biting and slobber your cat can dish out. Each toy is individually stuffed and hand-sewn. 52453 – $8.99


52452 – $7.99

The Stinkie Sardine Tin, containing three ‘sardines’ stuffed to the gills with irresistible catnip!

52456 – $12.99

The average cat sleeps for 13-18 hours per day. Newborn kittens spend most of their time sleeping. It’s nature’s way of keeping them in their nest, rather than wandering away into the path of predators.

Heads Up! After all that sleep, when cats get moving they can get into some real scrapes. They like to perch high-up to survey their territory, but sometimes they slip. Luckily, part of your cat’s “nine lives” is called a “righting reflex.” Cats have the ability to orient their head to upright, and then rotate their body to match so their feet face downward. By using their righting reflex, many cats have survived falls from several stories in height.

In or Out?

Cats that live exclusively indoors have an average lifespan of 15-17 years. Indoor/outdoor felines are generally expected to have a shorter lifespan due to dangers such as exposure to disease, fights with other cats, predators and perils such as traffic. When you keep your cats indoors, powerful catnip toys like the Yeowww! Brand can help keep your cat active and engaged, so he doesn’t develop bad behaviors out of boredom. Interactive toys like the Petstages Plume Crazy or Slim Cat treat/food dispenser are another good way to keep your cat both mentally and physically active. If you want to let your cat out but don’t love the thought of her running free, try some supervised outings on a harness and a tie-out. Your cat can stretch as far as your 15-20 foot tie-out, but can’t run onto roads or disappear.

// Jack here has already lived a long, indoor/outdoor life. By the look of his ears, he’s run into his fair share of fights along the way. But at 12 years, we think he must have quite a winning record! Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 9


Defining a

Holistic Pet Food Pet Valu Nutritionist Dave Summers, Ph.D. defines holistic food to help you better understand your pet nutrition options. by dave summers, Ph.d


hen I started as the inhouse nutritionist at Pet Valu, I realized even with many years of experience working in the pet food industry, it was difficult to write a definition of holistic pet food in simple, understandable terms. While I had an understanding of what a Holistic pet food was, trying to write something down on paper proved to be very difficult. It took some time for me to realize that although there are good definitions of Holistic, and Holistic Medicine, there was no definition for Holistic Food. Holistic is defined as: “A belief that a system must be managed as a whole rather than addressing the individual components that make it function.” Holistic Medicine is defined as: “An approach to medical care that emphasizes the study of ALL aspects of a person’s health, including; physical, psychological, social, and cultural factors.” Holistic Food is actually just pet food terminology, because for people we would talk about holistic nutrition. Holistic nutrition looks at the total being: dietary intake, including supplements, and lifestyle. As much as possible, a wide variety of natural, whole, fresh foods are consumed, including whole cereals, grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and animal protein. Consumption of refined foods, chemicalized foods, and/or processed foods is reduced. Let’s look at different sections of this definition. To achieve holistic nutrition you aim to consume 10 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

natural, whole, fresh foods and reduce consumption of refined, chemicalized and/or processed foods. In holistic nutrition we recognize that science does not presently know every health benefit of every ingredient. Therefore we should use whole ingredients in as close to their natural state as possible, so we don’t end up throwing away potential health benefits. As a scientist this was a hard concept for me to come to terms with. In science, if you cannot prove something statistically, then it has limited or no value. A pet food that is strictly scientifically formulated will include very specific ingredients, at very specific levels, to give very specific nutrient levels. This scientific approach is more characteristic of super premium foods (see Pet Food Categories). For example, the scientific approach to include Beta-carotene in a pet food would be to add a very specific amount of a pure or synthetic Beta-carotene. The holistic nutrition approach would be to add carrots or maybe sweet potato to achieve a less defined level of Beta-carotene in the food. By adding actual vegetables instead of synthetic Beta-carotene,

the potential other health benefits of carrots are not thrown away. The scientific approach to formulating a food also tends to be less expensive. Again with the example of Beta-carotene, while synthetic Beta-carotene is not cheap, per milligram provided, it is a lot cheaper than fresh carrots. Providing whole, fresh ingredients is a major reason why holistic pet foods cost more than the scientifically formulated super premium pet foods. In recent years there has been an explosion of scientific research on the health benefits of specific ingredients. Not surprisingly some of the super premium or “scientifically formulated” pet foods are now adding ingredients that may have originally only been found in holistic pet foods. This is because science now has statistical proof that there are health benefits from these ingredients. Flaxseed is a good example of where science has changed how an ingredient is used. Science has long known about the health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids in flax oil, but only recently have the health benefits of Lignans, which are found in the seed hull, become known. Originally, flax oil was used in some of the superpremium pet foods, which missed potential benefits of the whole seed. Now most super-premium pet foods use whole flax seeds, where as holistic pet foods have


Pet Food Categories Explained

There used to be only commercial pet foods and premium pet foods, but now we also have super-premium and holistic pet foods. Here’s an overview of the differences and similarities between these foods, to help you feel good about your choice of pet food.

> Commercial Foods

always used whole flax seed. This example illustrates why we use ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Another part of the definition is wide variety. This was initially a stumbling block for me. Holistic foods, strictly speaking, should have a wide variety of ingredients but some foods in the category have very short ingredient lists because they are created as hypoallergenic diets. If you want to follow a strict holistic diet, you should rotate these diets or add additional foods to it. Although I’m defining holistic and other categories of pet food here, there are also many foods that don’t fall neatly into only one category. If you want to feed holistic pet food, the definition is explained in this article. If you want to choose the right food for your pet, talk to the experts at your Pet Valu store. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Dr. Dave Summers, Pet Valu Nutritionist, holds a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Edmonton. “Doc” has worked in the pet industry for 25 years, developing innovative pet foods and consulting about pet nutrition. As a Nutritionist and also as a pet parent to 2-year-old Pug-Tzsu “Bailey,” pets come first to Doc.

Most of the first pet foods on the market would have fallen into the commercial pet food category. These foods were characterized by having lower protein and fat levels, and fewer ingredients. They regularly included artificial preservatives.

> Premium Foods

Compared to the commercial pet foods, premium pet foods are higher in nutrient density, meaning more nutrition in every bite. This results in lower feeding rates and lower stool volumes. The higher nutrient density is reflected in higher protein and fat levels. The list of ingredients tends to be longer, and more importantly, the ingredients are of higher quality. Sometimes it’s hard to identify higher quality ingredients though. For example, whether a pet food manufacturer used the highest quality poultry by-product meal, with organ meat like kidneys and liver, or the lowest quality version, it still reads as poultry by-product meal on the label. For cats, the introduction of premium pet foods included low magnesium and controlled urine pH diets to help prevent struvite crystals.

> Super-Premium Foods

Good to know!

The lines between super-premium and Holistic pet foods are becoming less obvious. Many super-premium foods include fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries or sweet potatoes. These types of ingredients were previously only found in holistic foods.

For a list of the most common nutraceutical ingredients found in pet food, check our Facebook page

After premium came the super-premium pet foods, which strive to use the best scientific technology to create foods with health benefits that go beyond just an excellent balance of nutrients. Super-premium pet foods include better-quality ingredients and longer ingredient lists overall. Better quality ingredients include chicken meal rather than poultry by-product meal – a more specific ingredient illustrates more clearly what you’re getting in the bag of food. Some ingredients are also added for specific health benefits, as proven by scientific reserach. For example, glucosamine is added to help maintain or repair cartilage, especially in large breed diets. Most super-premium foods have at least three of these beneficial ingredients, called nutraceuticals. Medical or veterinarian diets are another variant of super-premium pet foods.

> Holistic Foods

Holistic pet foods did not develop from super-premium pet foods. They are a separate branch from the premium foods. Holistic pet foods are created using a combination of scientific knowledge and holistic nutrition principles, whereas super-premium pet foods traditionally relied on purely scientific knowledge for formulation. Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 11


Great Brands

Great Choices! At Pet Valu stores, you can choose from a wide selection of holistic, super-premium, grain free and specialty care pet foods. by LIBBI HOOD


> Quality Ingredients = Quality Food Holistic pet foods begin with whole and preferably fresh ingredients, including fruits and vegetables. Using ingredients in their natural state helps retain all the health benefits associated with them, some of which may otherwise be lost during their processing. Holistic pet foods contain high-quality ingredients that are likely found on your own grocery list. Performatrin Ultra dog and cat dry foods contain either chicken, lamb or salmon as the main protein source. Each formula also contains salmon meal to provide essential Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. Holistic foods like Chicken Soup and Canidae provide several delicious meat proteins in one meal – including chicken, turkey and fish. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are also included in holistic formulas – especially brightly coloured ones like blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin and tomato – to supply antioxidants.

12 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

Grain Free > Foods to spoil the carnivore in your dog or cat

Pet Valu offers plenty of choice in high protein, grainfree foods which mimic the diverse, protein-rich balance your pet would have found in the wild. Choose from a variety of formulas, from brands including Taste of the Wild, BG (Before Grain), Wellness Core, Natural Balance and more.


Super-Premium > Tried-and-true formulas that work You can’t be the biggest and best pet specialty retailer without carrying the brands that customers know and love. And Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Science Diet and Nutro didn’t become household names without knowing how to take care of your dogs and cats. As the biggest brands, they’re always introducing improvements to their foods too. Come in to Pet Valu and ask what's new.

Specialty Care > Find a wide range of foods for unique pets What’s important to you is important to us. That’s why we carry the foods that make you and your pet happy. Need breed-specific, lifestage or specialty care foods like sensitive stomach, urinary care or weight control? We’ve got it. Prefer multiple animal proteins for variety, or single-source, limitedingredient foods for allergies? We’re your store. Even if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for… just ask us. We’ve got answers too. Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 13


g comin mer um this set valu to p ores st


Completely Different Pet Food

Striving to make “The best pet food under the sun,” this company knows that seeing is believing. by LIBBI HOOD


eruva is no ordinary pet food. Just look at the photos. You can see the boneless, skinless chicken breast. You can recognize the vegetables and shirasu (baby anchovies)! These foods look more like food you’ve made from scratch than anything out of a can. And that’s by design.

How Great is This? Besides the obvious great appearance of the food, it's made in a plant that is also making human food. Weruva foods are processed to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved human food standards.

Hydration with Meat Just like with people, the most important thing that should go into your pet’s body is water. As cats and dogs are in the Carnivora family, high quality meat must follow. Weruva’s protein focus and no filler, minimal carbohydrate approach delivers

complete and balanced nutrition, plus hydration with meat. When you open a can of Weruva, you’ll notice the beautiful meat cuts used. The food is not blended like traditional pate. Instead, the recognizable ingredients settle into either gravy or aspic. In the wild, cats and dogs primarily eat moist food. This is particularly true of cats eating prey animals which are approximately 70-80% moisture. As cats are desert animals by origin, they evolved getting most of their water intake from the bodies of their prey. Cats therefore have a minimal thirst drive. Increasing water intake through wet food can help promote healthy kidney and urinary tract function, and it can also promote healthy skin and coat.

Vanessa. When they set out to make amazing pet food, it seemed only natural to name the food after its first ‘customers!’

Where it’s Made?

What’s in a Name? What does Weruva mean? It’s a compilation of the names of the founders’ three rescue cats: Webster, Rudi and

Funky Chunky and all Weruva formulas are now grain free.

Weruva pet foods are produced in a human food facility in Thailand, using the same high quality raw materials that are used to produce the human food. The company uses the same production processes as that of the human side, including a system of quality control that exceeds international standards, including those of the U.S. and strict European Union. The quality control process begins with keeping the factory in a condition where it can pass approximately twenty annual inspections for human consumption, performed by international governmental agencies and third party auditors. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Libbi Hood can’t wait to treat her two kittens to some Asian Fusion. 14 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010




 Paw Lickin’ Chicken

 Bed and Breakfast

Made of chicken breast, which you can clearly see.

Chicken breast, ham, potato and egg.

 Grandma’s Chicken Soup

 Jammin’ Salmon

Boneless, skinless chicken breast with carrot, potato and green pea.

Chicken breast, salmon, rice, tomato and green pea.

 Funky Chunky

 Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Again – boneless, skinless chicken breast with carrots and peas.

Made of chicken breast, which you can clearly see.

 Peking Ducken

 Funky Chunky

This is duck plus boneless chicken breast and carrot.

Again – boneless, skinless chicken breast with carrots and peas.

FOOD to believe in

 Mack & Jack Skipjack tuna – a highly sustainable species of tuna – plus mackeral flakes.

 Mediterranean Harvest

Weruva cans are BPA-free

Made with dolphin-safe, wild caught white meat tuna, plus green pea, potato and tomato.

 Mideast Feast

The complete and balanced food comes from the can just the way it looks in the photos on this page. You have to try it to believe it, and even then you may have trouble believing such an amazing food is available to your pet. Your dog and cat will love it!.

Actual Size

Tuna whole meat plus tilapia, a historical fish that ancient Egyptians ate.

 Asian Fusion Described by Weruva as “a terrific Pacific treat,” this is tuna red meat and shirasu, which are baby anchovies.



(baby anchovies) are perhaps the smallest fish you’ll find and your cat will love eating them in Weruva’s Asian Fusion. Summer 2010 - Pet Valu Companion 15


6 Steps to

Summer Safety Having a fun, active summer starts with safety! by LEAH PILTZ



ummertime is fun time! There’s swimming, cottages and many good games of fetch. It’s easy to think of nothing but the next cool activity on your list of things to do. But, during all of this excitement, is your pet safe? Here are six summer safety tips to help you and your pet have a great summer.

1. Beware the Danger of a Hot Car

Never leave your pet in the car on a hot summer day. Even with open windows or a shady parking space, a car can heat up to 39ºC (102ºF) in as little as 10 minutes. Your pet will quickly become overheated, which can lead to brain damage or even be fatal. 52487 15 oz – $10.99

2. Stay Hydrated!

Whether long or short haired, most pets are covered in a warm coat of fur. Add this to hot temperatures and outdoor activities such as hiking or running and it becomes easy to overheat. To cool down and stay hydrated, be sure to give your pet plenty of clean, fresh water. Take extra water bottles on your excursions and be sure to bring a travel water bowl so your pet can drink with ease.


Lifejackets for Dogs: Not Just a Fashion Statement

Though there are some dogs who don’t like water or who can’t swim, most dogs are right at home on a boat, cruising on a lake. Putting a lifejacket on your dog is an important safety precaution that is often overlooked. Even if your dog is a great swimmer, a lifejacket could be a life-saver if your dog is injured in a boat accident and falls overboard.

4. Protect Against Fleas & Ticks

Late summer is prime flea and tick season. They thrive in the hot weather – exactly when your pet spends the most time outside, becoming a delicious host for these pests to enjoy. You can prevent an infestation before it starts by making sure your pet is treated with flea and tick repellents, like a flea and tick collar or a monthly topical.

16 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

For more information on fleas, visit our website

45374 – $17.99


Travel Tips Be realistic about whether  your cat or dog is suitable for travel. Older or sick pets and pets prone to extreme fear and anxiety are better off at home.

 Plan ahead for a comfortable trip:

5. Safe Growing

The backyard might seem like the most natural place for your pet to play – after all, dogs and cats in the wild live off the land, not in houses. However, there is a big difference between being in the great outdoors and being in a suburban backyard. A backyard can be full of toxic dangers! Some popular garden plants can be toxic for pets, including sago palm, rhododendron, and azalea. Cocoa mulch is a big danger as well – just as chocolate is toxic for dogs, so is this cocoa product. Pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizer can also contain toxic chemicals. Even compost can pose a risk; if you use it in your garden, make sure you don’t add things to it that are toxic for pets like coffee, moldy food, and certain fruits and vegetables. To keep your backyard free of these hazards, be careful of the products and plants that you use and avoid the ones that are toxic. Otherwise, use a tie-out stake to prevent your pet from entering areas that would pose a threat.

6. Prevent

“High-Rise Syndrome” Everyone likes to be cool in the summer – pets too! Did you know that every summer there is an increase in pet injuries and fatalities from high falls? This happens because pets who try to keep cool rest on window ledges and balconies to escape the heat of the house, and they end up falling off. To prevent these accidents, keep all unscreened windows and doors closed. If windows and doors have screens, make sure they are secure. Leah Piltz gets outside with her two bunnies each summer, making sure they can’t get into anything toxic when she’s visiting in cottage country – and NEVER leaving them alone in the car during their travels.

Acclimatize your pet to their carrier, and bring amenities such as a favorite blanket or toy. Travel-specific products can make things easier as well. Try travel bowls, seatbelt harnesses, travel carriers and disposable cat litter boxes.

Pretty gardens could be pretty hazardous to your pets if they include rhododendron & cocoa mulch!

 Did you hear?

Earlier this year a cat went missing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto after its travel carrier came open. Luckily, the cat was found a day later but it’s a reminder that accidents can happen. Be sure to do everything you can to keep your pet safe and comfortable during travel.

• Pet Gear Car Seat Carrier 65208 - $59.99

Make sure your next journey with your pet is made easier for all with the right carrier

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Summer brings fun times for dogs - parks, BBQs and lakes. But it also brings anxiety-laden fireworks and thunderstorms. by LIBBI HOOD

Big Bad Storms Although the fear of a thunderstorm is generally thought to be due to the noise, many dogs and cats show symptoms long before the thunder starts to crash. Animals can sense the change in barometric pressure and therefore can anticipate when a storm is coming. Naturally, not all dogs are frightened of storms and cats are even less likely to display an extreme reaction to them. There is a theory that dogs born in the winter are more likely to develop fear of loud noises/thunder/etc. because they’re never exposed to loud thunderstorms or fireworks when they are in the crucial stage of socialization (between one and four months). If exposed to loud events when just a young puppy, noise becomes normal. Some breeders take their pups to loud places like airports or gun ranges to achieve noise socialization. Dogs with a role model (mother or other dog in the house) who is unafraid of loud noise events are also less likely to be afraid. Dogs are pack animals, taking their cues from the pack leader. You need to be the calm ‘pack leader’ in modern times, setting a good example for your dogs. Though cats don’t have the same pack mentality, a calm pet parent is reassuring to them too.


Fireworks It makes sense that dogs and cats afraid of thunderstorms will also not like fireworks! Unlike thunderstorms, fireworks don’t offer any barometric pressure changes to prepare your pet. With Canada Day approaching, you need to be prepared if your pet is a scaredy cat or canine.

18 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010



What NOT to Do

Surprisingly, you have to be careful that your soothing actions do not give your dog the wrong message. Like any training initiative, you want to reinforce positive behaviors you want your dog to replicate, and ignore behaviors you want to stop. If your dog is frightened of the storm and panting, trembling or chewing – or any other undesirable behavior – your strong urge to pet and stroke your dog out of comfort, or provide treats as a distraction, could actually be reinforcing their frightened response! A Pennsylvania State University study showed dogs were just as anxious when comforted by their owner as when they were alone, so being a calm role model and not attempting to soothe your dog may be the best thing you can do. Honestly, your attempts to comfort are probably more beneficial to you than your dog.

What You CAN Do

If your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, you can take several approaches to help alleviate their fears, or at least keep the fear from getting worse.

Safe Place

– Create a safe place for your dog to go during loud noise events. Basements, rooms with no windows and even bathtubs tend to be favorites for dogs to ‘escape’ to because they help muffle the sounds/ vibrations. If your dog likes to crawl under your bed during a storm, ensure he has access – especially when he’s home alone. Try running a fan or radio to help cover up the sounds which cause fear (as long as the power's not out, of course!).

43623 – $17.99

43624 – $17.99


Your Pet Valu store offers multiple remedies to help calm your pet. HomeoPet remedies are  available in specific formulas for Anxiety, Travel Anxiety and Anxiety TFLN – which stands for Thunderstorms, Fireworks & Loud Noises. These are fast-acting, nonsedating liquids that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. Nutri-Vet Pet Ease  products – available as chews for dogs and a plug-in diffuser for cats – use the essential oils of herbs that serve as calming agents. They are non-toxic, non-hazardous and nonaddicting.

Distraction – Some dogs don’t want to hide during

a storm, they want to move around – lots! Provide room for pacing and a strong chew toy. Or try to distract your dog from the storm with an indoor game or by practicing training commands. This is a great strategy for all dogs, whether they pace or hide. Your goal is to distract your dog for longer and longer at the beginning of each storm. Remember: Once your dog begins to react to the storm and loses focus on your distractions, stop giving treats and simply be a calm role model.

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• rabbit


> Rabbits

Small • hamster

Small pets offer a lot of great benefits. Which one of these is right for you?

• Ferret

Rabbits are the most popular small animal. Due to their small size, ability to be easily litter-trained, friendly dispositions and quiet nature, rabbits make great pets for people who live in small spaces. They evolved as prey animals, always alert to the approach of predators. For that reason, loud noises and the sudden movements of children can startle rabbits. They also have a delicate skeleton and should be handled with care to avoid injury. Support their torso and back feet when holding them, and never pick them up by their ears. Due to the structure of the rabbit's head, and the placement of their eyes, rabbits can see behind them! However they have a blind spot right in front of their face above their noses.

> Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are the second most popular small animal. They make great pets for younger children (with adult supervision) due to their gentle disposition. They rarely bite. In the wild they are herd animals, and they prefer to be kept in groups of at least two. One of their endearing traits is that they squeak when they are excited – especially when they hear a treat bag opening or a favorite person comes in the room. Guinea pigs are relatively scent-free, except for their waste, and require their cages to be cleaned at least every week.

> Ferrets Ferrets are full of energy and require ample time to play, but always under supervision! Ferrets are very mischievous and clever, and they love to explore – often compared to “kittens that never grow up.” They can be litter trained, taught commands and leash-trained, making them an excellent combination of dog and cat! Ferrets are also well known for having a strong natural odor. Though they typically come with their scent glands removed (“descented”), they require constant bathing to keep the odor to a minimum. Ferrets are best suited for older children or adults.

> Hamsters Hamsters are widely known as a popular “starter pet” for kids. They are cute, easy to care for and take up very little space – making them excellent pets to keep in a child’s room. The most popular hamster is the Syrian hamster, also widely known as the golden or teddy bear hamster. They can only cohabit peacefully in the same cage before they reach maturity. When they become adults, Syrian hamsters are solitary animals that are best housed one-per-cage. Other types of hamster, such as the Russian and Siberian dwarf breeds, are social animals that are best kept in pairs. Unfortunately, they’re also more likely to bite.

> Rats

• guinea pig

20 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

• rat

Rats are some of the smartest animals that are commonly kept as pets, and are often equated with having the intelligence of a two-and-a-half year old child. Rats are also very social animals, traditionally living in groups called “rascals”, so keeping more than one together is recommended. However, if males and females are kept together, remember they will breed quickly. They should be spayed or neutered. Although adaptive to many different environments, rats can’t tolerate heat. Keep rats out of direct sunlight. During heat waves, keep them in an airconditioned room or provide frozen water bottles wrapped in a towel.


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Tips for

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t the approval str ange dog withou a ch oa pr ap r ve > Ne dangerous, so it’s range dogs can be of your parents. St to protect you. parents are there important that your s can play with endly, your parent fri is g do e th if d, An them too!

> Do not run up to a dog

, you could scare him rk or causing him to ba oach bite. Instead, appr d an y wl the dog slo nd quietly with your ha sniff n held out so they ca hand you. Sniffing your get to gs do at is the way th ize gn co know you and re your smell.

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> Never pull on a dog’s

teach your DOG t o 'kiss' Every time your dog licks you r face repeat “Give me a kiss” at least twic e, and then give your dog a trea t! If your dog doesn’t lick your face automatic ally, put some peanut but ter on you r cheek. Before your dog licks it off say “Give me a kiss” once they’ve licked your face say “Give me a kiss” aga in. Your dog will eventually lear n that licking your face is

“Giving you a kiss!”

Jumble answers at find the

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pet stories

The Stranger

Side of Pets Husbands, Chickens, Fur & Large Rodents, just a typical Pet Day!

A recent poll by the Associated Press


and revealed that 33% of married women found their pets to be better listeners than their husbands. Only 18 percent of pet-owning husbands said their pets are better listeners than their wives… probably because they were afraid their wives would find out!


Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Fun facts, store events, customer pics and more.

Pet fur is being repurposed to help save the ocean! Since

1998, non-profit group Matter of Trust has been collecting donations of pet fur to make oil-absorbing hair mats and ‘booms.’ It sounds too strange, but in fact, it’s true. And it works.

A kennel in Bangor, Maine is using a specially-

designed treadmill to help keep the dogs in shape. Obesity among dogs and cats is a very real problem, and just like people, the pets need more exercise. This is one product you won’t find at your Pet Valu store - but you could pick up a great new leash for some traditional outdoor walking! be kept as pets in Toronto! Some people even keep chickens as pets IN THE HOUSE. But really – wouldn’t a cuddly dog or cat (or even a lizard!) be better?

Chickens can now

Even stranger than chickens,

how about the world’s largest rodent as a pet? A woman in Texas keeps a 100-pound capybara, the largest species of rodent on earth. Described as smart, clean and loving, this ‘R.O.U.S.’ (Rodent of Unusual Size for those who don’t remember The Princess Bride movie) spends his days grazing on large amounts of grass and swimming in the pool. When not eating or swimming, he follows his owner around just like a loyal dog.

22 Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010

Huh? In March of this year it was estimated that the World Wide Web contained at least 25.21 billion pages.

• capybara!

Do you have a heartwarming or funny story about how your pet came to be your pet? Email us at With your permission, we’d love to feature your pet on our website or in Companion magazine.


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latex balloOn animal toy

real deer antlers!

yeowww! catnip SARDINES planet dog orbee-tuff toy Contest opens June 14, 2010 and closes July 31, 2010. Ten winners will be randomly drawn. Must be a Canadian or U.S. resident over the age of majority in their province or state of residence, excluding residents of Quebec, to enter. One entry per person. To enter, email your name, address and daytime telephone number to with "Win" in the subject line. Email this address for full rules. Mathematical skill-testing question to be correctly answered to win. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. No purchase necessary.

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ingredients = better food Holistic pet foods, like Performatrin Ultra dog and cat foods, begin with whole ingredients which preserve potential health benefits compared to highly-processed ingredients.

•Fresh chicken, lamb or salmon formulas • Fruit and vegetables for antioxidants • Salmon meal for essential Omega-3 fatty acids • Friendly bacteria, like in yogurt, for digestive health

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Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010  

Issue 2 of Pet Valu Companion magazine.

Pet Valu Companion - Summer 2010  

Issue 2 of Pet Valu Companion magazine.