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Treatments Is The Solution For Kidney Problems Kidney problems is also known as kidney failure. This disease will make your kidneys incapable of removing wastes and extra fluid in your body. Thus it is very important to take care of your kidneys to avoid acquiring such disease. Your kidneys are also responsible of controlling blood pressure, as well as helping in the production of hormones that make red blood cells. When your kidneys fail, other conditions will start to appear like hypertension and anemia, to mention a few. Renal failure is an irreversible condition, which means that it is not curable unless you will have a kidney transplant. Another known renal failure treatment is called dialysis. However this method does not really cure the disease, it only treats the symptoms of the disease temporarily and needs to be repeated over and over again to sustain life. Dialysis is a kidney problems procedure done to cleanse the blood of someone with renal failure. It is vital to perform this procedure as it is the only way to allow patients to live their lives productively. This procedure however is complicated and expensive, a life changing experience for anyone who will go through it. There are several types of dialysis that will be discussed in this article. Peritoneal dialysis In this kidney problem, a sterile solution which contains glucose is run into a patient’s abdominal cavity through a tube. The dialysate (solution with glucose) is left in the patient’s abdomen for a period of time to allow it to absorb the wastes, extra fluid, and harmful chemicals, and then drained out and discarded through a tube. This procedure can be done at home by the patient and does not necessarily need support, however recent studies show that this method is less efficient compared to hemodialysis (another type of dialysis). More patients opt to go for this renal failure treatment because it frees them from the routine of going to a dialysis clinic on a fixed schedule many times in a week. This procedure can even be done while a patient is on travel given that specialized equipments are available. Hemodialysis In this type of dialysis, the blood of the patient is pumped through a dialyzer’s blood compartment. This will expose the patient’s blood to a partially permeable membrane which is made up of thousands of very small synthetic fibers. The walls of these hollow fibers act as the partially permeable membrane. This will allow the dialysis solution to flow around the outside of the fibers, and the blood to flow to flow through the fibers. Wastes and water will then move between the two solutions, and allows the removal of excess fluid and wastes from the blood in a matter of 3-5 hours. The cleansed blood will then return to the patient’s body through the dialyzer’s circuit. This procedure is done in a dialysis center typically three times per week. Some patients are asked to repeat this renal failure treatment more than thrice per week, depending on the severity of their condition. Another renal failure treatment is the kidney transplantation. It is a procedure made to replace a failed kidney to a healthy kidney. Before you will be eligible for this procedure, you will have to undergo several tests and should pass the criteria. In kidney transplantation the first thing that

must be considered is the kidney donor. There are two classifications of kidney donors, the deceased-donor and the living-donor. Donors do not necessarily need to be similar to the recipient genetically. Most kidney problem that are donated actually come from deceased donors who do not have any relation to the recipient. Kidney transplantations are not always successful, there were very few reported cases in which ten months after the transplant, the transplanted kidney was rejected by the patient’s body. This renal failure treatment is a lifeextending procedure that allows a person with chronic kidney disease to live 10-15 years more. About The Publisher: Kidney is one of the most important organs in our body, And having the right solution for the problem in one’s kidney is very hard to find due to different ideas about it. Kidney problems have many ways in treating them and we just need to know and to perform them correctly. For more information visit my site at

Treatments Is The Solution For Kidney Problems  

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