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To Custom hand painted oil paintings of your pet

What are Custom Pet Portraits? It does not matter whether you have a dog, a cat, a horse or even a pet hamster. Pets are part of the family. I am sure that for most family members you have albums upon albums of photographs showcasing their life. I bet you have very few photographs of your pet. This is a great shame because once they are gone you will have nothing but memories. Thankfully for you, there is a way to immortalize pets and it is a great deal more unique than photographs. Let me introduce you to Pets In Portrait.

How it Works  I provide beautifully hand painted oil paintings of your pets. Each painting will be personalized and individualized to the customers requests.

 I will do everything possible to ensure you are happy with your paintingmaking any alterations when requested.

 Oil Paintings will be delivered both domestically and internationally for free. If you live outside the UK the shipping process will normally take 1-2 weeks.

 Below are five easy steps which will explain the process of receiving a beautiful oil painting of your pet!

ABOUT US. Pets in Portrait was set up by David Joseph, after Sammy was tragically run over by a car. David had a few photos of his Sammy, but wanted something more special and personalized to remember such a beautiful and unique dog. So the idea of Pets in Portrait was born.

CONTACT US. Address : 32 Love Lane Pinner, Greater London Contact Us: +44 20 3287 8252 Name: David Joseph Email: Website: Phone: +44 20 3287 825232


I paint amazing hand paintings of pets. See our priceless pet oil paintings on wall. Every painting is adapted and individualized to your re...

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