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build a similar hospital in Merida, Mexico over the next couple of years.

RICA hopes to increase this number every year.


The group also credits foundations like the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust for helping to advance their spay/neuter efforts.

In 2000, Asociacion Nacional Protectora de Animales (ANPA) started a companion animal birth control program to visit poor communities and perform spay and neuter surgeries. In the beginning it was very difficult to convince people to spay and neuter their animals. That year only 538 animals were sterilized. Due to the education by ANPA, things changed in 2002 and people began calling, requesting spaying or neutering for their dogs or cats. In November of that year, ANPA was endorsed by SPAY/USA and thanks to their support, the number of spay/neuter surgeries increased to 3,603. Working as SPAY COSTA RICA has made a huge change in ANPA. Now, not only are surgeries performed in communities, veterinarians also offer surgeries for a better price in their clinics. During 2003, 4,062 animals were sterilized and SPAY COSTA

Advancements in Romania After visiting Romania and witnessing the condition of the street dogs, Nancy Janes founded Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. (RAR). Nancy learned that the street dogs are called Ceaucescu's dogs, because they belong to farmers who moved from rural farmhouses to the cities to work in factories. These farmers brought their dogs with them, but could not keep them in their apartments (block housing), so they were left on the streets. As time went by, a crisis developed with hundreds of thousands of unwanted stray street dogs. Nancy met Dana Costin from ROLDA, a group already working for animal welfare in Galati, Romania, in 2002. “She is a dynamic and strong individual who sees the future humane treatment of the animals of Romania,” says Janes. Galati has one of the worst stray dog problems, with 10,000 stray dogs on record. Galati is a factory town, along the Danube, with a population of about 325,000 people. The goal of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. is to help ROLDA fulfill their goal of a "Neuter/Spay. No More Strays" campaign. Together the two groups offer spay/neuter free of charge to anyone, and all the stray dogs they take in are neutered or

spayed before being released. To get the word out, bumper stickers made in the Romanian language stating the “Neuter/Spay. No More Strays” message are being passed out in Galati. This has provided an opportunity to talk to the public about animal control. Most people are not familiar with neuter/spay, and others think it is cruel to not allow a dog to reproduce. One of the main focuses of the Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. is to teach Romanian veterinarians new techniques in spay/neuter. Currently, most Romanian vets think that a dog should be mature before being sterilized, and a female should go through

The ROLDA shelter

at least one heat before sterilization. RAR is sending a group of vets from RAVVS in the United States to Galati in September. There the U.S. vets will teach the Romanian vets and animal shelter managers from Bucharest new spay/neuter procedures. ROLDA has also taken on the responsibility of seeing that the dogs in the city facility receive adequate food and medical attention. Their goal is to re-home these dogs. ✺

9 Paws to Think • Summer 2004 • Volume 3, Issue 3 • The Pet Savers Foundation •

PAWS to Thnk, Volume 3 issue 3  

PAWS to Thnk, Volume 3 issue 3

PAWS to Thnk, Volume 3 issue 3  

PAWS to Thnk, Volume 3 issue 3