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In February 2009 Polička’s citizens association called SK8 Slalom Polička started to write its history. The association that was starting from scratch has been working in our town for four years. From the beginning our aim was to show the world that not only Polička but also the Czech Republic ranks among the top ten in the field of competitors and also organizers. Our association continues in more than thirty years experience of Czechoslovak skateboarders that started to promote this sport just in Polička in the last century. Nowadays skateboarding is seeing a considerable boom and it is just the slalom on skateboard which was the beginning of all. As time passed skateboarding got into the shape everybody knows today. In the Czech Republic this sport has a deep tradition that started thirty-five years ago. After the Velvet Revolution the tradition declined a little bit, but after some time the revival has come. This season is the sixth in the modern history when the official Czech Cup is held. Nowadays our citizens association patronizes not only young but also adult Polička’s skateboarders who compete all around the world and represent our association, town and the Czech Republic. Last season we gained awards in various categories, e.g. World Champions, Europe Champions, the Czech Republic Champions, Winners of Czech Cup and several titles of Sportsman of the Year on the local and county level. Every year the association, which counts thirty-six young and experienced skateboarders and organizers of competitions, organizes famous ‘Skate’n’ Roll Polička’ races where Czech and European elite compete. In 2013 we want to continue in this way, but we want even more. This season we have planned three more foreign races that are very attractive in points. Moreover, we were successful to receive the status to hold The World Championships 2014 by the ISSA (international slalom skateboarding association). Every year about 150 top skateboarders from all over the world arrive to compete. For arranging all activities we need an excellent team of organizers and good financial background. For this reason we would like to offer you cooperation and presentation of your company within our sport activities.

SOMETHING FROMHISTORY We have organized various activities for a long time. That’s why we would like to introduce you some of them that are worth mentioning. 1981 - first races in Palacky square. These races were riding here until 1992, which was the end of the slalom on skateboard in Polička in the 20th century. 2007 - the beginning of a new era of slalom in Polička. The races became the part of the Czech Cup in slalom on skateboard. 2008 - our first race of the World Cup in slalom. A lot of riders from the whole world (the USA, Sweden, Latvia, France, Great Britain, Germany) took part in these two-day races. 2009 - SK8 slalom Polička organized The Europe Championship with status Major. 74 riders from the whole world took part in these three-day races and the state TV broadcasted a report. 2010 - we held the National Championship with the attendance of riders from Sweden, Germany, Brazil etc. 2011 - we used a new title of Polička’s races, ‘Skate’n Roll’, status Prime. Riders from Latvia, Germany, Sweden and other countries competed. 2012 - 2nd Skate’n Roll races were held with status Prime. The Czech TV broadcasted a report about the races.

2009 the first season of indoor races in Brno with status Prime. Forty-four riders from the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Latvia came to compete there. 2010 the indoor Championship of the Czech Republic took place at Brno Fairs and Exhibitions. 2011 we organized three-day European Indoor Championships with status Major in Brno. 75 riders from many countries (Ukraine, Italy, France, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Finland and Russia) took part in.


Standa No탑ka - Winner of the Czech Cup 2012 Jaroslav Knettig, the second

Czech team the World Championships, Stuttgart 2012, Germany


Last year we held a very successful exhibition SK8DAY that was placed in the town library. The exhibition showed nearly thirty years old history of skate slalom in Policka and the Czech Republic. It was devoted to Martin KopeckĂ˝, a dead guru of world skateboarding. Reports of the exhibition were broadcasted in Czech and world media.

The exhibition shows thirty years of this sport that is inseparably connected with Polička and its natives. Skateboarding wasn’t only sport, it was philosophy of life that is still alive. In the photos you can see a lot of riders, viewers and visitors from the whole world that visited Polička.

SOMETHING ABOUT POLIČKA Polička was founded in 1265 at the behest of King Přemysl Otakar II of Bohemia. It used to be a dowry town of Czech Queens in the past, and was one of the richest cities in Eastern Bohemia during 18th century. It serves as a gateway to the Žďár Hills (Žďárské vrchy), one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech-Moravian Highlands (Českomoravská vrchovina). The historic town centre is encircled by an impressive wall, some 1220 metres long, fortified with 19 towers, and has a gallery partly open for public. A fine Marian Pillar, amongst the most remarkable monuments of its sort in the Czech Republic, is located in the main square, near to the baroque City Hall with its Municipal Art Museum. The dominant feature of the city is St. James‘ Church. Internationally famous composer Bohuslav Martinů was born and grew up in a little room in its tower. (His birth place is opened to public.) The Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička houses a new exhibition about the life and work of the composer, as well as displays detailing the history of the area and exhibitions of the fine local glasswork. We recommend you to link your visit to Polička with an excursion to Svojanov Castle which is only 17 km away. Polička is a town of festivals. In April you can visit POLICKA JAZZ, in May it is a festival of classical music MARTINU FEST. In May a traditional ROCK FEST is held. In July it is a multi genre festival, COLOUR MEETING POLICKA, in August other multi genre festival is held in Palacky Square, POLICKA 555 and in September MIME FEST. More information:, www., www.

Dear sports friends, It is an honour to me to share a pleasure with you to hold the World Championships 2014 in slalom in Polička. Our town will host this prestigious event after an American city of Houston in Texas that is holding the championship this year. Polička is a small but very nice town, full of life where a lot of sports and cultural events are held by our active citizens. One of them is the sports association of skateboarders that repetitively receives excellent results. Organizing this prestigious world event confirms high level of this sport in our town. On this occasion I would like to invite you to come and support our representatives.

Best regards, Jaroslav Martinů Mayor of Polička

At the beginning of August we organized two-day races called SKATE ´N´ROLL 2013 in Polička. On Saturday riders met at the road near a local downhill slope where they fought in two disciplines Giant and Hybrid slalom. The race started with Giant slalom where the riders went down in a really great speed. The fastest was Stanislav Nožka in Open category and Renata Škrabalová in women’s category, Petr Matouš in junior category and Matěj Štefka in children’s category. In the afternoon two riders competed in two courses of Hybrid slalom. From these duels the final couple was formed, Robert Thiele and Josef Štefka. Zdeněk Mach took the third place. Renata Škrabalová in women’s category was the best. In junior category Petr Matouš was the best, only a second slower than most riders in men’s category. In children’s categories Matěj Štefka and Max Thiele were the best. In the end longboard riders tried a downhill race and reached a speed of about sixty km per hour. On Sunday riders fought in Tight slalom that was against Saturday’s Giant and Hybrid slalom much more technical. In the end Jaroslav Knettig was the best rider. His brother Jakub got the 3rd place. The second place won Zdeněk Mach who became the overall winner thanks to his great results of all three disciplines. It wasn’t a surprise that Petr Matouš became the winner in all three disciplines in junior category. In women’s category it was Renata Škrabalová who dominated. However, two young girls Anna Tehza and Tereza Podlahová are becoming her great competitors. They fought with a German representative Max Thiel and got the second and the third place in junior category.

Live broadcast with a reporter Advertising DVD 10,000 pieces of leaflets 10,000 pieces of posters Advertising areas T-shirts (for organizers, for the public) A place where the race is held Www pages Facebook A short TV report

The World Championships 2014 Several years ago our aim was to hold the World Championships in skate slalom. This kind of championship is assessed best in points and money. These aspects always attract the best riders from all over the world. Championships held in Europe host not only European riders but also professionals from North and South America and Australia. So the races become very attractive not only for riders but also for viewers and media. Our proposal was accepted by Czech and then World Association ISSA on the base of statement of professional riders. Hřebeč Tunnel is a great hill with three lanes, 350 metres long. The total length of lane could be 1,5 kilometres. There is enough place for viewers and nice countryside. There are great conditions for riders and we believe in an interest of media. The championships will take three days. The main programme will be held on Friday and Saturday in the tunnel. On Sunday exhibition races will be ridden in Polička. All age categories will take part in the races. So due to the capacity it is possible that the amount of participants will be limited. Friday

GIANT (long race – fast ride), TIGHT (shorter technical track)

Saturday HYBRID Sunday

EXHIBITION (on the waterfront in Polička)

This place is very popular with viewers but riders miss the most important part, the hill. We believe that we will see special disciplines like skateboard high jump, freestyle and other programme. Our aim is to prepare exceptional races both for riders and viewers. We have rich experience with organizing Czech and European cup competitions. Unfailing support of our sponsors (the town of Polička and the region of Pardubice) is an integral part of our work. We would like to offer you a possibility to present yourselves in this uncommon competition. We look with favour on mutual cooperation and believe that this offer is an interesting occasion for you.

Friday and Saturday – Hřebeč Tunnel

The length of the tunel – 354 metres From the tunel 1250 metres Longitudinal angle 6,3%

Sunday – waterfront Polička

Certification ISSA 2013

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GENERATIONS I. Why did you choose skateboard? Sometimes I ask myself too. To be honest I am not sure but it has a special charm for me. I want to be a part of this sport and create it. I like the group of people concerning skateboard in Polička that don’t profit of it. Do you believe in a future of this sport? Yes, I do. This sport has a deep tradition and despite bad conditions riders were able to bring it back to life and every year more and more riders add to us. Is this sport financially demanding? I think the basic equipment isn’t so expensive. And if you take care of it, it will remain functional long. Unfortunately there isn’t so much money in this sport, that’s why we can’t take part in all races we would like to. What have you already achieved? Considering the fact that I compete in junior category, my results are good, I think. The most valuable for me is the title of Junior World Champion 2012 and the Champion of Italy 2012. I also won Europe Championships, the Czech Republic Championships and I was the first in the Czech Cup 2012.

MANIA IVOSKRABAL How and when did you start with skateboarding in Polička? It’s a long history. In 1976 I found a plan how to create a skateboard in ABC magazine. So I made several of them and so did my friends. And during the time we took part in races throughout the Czech Republic. Which disciplines did you ride? At first it was a special and giant slalom according to skiing. And at the same time we did high and long jump. In the course of time freestyle and streetstyle were added. Which countries did you compete in? So far I have competed in Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Slovakia and also South Korea. Do you believe in a future of slaloms on skateboard? In my opinion skateboarding isn’t a dead sport. In many Czech towns people ride on skateboards. They ride on long boards, there are new disciplines as downhill race and other rotary disciplines. So if we are capable to attract young people, skateboarding will be still alive.

World championschips 2014 Sk8 Slalom Polička  

Its prospect about our team and our history, competitions and plans for next year :)