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pet rescue magazine

July 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

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Tail of the Month Menagerie Manor RV With Me! Camping with your pet

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5 Tails from Home 15 Pet Horoscopes Chance Animal 11 Second Rescue Society Winds Grey13 Chinook hound Rescue Foundation


Beagle Paws Rescue


Humane Animal Rescue Team

13 Parkland K-9 Society


Spay/Neuter Action Program

& Duchess Animal 14 Duke Rescue Society


Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection

14 Hinton & District SPCA


Edmonton Humane Society

Homeless 14 Whitecourt Animal Rescue Foundation


Grande Prairie SPCA

Animals with 15 Providing Safety for Life

Me Not Cat 10 Forget Sanctuary


Cover photo courtesy of Corey Hochachka Troglodyte Photography Inc. -

Animal Rescue 15 Prairie Society

PUPPIES ANYONE? Yes, we’re here just chillin’ out waiting for our forever homes to give us a call. We are two of 10 puppies that came in with our Mom. She is a great mother and you can see her on page 6. Back to us...we’re all Alberta mixed breeds and proud of it! If you would like to check us out to see for yourself what good puppies we are you can call SNAP at (780) 968-0025 to arrange a visit.

Summertime Greetings! Now that we have entered the “Dog Days of Summer” the rescue groups have been inundated with spring litters. Sadly, puppies and kittens are filing in by the dozen and many groups have had to turn little ones away due to lack of space and resources. People often decide to purchase their new kitten from a store or get a free puppy from their neighbour’s because they do not know the advantages of adopting through rescue. Rescue organizations must charge an adoption fee to help cover costs (FYI –it rarely covers the rescues costs!) but it usually includes additional benefits in the best interest of your pet’s health. Adopting through a rescue organization can save you hundreds of dollars. For instance, you might buy a mixed breed puppy (although they might call it a Designer Cock-a-Poo!) in a pet store for $600 which includes the puppy’s first vaccines. However, if you adopt the same Cock-a-Poo from a rescue organization you are more likely to pay in the neighbourhood of $250. This cost should include the spay/neuter surgery, the first vaccine/medical check up, deworming and possibly even a microchip or kennel cough vaccine. This can obviously add up to huge savings if you plan to be a responsible pet owner. If you are thinking of adding a new addition to your home please consider adopting sooner rather than later as there are so many little ones in desperate need of homes. Contact any of the rescue groups in PRM to see if you can find your match. Please support rescue efforts instead of possible backyard breeding. The PRM Team

local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

July 2009


Tail of the Month

Rachel Sentes Book Review

Menagerie Manor by Gerald Durrell

For those of you who can’t resist all creatures great and small, you will delight in reading Menagerie Manor by naturalist Gerald Durrell. Written in 1964, the author recounts his quest to save endangered species and become a catalyst for change in nature conservation. And it all began with a dream as a child to have his own zoo. But Gerald didn’t want just any old zoo; he wanted to save animals that were being exterminated. He was too late to save the Dodo, but he wanted to bring attention to the animals that weren’t always the focus of the media- the ones who maybe weren’t so cuddly and soft. This delightful book describes all the inhabitants of his zoo which include birds, apes, hens, mongoose lemurs, tamarins, binturongs, parrots, parakeets, and ocelots to name a few. The book covers every aspect of running a zoo from the daily feeding habits to describing how uncivilized human beings can be to animals. He also mentions the extreme generosity of those who donated thousands of dollars to keep his zoo going. Durrell addresses the problems zoos have with their public image and speaks about death, disease, and being viewed as a murder suspect when an animal dies. He prompts the questions conservationists deal with as the concepts of zoos fall out of favour and what needs to change in the future to perpetuate rare and endangered species The prose in this book is elegant, draws you in immediately, and captures the beauty of the inhabitants of his zoo located in England. On almost every page the illustrations of Ralph Thompson (who worked with Durrell for ten years), bring out the personalities of each of his animals. You’ll laugh at the antics of Delilah the African crested porcupine that escapes to visit the neighbouring farms and causes chaos on the set of a television show, and you’ll happily cry as you read the story of Topsy a South American woolly monkey who clings to a teddy bear for safety. This lovely book deals with serious issues in a way that makes you sit up, take notice of the state of zoos, and do all that you can to help save our wildlife. You can buy this book at your local bookstore. Gerald Durrell died in 1995, but 50 years after the start of his conservation efforts, his legacy continues. July 12th, 2009 is Durrell Day in England and you can help keep the conservation going by visiting his gorgeous website at 4

pet rescue magazine

July 2009

Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) C’mon – you have to be smiling when you see my picture! Everyone smiles when they look at my ears! My name is Sting and I am a typical mixed breed puppy. Which breeds you ask? Well, no one knows for sure but everyone loves to guess. I just lap up the attention!

I only wanna be with you! My name is Hootie and I am looking for my very own family to love me, feed me, exercise me and take me to fun places! You would also have to love me forever…does that sound like something you can do? (780) 455-4278

Beagle Paws Rescue Wyatt here! I’m just off the plane from Newfoundland and in all my years (3 that is) I’ve never seen a more beautiful place than Alberta! I especially like living indoors with a loving family but I am eager to find a family of my own. If it helps, I’m crate trained, get along well with others and I have stunning golden eyes. Pick Me! Pick Me!

Give me a “Y”! Give me an “O”! Give me a “SHI”! What do you get? “Yoshi”! I’m very handsome, smart and I get along great with other dogs. I like kids too…but I’m not sure about cats because I can’t remember ever having met one. I will be a wonderful companion but I do need a home with another doggie friend where I wouldn’t be left alone for too long. ~(780) 488-4636 local stories...local people...local pets

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Contributing Writers Rachel Sentes, Publicist How To Reach Us: We welcome comments, suggestions, article ideas, or questions. Please send them to: Pet Rescue Magazine Box 37099, 8712-150 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 1E0 (780) 637-0999 email Pet Rescue Magazine is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals by promoting adoptions of rescued pets. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date pictorial directory of shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations in Alberta. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month prior to publication. Please note that Pet Rescue Magazine reserves the right to refuse or amend editorial pieces at its discretion. Pet Rescue Magazine is published on a monthly basis by Finally Free Publishing, Inc. Pet Rescue Magazine cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal offered for adoption through this publication. We try to keep information as current and accurate as possible; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific animal. Prospective pet parents must contact the organization directly to make certain a particular pet is still available or to inquire about the adoption process. Disclaimer: Finally Free Publishing, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any products, services, or vendors mentioned in Pet Rescue Magazine, nor can it be responsible for problems with their products or services. Also, Finally Free Publishing, Inc. reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any advertisment. Views expressed in Pet Rescue Magazine are not necessarily those of Finally Free Publishing, Inc.

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EVERYTHING HAS VALUE ESPECIALLY THE TREASURES IN THIS PUBLICATION Please circulate pet rescue magazine to help ensure these rescues get maximum exposure and find new homes. local stories...local people...local pets





TAILS from Home.... the happy endings Submitted by Janice Ryan

Hi! My name is Zorro. I’m a Red Heeler cross. I had a “colorful start to life”, trekking around as a vagabond until the ‘Second Chance Animal Rescue Society’ found me. They fostered me and searched for adoptive parents. One day, my SCARS mom took me to a pet store to show me off. This couple walked in and I gotta tell ya, it was love at first sight. After a whole lot of paw-shaking and facelicking, I knew I’d found my forever family. We went to puppy school right away so I could train them. They were fast learners and figured out that I love long walks in the river valley everyday. I let my parents play ball with me everyday too; it seems to help them relax. I’m a great catcher even if it means doing a ‘front flip half twist’.

Zorro, photographed by Stephe Tate for the GMCC’s Design Faculty Show“True Stories”

Life is great! I don’t even have to root around for food anymore. My bowl gets filled and there are always treats. I’ve had a couple of jobs which is fun. I was a regular on “All About Pets”, a CBC TV news series. And I did a stint on radio but that was a waste of my good looks, plus I had to sit and listen to a lot of talking. Borrr-ing. Just so you know, I haven’t let all my good fortunes go to my head. It’s important to remember your humble beginnings, no matter how glamorous life becomes. pet rescue magazine

July 2009


Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP) Hi my name is Delilah but you can call me tired. I came from the pound pregnant with 10 (YES 10) puppies. Now it’s time to take charge of my life & find a family of my own. No more puppies for this girl!!! With my super sweet personality, you really should be lining up to adopt me.

Hi, it’s Emmie here…and what can I say? I’m still here and I don’t know what’s going on! I am beautiful, good with other cats, dogs and children…why haven’t I been adopted yet? I am a great cat who would be wonderful in any home.

Warf here...yes that’s correct, like Warf from Star Trek! I am a very social cat & I especially love children. I am 1.5yrs old and like to spend my days lounging in the sun & my nights curled up with one of my foster girls in bed. If you’re looking for a handsome guy like me please call.

Hello… Are you there? Is it my turn yet? Me next! Me next! Come read about me! My name is Kalie and I am a 6yr young German Shepherd. I adore people and get along well with other dogs. If you are searching for a beauty like me please call SNAP.

My name is Shaggy.…but you can call me whatever you want as long as you call me! I am a 3yr old male Shih Tzu and I came from a loving home, but I was surrendered for reasons beyond my family’s control. I am a little scared with all of the changes, but will be fine once I find my new forever family.

My name is Koda and I’m 9mths old. I am ready to come live with you, are you ready for me? I’m sweet but shy, so I need a family willing to help build my confidence and love me forever. Like all pups I will need obedience training. I’m very lovable & super cute too...all I need is a family. Could you find room in your home for me?

Hi my name is Amy and I am 4mths old. I was surrendered to Snap with my brother & sister but they have already found new homes. My foster home has children, dogs & other cats.....I love everyone! Can you make room in your future for me?

Hi my name is Freddy and I am around 11mths old. I had a rough start because my siblings and I were dumped in the middle of a country road last December when it was REALLY cold. Thankfully Snap rescued all of us! If you would like to share your home with me please give Snap a call.

Hi my name is Mary-Ann and I am about 1yr old. I am technically an adult but I love to play like a kitten and I purr like an engine when my foster children are playing with me. I am super sweet and desperately looking for my forever family. Could it be yours?

Please Spay or Neuter Your Pets • Lives Depend On It! ~ (780) 968-0025 6

pet rescue magazine

July 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP) Hi, I’m Bear and I am about 9yrs old. I’m a bit shy, but given some patience I’m sure to come out for cuddles and playtime! Daisy is my best bud and I would love to stay with her. I’m a really sweet boy that is more than ready to find my forever family!

Hello there, I’m Peyton, a 1.5 year old lovely and exotic looking gal with a rambunctious spirit! I’m very affectionate, love to be close and adore playing with my toys. I also enjoy carrying on plenty of fantastic conversation and lying in your lap purring the time away.

Good day! I’m Fluffy, a 10yr old boy with a wonderful personality! I love attention just about as much as I love chasing toys. I was recently shaved because of matting, but my beautiful coat is returning and I’m in great health. I would be a perfect apartment cat as I love small and cozy spaces.

Happy Canada Day! I’m Daisy. I am a large and friendly 6yr old girl. I’m great friends with Bear, but can be adopted with or without him. I like the friendly resident cats in my foster home, but just can’t wait to find a loving home of my own.

I’m Ginger. I am a shy but very loving girl. I’m really coming out of my shell and enjoying belly rubs, head scratches and cuddles of all sorts. I also have a wonderful little purr motor! I’ll be a great companion in a quiet, adult-only, home where I can be your one and only.

I am a 10mth old boy named Gypsy! I was found in front of a retail store in a cardboard box but that didn’t get me down. I’m a very outgoing, personable and sweet guy. I love catnip, looking out windows and playing with other friendly cats. I know I can put a smile on your face!

Sandy here, they think I may be an American Eskimo, Shih Tzu, Spaniel combo! Whatever my heritage, I’ve had a rough few months living on my wits and evading capture. I just love being safe with a full belly. I am good natured, quiet and an all around sweet girl. If you can offer me a peaceful and gentle home please call.

I’m Russ, a Jack Russell Terrier. I am a smart, full of beans boy who is always ready for playtime. I am a cuddly little guy who loves chasing balls. If you like Jack Russells, you will ADORE me! I am about 2yrs old and get along fine with other dogs.

My name is Svetlana, but you can call me Lana. I am a smart 7mth old Shepherd/Collie X with a gorgeous brindle coat. I have excellent recall and already know my basic commands. I need regular exercise and a family I can spend lots of time with. Although I love to be with my people I’m also happy chilling out in the yard.

Hi, I’m Tuppence, a 4yr old 10lb Terripoo. I came from the pound and will soon be neutered…not sure what that means but my foster mom promised me treats after so bring it on! I love other dogs and don’t mind being handled and carried about. If you’re looking for a friendly little lapdog then I may be the one for you.

Hey my name is Orlando and I’m a Border Collie X. I’m very smart, well behaved and happiest when my people are pleased with me. I am about 1yr old, house & crate trained and good off-leash. I have tons of energy so I need a new home where I will be taken for regular off-leash exercise.

I’m Lucien, a Rotti X around 1yr old. I’m so full of joy I find it hard to keep my little butt still for longer than 30 seconds! I need to learn some manners and run off my energy regularly. My recall is good, I love other dogs and I’m ok with cats & livestock. Please call; I will do my best to keep all four feet on the ground when you come meet me! ~ (780) 922-0250 local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

July 2009


Vacationing with your pet

By Stephanie Belland Contributing Writer


would guess that we’ve all experienced that “pleading” look when we go to leave our pets, even if it’s only for a quick 15 minute trip to the grocery store. So when it comes to going on vacation for one or two weeks, you can be positive that your furry children will want to be included in your plans! For those who like to embrace the outdoors while still remaining in relative comfort, RV-ing is the perfect choice. However, it’s not quite as easy as loading your pet in the back of your pick-up and heading off on a great adventure. Proper consideration and planning for your pet’s holiday is just as important as planning for your own. Many animals are alright- if not perfectly content – being left at a kennel or with friends while their families go away for a couple of weeks. Some animals don’t deal well with travel even if they are with their loved ones, and placing them in a secure place is the safest option. It always depends on the individual animal. This is the first thing you should take into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to bring your pet on a vacation with the family: where would they be happier? If that answer is with you, then here are some points to consider before you head out. RV Parks: First off, where will you be staying? While most RV parks are dog-friendly, many of them don’t allow specific breeds such as Dobermans; so check first before you book your site. ID: Make sure your pet has proper ID! Tags, tatoo and/or michrochip. Remember, tags can fall off and a tattoo overtime stands the risk of not being legible or even traceable in the area in which your are travelling, so microchipping your pet is really important. 8

pet rescue magazine

July 2009

Vaccinations: Ensure that all of your pet’s vaccines are up to date, and have a copy of their health records on hand, especially if you plan on crossing the border. It’s a good idea to know where the emergency vets are located on your holiday route. Vacationing with your pet means just that, so involve them in your plans. Take your dog for long walks or if you’re bringing a cat, it’s nice for them to be able to roam around outside for at least a few hours in the daytime. Just make sure that they’re supervised, and on a secure harness and lead. Also, be sure to always clean up after your pet; your fellow campers will appreciate the effort! Also remember that while the outdoors seems like the perfect place for an animal to be, there are always risks involved. Animals are prone to overheating and sunburn if they don’t have access to water and shade. Pets are virtually defenseless if they encounter a wild animal such as a bear or mountain lion; especially when they’re tied up. Smaller animals are also a hazard as they can carry parasites or viruses. Even insects such as bees and wasps can cause significant harm to your animal if they have a reaction to a bite or sting. Always check your animal for ticks, bites, and hives after wandering through the bush. You also have to bear in mind how your animal interacts with other animals, as well as people-especially children. Aggressive animals need to kept under particularly close watch to ensure that no one gets hurt. Once you’ve covered all your bases, it’s time to plan that perfect vacation…you know your pets will love you for it! Happy RV’ing! prm local stories...local people...local pets

In Memory

Edmonton Humane Society (EHS)

Although we can’t tell you face to face We know you can hear us from your heavenly place.

My name is Phoenix and I’m a lop eared boy looking for a home where I can spend the rest of my life. Bunnies like me can live on average up to 12yrs! I love to sit on laps and cuddle. Like any other animal, I can’t be left in a cage all day. I really love to get out, hop around and socialize (under supervision of course!).

We will always love you Duchess Christine, Janelle, Linda and Taylor

I’m Starlight, a 4yr old Pit Bull X who was transferred from the pound. I love giving and receiving affection. I also love to please and catch on to new tricks easily. I can be a bit shy so it may take a while for me to adjust and I need a quiet home with children 7 years+ where I can gain confidence. I just need a little guidance to help me out of my shell.

I’m Moon, and I am 1.5-2yrs old. I have bright yellow eyes so I guess that’s why they call me Moon! I really like getting scratched behind my ears, I may even purr! I take a little while to warm up to new people but if you give me the love and attention I need, I promise to be the “purrfect” cat. Adoption Line

(780) 491-3500

Grande Praire SPCA

Bruce is my name –but don’t wear it out! I am just 2yrs old and very well mannered around people…but not so much around other dogs. Hey…what can I say? I like the attention all on me! I know I would be a good dog to have on an acreage, I would be sure to keep all the wildlife and other dogs away…maybe even some cats!

Ummmm, don’t let the picture fool you, the picture taker person just caught me when I was having a little nap! I am Phoenix, a 1yr old gal who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Have you ever heard of cat nip? Ya? Well I don’t need it! I am bouncy, playful and love people more than anything!

My name is Shyla and I am about 10mths old. My previous owners surrendered me and told the staff here I was a “bad dog” ...fortunately we all know there is no such thing as a bad dog! Without direction and guidance I simply lost my way but I am right on track now. At puppy obedience they even said I am super smart and a quick learner!

Hello my name is Peaches and I am a 1.5yrs young. I am very laid back and take whatever the day brings me with little problem. I have been here since the end of January and have grown quite close to some of my fellow feline friends. I sure do miss them when they get adopted and really wish I could find a loving and permanent family of my own. ~ (780) 538-4030 local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

July 2009


The Alberta Ferret Society provides shelter for ferrets in need and education for those considering a ferret as a pet.

Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary Hi. My name is Hailey. I am one of the girls from a beautiful litter of 5 kittens born in June/2008. I’m a very pretty grey and white short hair girl. Some of us have already been adopted and some of us are still looking for our forever homes. I am soo sweet and love being cuddled. I am very quiet and laid back and would do best in a quiet home. Do you have one for me? Terra is the name. I am about 8mths old, female and a beautiful dilute calico. I have personality plus and a great motor when I am being cuddled. I love to play and can run circles around the best of them. I do enjoy my quiet times too though. While I tolerate the other cats around here, I would prefer to have a home all to myself. How about yours?

Hi there. I’m Sammy. I am about 1yr old and a big fluffy male. I am all black with one white whisker. I was terrified of everything when I came to my foster Mom’s but am doing great now. While I don’t like to be held, I am very affectionate and loving. I would do best in a home with lots of company or a companion to play with, but not dogs. I am still very playful and love to chase toys. I am ready to go to my new home. Could that be yours? My name is Dixie and I am about 3yrs old. I like people’s company and being petted but I’m not much of a cuddler. I am very quiet but do still have a playful streak in me. I need to be the only cat in my new home. Maybe it could be yours?

I’m Maggie and I’m from a litter of the best behaved kittens that you ever did meet. Some of us are still looking for our forever homes. Our brother Whiskers was adopted by a wonderful family and even though I used to depend on him to venture into things first, I’m now learning to check things out for myself. I am a dainty little girl and new situations and places leave me a little timid at first, but given a chance to get to know and trust you, I become my little year old affectionate self.

Ellie here! I was cared for by a kind-hearted volunteer from the sanctuary. She took me into her home until there was room for me to stay with the other adoptable kittens and cats at the sanctuary. I’m a little survivor under a year old and rather independent, so it has been great for me to learn to live and share with the others. Even though I act tough sometimes and give a little hiss to the bigger cats, I’m really a marshmallow at heart, and love to be petted and cuddled. I would make someone a true blue and very pretty companion.

We have 16 cute,fluffy, adorable kittens and their 4 busy Moms available for adoption this September. If you can give a loving home to one of them please contact us. ~ (780) 700-5525 10

pet rescue magazine

July 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) My name is Asker and I recently arrived from the pound. I am a very sweet Heeler X. I can be a little timid at first but I come around pretty quick and seem to be house trained. I have also been great on and off leash. I love just following my people around the yard… maybe I could come home and follow you?

My name is Meadow and I am a young mother at just 8mths old. Below are my puppies McKinley, Eskel, Cascade, Bromley, Everest and Robson who were born on June 4th. For now they do a lot of eating, sleeping, peeing & pooping…they are also growing like weeds. I am a Corgi X and have the sweetest disposition - even the vet said so!

People call me Cider…and with this face, honestly folks, who could resist me? I just arrived from the pound and weigh around 40lbs. I am very friendly and great on & off leash. Being a new addition to SCARS there is still lots to discover about my delightful little face but one thing is sure - I’m grrrrreat! Hey, I’m a happy go lucky kinda guy named Baron. I’m likely a chocolate Lab X around 1-2yrs old. I’m great off leash, but need a little work on leash as I am VERY strong. I’m also very friendly; you won’t be able to resist my good looks and charm. My name is Mia and I was literally dumped… at the dump. It’s very sad because SCARS finds us there all the time, I’m sure glad they make a point to check. It looks like I have just had puppies and I am very malnourished. I am still the sweetest girl ever though, and although shy at first I just ADORE people. I don’t have the same hard luck story as most SCARS dogs, but to me it’s just as sad. I did have a family but they could no longer keep me due to allergies. At first it was very scary, but I have learned that life is still good. My name is Shiloh and I am a Hound X around 1yr old. I am great off leash and good with other dogs.

Scooby here! I’m a 1yr old MUTT…that’s right folks, I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud!!! I weigh around 45lbs and still need a bit of training. I have started learning basic commands and I am even making progress in respecting the cats. I am looking for an active home that will continue with my training. My name is Theo and I am a honey! I came from a Northern AB pound. I am a large handsome Collie X and I can’t wait to have an address to call my very own. There is still a lot to learn about me so please call or visit the website for more information.

My name is Keely and I am a young Shepherd X from a northern AB pound. I am friendly, active, crate trained and love to go for runs with the quad. I also love to play with other dogs, but if they even look at me funny my sweet submissive nature shines through as I roll over on my back. Please call (780 ) 466-7227 or visit the new website at ~ (780) 466-SCAR local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

July 2009



pet rescue magazine

July 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

Pamela Clark, 6187%18 1IQFIVSJ-%%1&

780 780..452.5855 452.5855




Parkland Animal K-9 Society (PAKS)

Situated on 35 beautiful acres, this bungalow style home and kennel facility is a must see for anyone wanting to own their own business. Conveniently located only 10 minutes from Drayton Valley and 90 km from Leduc this property has easy access to Edmonton International Airport and Calgary via Hwy 39. Property includes: • Garage set up for boarding and/or grooming • 1000 sq ft. kennel with infloor heating, has a 50 dog capacity and includes 20 indoor/outdoor kennels with dogs doors • Large dog exercise park • Horse Boarding

For more information contact Cheryl McKevitt at

Cooter Davenport here. I am your typical puppy, I still chew stuff and can get distracted easily. I am about 6mths old and I measure over 22” at the shoulder already so I will be a large boy. I am working on my house training, and I am good with dogs, kids & cats. I have been around horses too and already know how to mind my manners.

My name is Blondie and I have been with my foster home for almost 6mths now. I have come a long way and I would love to show you how great I am. If you’re lucky enough my foster mom might actually let me go live with you! If you are looking for a beautiful, large girl like me please call PAKS. You would never know it but I am actually a smaller girl. I am most likely a Rotti/Lab X and measure about 22” at the shoulder. I am very beautiful and just adore my people. I have many great qualities so come find out more about me by visiting the website. Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue Foundation Hi! I’m a retired 4.5yr old racer named Addy. I want a family that includes me in all their activities because I get really bored and lonely when I’m left at home a lot. I am good with kids, other dogs and cats. I am also crate trained, know some basic commands and have good house manners. Could you use a constant and loving companion? (780) 988-9876 local stories...local people...local pets

Is your favorite flavor cinnamon? Then I am your girl because I am as sweet as they come. I am good with kids, dogs and cats. I love swimming and other outdoor activities. If you think I would fit in your family please call and ask about me! My name is Sinbad and you read it right, I am the newest PAK member! I am a 3yr old Akita X who was transferred to PAKS. I use to bunk with one of the PAKS volunteers a long time ago so it’s kind of like coming home…only I still need to find my own forever family. (780) 222-PAK9 (7259) pet rescue magazine

July 2009


Duke & Duchess Animal Rescue Society

Hinton & District SPCA We are currently overloaded with 56 cats and kittens which is double our limit! We are requesting donations of both wet and dry cat and kitten Hi my name is April, my kittens and I are just some of the the many feline rescues at the Hinton SPCA. If you would just take a trip to the mountains I’m sure they could find your match.

food. Can you help?

Hi, I’m Keylo and I am a happy kinda guy, my stumpy little tail never quits wagging! I am a 2yr old Lab/Rotti X and my manners are lacking because no one has taken any time to work with me before. No big worries here though because I learn quickly and I am very food motivated!

I am a Shepherd X named Quinton, although I should be named Houdini as I am a bit of an escape artist. I do not like most other male dogs, but I do love people and I have off leash potential. I LOVE playing in our shelter off-leash area with Zyra.

I am a beautiful 1 year old Coon Hound/Shepherd X named Zyra. I am good on leash and enjoy running in the park with my friends. I like playing with other dogs and I also love to camp…maybe we could go together? ~ (780) 865-2800

I’m a 5mth old, 40lb, designer X named Casha. I am house trained, love playing with other dogs and do my best to obey all my foster parents commands. I also seem to carry out watch dog duties and I think I would do best in an active home with a canine playmate. I am a Lab/ Shepherd X around 2yrs old named Fergie. Benny, Suki and Brooke are my babies, but guess what? No more babies for me! I just love going for walks and I am good on leash. I seem to be very good with small dogs, even the silly little resident Chihuahua!

(780) 483-0931 PET PROMISE

Thousands of years ago, we humans formed a covenant with our companion animals. We wanted them to live with us and to share our lives. Because of this our ‘pets’ lost most of their natural skills to fend for themselves. It then became our responsibility to feed and care for them. While the animals have kept their end of the bargain, we humans largely have not. ~ Unknown

Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF) I am thrilled to be indoors and not living on the street searching for food anymore! My name is Nora and I have lots of kittens. I only had 4 babies myself, but I adopted 3 more that lost their own mom. I am a fantastic mom but I can’t wait to have someone look after me for a change!

We are so lucky! Our mother died and we were left to fend for ourselves but thankfully we were rescued and then Nora basically adopted us. We are doing very well now and she loves us like we were her own all along. We will be ready to go to our new homes at the end of July and would love to meet you.

We were found alone in an old storage shed because our mom Nora got scared away. She came back for us though and then we were all rescued! We are healthy, happy and can’t wait to have a new family!

(780) 778-5299 or (780) 204-0264 14

pet rescue magazine

July 2009

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PAWS For Life (PAWS) Hi, I am a German Shepherd around 1yr old. I am looking for a family willing to take me on walks and work with me. I need a job too, even if that is just working on my obedience. Oh my, I forgot to give you my name; I am Cleopatra just like the beautiful and charismatic queen of Egypt.

Hi there, my name is Timmy because I was really timid when I first came to PAWS but now I am the life of the party. I love playing with my dog friends, getting cuddles from everyone, and being the center of attention. I need a little time to trust new people, but once I know you everything is OK!

Give A Dog A Spot: Thank you to the Siebert family

Give A Dog A Spot: Happy 3rd Birthday Maya Love all your adoring fans

My name is Molly and I am a Lab X around 2yrs old. I am currently living on a farm and doing fantastic. I would make a great in or outdoor family member. I am now living with three children and get along with them wonderfully. I am also great with other animals; my best friend is a cat!

Hi there, my name is Beans and I just want to say that this photo does not give me justice! I am a Rotti/Doberman X and I am roughly 7mths old. My name is Beans because I am known to have beans in my pants! I need a family who is patient and willing to go through puppyhood with me.

(780) 471-2275

Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS) Tamitha, Tamitha means twin as I look so much like a past PARS dog my foster mom had to take a second look when she saw me. I am a 2yr old, female Rottweiler, and so far I have a great disposition, I love you people folk, and I have been great with the other dogs. I am friendly and playful, and I am a big BIG girl, with lots of love and hugs to give. ~ (780) local stories...local people...local pets


Aries: March 21 - April 19 It seems you’re always searching for something better. A bigger bone, a shinier trinket, fresher catnip...STOP ALREADY! You don’t need a Hound dog to know everything important is right in front of your nose. Taurus: April 20 - May 20 OK lazy bones, it’s time to get that Taurus blood going! Get outside and enjoy the summer before it’s gone. What are you still waiting around for? Grab the kids, the sprinkler and a good attitude. It’s time for some fun! Gemini: May 21 - June 20 It’s truly the ‘Dog Days of Summer’, but you Gemini’s might want to focus on strengthening your summer spirit. If you’re a bird sing, if you’re a cat knead and if you’re a dog find a good chewy (slippers don’t count!) Cancer: June 21 - July 22 You may be the confident one but there are other pets around you just waiting for their chance to stand out. Try to step back and give others a chance to show off. Helping others sparkle will actually make you shine. Leo: July 23 - August 22 Howling louder, jumping higher, spinning quicker and digging faster...your buddies just keep stealing your thunder. Take it easy or you will be fighting like cats and dogs! Virgo: August 23 - September 22 This is your month to relax! Sun yourself in a window for a bit of shadow play or bird-watching, curl up in your favourite drawer of socks and undies, or just grab a loved one a cuddle up. Libra: September 23 - October 22 Helping everyone else this month may be your downfall. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the little stuff, especially when it’s someone else’s. Surely you have bigger fish to fry! Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 Attention all Scorpios! It’s important that you keep your cool this month. You will feel challenged when others push your limits but remember the saying –a barking dog never don’t take the bait!

ADOPT A RESCUE - SAVE A LIFE Little Possums, that’s what we look like. Our mom was supposed to be an old English Sheep Dog but PARS did not get to meet her sooo ya never know! We will likely be medium to large, we will likely be cute and fuzzy, we will likely be smart and active, we will likely chew, dig, and pee on the floor a few times... PARS makes no guarentees on likelies...

What’s In The Stars For Your Pets This Month?

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 Life is challenging lately so things might feel overwhelming this month when your family contemplates a new addition. Don’t worry; the newbie will make lots of mistakes securing you good ranking in the pack. Capricorn: December 22 - January 19 Use caution when celebrating Canada Day this month. We all tend to wear ourselves out and overdo it on the holidays and you don’t want to end up too tired for the park or dealing with the hair of the dog. Aquarius: January 20 - February 18 Take advantage of our warm weather it will be gone soon enough. Dogs will howl, cats will purr and ferrets will chirp, but all will dance come summer holidays! Pisces: February 19- March 20 The full moon arrives on the 7th this month and this new phase will bring change to your world. We can all get a little wonky on full moons so keep a handle on things or they will call you crazy as a peach-orchard boar.

pet rescue magazine

July 2009


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