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October 2007

Cover Model: Everyone

around here likes to call me Ghost. I am a 2yr old kitty with a sweet personality and a gentle soul. Due to my calm, quiet nature I would do best in a similar environment without other cats, dogs or small children. See page 10 for SNAP’s contact information.

Proud to be a Rescue Mom After losing Elmer my companion of 12 years I thought I would never have another dog. But, after 3 months the house was so empty. Elmer had given so much to me I now wanted to rescue a pet. I started phoning rescue agencies and it led me to the Parkland Linda and Tara County Pound, where I found Tara. Tara had had a hard life. She arrived at the pound pregnant and had 7 puppies and then fostered 9 more. She came into my life after staff had checked me out. We bonded instantly. Her disposition is so loving and friendly. She is now going to be a therapy dog for continuing care, children’s hospitals or anywhere there may be a need. So I had rescued her but now she is going on to rescue others. I can’t imagine my life without Tara now. I am so thankful that the Parkland County Pound adopts out dogs. (For information on Parkland County please see back page)


pet rescue magazine

October 2007

Lap It Up! Dear Friends, Welcome to the seventh issue of pet rescue magazine! For and by Albertans, our magazine helps bring rescued animals directly to the public, while supplying interesting information on pets and responsible guardianship. Has your pet ever scratched their eye? Ever consider Flyball to help give your dog more exercise and stimulus -while having fun? And, with the excitement of Halloween festivities around the corner, have you taken time to consider your pet’s safety and comfort? Well keep reading! We hope you enjoy the articles and would also like to invite our readers, supporters and friends of all ages to send in submissions of their own. We would love to see anything on pets, especially rescue related! Send us short articles or stories, photos, drawings/paintings, reviews, poems or any other information you would like to see in pet rescue magazine. Although space is limited we will absolutely consider all submissions and we would love to see your work. Please remember, in order to continue the publication of pet rescue magazine, especially to an increased number of locations, we need to generate funds to cover printing and mailing costs. You can help by placing a corporate ad or consider placing a personal birthday wish, welcome home or happy anniversary to a loved one! Until next time.... The Team at pet rescue magazine We really appreciate your comments and feedback.Please feel free to email us directly at If you would like to advertise with pet rescue magazine please email

local stories...local people...local pets

Pet Rescue Magazine Alberta Owned & Operated

Brought to you by the Pet Rescue Team Publisher J. Hunter Contributing Writers Erin Gunderson, DVM Rachel Sentes How To Reach Us: We welcome comments, suggestions, article ideas, or questions. Please send them to: Pet Rescue Magazine Box 37099, 8712-150 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 1E0 email Pet Rescue Magazine is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals by promoting adoptions of rescued pets. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date pictorial directory of shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations in Alberta. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month prior to publication. Pet Rescue Magazine is published on a monthly basis by Finally Free Publishing, Inc. Pet Rescue Magazine cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal offered for adoption through this publication. We try to keep information as current and accurate as possible; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific animal. Prospective pet parents must contact the organization directly to make certain a particular pet is still available or to inquire about the adoption process. Disclaimer: Finally Free Publishing, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any products, services, or vendors mentioned in Pet Rescue Magazine, nor can it be responsible for problems with their products or services. Also, Finally Free Publishing, Inc. reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any advertisment. Views expressed by various authors are not necessarily those of Finally Free Publishing, Inc.

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EVERYTHING HAS VALUE ESPECIALLY THE TREASURES IN THIS PUBLICATION Please circulate pet rescue magazine to help ensure these rescues get maximum exposure and find new homes. local stories...local people...local pets

In this issue FEATURES

Sunshine Gal ~ Alberta Ferret Society.......................................................3 Tails From Home............................................................................................3 Flyball Fever ~ A fun team sport for you and your dog.........................6 An Apple A Day ~ A Sight for Sore Eyes, Corneal Ulcers.................................9 Take A Walk In Their Paws ~ Keeping your pet safe on Halloween........13 RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society Rescue Program (ERAS)................4 4 PA W S A n i m a l R e s c u e . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart).............................................5 H i n t o n & District SPCA............. ..................................................7 Feature Group: Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS)............................................8 &9 Spay Neuter Action Program (SNAP.)............................................................10 Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS)...............................12 Safe Haven Animal Rescue Society (SHARES).......................................14 The McDonald Family Animal Rescue................................................15 Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP)............................16

October Sunshine Gal

Tails From Home This is a special place for younger readers to tell us all about their pet(s). Watch to see if your story, poem or drawing is published. This is a very special poem from Trayton aged 10.

My Dog Jack My dog Jack is my best friend My dog Jack will always play My dog Jack he waits all day.

Alberta Ferret Society

My dog Jack looks out for me My dog Jack would never roam My dog Jack just stays at home. My dog Jack he knows the rule My dog Jack greets me from school. Mail your submission to

Pet Rescue Magazine Box 37099, 8712-150 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 1E0 PET PROMISE Thousands of years ago, we humans formed a covenant with our companion animals. We wanted them to live with us and to share our lives. Because of this our ‘pets’ lost most of their natural skills to fend for themselves. It then became our responsibility to feed and care for them. While the animals have kept their end of the bargain, we humans largely have not. ~ Unknown

Hi my name is Sable and I am a very loving ferret. I love to play with my foster friends and the best thing of all is chasing my foster mon down the stairs. I have very many foster friends right now there is about 80 of us that need to find loving and forever homes. If you can help, please call 447-3336.

There aren’t enough places in the world for all the homeless animals, please spay and neuter your pets!

pet rescue magazine

October 2007


Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society (ERAS) I was almost run over on the Yellowhead Trail before I arrived at the ERAS Rescue via the pound back in August. I have an old healed scar on my stomach, so as you can imagine I have been through a lot, and am looking for a place to settle down! I am a Boa Constrictor and probably male.

Interested in adopting? ERAS is a non-profit organization dedicated to education as well as rescue of reptiles and amphibians in the Edmonton area. In 2006, we received 479 calls to our phone line and placed 42 animals, bringing our total number of rescued animals to date (since 1999) to 417. However, there are still many more animals that need foster and permanent homes. If you would like more information about adopting, please call our phone line! Reptiles and amphibians have specific needs, so please research the needs of the animal you are interested in. Coming to an ERAS meeting is a great place to start!

Hello! I am a Leopard Gecko and I came to the ERAS Rescue with a tail injury - it looks like I was in a situation where I came close to losing it - but it’s healing up very nicely! I am also missing the ends of a few toes and could stand to be a bit heavier yet, but I am looking for a new place to call home! Hello! My name is Stubby, and I’m looking for a new home! I’ve been through a lot I was found abandoned on Highway 14. As a result, my ERAS rescuers don’t know much about my history or why I am missing part of my tail. However, that doesn’t stop me from being an active guy, and I love to climb! I’m a good eater, and I’m also potty trained!

Rescue and Adoption phone line: (780) 429-0934 For more information on ERAS, check out 4PAWS ANIMAL RESCUE Sweet, loving and cuddly –that’s me! My name is Dahlia I enjoy long walks; unfortunately that is how I ended up in a pound. I was enjoying this little vacation until I began to hear the word euthanize –a lot- and I believe being directed towards me. Even cats know this is not good! So I turned on the charm and I was able to convince the nice guards to send me to 4Paws so I would find a new home. I am currently living with a foster family and they say my new parents should be picking me up any day now- if you think that could be you please call (780) 895-2195! 4

pet rescue magazine

Desperately Needed New Volunteers Volunteer Coordinator

4 Paws Rescue is experiencing some growing pains and is desperately seeking new volunteers and a volunteer coordinator. If you have some time for this worthy cause, please enquire by e-mail via our website

October 2007 local stories...local people...local pets

humane animal rescue team (hart) Hi, I’m Darby! I am an 8 month old Shep/Husky X. My foster mom says that I have the most beautiful grey eyes that compliment my shiny long hair. I am hoping to find a loving family that doesn’t mind brushing me and keeping me primped and gorgeous. I am almost completely housebroken and I’m learning new commands every day; I am a fast learner and catch on quickly. I come from a big family, so I am not new to sharing my toys with other dogs or humans. I also don’t mind being on my own too. I am hoping to find a loving home full of energy to play with me everyday.

Koda’s my name and running’s my game… but then again, so is fetch, tug-o-war and chase! I’m a 1yr old, completely housetrained, Shep X. People say that my combination of youth and breed make me a high drive dog, but all that means is that I have a lot of love to give and like to learn new things and get lots of exercise. I am very social with other dogs and people, but my favorite thing is a squeaky toy which can keep me occupied for hours! I am working on my basic commands with my foster parents and I’m a perfect student. I can’t wait to find a special person or family to run and play with forever!

Hello, my name is Charlie and I would love to meet you! I am a bouncy, happy, 8 month old Shep/Husky X and have a lot of energy to go around once I get to know my surroundings. I love to play with anyone and everyone. I will grow to be a large, strong dog, and will need a lot of exercise, but no matter what size I turn out to be, my sparkling ice blue eyes speak for themselves and will melt anyone’s heart. I play very well with others and would make a great farm dog as I love to run, jump and chase those pesky squirrels!

Hi! I’m Delilah and I am a 1yr old Lab/Collie X. I may look small, but I am full of energy and have a lot of love to give to anyone that likes to be kissed. I love playing with anything squeaky, fetching the ball, playing tugo-war with my rope, swimming, camping and going on long walks. I am catching on quickly to all of my basic commands, so I am for sure going to be the smartest pup around! I am also house trained and get along great with my fellow foster siblings. I hope to find a young active family that is willing to cuddle me and scratch behind my ears on a daily basis.

My name is Jupiter, but my foster mom calls me Mr. Manners because I am so well behaved. I am a 4yr old Shepherd X and I love long walks on my leash, squeaky toys and car rides. I am not sure why no one has snatched me up considering I am fixed, completely housetrained and very well behaved. I even stay off the furniture – unlike my foster siblings, I prefer to cuddle up to your feet. I love to play with my toys and don’t even mind sharing them with my animal or human siblings. I so want to please you and would love to meet to see if we are a match!

For more information please call

(780) 453-1866 or email Visit Us Anytime at local stories...local people...local pets


There are games, a free buffet and a silent auction, with all proceeds going towards the “hart society” Schanks Athletic Club 12 - 4 pm Tickets $10.00 Call Jen 951-0964 pet rescue magazine

October 2007


racing after one year of age. There are many stages to training, and as in any class, it requires commitment to succeed. If you plan to attend a flyball class, be prepared to work. Every dog learns at his or her own pace, but through positive reinforcement, ones patience will be rewarded.

Flyball Frenzy by Rachel Sentes Member of the Muttniks- a team made up entirely of Rescue Dogs


here is nothing like the sound of flyball. A cacophony of barks, squeals, and howls fill the arena when the racing begins. The most mild mannered of dogs will often become barking, and crazed, raring to race down to the end of the line and get their ball. When the words “Ready, Set, Go” are pronounced one can feel their dogs muscles tense up, hearts begin to race, and their bodies strain to race down the lane. Flyball is probably one of the only sports where barking wholeheartedly is encouraged. Commonly called Drag Racing for dogs, the team sport of Flyball is picking up speed in Alberta and across Canada. The game of Flyball matches two teams of four dogs each, racing sideby-side over a 51 foot long course. Each dog must run in relay fashion down the jumps, trigger a flyball box which contains a spring loaded tennis ball, retrieve it, and return over the jumps. The next dog crosses the line when the previous dog has returned over all 4 jumps and reached his/her owner at the end of the lane. The first team finishing the course with all four dogs, without error wins the heat, and usually it’s the best three out of five per race. 6

pet rescue magazine

The technical aspects of the game are many, as in other organized sports, and consist of jump heights (measuring the shortest dog sets the height of the jumps), start lights, passes and release times, however the main object is to have fun competitively with your dog. Speed is a factor in the game of flyball, and there are many combinations of dogs achieving top record breaking speeds. The object of the sport is to win the races and perhaps the fastest time, but all dogs win top points if they finish the race in less than 24 seconds. The Official World Record of 15.22 has been held since 2005 by the team Spring Loaded. Their team consisted of a Mixed breed, a Border collie, a Dutch Shepherd, and a Whippet. Unlike some other dogsports, flyball is not limited to specific breeds and is thus a great sport for mixed breeds, and especially rescue dogs. All dogs can earn titles in NAFA, based on a point system for times achieved in the races. Flyball is one of the few sports that a child of age five can race their own dog as part of a team and feel success in training their best pal.

Rescue dogs are ideal candidates for flyball. Often when a dog has had a tough start to it’s life, it takes longer to feel safe and secure in a new home and strange surroundings. Flyball helps to build a dog’s confidence, social skills, and often addresses some behavioral issues in a positive manner. While dog aggression in the game is not tolerated, many team players are more than happy to offer training tips and suggestions to help the dog succeed in the sport, and there are many cases where an otherwise difficult dog has achieved stardom in Flyball. Flyball is a community, and as such, they celebrate, reflect, encourage, and sometimes mourn together. If you are looking for a place that encourages playing with your dog, having fun, and weekend getaways, then flyball might be the sport for you. Currently the North American Flyball Association has over 700 registered clubs with more than 16,000 registered dogs. For more information go to the North American Flyball Association at to find a club or tournament in your area.

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Classes are offered through many training facilities and dogs can begin

October 2007

local stories...local people...local pets

Hinton & District SPCA

Please help I desperately need a home

Name’s Cash, and I am a 6 month old Border Collie X. I am also just as sweet as I am handsome! I am a little bit wary of new surroundings, but I’m not afraid of ‘dog people’ and I am very affectionate. I love to romp and play but my favourite thing is a good ear scratching! Once I fill out I will likely weigh in around 60-70 lbs. I need a family that will provide me with lots of daily exercise, ongoing training, an indoor bed, quality nutrition and playtime. Everyone calls me Molly! If well-mannered, pretty, sweet and smart are qualities that you are looking for then I may just be the perfect match for your family. I am a 5yr old Akita X looking for a loving, active, indoor and permanent home. I am simply gorgeous and a big girl at about 80 lbs. I know my basic obedience commands, I’m good with children and also have pretty good recall when off leash too. I aim to please and love to cuddle! I am pretty good with large dogs but I am not too sure about those smaller ones. Ideally I would like a six foot fence, secure gate and a safe indoor place to be when my family is away. If you can provide a quality lifestyle for me please come by for a visit! local stories...local people...local pets

My name is Fletcher, I was in the magazine last month and here I am again...Ok I am a handful I admit...but I’m also small, fluffy, loveable, cute and smart. I am a purebred American Eskimo that so desparately needs to be in a home of my own. I dream about having an active family (best that there’s no small children) that will love me and take the time to patiently train me in a calm assertive manner. Please call about me because I so need to leave the shelter, I am very anxious here it’s making me very stressed. I will try very hard to be a very good dog if you will give me a brand new start I promise. If you call the Hinton Shelter they can give you more information on me. Please call...Please

Big, lovable, sweet, and goofy –that’s me! My name is Sam the wonder-dog and I am a 2yr old, St. Bernard X. I am also black, white and lovable all over! I have a great temperament and I’m looking for an active, loving, permanent home. I am wonderful with kids, other dogs and basically everyone I meet. I am around 130 lbs, and my extra skin bounces around when I do. Watching me gallop and play is about as much fun as a dog lover can have on a sunny afternoon! I definitely want an indoor bed near my family and lots of love and tummy rubs. If your family can provide a stable, active, and loving home, come by to meet me! My name is Delilah and I am a little bit older and a whole-lot wiser than your average adolescent doggie. I am sure to be a delight for the lucky family who adopts me to be an important new member of their ‘pack’. I am well-mannered, excellent on leash, great in transit and good with people and dogs of all kinds. I am about 50lbs, already trained, friendly with everyone I meet and have perfect short little legs that keep me low-to-the-ground.

Hi! I’m Bailey and you can’t really tell by my picture, but I’m only around 40lbs. The debate is out as to my breed, so they call me an ‘All Canadian’ mixed breed sweetheart. I am spunky, playful and love to play fetch. Sometimes with new people I can be a little shy but I warm up quickly. I am only 1yr old, have a muscular, athletic build and already know my basic obedience commands. I will require lots of daily playtime and exercise to stay happy. If you are in a position to provide a stable, active and loving environment for the rest of my many years, come on by for a visit! Vegas here! I am a handsome, sweet, intelligent, playful Border Collie X. I am ready to be the cutest new member of a loving home. We Border Collies are working dogs, so I will require an active lifestyle, and maybe even a ‘job’ to do. I am more laid back than most, but would still like lots of exercise and mental stimulation (a.k.a. playtime) from a committed family. I am fine around children and really just want a stable role as family, friend and companion for the rest of my many years.

Take a road trip to a shelter full of treasure (780) 865-2800

pet rescue magazine

October 2007


Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS)


rairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS) is a registered, nonprofit, charitable, organization that has been operating for 1.5 years. PARS has already saved close to 200 dogs and 50 cats that would have otherwise faced euthanasia. Operating out of Northern Alberta in a highly dog populated area is extremely challenging and PARS does their best to concentrate their efforts on adoption days and bringing rescues to potential adopters. Although ideally it is best if the potential adopters are willing to travel to adopt their new family member. We are still taking entries for our logo competition until the end of October and look forward to presenting the new PARS logo very soon.

My name is Francine and this is one of my very best pals I’m hugging Riane Maclean. She is a 7yr old dedicated PARS volunteer and I am a 4yr old, female, Irish Wolf Hound X. I have a playful stubborn spirit and I am good but rambctious with other dogs. I am also housetrained and don’t mind cats! Everyone calls me Fraggle because sometimes I drop my head, my ears fall sideways and I look...well just like a Fraggle (for those of you who remember them)! I am a mid size girl...yahyah I know you’re all looking for either a small dog or a large dog right? You silly, silly, two-leggers! You just don’t understand I am the best size of all! I am also great with kids and other dogs, but I have not yet met the cats.

Thank you for checking out the rescues at Prairie Animal Rescue Society! Please consider giving a loving and responsible home to one of our many, many worthy pets. You won’t be disappointed!

I’m all dressed up for Halloween! My name is Julia Gulia and I am a 6 month old Lab X. I am great with, kids, cats, and other dogs. I am so anxious to find my new family but I am trying hard to be patient and wait my turn for a home. I am quite laid back and calm for such a young girl but keep in mind I am still 100% puppy!

ChingaChingaBoBingaBanannaFannaFoFingaFeFiFoe – Chinga!!! I am a 2yr old, female, Husky X. I am a definite house dog, good with cats, other dogs, and I love kids. I am however pretty vocal which can sometimes scare small kids. I am known to drop to the floor at incredible speed for a belly rub, and I love the off leash parks. I am also good in the car and house trained. Wow! Friendly, loving, lots of chatter and I won’t pee on your floor –what a catch!

Wish List PARS is always in need of supplies for the rescues such as food, dishes, bedding and towels. Also gratefully accepted are cleaning supplies (paper towel, bleach, vinegar, laundry detergent, etc.) and administration supplies (paper, pens, message/note books, etc.). For those who would rather make a monetary donation, cheques can be sent by mail to PARS, Box 3236, High Prairie, AB, T0G 1E0 or donations can be made on line via Paypal. All donations of $15.00 or more will be provided a tax receipt.

Scooner here, I am a 5 month old, female, Border Collie X, with 2 different colored eyes. I was found with 5 other littermates in a ditch beside our deceased mother who had sadly been hit on the highway. PARS says not to worry about us now though, we are all destined for great things in wonderful, committed, homes! Pitt...that’s right folks they call me Pitt, Brad Pitt! I am a 1.5yr old male Great Dane Blood Hound X, I have dreamy blue eyes, a beautiful deep voice, get along well with other dogs and can even ride the quad! If your talking about talent and good looks then PARS says you must be talking about me! I was found standing in the middle of the highway...not sure why I was hanging out there but I’m safe now and looking for a loving home. They named me Mumble but I’m not sure why...I’m just happy to have my very own name! They found me on the highway with obvious road rash, but I don’t hold this against anyone. In fact, I am a total lover and droop like a wet noodle the minute you pick me up! I would love to cuddle with you for as long as you are willing. They call me Tregg...or Treggilicous! I am not quite a year old, love kids and other dogs but have not met those things they keep calling cats so I’m not sure how I feel about them quite yet. I am a beautiful Red Heeler X (Australian Cattle Dog). I do like to herd but I listen pretty well and like to please.

My name is Milly and I am the lifetime achievement award winner because I am the longest dog residing at PARS. I am only 2yrs old and just 35lbs, but full of attitude – the good kind of course! I am house trained and good with cats, however I do like to herd and give small dogs a hard time for being cute...I don’t like cute. When I first came to PARS I brought my five babies with me but they have since found good homes. PARS has assured me I no longer have to worry about having any more kids.

An Apple A Day


ight for ore Eyes

Erin Gunderson, DVM Dr. Gunderson is a practicing veterinarian at Whitemud Creek Veterinary Clinic, Edmonton


here are many reasons an animal can have red eyes. One of the most common causes of red eyes in our pets is corneal ulcers. These are a disturbance in the outermost layer (epithelium) of the cornea (like a scratch). The cornea is the clear portion of the front of the eye. I am a male, Catahoula Leopard X named Knub. I am 1.5yrs old, friendly and just love the water! I get along well with other dogs but still need some more work on my cat skills. PARS took me in from the pound as a stray and I came with a few trust issues but now I just love you two-leggers. I would make an awesome boat companion. Catahoulas are the Louisiana State dog and are working dogs by nature. Please do some research if you’re interested in me as I need a lot of mental stimulus and exercise.

For more information on any of our wonderful rescues please call (780) 536-3868 or visit


w w w. p r a i r i e a n i m a l



Logo Competition

Visit our website for details

What are some causes of corneal ulcers? Trauma: Scratches to the cornea from things like branches and plants, playing with other dogs and cats, or scratching at their own face because of a painful/itchy ear or eye. Chemical irritation: corneal ulcers can be caused by some shampoos, soaps and household products containing ammonia, among other chemicals. Foreign bodies: Occasionally, small pieces of plant material, large dust particles, or other foreign objects can become embedded in the cornea, causing a corneal ulcer. Underlying diseases: Dry eye (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca), where tear production is inadequate, can predispose dogs to corneal ulcers. Abnormal orientation of eyelids (rolled in, called entropion) or abnormal orientation of hairs and eyelashes on the eyelids can irritate the cornea and cause corneal ulcers in dogs. Cats can get upper respiratory infections that can predispose them to continued on page 11 9

Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP)

snap Spay Neuter Action Program

I think I might be a Lab/Terrier X, or a PBGV, but I’m not certain. One things for sure, I deserve a good home. My name is Diesel and my sister and I were recently rescued from the pound, luckily she has found a loving home but I do miss doting on her terribly and need to find a home of my own. I am sweet, well socialized and great with kids. Contact SNAP to arrange a meeting and come see if I am the one. My name is Bandit and I am 1.5 yrs old. I can’t believe I have been with SNAP so long. It’s been over 6 months. I just can’t figure out why someone won’t adopt me. I like people, other cats, kids, and I’m very easy to get along with. I have a great personality and I am good looking to boot. I pass my days keeping busy doing office work, but would love to retire and spend my days with you. Call and I’ll pencil you in for a meeting. Zeus is the name I lovelovelove the water…maybe because I am an Akita/Newfoundland X. I am about 1yr old and I was surrendered to SNAP so now I am living with foster parents until I can find a new family. I have my water wings ready if you’d like to give me a call. 10

pet rescue magazine

My name is Oreo (yeah, like the cookie) and I am 1yr old with classy tuxedo coloring. I love to sit in the window and watch the birds and bees fly by. Just one little rub and I am upside down purring, a beautiful sign of my trusting nature. I would really like to find my forever home soon so I can relax and let my hair down.

So how’s this for a mug shot! I am a pound rescue and I may look grumpy, but I am really just misunderstood. I have had a rough go out on the streets fending for myself and I have been known to cower if approached too quickly. I am also known for gently licking my foster’s hands when they tend to me. At one time I think I must have been loved by someone, I am such a gentle soul. Due to my past difficulties, I need a loving, understanding owner who has the patience to win me over. I would also really like to be the only pet in the household to feel extra secure. Please give SNAP a call if you would like more information.

Many of us can be seen at the


My name is Casper and I am about 1yr old with gorgeous lynx point coloring. Often mistaken for a top fashion model, I get a little irate when people think I’m a ‘she’. Easy mistake I guess with a pretty boy face like mine, but still!!! I am currently living in foster care with other cats and have shown great social skills. I can be a bit on the shy side, but will open up if given a loving home. Please call to arrange a meet with me, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

9934 - 170 Street

I’ve got Bette Davis eyes...... Yes, my name is Bette Davis and when you come in to meet me you’ll know why. I have the most astounding eyes that are sure to win you over. I am a tiny little girl under a year old. I am bewildered by all the new cats around me and I can be a bit timid, so I would do best in a quiet home. I love to be stroked and I’m very affectionate. Please consider me as an addition to your family.

October 2007

local stories...local people...local pets

An Apple A Day

continued from page 9

corneal ulcers (e.g. Feline Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus, for which we routinely vaccinate). Breeds: Breeds with bulging eyes (Pugs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, etc…) are especially prone to corneal ulcers because their eyes are more exposed to the environment. In addition, individuals of these breeds can have difficulties completely closing their eyelids over their bulging eyes, which can cause the cornea to become dry from inadequate tears. What are some of the signs your pet might exhibit? This is usually a very painful condition, so pets might squint, have a protruding third eyelid (from the inner corner of the eye), or may even paw at or rub their face on the ground. The eye will be red, the pupil may be much smaller than usual, there may be some areas of white cloudiness to the cornea (edema), and occasionally, you may be able to see the defect in the cornea (no longer nice and smooth).

Finally, an Elizabethan Collar (“lampshade”) should be worn AT ALL TIMES until the ulcer is completely healed to protect the cornea from further damage. Pets will often paw at their eyes when the eye is painful or after eye medications are administered, which can worsen the ulcer. Remember that a simple corneal ulcer should heal within 3-7 days, depending on the extent of it. Therefore, a recheck with your veterinarian is warranted in 3-4 days to ensure the ulcer is healed, or well on its way to healing. If this is not the case, your pet could have a more complicated type of ulcer that may even require surgery. If you should see any of the signs described above, please seek the advice of your veterinarian. Early intervention is the best likelihood of a successful outcome.

How is it diagnosed? Your veterinarian will use a fluorescent stain on your pet’s eyes, which adheres to the damaged cornea, highlighting the extent of the ulcer across it. Treatment A damaged cornea is prone to infection (or may already be infected), so antibiotic eye drops are warranted for prevention. These are applied 3-4 times daily. Atropine eye drops can be used to keep the eye comfortable. The iris (coloured portion of the eye) contains muscles which control the size of the pupil. With a corneal ulcer, these muscles spasm and cause the pupil to constrict. Because this can be quite painful, atropine is applied to paralyze the muscles, resolving the spasm while causing the pupil to dilate. Atropine has a bitter taste, which can cause some cats to foam at the mouth. Occasionally, in more painful eyes, where the atropine may not be adequate, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (drug related to aspirin) eye drop can be used in the eye to keep it more comfortable. This is usually applied 3-4 times daily. Remember to always wait 5 minutes between applications of eye drops to allow the drop to absorb adequately. Apply ointments last (these need ~20 minutes to absorb fully). Any underlying causes of the ulcer (e.g. Dry eye, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and incomplete closure of the eyelids) need to be diagnosed, addressed, and treated (if treatment exists). local stories...local people...local pets

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October 2007


Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) My Foster Mom and Dad call me Peanut ‘cause I’m so tiny. I have obviously come from a bad place. I am only about 3 weeks old, and you can feel my tiny little spine, and all the bones in my body - I’m beyond model skinny. I have scar tissue on my head and an eye that’s going to have to come out - it’s really infected and has a puncture in really hurts me but I’m a trooper. Life here is pretty good, I am getting fed every 2 hours, I have a warm bed and even other critters to cuddle with. My vet bills are pretty high so far and every little bit helps, so if you can spare anything for a little fighter, please call (780) 471-2275

I am Skylar, a very sweet, gorgeous Border Collie X. I came from the pound with my 4 month old puppy and I am about 1.5yrs old. I love attention and I am comfortable with both kids and adults...but I still think the one great use for cats is a good chase! The cats don’t care for this much so best I don’t have any of those little guys running around in my new home. My favourite thing in the whole wide world is having my belly rubbed but I also love to run and play –a lot!!! I am housetrained, but I am still working on crate training and walking on a leash. I am about 20 inches tall and weigh about 40 lbs. If you are looking for a happy, active, and loving companion please call (780) 675-3018.

My name is Layne and it looks like I have had a very rough life. I have lots of scars and have obviously suffered in the past, but, I am a sweet boy and thrilled to be in kind company. I am not very big and only weigh in around 40lbs. Please call (780) 675-3018 Hey everyone! I’m Charlie and although quite large I have a very gentle disposition. I am a young guy and I have been great with other dogs, but I do need some work on leash. Being guided by a rope is a little hard to get used to when you’ve been living on your own roaming free! Regular meals however have been an easy adjustment and I’m ready to learn the rest! Please call (780) 675-3018

Lanca, May and Charlotte are waiting for new homes

For more information call (780) 462-8482 12

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October 2007

I am called Mama Gretchen and I think I am a Lab/ Collie X. I came from a northern Alberta pound with my two babies, and we are all looking for homes that will shower us with the attention we deserve. I am only about 45lbs and my foster mom says I am a very good girl. Please call (780) 637-0999 They named me Vanessa, I think it’s very pretty just like me. I am likely a Collie/Lab X and only about 45lbs. I am good with other dogs but I can be shy at first with people...don’t worry I come around quickly once I know you’re safe. I am hoping fate will kick in and my new loving family will find me soon...could it be you? Please call (780) 675-3018. Hello ladies, my name is Pacino, but you can call me Casanova.* *You see, I am a true ladies man! I am great with dogs and children and love attention. If you can believe it, someone took a cord and wrapped it around my muzzle, leaving me with this awful scar. How could anyone be so cruel to me? Ah well, I sure am a happy boy now! I don’t particularly care for that crate thing, so my fostermon let me sleep with the fur-girls and I didn’t even have an accident or anything. Little does she know that I snuck into the little girl’s room and slept with her! The vet figures I am under 2 years old and that I could be a Husky/ Malamute, crossed with a smaller breed(s) as I am only 36 lbs. I am looking for my very own special family who will love me as much as I will love them. Call (780) 619-1206.

Visit many more of our friends at

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Take A Walk In Their Paws

Keeping Your Pet Safe On Halloween


estive time dangers aren’t just a concern for children, you must use common-sense and take precautions to keep your pets safe too. Halloween can be very scary, overwhelming and confusing for your pet. If you were to take a ‘walk in their paws’ it could easily come across as absolute chaos! Imagine from your pet’s point of view observing the festivities. Special ornaments appear around the house and tension starts building with the kid’s excitement. Next thing you know there are dozens of children dressed up in costumes of all shapes and sizes running around your neighbourhood waving swords and other crazy accessories in the air. Flashlights are coming from all directions and everyone is shrieking ‘trick or treat’!!!

local stories...local people...local pets

Your neighbours and the numerous visitors that keep arriving are purposely trying to scare everyone else and in all of the excitement your people ignored you, forgot to feed you or worse yet dressed you up to join in the ‘fun’. What would you think? You may think your family or home is at risk, or maybe you just can’t wait to get out there and join the fun! Either way, here are a few tips to keep your pets a bit safer and stress free in what can be a highly excitable and uncertain time. Tip 1 Remember that chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs so if they are begging for some of the treat action be sure to keep it to treats that are made for pets! Raisins too can cause serious reactions if ingested. Keep an eye on your pets when carving pumpkins...some of those larger pieces if ingested, could cause intestinal blockage. Be sure the kids put the candy wrappers safely in the garbage where the pets can not get a hold of tinfoil, cellophane, and other packaging materials that could harm or block their digestive tracts. Keep watch for extra litter over the next few days in the neighbourhood too. If you think your pet may have ingested something harmful contact your veterinarian or the after hours emergency vet clinic. DO – For a fun activity around Halloween, look up some pet treat recipes and make your own healthy and safe treats for your pets in a Halloween theme! Tip 2 Shwack, Shwack, Shwack –watch out for those happy dog tails! Halloween tends to encourage more candlelight and if kept on coffee tables some of your larger dogs may get their tail in the flame. Also watch for cats if they are allowed on any of these surfaces (or sneak on to them!). Their tails, whiskers and paws can easily be at risk should they decide to be curious as a cat! This is not just about pet safety; if pets are not closely watched they could start a fire that puts your whole family in jeopardy. DO - Use flashlights inside of Jack-O-Lanterns instead of candles. Be sure to keep candles off of the coffee tables or any other surface your pets may be on or near, and use sturdy candle holders that are not easily knocked over. As always do not leave any candles unattended. Tip 3 The debate over costumes continues! Reality is that many pets do not enjoy being dressed up and some may not even allow it! However, there are plenty who are actually quite pleased with themselves when donning a special costume. Parading around the room while everyone oohs and ahhs over them can be a fantastic time for some pets! You know your pet best, so use good judgement but keep in mind that with all of the excitement going on you may want to limit further stress. If using a pet costume, be sure your pet can still see, breath, bark and walk without tripping on their costume. Avoid small objects or dangling accessories that can be tempting to chew or swallow, and never use elastic bands as they can cut off circulation. Keep away from masks all together and do not leave your Halloween Saftey continued pg 14 pet rescue magazine

October 2007


Safe Haven Animal Rescue Edmonton Society (SHARES) My name is Osa and I am a 4 month old Lab X who is very affectionate and loves attention. I am good with other dogs and very smart. I already know how to sit and I am doing well with my potty training! I want you to know I will be a large girl when I am fully grown. I hope to find my new family soon! Are you the one?

I am 7 months old and everyone calls me Cali the Cutie! I am a sweet and calm little girl who gets along well with other dogs and cats. I will probably only be about 1.5ft tall max when fully grown and I am already crate and potty trained.

We need homes can you help? My name is Buddy and I am looking for a new home to call my very own. I am quiet, well behaved and fine with other dogs in the home. I am also very good in the car, know my basic commands and how to shake a paw. I seem a little protective of whoever is holding my leash when other dogs are around but I’m working on that. I am about 2.5ft tall, 65lbs and around 5yrs old.

Call (780)707-5753 to learn more about these wonderful pets or visit

My name is Heidi and I am a super sweet girl who adores playing in the kiddie pool! I do well with other big dogs, whether wrestling, chasing or being chased but I can be a little too rough with small dogs. I am a VERY active girl and I love to go for walks, runs, and bicycle rides. I am very affectionate and after a full day of fun I think the perfect ending is to rest with my people. I am crate trained and keep quiet throughout the night, but come morning I am ready to enjoy life all over again! I am ok with cats who know how to stand their ground and I am currently working hard on my manners so I can be the best dog ever! The SHARES volunteers call me Rocco. I am a neutered, 2.5ft tall, 60lb little gentleman. I am well behaved in the home and in the car and I’m kennel trained too. I love adults and kids alike and I have been good with my female Rottie friend here at my fosterhome but should not be in a home with cats or small dogs. I also know all the basic commands and I can even give you five if there is a treat I am an extremely happy-go-lucky puppy that goes by the name Chase. I am very energetic and love to please. I also learn very quickly and already know how to fetch, sit, lay down, roll over, shake a paw, stand up, be gentle, jump and stay...but all I really want to do is play! I like to run, go for walks and enjoy playtime with other dogs. Sometimes I will try and be a bit pushy while playing, but I will respect another dog who puts me in my place...I will even go as far as bringing the other dog a toy as a peace offering!

Halloween Safety continued from page 13

pet unattended in a costume as they could chew and choke on pieces of the costume or even get entwined and strangle themselves in a panic. DO – If you want to take pictures of your pet in a costume, do it before all of the festivities start. If your dog is accompanying you for trick or treating or answering the door with you that night, settle for a bandanna or smaller Halloween accessory. It’s great to have them along for the walk but if other people have the same idea your costumed dog could be more intimidating and considered a threat to other dogs. 14

pet rescue magazine

October 2007

Tip 4 Being inside does not mean your pet will avoid all of the dangers associated with Halloween. Be sure to check over your Halloween decorations. Electrical cords can cause a life threatening shock and if your pet decides to chew on special ornaments around the house they could damage their mouth on sharp objects or even swallow and choke. If you decide to have a Halloween gathering in your home, remember your pet’s wellbeing. Many pets are stressed when other people come into their territory. When you factor in the costumes and extra noise alone your pets are being subjected to high stimulus. Whether local stories...local people...local pets

Halloween Safety continued from page 14

your pet is a dog, cat, bird or ferret their regular schedule and surroundings are being altered and their comfort must be considered. DO – Use common sense! Put your pets in other rooms where they will not be disturbed by guests, games or music if you are having a party in your home. This will also insure you do not lose them while people are coming and going from your home. Supervise your pets with festive ornaments and try to keep them out of your pets reach entirely. Tip 5 We have all heard of the Halloween horror stories of animal theft, teasing, torture and even murder. Do Not Leave Your Pet Vulnerable. At this time the only place safe for your pet is on a short leash by your side or inside your home. DO - Take or let your pets out early and bring them in well before dark on Halloween. Do not be fooled into thinking if your pet is tied up outside in the yard it will be safe. It is also recommended that cats are not allowed out for a few days before Halloween either. They may want out pretty bad but please keep them inside. The dangers are far too great on an average day outside for a cat, but Halloween brings extra threats to their safety. Also be sure to keep your pets well identified at all times to help aid a quick and easy return home should they somehow get loose.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Sentes

Happy Halloween May the Force be with You!

Rachel Sentes’ pets: Princess Leia Daisy, Darth Vader Pumpkin, and Wonder Woman Lucy local stories...local people...local pets

The McDonald Family Animal Rescue

Hi there; We are 8 month old guinea pig brothers, named Peanut Butter and Jam! We were surrendered because the children that were supposed to love and play with us, didn’t really want to. They had begged their mom to buy us and she finally gave in. Well, mom soon realized that she was going to have to take care of us and she didn’t want to either. So here we are, looking for another family to love, have fun with and care for us forever! Please remember a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Boy, I sure am lucky that someone was looking out for me. I was rescued by a caring neighbour who kept me from starving and drowning in my cage whenever it rained. She brought me to the McDonald’s, who gave me a larger cage and brought me in the house! I am a lop ear bunny and I love to be stroked. I am just waiting for the perfect family to take me home (indoors only of course!) and give me the love and attention I deserve. My name is Reggie the Degu, and I have been waiting for a long time to find a loving home to call my own! My mom arrived pregnant with my siblings and I, so I have been ‘homeless’ for my entire life! If you take me home, I can bring my cage and most of my belongings…you just need to provide love, care and companionship. Are you up to it?

Am I not the most gorgeous animal you’ve ever seen? My name is Boomer, I’m an Eastern Collard Lizard, and I’ve ended up far from my natural habitat! I am homesick, and I’m looking for a family that will do their best to give me back what has been taken from me…space to run, rocks to climb, and sand to dig in. Although I wish I was out in the wild, where space is unlimited and the rocks are HUGE, a large enclosure of at least 5’x2’x2’ will suffice. I’m a nice guy, very gentle and easy to handle…can you give me a suitable home and the care I need to thrive? The McDonald’s sure do have a lot of chinchillas! My name is Sisko, and I hate to brag, but I’d have to say that I’m the sweetest chinchilla you’ll ever meet! My foster family just adores me, and I am always eager to jump out onto their shoulders and get scratches behind my ears and under my chin. I’m looking forward to finding a life long family of my very own, who will love me and give me a chin-safe room to bounce around in! Could you be that family?

pet rescue magazine

October 2007


Northern Alberta Society For Animal Protection (NASAP) Hey you... yes you!!! Look at me! I am only 12 weeks old but I already have my own name... they call me Gizmo! I am an energetic and affectionate little kitten that loves to play and purr constantly. I will be a wonderful companion for my adoptive family and promise to provide lots of love and plenty of smiles...and seriously folks who could pass by my handsome little face?

Hi, my name is Fin and I am a big, handsome high-energy, 11 month old, Lab X who gets along with everyone! I am a big goofy boy, so I need a family with patience because although I look all grown up I am really still just a young pup. So if you want a fun loving, handsome, outgoing boy, look no further - I am right here waiting for you.

My name is Blaze and I am the biggest sweetheart of a dog. I am 3yrs old, laid back and get along great with other animals. In fact my best friend used to be a cat! I am a very well mannered Collie X who loves attention from people. I am looking for a family that wants a big teddy bear that will spoil me rotten!

HI there, my name is Chip and I am looking for my own family. I am extremely kind, get along well with all 4 legged friends and I’m good with kids too! I would make a great family pet because I love to play and I have a goofy, happy personality. I am a 1yr old, very sweet, Beagle/Collie X and I would love the opportunity to meet you and wiggle my way into your heart!

My name is Pudgy Pot and I am the friendliest, most affectionate 4yr old girl around! I came from the pound and have perfect tuxedo markings. I am a super relaxed, calm, and completely submissive with people and other cats. I am just an all around sweetheart.

Hi there! I am T-Bone, and yes I am as cute as ever! I am going to be a large active dog when I grow up so I am looking for a family that has lots of time to spend with me. I am only around 10 weeks old and I am a Golden Retriever/Lab X.

My name is Eddie and I am a very sweet, beautiful tuxedo cat with a cute little snippet of white on my nose! Given time and patience in foster care, I have come to trust my people and have a wonderful personality! I love to cuddle and will lay and roll around in your lap to soak up all the love and affection you can provide. I am a very quiet cat with a tiny, high-pitched meow, but I definitely turn into a purr-machine when you stroke me. I will need a quiet, calm and strictly indooronly home where I will be allowed time to settle in. I am only 1-2yrs old and I get along very well with other cats. I am a large male tuxedo cat named Vincent. I am looking for a simple life in a happy home. I am very laid back, quiet, affectionate and easy to handle. I would be a wonderful addition to any family! Did you notice my beautiful white whiskers and eyebrows?

For information on any of our animals please call (780) 922-0250 or visit


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