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Lap It Up! Happy Family Day! We hope you all have a wonderful month and get a chance to spend some quality time with all your two and four legged loved ones... whether that includes feathers, fur or scales! This new year will bring more growth and many changes to Pet Rescue Magazine. Along with our new subscription option, we also hope to expand our page count. A continuous challenge that follows us into 2009 is our constant shortage of space. We never have enough room to feature the content we would like, let alone all the pets submitted each month. With expansion we can feature more rescues, and plan to bring in additional interesting stories about local events, informative articles, current issues in the animal world, fantastic tips and guidance for responsible pet guardianship, and even a section for the younger crowd! Also watch for letters on adoption success stories and a monthly volunteer/animal rescue employee recognition column. We want to get the word out about all the animals right here in Alberta that are in desperate need of homes and one more chance at a good life. We want the public to know there are resources to find the type of pet they desire without contributing to the irresponsible breeding practices of their neighbors or by spending large amounts of money for crossbreeds. We want Albertans to know they can save a life ...things can be changed ...and that everyone can help to make a difference. We also want the many rescue organizations to know they are not alone, that Albertans do care, and that


pet rescue magazine

February 2009

Cover Model: My name is Libby. I was living with my 4 kittens when I was found scavenging for food. We lived in an old abandoned vehicle that a garage used for parts. I had to be trapped because I was scared to death of people. My kittens initially needed to be bottle fed for a couple of weeks, but they have since been adopted to loving homes. I was one of the first rescues at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary and now I reside here permanently because of my feral background. I love it here, and have become good friends with the other residents. If you are looking to give a cat a warm and loving home, then please consider one of my adoptable friends on page 8.

although there are thousands of homeless animals in Alberta their determined efforts and sacrifices are not in vain. We plan to expand as soon as resources allow and hope our supporters will help where they can. You can help by ordering a subscription to PRM, submitting articles/stories/etc. for print, advertising, giving us constructive comments and feedback, sponsoring a rescued pet’s spot, supporting Alberta animal rescue groups, or just getting the word out to spay and neuter pets. It is truly our pleasure to continue helping guide rescues home in 2009! The PRM Team

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Help For Your Shy Dog

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Safe Haven Animal Rescue Edmonton Society

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Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS)

Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart)

Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP)

Alberta Ferret Society (AFS)

Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary

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Paws For Life

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February 2009


Tail of the Month

Rachel Sentes Book Review


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Help for Your Shy Dog

July 4, 1970 - November 27, 2008 Terry’s devotion to children and animals, her great capacity to love, her loyalty and her compassion, will continue to be a guiding light - until we meet again, across the Rainbow Bridge


I highly recommend it to owners of rescue animals, because as many are aware, with rescues unknown factors of their past can sometimes rear an ugly head leaving owners scrambling to find quick fixes. Why not add this book right next to your Complete Dog Manual by Bruce Foglethen you will be prepared for anything!

Beagle Paws Rescue

Call for Appointment 780.717.8770

Peace River SPCA Hello! My name is Copper and I am a very energetic 1yr old Shep/Lab X. I am very friendly, but I need a lot of exercise, so I am looking for a person with energy that will match my own! I still need training, but I am improving on the leash and starting to catch on. Hello my name is Dingo and I am looking for a loving home. I am a 1yr old Border Collie/ Lab X. I walk well on leash, but what I would really love is a big yard. I would love to run around, play and explore all day with you! (780) 624-3633

February 2009

Are you looking for a special little doggie to dote on and cuddle all the time? My name is George and I’m a very handsome boy. I am 2yrs old, and I may have had a hard time before I came to Beagle Paws because I seem to have some battle scars. I’m quite shy, and if I’m scared, startled or confused I can be a little assertive. I also am reluctant to share my toys, probably because I’ve never had any before. I would really like to find that special someone with the patience to help me overcome my fears. My name is Shilo and I’m an 8yr old senior. My previous family was too busy to take care of me so they decided I should look for somewhere else to live. As you can see, I’m one happy, smiley little boy. I love going for walks and, of course, doggie treats are always welcome. I get along with other dogs but I’d prefer not to have to live with the inconvenience of a cat. I’m not always interested in too much foolishness, so a family with older children would be more to my liking.

(780) 488-4636 Proud Supporter of Animal Rescue

I have to admit that I was drawn to this book by the illustration of a cowering Border Collie on the front cover. I think generally most people think of Border Collies as having outgoing personalities rather than shy. My sister picked this book up after one of our dogs suffered a traumatic event that changed her reactions to our once every day normal routines. It proved to be invaluable as a resource, and as a guide to re-training and instilling confidence in our dog again. Using real life scenarios and case studies, author Deborah Wood takes the reader through tips to calm your dog, and more importantly treat more than just symptoms. These are solid facts that can be used and repeated on a consistent basis and will restore your faith in your dog’s ability to cope with life around them. Help for a Shy dog can be used for any type of dog at any stage in their life, and covers everything from traumatic events to little phobias that develop during a dog’s life that are difficult to understand and cope with. Topics in the book include the four causes of fearful personalities, eliminating nervousness, finding the right training class for your dog’s personality, phobias, as well as uncontrolled urination, nervous defecation, and fear biting. It also includes how to add a second dog to your family, and games and activities to instill confidence in your dog. This book is very useful if the owner is going to take the time and commitment to work with their dog on solving their unwanted behaviour. We learned a great deal from this book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to step into the world of a fearful dog, and help them become secure in your household.

pet rescue magazine

In Memory of Terry Horwitz

rk Pa

little arf'n annie offers:

Turning Your Terrified Dog into a Terrific Pet by Deborah Wood


10 .5 D R P. TW

d oo rw e Sh

Mention this ad & get 10% off our boarding services or products 780.662.DOGS (3647) 24 hour staff • several exercise sessions per day non breed specic • special needs accommodated at no extra charge • individual attention local stories...local people...local pets

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) What can I say about myself? I’m very sweet, have been good with other dogs and listen very well. My name is Amber and I am a Collie X. I’m 1-2yrs old and can’t wait to find a family of my very own to love and play with forever and ever! I am a 40 lb, sweetheart named Howey. They think I am a Sheltie/ Collie X, around 8yrs old. I am very laid back, kennel trained and like to take my time. I recently had my first hip surgery and it went very well! We are waiting to see what my other hip does as I may still need another surgery. I am already a happy boy, but I can’t wait to take a pain-free step! Affectionate is the best word to describe me, but you can call me Swiper. I am a 3yr old Husky X that seems to be fine with other dogs. However I don’t think I would be a good buddy for a dominant male…that is my role! My favorite thing to do (notice how I say “my”) is to jump up and give hugs. This is fine ONCE but after that my foster mom gets a little annoyed, since I am as tall as her when I jump up. I can hardly wait to give you a hug!

My name is Quinn and I am a 3-4yr old, Lab X, weighing in around 65 lbs. I love (and I am extremely motivated by) FOOD! I am learning all sorts of training commands and I am very gentle with my 15 month, and 4yr old, 2 legged, foster children. If you think you could give me love and FOOD, give us a call. I will be waiting with the menu ready!!!

I am sponsored by Karen Hunter. Thank You! Hi, my name is Jane and I am 6 mths old. I was found with my leg stuck in a garage door, starving and freezing in a -30 cold spell. My kneecap had been dislocated. I got emergency care and then after the pound one of the emergency nurses picked me up and I came to SCARS. My kneecap operation went very well! I love to cuddle and I can’t wait to find my forever home.

(780) 466-7227 ~ Country Haven Rescues My name is Dane. I am a handsome Great Dane/Wolfhound X with a super personality. My foster mom says I look almost magical when I’m out romping outdoors and that pictures could never do me justice. Please do your research on my breed, I’m a big boy with a short coat who needs to be kept indoors. Hi! My name is Macy. I am a wonderful Retriever X with a huge heart and lots of love to give my new family….now I just need a family! More than anything I really just want a home where I will be loved.

(780) 621-1631 local stories...local people...local pets

Hi. My name is Chewy and I am a Sheba Inu X. My foster mom says I’m a real hoot and that I am always up for anything. I love to play with other dogs, kids, toys - you name it. I am a fun loving guy and I am only 35lbs so I don’t think I will even take up too much room! Hi! My name is WALLY. My foster mom thinks I am a Border Collie X around 3.5 months old. My sister and I were found out in the freezing cold. She found a wonderful home and now it’s my turn! I am a fun loving little ball of sister was the bossy one...I just go with the flow.

Hi! My name is Ruby, I came from a humane society in Manitoba that sadly had to close their doors for good. I am about 3 mths old and a German Shepherd/Lab X. Lots of licks to the special volunteer at PAKS who drove me here so I could get my fresh start. Please visit our website at or call (780)222-7259 to learn more about me.

pet rescue magazine

February 2009


Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP) They call me Savannah. I am a 5yr old, German Shepherd X. I was a little shy, but I’m quickly learning to trust and fit in with my new foster family. I’m eager to please and already learning to walk on a leash. I get along with the other dogs and I’m not bothered by the cats…unless they run, then the chase is on! I am about 8yrs old and have a few nicks and scratches from having to fend for myself as a stray. I’m very grateful to have lots of food, and a warm safe place to lay my sweet head. My sad little expression is sure to improve once I have a home and loving family to call my own.

Not much is known about me and I’m not talking. I am very self assured and laid back…skills I learned from surviving alone on the streets. Other than a few nicks in my ear I am not bothered by my past. One thing is for sure, I’m ready to meet and go home with you. I’m a small 1yr old girl with the sweetest little face! I have a very kind disposition and hope to have my very own family soon. I am looking forward to meeting you!

I would make the puuurfect addition to your family! I’m about 8 mths of age and was rescued off of the streets as a stray. I am thrilled to have a warm place to lay my head and food to fill my belly. However, I would be even more thrilled to make your home mine!

I’m about 1yr old. My previous family parted ways and moved…leaving me behind. I’m not letting the fact that I was unwanted get me down though, I know I have a lot to offer a loving forever family. If you have a soft spot and a big heart, you could be the special someone I really need.

I have the most amazing aqua colored eyes and the cutest little face you have ever seen. I am one of many abandoned kitties waiting for good homes. Though I have been through a lot, I still have lots of love to give.

Bob here…I am between 1-2yrs old and I have not let the lumps and bumps of life get me down. I’m missing a tip of my ear (frostbite), so I may not win beauty contests but I make up for it with my winning personality! Friendly beyond description…prepare to be mauled and lavished with love!

Tiny and frightened, that’s me. I’m a new little male at SNAP around 6 mths old. I need a quiet and loving home to call my own so I can come out of my shell. I have lots of love to give so I hope you will choose me soon!

My name is Hazel and I’m a 2yr old, Duck Tolling Retriever X. I weigh about 30lbs and I’m anxious to meet my family. I’m very loving, affectionate and adorable. I’m a bit timid and can startle easily with loud noises, so I’d do best as the only animal in a home ~ (780) 968-0025 6

pet rescue magazine

February 2009

Big home? Big yard? Big heart? Then I’m the one for you! We are cute as a button and growing by leaps and bounds. They think my littermates and I are going to be big dogs. We hope to be in our new homes soon…could it be yours? All my brothers and sister have found homes, but I’m still waiting for mine. I’m about 3.5 mths old and can’t wait to find a family. If you have a loving home you would like to share with me, I’m ready and waiting! Can you guess which one I am?

Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) My name is Brutus and despite my tough-guy name, I am a big softy. I am a quiet guy who gets along with everybody I meet – other dogs, cats, adults and children. My laid back personality allows me to go with the flow and I always get rewarded by hugs. I love those!! My brother thinks that he is the best looking pup around…but I think I can give him some fine competition! My name is Giget, and I’m not just a looker either. I absolutely love playing with all the other dogs around here and I am learning how to behave in a house. My name is Autrey and I am the fuzziest, best looking pup around…or at least I think I am! I have a fuzzy coat that makes me quite cuddly, and when I am not playing that is my favorite thing to do.

780) 455-4278 local stories...local people...local pets


In Memory On December 1st, hours before going to press, PRM received word that sweet little Nashira, our cover model from last month, was fighting for her life. Here is the message from SCARS: Nashira was hit by a car and left behind. When she came into SCARS care, she was sent to Calgary for surgery to stop the pain as she had a fracture in both the right femoral neck and right ilium. It was also discovered that she had a wrench in her stomach and it was suspected at that time



that she was recovering from the distemper virus. Sadly her fight was not over with distemper and after a week of special care we had to say goodbye. We would like to express our extreme gratitude to her foster parents. It is painful to lose a foster pet and we hope they understand in their loss how much they meant to a young injured pup with no name, no help, no care and no love. Thank you for being her angels on earth and showing her what love is all about. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

I would just like to say thank you for putting Rosie (aka Pebbles) on the cover of your November 2008 Issue. As soon as I saw that picture I knew she was mine.

Alberta Ferret Society (AFS) WHEEE… catch us if you can! We’re a couple of Mexican jumping beans ...full of energy and enthusiasm for treats! We’re big and aim to grow more still. I’m Digger, the typical sable boy and my friend Shadow here is a marked white. We’re still teenagers at 6 mths old…full of vigor which we’ll use to shower you with love! Come on catch us if you can!

We are sponsored by the Siebert family. Thank You!

To Pet Rescue Magazine:

We TRIED… honest, we did!!! We were adopted out and were so well behaved. We were as sweet as cotton candy, good natured, used our litter boxes consistently and loved to be cuddled. We had free roam which was wonderful, but, sadly, our new folks just couldn’t give us the time we deserved. It broke our hearts when we were returned back to the AFS. PLEASE -give us a chance, we’ll do even better! I’m Alexis, a 3yr old chocolate girl, and my chocolate partner here is Levi. He is just under 2yrs old.

We lost our kitty, Maggie in September and I swore I would never get another pet. Then I saw Rosie and my heart skipped a beat. I immediately contacted SNAP and expressed my sincere interest. My son and I picked her up the following Saturday (November 29th). From the time we got her home she has been a joy to our family. She is the most loving dog I have ever met. She puts a smile on everyone’s face. We can not imagine being without her. Rosie is not a replacement for our dearly loved Maggie but she is a new family member who we all love dearly. It’s magazines like yours that make the difference. Thanks again. The Makofka Family

Hi Makofka Family! Thanks for letting us know Rosie has found her forever home. She sure looks comfy. What a lucky girl! ~(780) 447-3336

local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

February 2009


Just a month ago, the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary officially opened its doors to cats that are feral, old, sick, and injured. We are devoted to rescuing cats that have no place in the world to call their own. Our cats come from the streets, the pounds, the veterinary clinics and

they all have the same need, to live the rest of their lives in comfort and with dignity. We become their family, and our pledge is to treasure them and provide any medical attention they need until the end of their days. When that time does come, we will be with them, to hold them, and to comfort them in their crossing. Never will any of the Forget Me Not cats be alone and unloved again. Operating along side the sanctuary is the adoptable arm of our rescue. These are the cats that come to us in need of permanent homes. We invite you to read their stories.......

I’m Callie and I am a 4 mth old, medium hair, tortie. My foster mom calls me a “little darling”. I love playing and am very active. I get along well with other cats and adjust to someone new very quickly. I am looking for my forever home. If you are looking for 2 kitties my brother Johnny would love to go with me.

Yes, you got it! I’m Johnny, Callie’s brother. I am a medium hair tabby. I also love to play and I am very active. I love being cuddled like a baby and have a very good purring motor. I am looking for my forever home too and would love to be adopted with my sister Callie.

I’m Lizzie. My sister and brother have been adopted and now it is my turn to find a forever home. I am about 5 mths old and have short grey hair with white boots. I am very loveable, cuddly, outgoing and playful. Could you find a place in your heart for me?

My name is Casper. I am a male, about 6 mths old with short hair. I am a bit shy at first but once I get to know you I am very loving and affectionate. I love belly rubs and will follow you around and flop at your feet to get one. I am laid back and get along fine with others cats. I would make a great addition to your family.

Hi. My name is Hailey. I am Casper’s sister and a short hair grey and white girl. There are actually 5 of us looking for our forever homes. I am sooo sweet and love being cuddled. I am very quiet and laid back and would do best in a quiet home. Do you have one for me?

Terra is the name. I am about 8 mths old, female and a beautiful dilute calico. I have personality plus and a great motor when I am being cuddled. I love to play and can run circles around the best. I do enjoy my quiet times too though. While I tolerate the other cats around here, I would prefer to have a home all to myself. How about yours?

I’m Sadie, also Casper’s sister. I am short haired and solid black. I am a dainty little girl and extremely shy. My siblings and I were rescued from living under the steps of a house. Although it is much warmer and nicer living in a house, I need some extra time to adjust to living with people. I am very quiet and will need a home without kids or dogs. Do you have it in your heart to give me the love and patience I need?

My name is Whiskers. I am Casper’s brother. I have short hair and the cutest nose and beautiful green eyes. I am super loving and affectionate. Also quiet and laid back like most of my siblings. When you sit down, you better have your lap ready for a cuddle. I will be happy and content to stay there and purr my heart out. I would be fine with other cats and would prefer a quiet home. Is your lap ready?

Hi there. I’m Sammy. I am about 10 mths old and a big fluffy male. I am all black with one white whisker. I was terrified of everything when I came to my foster Mom’s but am doing great now. While I don’t like to be held, I am very affectionate and loving. I would do best in a home with lots of company or a companion to play with, but not dogs. I am still very playful and love to chase toys. I am ready to go to my new home. Could that be yours?

Hi, I’m Goldie. I’m about 7 mths old and a short hair dilute calico. I am not a cuddler but I do love being around people and getting attention. I would do well with other cats but probably not with kids. I am still very playful and love chasing little balls, especially if you keep throwing them for me. Can you find it in your heart to give me a forever home?

Our website is under construction, please check back with us. ~ (780) 700-5525 8

pet rescue magazine

February 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

Safe Haven Animal Rescue Edmonton Foundation They call me 8-Ball. I am a handsome and litter trained, indoor boy. I love affection and food and seem to be good with the small resident dog. I tolerate the other male cat here but definitely prefer the female.

They named me Kane. I am 2yrs old, well behaved, crate and house trained, and know all the basic commands. I would be best suited to a home with dog friendly and experienced children 8yrs+. I am fine with other dogs and cats, good in the car and always up for some playtime! I am a Newfoundland/Collie X named Leo and I came from the pound. I am laid back, friendly with other dogs and people and they think I am between 1-2yrs old. I will be a great addition to any family.

Everyone likes to call me Yardley. I am well behaved, get along with dogs and cats, and always aim to please! I have come back to SHARES due to asthma in the family. I am 5yrs old now and can’t wait to find a new forever home.

Parkland Animal K-9 Society (PAKS) My name is Tasha and I came with Daisy and our mom Blondie. We all got into a porcupine and had quills but we are doing A-okay now. I am outgoing and would like nothing better than to be your lap dog. I need some leash work, however, I do already know how to sit…but because I am still very much a puppy -I never sit for long! My name is Daisy Duke. My sister Tasha, our mom Blondie, and I were surrendered to the ASPCA because our owner could not care for our medical bills due to porcupine quills. We spent a couple of weeks at the vet but we are doing a lot better now! I am about 10 mths old and even sweeter in person. My name is Blondie, Tasha and Daisy are my puppies. I came in bad shape and I’m still underweight but I’m getting better each day. I am a great mom to my babies and to my new step puppies. I am about 2yrs old and would like to be with my people all the time.

I know what you are thinking, and no I am not a Rotti. I am actually a Lab/ Shepherd X and was picked up after almost being run over on the highway. They named me Sparky! I am housetrained and love doggie daycare. ~ (780) 707-5753 ~ (780) 222-PAK9 (7259) x x x x

Pet Boarding Pickup/Delivery In-Home Visits & Much More

Cheryl McKevitt @ 621-1631 “More Like A Camp Than A Kennel!”

Pamela Clark, RMT, SAMT Member of IAAMB

14228-95 Avenue

Edmonton AB ttepawsibili tepawsibilit w iit es.c co om

Pet First Aid Classes, Dog Training Classes, Small Animal Massage Therapy local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

February 2009


Thanks Mercedes!

Dear Pet Rescue Magazine,

My dog past away this past summer. We were watching Global and a story came up about a place called Genie’s Treasures in Millet, Alberta. So, we went to look because they were rescuing dogs. Little did we know, we’d find our new dog. Now I’ve checked their web site a couple of times to look at the dogs they had. When we first went there, they had about 6 dogs. Now, from the last time I checked, they have 19 dogs. And.. To add on top of that, they have to move to a new location, because everyone in the neighborhood hates the barking!!! The SPCA’s, and the Societies, compared to Genies Treasures...they’re same dang thing. Only, Genie’s Treasures, wasn’t built for that... It was built as a grooming spot, a supplies store, a kennel. The people working there... Did this from the goodness of their heart by shutting down their kennels. I believe this store, these people and most importantly the dogs, need some recognition. The public needs to see the dogs and they need to know what the employee’s have done for these dogs. They need to know! They deserve to be in your magazine. Just as much as the other Societies and such. I say, go interview them, go do something to help them... PLEASE. This is from, an 11-year-old girl, who misses her dog. And wants these dogs to have a life like her’s did. Please do something. Sincerely, Mercedes Please note: PRM welcomes all rescue organizations in Alberta to participate providing they have a Spay & Neuter program and their animals receive medical examinations before adoption. If you know of a group who would have time to participate please have them contact us directly.

Genie’s Treasures Howdy folks! My name is Banjo and I am a typical puppy! I am 4 mths old and can’t wait to find my new family. I was born here and they tell me I am a German Shepherd X. They named me Beaker...cute heh! Banjo is my brother and we like to play you like to play? Maybe you could come visit for a game of chase or tug-o-war! I am a super duper sweet boy who really just wants to be loved.

My name is Brandy and I am 1.5yrs old. I am a sweet Retriever X and would prefer to be the only dog in my new home. I deserve and need a lot of love and want to be your one and only...besides I tend to growl at the other dogs and feel a strong need to protect my food and toys. When I get in trouble I grab my favorite bone. I am looking for a home where I can learn to trust and feel safe and loved forever.

Mercedes with her new friend Oliver

Dear Mercedes: Thank you for telling us about Genie’s Treasures and the work they are doing. Since your letter, we have been in touch with them and we are going to help by putting some of the their dogs that are up for adoption in the magazine. Our rescue organizations work very hard to save as many animals as possible. They all face their own challenges, yet they keep on saving lives. We are happy to hear that Genie’s Treasures now has approval to carry on their work in their current location. Thank you again Mercedes for your courage, for reading our magazine, and for your initiative to write and let us know about another organization. Most of all thank you for helping make dog’s dreams come true! Hi there! My name is Cheyanne and I am a gorgeous Lab X. I am a loving, 15 mth old girl with bundles and bundles of energy. I would make a great addition to any family and light up every room with my smiling eyes! Do you have room in your heart and home for a gal like me?

Everyone knows me as Drifter. I am 7 mths old and sweet as can be. I am a Border Collie X so I will need regular exercise....we could have soooo much fun! I want nothing more than to have a great family to love me forever. (780) 387-2214 10

pet rescue magazine

February 2009

local stories...local people...local pets

Don’t Pass Us By “The fact is, we are in rescue organizations not because we failed at being good dogs, more like somewhere along the way someone failed us.”

These canine companions are all long term residents of SCARS. We don’t understand why they have been overlooked as they are all good dogs, and in the right homes would prove to be excellent companions. It is our dream to see these beautiful animals go on to live the life they deserve with a loving family. Druid, Hale, Haley, Henessy and Lila all have their own stories to tell. Please, if you are looking for a dog, give them a chance and read their complete stories at: You won’t be disappointed!

Druid - 8 yrs old

“I’ve been in care for over a year. I am only 2 years old. My favorite toy here is a bucket. Do have a bucket I could play with?”

“Kiss me quick! I love hugs and puddles and snowbanks and exercise and YOU!” Henessy - 3 yrs old

“Is it because I don’t like cats that I haven’t been adopted? I just don’t like them, but I do love balls they are my favorite toys.”

“Why am I always overlooked? I’m a good boy, so I don’t understand why my family hasn’t come for me yet.”

Lila - 3 yrs old

Hale - 3 yrs old

Hayley - 3 yrs old local stories...local people...local pets

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pet rescue magazine

February 2009



pet rescue magazine

February 2009

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Duke & Duchess Animal Rescue


Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) Looking for the perfect “pocket pet”? Then I’m just the little girl for you to take home. I’m 2 mths old and named Allspark. I am an Abyssinian Guinea Pig. I was born at the EHS shortly after my pregnant mother was admitted. I’m gentle, cuddly and very vocal! I’m the perfect pet for a family wanting to teach kids about responsible pet ownership.


Pippy is my name and playing Mom is my game...but just for now, this will be the last time! I am a 1.5yr old Boxer X and weigh about 3540lbs. I love kids, cats, most other dogs and cuddling with my foster mom on the sofa. I gave birth to a beautiful litter of nine on December 18th, 2008. Here are two of my gorgeous pups Rudy and Dasher My name is Hannah and I am a 5yr old, gorgeous Chocolate Labrador Retriever. As you can see I’m a little overweight but my foster mom is taking me to Jenny Craig on Monday. My meals will now be planned and with my exercise program I’m going to be fabulous!!! I just want to be loved. As I desperately need attention I would do best as an only dog in my new home.

Hi, I’m mischievous Mickey, a 1yr old stray. I came to the EHS at the beginning of January. I am extremely friendly and purr most of the time that I’m awake! I’m very gentle and I really love carrying kitty toys in my mouth. If you’re looking for a cuddly and fun-loving feline companion, then I’m the boy for you! Hi, I’m Violet, a 3yr old Labrador Retriever with a tonne of love to give you if you will just give me a chance. I came to the EHS in September, 2008 and I absolutely adore tennis balls. I even figured out how to chase a ball on my own, by climbing a hill of snow and letting it roll down to the bottom. I love to be scratched and cuddled, and I can even shake a paw, sit, go down, touch, and wait on command. I need a home with children 16yrs+ and without any other animals.

Woof! Woof! Woof! My name is Juno and I just got sprung from the pound. I am a Collie X and weigh around 35lbs. What a happy-go-lucky girl I am! Cats, dogs and people are all my friends. I would make a wonderful family pet and companion. Oh, did I mention everybody says I’m so pretty... just like a movie star! ~ (780) 483-0931 Adoption Line (780) 491-3500

Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS) Large and in charge or gentle giant, I am a man of many talents and can be both! My name is Lars and I am a 90lb Mastiff X. I like my food, I like it a LOT! I like to follow my people everywhere, and I listen very well. I am good with the kids and other dogs, but I prefer to be the boss if I can get away with it.

Our names are Zeke and Petra. I am a Border Collie X and I went into renal failure (kidneys) shortly after arriving at PARS. My medical care was expensive but everyone says I am well worth it. Talking about expensive, shortly after they got me on the road to recovery, Petra walked in! She is the cute little Collie puppy in front and came with a prolapsed rectum. PARS fixed her up of course but then the poor girl got the Parvo virus. Against all odds, sweet Petra survived and is doing better each day. She is a very happy and lucky little girl!

Bugel, What can I say? I got the name because my voice kinda sounds like a squeaky bugel. I havn’t quite got my big dog woof yet, but I don’t even bark much so that helps. I am good with, kids, cats, and most dogs, but I need to learn a few manners. Nice treat taking is one of them. I am a 10 mth old male Shepherd X.

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!! Davner here, searching for a home! I am great with kids, dogs, and cats, have good manners and seem to be a 4yr old Rotti/Lab X. I still have a bullet lodged in my femur, but a bullet can’t stop this guy! Besides, I have huge plans to lead a less risky lifestyle, post PARS. Currently I am waiting for surgery to get the pesky bullet out. If you can offer me comfort and safety, I will offer you love and my undying devotion. ~ (780) 536-3868 local stories...local people...local pets

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February 2009


Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP) I am an English Lab named Cider. I weigh in at nearly 100lbs, but I’m not fat –it’s all muscle!! The vet discovered I had a cyst deep inside my inner ear. It’s called Horner’s Syndrome and means that I have not only the slightly droopy eye, but a slight facial droop as well. The doc said that the surgery to remove the cyst is expensive and invasive, and there is no guarantee it won’t grow back. So the good people here decided not to put me under the knife (phew!!!), and are hoping the cyst will not grow. If it does I may have to have the surgery in the future, that’s why I’m no ordinary package! I’m an easy, gentle natured soul and I’ll win your heart if you just give me the chance. Hi! My name is Ivan and I am a gentle giant! I’m a 1yr old boy and came to NASAP because my family forgot to take me with them when they moved. I get along great with other animals and I’m a very social guy. If you are looking for a friendly boy I’m ready for a great new home! I am Mojo, a Border Collie X around 8 mths old. I’m looking for an active family because I have energy by the truckload! I am very smart, know my basic commands and I love to play with other dogs. I will wrap you around my little paw when I look up at you with my sweet little brown and blue eyes!

Hey there! I’m Stanley, a handsome and very sociable fellow. I am playful and adore being around other animals –especially when I’m right in the middle of it all! NASAP found me in a local pound where I was recovering from an injured leg. I can’t wait to find a new home where I can enjoy the indoors with a loving family…maybe yours! Cheers! I’m David and I was found homeless in South Edmonton until I was fortunate enough to be rescued. I get along well with canine companions and I love getting lots of cuddles from my human companions. I’m anxious and more than ready to settle into a brand new forever home! Handsome Glenn here…I’m a 3yr old Lab X looking for a patient family who will give me daily training and continue to build up my confidence. I am gentle with kids, know my basic commands, learn fast and enjoy other dogs. I don’t mind cats, in fact I find them quite fascinating! You’ll have to be patient, but I will reward you with a lifetime of loyal devotion. (780) 922-0250

Hello everyone! I’m Lois! I’m 1yr old and looking for a good loving home. I don’t know exactly what is in my mix, but I sure am pretty with all my brindle (brown tone stripes) markings. Adults are great, but children are absolutely marvellous; my whole body wiggles when I see them! I play very well with the other foster dogs in the home, though I was nervous at first. If you could love me as much as I could love you, please see me at 14

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February 2009

Paws For Life My name is Cleopatra and I am a Shepherd X around 1yr old. I am ready to find a new family that will take me on long walks to help burn some of my energy. I am very timid of strangers at first, but once you get to know me I will be your best friend. My name is Quinn. I am a 4yr old Shep X and I love going for car rides. I also really enjoy playing with other dogs and cuddling up in front of the fire. I am friendly but also protective. I would do best in a highly active home. My name is Molly and I am about 5yrs old. I am currently living on a farm, but my foster mom thinks that I am house trained. There are two children here and I get along with them wonderfully. I am also good with other animals and get along great with cats. Hello there, my name is Trigger. I am a young, handsome, Border Collie X. I would be a great dog for a family that could give me a “job” to do. I love playing with the agility equipment and may do well at herding. I am looking forward to having a new family soon, so that they can teach me the ropes on being a good puppy. My name is Cosmo and I am Poodle X, around 1yr old. As you can tell from my picture I am really excited to be here...I just couldn’t sit still for my photo shoot! I am having a great time with my PAWS family and my foster mom says I love giving hugs and kisses.

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My name is Annie and I am an old soul. I am a little shy at first, but let me loose with some toys and my true colors appear. I LOVE to play! We think I may be a Lab X. My name is Tazzy and I am snazzy! I am a 1yr old, Golden Retriever/ Husky X. I really enjoy playing and love to romp in the park with my friend Zyra. My favorite thing to do is ride shotgun in the car. I am a 1yr old, Coon Hound X named Zyra. I am getting better on leash but I really love to run and play in a securely fenced area. I am not very good with other female dogs and I tend to pick my friends (I like males!). I like little kids but sometimes I can knock them over!


Grande Prairie SPCA

Hinton & District SPCA

Hello my name is Bandit and I am the prettiest girl bunny you will ever see! I am a young adult and I just love it when people come talk to me. I really like my wood hut and I am desperate to find a new place to park it. I have been here since August 30th, 2008. Please call about me and my bunny buddies! Hello! I am Bubbles and I was born here at the SPCA! My mommy was a stray and no one knew about the two wonderful surprises she smuggled in with her! My sibling Smudge and I made a grand entrance! Smudge already found a new home and I hope that my turn to have a family comes soon. I am only 7 weeks old, so no one knows for sure if I am a boy or a girl yet. Hey there, my name is Buck and I love to run and leap around my cage! I love snuggles and I am always happy to greet you when you walk through the door! I really, really, would like a big area where I can run and stretch my legs every day. If you have room for an adult male -one cute bunny- call today! Bugs here. I am quite a handsome adult male and would love to compliment your decor with my personality and good looks! I love being cuddled and think people are pretty awesome, I mean they bring you yummy treats, clean up your messes and best of all, give you all the attention you can possibly take. Ask about me today!

I’m Barkley and I am an old soul around 13yrs. The vet says I need to lose a few pounds because I am as round as I am tall! So now I am on an exercise program and diet. It seems to be working although I would really like a high cal treat –the low cal ones suck!

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What’s In The Stars For Your Pets This Month? Aries: March 21 - April 19 You will feel free as a bird when you let go of some of that Aries aggression. Try some regular calming activities like meditating, lounging on the couch or even some good old fashioned exercise. Taurus: April 20 - May 20 Stop being bull-headed and put yourself out there! Make efforts to spend quality time with family and get out with friends. Curl up close with your favorite two legger, hang at daycare or arrange a play date...get social! Gemini: May 21 - June 20 February is sure to have you busy as a beaver, but be patient and hang in there. Soon 2009 will settle in on us all, life and schedules will be back on track. Get ahead of the pack as this is an excellent month to schedule your training classes. Cancer: June 21 - July 22 It’s time for a little exposure...but not too that cold Alberta winter! You may be inclined not to share feelings with others close to you, but there is no time like the present to let them know your thoughts and needs. Leo: July 23 - August 22 This new year has brought many changes for you poor Leos. Some may consider you weak, or gentle as a lamb, but this year you will surprise them all. Walk strong and don’t be afraid to let them all hear your inner cub roar! Virgo: August 23 - September 22 Warn your people! You simply can not be trusted to pass up treats wrapped so pretty around Valentines. Sometimes two leggers unfairly assume and expect us to have more willpower then they do with tasty temptations! Libra: September 23 - October 22 February is a mixed bag for Libras. With the Family Day celebration there’s great opportunity to let bygones be bygones and mend broken fences. This could however, also lead to a lot of tension if not handled tactfully.

Chaos is what they call me, but don’t let the name fool you for I am quite the opposite. I am a sweet adult female and very calm. I really think you should come see me for yourself. I would love a new home and someone to love me. (780) 538-4030

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Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 Loved ones may test your patience this month. As unjust as they seem, they just don’t know better or how much they effect you. Try not to get your tail in knot, it isn’t their intention to hurt or disrespect you. Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 The archer in you is anxious for cupid to strike this month, but use caution. Love is dangerous to take chances with or rush, and it’s in your nature to fall hard and trust too quickly. Hold your heart close! Capricorn: December 22 - January 19 Confusion may dominate your emotions around the 10th. Try to approach the source with a positive and constructive attitude. This may be challenging, so hold on to your feathers and stay cool as a cat! Aquarius: January 20 - February 18 You act like the holidays are not important, but truth be told you don’t want to be alone. Make fun and simple Valentine plans early this year...waiting for a special someone to call may leave you disappointed. Pisces: February 19- March 20 Listen to learn Pisces, this could be a fabulous month for personal growth. Keep your opinions to yourself and you will discover a wealth of information if you truly pay attention. Remember...ears open and muzzle shut!

pet rescue magazine

February 2009


An Old Cat’s Tale I peeked through the window and there I saw, Across the room a warm fire roar. It was snowing outside and I shivered with cold. It snapped at my paws, and my little dry nose. The wind swayed the tree, off to my right, A branch rapped the window, tap, tap, tap. I knew I should go, but I couldn’t you see. I just wished that the glow would reach out to me. There had been no food for a week gone now, And my tummy produced a continual growl. I lay on the sill, and wondered just how, I could find the strength for one last meow. I reflected the time when I’d felt the fire, It was, as a kitten, many years prior. Now I am old, and my will is too weak, God, please send me warmth, and something to eat. As my dreams took me where my spirit could soar, I faintly heard sounds of an opening door. I stayed right in place, yet I drifted away, Then a white light shone down as if it was day. Moving my head was more than a toll I then heard the words, “You Poor Old Soul.” They lifted me from the sill where I lay, And we went forth across the snow laden way. They brushed from me the cold wet snow, And wrapped me in a blanket warm. There were arms that held me strong you see, And a voice that softly said to me. “God guided you here to be with me” “He sent his message via that old tree.” So, here on the rug by the fire so warm, Stretched out full length, looking quite at home, Yes it’s me, and now I say 3 months have gone, Since the time this place I stumbled on. There are many of us here, some injured some old, From whence we came we have not told. But what I can tell you is surely true, That God does work to take care of you. From all of us here, we have found God’s spot. It’s the place we call Forget Me Not. - Virginia

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It is truly our pleasure to continue helping guide rescues home in 2009! pet rescue magazine February 2009 local stories...local people...lo...


It is truly our pleasure to continue helping guide rescues home in 2009! pet rescue magazine February 2009 local stories...local people...lo...