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Cover Model: You may have seen my picture several times

by now, and no matter the angle it’s just not helping me...which is so strange because I am super duper handsome...and that’s just to start! My name is Ben and I’ll share a little secret with you that only my foster mom knows, I’M A GREAT GUY! Nothing wrong with me, no issues, I’m just unlucky in finding my forever home. Some say that’s because there is an extra special family for me and they just have not found me quite yet. I love to run and play, so my perfect home would give me lots of exercise, love and affection. In my dreams I would love be adopted with Mya, my roommate, but I’m sure a new play buddy would be good too so don’t let that stop you from calling! I am a big guy who loves people, other dogs and as a huge bonus I am also a spectacular listener. Please call (780) 675-3018 to find out more about me.

Lap It Up! This month we want to encourage everyone to spend more time with their family pets. Remember their little lives often start and stop with your arrival and departure, so make extra time to exercise, groom, play, train or even just sit and cuddle your pet. Head to the off leash dog park, take a communal cat nap, go treasure hunting with your ferret, or pull out your pocket pets for extra snuggles! They really don’t care what you do, they are just happy to be doing it with you! It has been delightful and inspiring to get your emails and letters, we hope you enjoy this issue just as much (or more!) than the last. Please continue to keep us up-to-date with what’s happening in your pet world and we’ll do our best to keep you informed about what’s new at PRM. We also invite your suggestions for articles that may interest you, or that you think other pet lovers should be aware of. Although we can not print everything we receive, we will try to include as many submissions as possible. Also, a special thank you to those remarkable people helping and supporting our efforts at Pet Rescue Magazine. Please know we are extremely grateful for your help, and your dedication to animal rescue here in Alberta! Happy Valentines Day! The Pet Rescue Team We really appreciate your comments and feedback.Please feel free to email us directly at


pet rescue magazine

January 2008

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Moonshine Mutt ~ Dachshund Rescue Alberta.........................................3 Tails From Home............................................................................................3 Tail of the Month - Book Review................................................................4 Pet Horoscopes.........................................................................................5 Matts Matter ~ Grooming.....................................................................7 10 Reasons to Own an Adult Dog................................................................9 A Day in the Life of Animal Control...........................................................10 RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue.........................................................4 Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP).....................................5 Spay Neuter Action Program (SNAP).............................................................6 Feature Group: Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart)................................................................8 Alberta Ferret Society (AFS)...........................................................................11 Edmonton Humane Society (EHS)..................................................................11 Hinton & District SPCA.................................................................................12 Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS)..........................................................13 Grande Prairie SPCA.............................................................................13 The McDonald Family Animal Rescue.......................................................13 Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS).............................................14

February Moonshine Mutt

Tails From Home ZIAH There is no more suffering There is no more pain Ziah please … be with me once again You had to go to the other side Remember you’re “My Man” you’re “My Pride” Ziah, I Love you more than ever And one day soon we’ll be together… Forever You’re the best friend I ever had You always Loved me through the good and bad My life has been complete Because, you have always been next to me Life shall never be the same Ziah please check up on me again and again You have the biggest piece of my Heart Ziah you did …right from the start I have never been apart from you It’s so hard… I don’t know what to do You will always be right next to me It will always be Ziah & me … Donna Phillips Thank you to Dr. Waterman and the Lynwood Veterinary Clinic for all your kind care and attention. Mail your submission to

Pet Rescue Magazine Box 37099, 8712-150 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 1E0

Dachshund Rescue Alberta My name is Radar, I’m a 3yr. old Rat Terrier. I’m very timid but have come a long long way since the time I arrived. I now can warm up to any stranger within 5mins. I’m good with other dogs and cats and I am also good with friendly gentle kids as I’m only 8lbs. I need a new home that understands my breed as well as timid dogs. I need to be kept socalized and not overspoiled as I have become such a social dog over the last few months and do not want to go back to being scared of everyone all of the time. For more information on me you can contact my foster mom at clipclub@ I am being fostered through Dachshund Rescue Alberta and there is a screening process to adopt me including a pre-adoption visit with me and a home visit with you. I am presently living in Central Alberta.

pet rescue magazine

January 2008


Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue

Tail of the Month

Rachel Sentes Book Review

To learn about Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue, or to check the status of our adoptable Greyhounds please visit

Rating: Planet Cat: A CAT-alog Authors: Sandra & Harry Choron Arden Moore

I love trivia. I love having tid-bits of information that you can bring up at parties, or interject at group gatherings. Trivia helps you enter into conversations that you never imagined, just because you’ve mentioned something that no one knew about. That’s what makes Planet Cat: A Cat-alog such a fun book to read. It’s the most comprehensive trivia book about cats that I have ever come across. It is fun, enlightening, and accurate in the feline portrayal. You can pick it up and read it cover to cover, or just open to any page and revel in the absurdities about your favourite feline. The authors Sandra and Harry Choron along with Arden Moore have collected amazing trivia featuring cats in history, cats in art and culture, movies and music, celebrity cats, and cat owners just for starters. One of my favourite sections is 10 Signs that you are turning into a “Cat Lady”, for all those single women out there! One of them being “You have been known to suffer through six hours of boring infomercials rather than disturb the cat sleeping on the remote.” Or “Your opinion of your friends is influenced by how well your cats like them.” There is something for everyone in this book, and you don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate the work and thought that went into this book! And just a notePlanet Dog- a Doglopedia has now hit the shelves! Rachel Sentes is a local Publicist and avid pet lover.

PET PROMISE Thousands of years ago, we humans formed a covenant with our companion animals. We wanted them to live with us and to share our lives. Because of this our ‘pets’ lost most of their natural skills to fend for themselves. It then became our responsibility to feed and care for them. While the animals have kept their end of the bargain, we humans largely have not. ~ Unknown


pet rescue magazine

Hi! I’m Chopper. I’m a little cautious in new situations and when I meet new people, but once I’m sure that everything is cool, I’m relaxed and I love affection. I was pretty shocked to discover this great big world away from the greyhound farm. Boy was I happy to meet the other dogs in my foster home! They helped me fit in and taught me the ropes so now I’m pretty confident when in the company of my doggy friends. And by the way, I don’t just limit my fur friends to dogs—cats are OK too. I love going for long walks and I’m really good at staying close to my people without pulling on my leash. In fact, I always listen and try to do whatever I’m asked to do because I love making my people happy and proud. My foster parents tell me I’m a fantastic dog! I don’t know why the folks named me Bossy, because I’m so NOT! Maybe it’s because I’m such a big guy—at 85lbs, I’m even bigger than most other greyhounds. I don’t need to throw my weight around though as I get along just fine with everyone: people, dogs, cats, whatever! I’ve gone through a lot of changes lately. First I moved up to Canada from the U.S. (Brrr! It’s cold outside!) Then I got to live in a house with the people instead of in a kennel. (That’s pretty warm and cushy!) I’m a laid back guy that just goes with the flow. New things don’t faze me much. If you want a big hunk of nice guy, I’m your dog!

Instead of racing, I was way more interested in playing, so the nice people at the track decided I’d be happier in a home where I could goof around. “Girls just want to have fun,” right? I like all people and all kinds of dogs and, heck, even cats are OK. I love getting out and doing stuff, so if you’re looking for an excuse to get off the couch, I’m your gal. Now don’t get me wrong—just because I’ve got lots of energy doesn’t mean I don’t love my beauty sleep. Once I’ve had some fun and activity, I love to stretch out on a comfy dog bed and have a big, looooonnnngggg nap. Good night.

I’m Shane, and I am a big, handsome fellow. My foster people have a couple of dogs and some cats, and I really do like the company. Well, the cats are OK, but I can’t understand why the people get mad when I chase after the kitties that run past me. If the cats didn’t want me to play “chase”, why would they scamper by me all the time? I really like places that have routines so that I understand what my people expect from me, and there aren’t always big surprises. I love people and you can pet me until your arms are tired. What are my favorite things? That’s easy! I love school aged children and hanging with my family. My least favorite thing? Spending a lot of time alone. I would love you to take me to work with you if you could. I’d be great because I’m so polite. Or, if you stay at home, I’d be just as happy hanging out with you, watching Dr. Phil or Oprah. Maybe you could share your days with me?

January 2008

local stories...local people...local pets

February Horoscopes

Northern Alberta Society For Animal Protection (NASAP) Hi there! My name’s Ernie and I am around 2yrs old. For some reason, my original owners didn’t pay much attention to me when I was a little guy and then they abandoned me when they moved away. Thank goodness some kind neighbours took me in and cared for me until I came to NASAP! I need to be an indoor-only cat and I definitely need to be the only cat in the home. I’m very affectionate with people and I like to horse around a bit sometimes, so I would likely do best in a home without young children. If you could be the one that will provide me with lots of love and attention and help make up for my rough start in life, please contact NASAP! Hi there! I’m Lisa! That’s me with the cute black speck on my nose and that’s my sister, Phantom, on my left with the white chin and pink lips. We’re about 3-5yrs old and adore each other’s company so we would love to find a home together. We also like hanging out with other friendly cats. I am a little lady who will keep you company around the house, always keeping up my end of the conversation! I’m a bit goofy, adventurous and I like to explore...especially high places. I love to play ambush and chase games. Phantom loves to watch water running in sinks and getting lots of hugs and cuddles. Could you give us a home? Hi my name is Thumper and I am a lovable, little, male, mini dwarf bunny. I love fresh greens and lots of cuddles. I would make a great friend for another rabbit but would also be a great ‘only’ pet for a loving family. I can’t wait to find my new home! My name is Zeke and I am a young, male, guinea pig. If you are looking for a fuzzy and cuddly family member, I would make a wonderful addition. Please contact NASAP for more information on my lovely little face.

For more info on our animals (780) 922-0250 local stories...local people...local pets

Cheers! I’m Sylvester, a 3yr old, large, beautiful tuxedo cat with a very interesting coat. When you stroke my black fur against the grain it looks white underneath. I was found as a stray by some very kind people. Now that I’m neutered, I’ll likely get along fine with other cats in a new home. I’m a very affectionate guy and love attention, though I can get over-excited sometimes and give little ‘love’ nips so I would do best in a home without young children. Hi there! I’m Minou. My 1 week old kittens and I were on the way to being dropped off at the pound when NASAP took us all in. Though my poor living conditions and many little ones put quite a strain on my system, I was a great mother and miraculously all 7 of my kittens survived. I have been spayed and most of my kittens have been adopted to loving homes, so now I can concentrate on finding a perfect home for myself! I’m a 1-2yr old tabby cat with cute little white mittens on my front feet. I have a wonderful, affectionate personality and really love people. Now that my ‘Mommy’ days are over, I’m really looking forward to kicking back with loving owners. Hello! My name is Bruce and I was surrendered with my girlfriend Chloe. We are 2yr old, Mini Rex, rabbits who are very much in love and must be adopted together. Don’t worry, I’m neutered and Chloe is spayed so there is no concern about any little bunnykins hopping around! We are a happy and social twosome looking for a loving place to call home.

What’s In The Stars For Your Pets This Month? Aries: March 21 - April 19 The neighbour will have her leash in a knot about her flower bed being used as a ‘litter box’ and what she will find when she digs around in the spring. Find a private location to avoid problems and stay out of the sandbox! Taurus: April 20 - May 20 You must come to terms with your current living conditions or make some real changes. Use caution if you decide to make a break for it and for goodness sake don’t forget your ID if you’re hitting the streets! Gemini: May 21 - June 20 You are riding high on cloud nine near the end of February but be prepared for some Valentine heartbreak if you’re not thinking of others. Someone has to fight that day and it’s looking like a bit of a catscrap! Cancer: June 21 - July 22 Ferrets beware! It is essential you expose your ‘borrowed’ stashes before the 21st. Don’t ask, just make sure your family knows where you are keeping your “hot’ can take most of them back later! Leo: July 23 - August 22 Stay away from the off-leash park from the 9th to 12th ...just walk away! An old sweetheart may be trying to track you down for help that you won’t want to give. This one spells trouble so steer clear of daycare too. Virgo: August 23 - September 22 Leave lots of presents for your people to let them know you care. This can include (but is not limited to) pine cones/needles, river valley rocks, good chewing sticks, dirty stuffie toys and of course any back alley finds you can drag home. Libra: September 23 - October 22 Canines, stay out of the litter box this’s meant for cats, kittens and sometimes the odd rabbit. It’s NOT a snack tray for you! It will also prove to be a turn off to most of your potential Valentines. Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 Lady luck is on your side of the fence. Try your luck at the bakery/butcher shops, enter a pet pageant or just look cute for extra treats. Remember to be nice though, even though the stars are in your favour you can’t be off howling at the moon. Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 Take a walk outside of your comfort zone this month and stand up to those around you...even that mean old alley cat who beats up on all the neighbourhood pups. You will be surprised and pleased at the reception. Capricorn: December 22 - January 19 You must find another avenue to stop the neighbourhood dogs from picking on your fellow felines. Try taking toys hostage, tormenting them from the top of the fence or just tell them– you ain’t nothin but a hound dog! Aquarius: January 20 - February 18 Get out of the trash!!! Stick to real treats from the two leggers this month to avoid explosive tummy’s a disaster waiting to happen and can lead to terrible home relations with your parents. Pisces: February 19- March 20 Avoid too much family contact mid month...the rest of your litter is having issues with your life choices and intervention may be in the near future. You’ll be left in the doghouse getting chewed out by the family cat.

pet rescue magazine

January 2008


Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP) Ringo is my name, and I’m a 3yr old, male, Lhasa Apso who was rescued from the pound. I’m definitely an alpha dog and need to go to a home where people are familiar with a dominant canine personality type. I’m not too keen on cats or small children, and would need to meet any dogs I’m to live with to see if we get along. If my new family treats me with kindness and consistency, I will fit in very well. I love car rides, walks and just hanging out with people. I’m waiting to meet you, so call today. I’m a sweet, little, 3 month old kitten currently living in foster care. My mom was a stray and consequently I’m quite shy and introverted. I need a kind, gentle, loving home to give me the understanding I need. A quiet, safe, place with patient people will help me come around…I just need some tlc! I can’t wait to find my own forever home and start my new life. Hya! My name is Chance. I have a wonderful, easygoing and playful temperament. I know how to sit, lay down, shake a paw, and I even sit pretty when it’s dinner time! My foster mom puts her hand in my dish and takes my bones away but I don’t mind, I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy. I love my toys and can’t wait to find my new forever people to play with. My name is Bailey and I just may be the sweetest little girl around. I am an energetic Cocker Spaniel X, looking for a new home with a well fenced yard and an active family... hopefully with kids! I am spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, de-wormed and waiting for my new family to find me. 6

pet rescue magazine

I’m a handsome, 5 month old boy currently living in fostercare. I get along with other cats, kids and dogs, although I enjoy the company of my human caregivers the most! I like to spend my days napping, playing with my toys, looking out the window and daydreaming about finding my permanent home. Could you be the one I’m looking for? I’m a 1yr old pound rescue. I’m sweet, affectionate, have an inquisitive nature and I just LOVE to talk. I get along well with people, but prefer not to have any feline competition and would like to be the only cat in my new home. Elvis is in the house!! That’s me, Elvis, I am very playful and fairly well behaved... I even seem to have had some obedience training. I’m still kind of new around here but so far I seem to be a very nice boy with a laid back personality. The volunteers at snap call me Marny. I am a Retriever X about 1.5-2yrs old. I can be a little on the shy side but I am a very nice little girl. I would do wonderfully with a family willing to spend lots of time with me playing and giving me exercise while building my trust. I am already spayed and vaccinated so all I have to do now is find that special family meant just for me. My name is Duke and I am about 2yrs old. I am a big Lab X with tons of love to give and I am very, very, very laid back. I have a heart of gold and I can’t wait for my turn to come for a good home and loving family. snap says they will be a very lucky family to have a guy like me around.

January 2008

I don’t have a name quite yet…maybe you can think of a good one for me! I’m a pound rescue, and I am currently earning my keep doing the books at “the office”. I’m a bit timid and have a quiet nature, but I’m very affectionate once I am given a chance to warm up to you. I get along well with all of my co-workers (cats and adult humans alike) but would do best in a home without small children. Please have your people call my people to set up an appointment to meet me today. My sister and I are beautiful, 6 month old tuxedo kittens. We were living on the streets with our Mom until we came to SNAP and because of our rough start in life, we are a bit shy and not trusting of people until we get to know them. At the office daycare we love napping, recess and snacks..... mmmmm especially snacks. We would love to go to a quiet home where we can feel safe to bond with our new family. Ben here, I’m a 1yr old, male, Shep/Rotti X. I enjoy going for walks, runs and I love a good game of fetch. I am kennel/house trained and always eager to show off the skills I learned in manners training class. Though I live in foster care with multiple cats and dogs, I prefer to spend my outdoor time one on one with my family. At times I find too many other alpha dogs a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking for a friendly and fun loving dog, please call SNAP to meet me as soon as possible.

For information on our animals or Friends of Ferals call (780) 968-0025 or (780) 444-2382

local stories...local people...local pets

Matts Matter - Part 1

What about those matted pets? By Rachelle Reichart Owner Lil Arf’n’ Annie Dog Grooming Edmonton

“But I brush my pet everyday”. “The kids were supposed to be brushing the cat”. “I don’t know why my dog is matted because I bath him once a week”. “We were on holidays and when we came back the dog was a mess”. “It’s too cold outside and we don’t want her shaved”. “My husband and kids like the dog fluffy” The above are all comments most professional pet groomers hear almost everyday. Some of these comments are wonderful excuses and others are valid points. If you are a dog guardian that can admit that you have said one of these comments or want to keep your pet comfortable and matt free read on! If you have chosen a breed of dog or cat that has longer fur, thick undercoat or a bit of both you are in for a grooming challenge. No one said that grooming is easy! Learning about what coat type your pet has will help you understand what grooming needs they will require. Most pets regardless of breed or coat type should be brushed and their eyes, teeth, skin, ears and nails checked and dealt with at least once a week. This will keep the average pet neat and clean and any health issues such as fleas,lumps, skin problems and ear infections can be dealt with quickly. Some coat types require brushing more than once a week to stay matt free. This is a break down of the most common coat types and what grooming needs they require. local stories...local people...local pets

Short haired coats: (examples. Labradors, Boston Terriers, Boxers) These coats require minimal brushing because the fur is short and smooth. Brushing once a week with a rake or rubber curry brush will keep shedding under control, will distribute natural skin oils and increase the animal’s circulation. Wire haired coats: (examples. German Wirehaired Pointer, Standard Schnauzer, Airdale, Westie) This coat type is very rough, wiry and dense and requires brushing 1-2 times per week and professional grooming every 2-3 months. The longer the coat is kept the more often it will require brushing, especially if they are active and getting dirty. Clipping the coat shorter will help to keep the coat from matting and cut down on the amount of brushing. Some people choose to handstrip these coats to keep their color and wiry texture but this should be done regularly by a professional whom is knowledgeable in handstripping. Long haired/ Curly coats: (examples Ragdoll cats, Bearded Collie, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Poodle, Cocker, Havanese) These coats require quite a lot of maintenance to keep them matt free and keep the skin healthy. These animals need to be brushed every other day and kept on a regular professional grooming schedule (about every 6-8 weeks). Keeping these coats scissored or clipped short will cut down on the brushing time and extend the length of time between groomings. Some of these breeds (e.g. Poodle) have not been bred to withstand the elements naturally, if these dogs are well groomed and kept longer it will keep them somewhat warm but if they are long and matted the

coat will hold moisture close to the skin and cause the animal discomfort and may even cause skin problems. Shedding/ Double coats: Most dogs and cats do shed. There are only a few breeds that are actually considered “nonshedding” or “hypo-allergenic”. Breeds such as the Husky, Malamute, Shepherd, Keeshond and Pomeranian have more of a “double coat”. This means there is a soft, downy type fur close to the skin that insulates the animal from the elements. Then there is another, stiffer, longer type fur on the outside that protects the skin from being penetrated by the rain, snow and sun. Double coated animals shed year round (even if they are shaved) but tend to “blow” their coats more in the spring and fall. Contrary to popular belief, shaving or scissoring a double coated dog or cat does not keep them cooler or stop the shedding. When you shave or scissor the important guard hairs off, you take away any protection the animal has from the rain or sun. The animal becomes hot if the thick undercoat fur has not been properly removed. Shaving and scissoring can also cause the coat not to grow back the same. These coats should be brushed approximately twice a week and professionally groomed 3-4 times per year depending on how much vacuuming you want to do! Next month watch for Matts Matter Part 2 –including tips to help prevent your pet from matting.

pet rescue magazine

January 2008


February Feature Group

Howdy! My name is Rocco and I am a very, very, good puppy! I love to play with my sister and foster brother, as well as the cats I live with. I am trying very hard to learn how to walk on leash but there is just so much I want to check out when I am out strolling. I am getting very good at this house training thing though and my foster mom is so very proud of me. I am learning how to sit, but I need to work on my “gentle”...I just get so darn excited that there is a treat for me I sometimes nip at my foster mom’s hand! My foster mom says one day I will go to puppy classes and I will be the best puppy there because I am soooo bright. I want to find my forever home soon so I can start learning all of the other things I need to know and be the best family dog ever!!!

The Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) is a non-profit organization committed to: rescue stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats from rural areas including First Nations surrounding Edmonton, and place them in permanent homes. provide programs that promote responsible pet ownership, and prevent cruelty to animals. hart was established, and received a Certificate of Incorporation under the Alberta Societies Act, in 2003. hart is fortunate to have established partnerships with local veterinary clinics to provide medical attention at a reduced rate and strives to keep operating costs low, allowing assistance to more animals. hart relies entirely on the generosity, skills and compassion of a volunteer network to: • respond to calls for animals in need by traveling to rural locations to perform rescues • supply food to field volunteers for feeding those who cannot yet be rescued • provide foster care, socialization, and basic training • coordinate adoptions through a matching process of each animal’s needs to the lifestyles and personalities of adopters • prepare and deliver outreach programs that promote responsible pet ownership • raise funds to support hart activities • build awareness about hart hart does not operate out of a facility, instead we rely on a network of “Foster Homes”, who open their homes and hearts until a loving, permanent home is found. Basic supplies are provided. For more information on fostering please email 8

pet rescue magazine

Koda’s my name and running’s my game… but then again, so is fetch, tug-owar and chase. I’m a 1yr old Collie/Shep X. People say that my youth and breed make me a high drive dog, but personally, I think all that really translates to is me having a lot of love to give and being eager to learn new things. I am completely housetrained and am very social with people. I have a special fondness for squeaky toys and can play for hours! I am working on my basic commands and just can’t wait to find a special person or family to run and play with! Are you the one for me?

Hi everyone, my name is Cadet!!! Thank you for peeking at my profile and wanting to learn more about me. Now let’s see what can I tell you about myself? I am about 1yr old and still very much a puppy. I LOVE to play with toys and especially enjoy playing tug-o-war with my canine buddies. I also love attention and adore hearing all about what a good boy I am. I’m told I learn very quickly and walk very nicely on leash. I can be shy at times though and sometimes my foster mom gets upset when I chase the cats, but I am a dog after all…isn’t that what we are supposed to do? I am staggeringly handsome, extremely loving and very clever; I just need a chance to prove myself.

January 2008

Hi everyone, my name is Chanti. My foster mommy likes to call me her little Black Beauty when I am good and when I am bad....come on look at my face -do you really think I could ever be bad??? I am a very energetic puppy and picking on my brother and foster brother is simply IRRESISTIBLE! I am also fantastic at looking cute to invoke sympathy and get whatever I want. If my big brown eyes do not work then I will simply just take what I want away from them. I am learning how to walk on a leash, sit and lay down. I live with three cats right now and when I chase them and bite at their ears they make all sorts of funny noises. I did get smacked across the face by one of the cats the other day though, so chasing them has started to lose some appeal. I have just started sleeping through the night and have not had an accident in the house in a few days now. I hope that someone will find me soon and make me their best friend forever.

Hi! I’m Delilah and truly delightful! I am a Lab/ Collie X around 1yr old. I may look small, but I am chock-full of energy and have loads of love to give. My foster mom says that I would be a GREAT candidate for any type of dog sport; especially flyball and agility. I LOVE playing with anything squeaky, fetching the ball and especially playing tug-o-war with my rope. I like swimming, camping, long walks and being adored. I am learning my basic commands quickly, so I’m pretty sure I am the smartest pup around! I am also house trained and get along great with my fellow foster siblings. I hope to find an active family that can cuddle me and scratch behind my ears on a daily basis. Lets meet, maybe I could be your forever Valentine -providing you can keep up with me of course!

We need Volunteers

To learn more about hart and volunteer opportunities please visit our website at local stories...local people...local pets


Heartwarming Reasons to Consider Rescuing an Adult Dog

Rachel Sentes Publicist and Contributing Writer


With most family members gone during the work week for 8 hours or more, housetraining a puppy and its small bladder can take awhile. Puppies need a consistent schedule with frequent opportunities to eliminate where you want them to. An older dog can “hold it” much more reliably for longer periods, and usually the rescue association has him housebroken before he is adopted. With a chewy puppy, you can count on mismatched pairs of socks and a variety of unmentionables rendered to the “rag bag” before he finishes teething. You can expect holes in your carpet (along with urine stains), pages missing from books, stuffing exposed from couches, and chewed up shoes. No matter how well you watch them, it will happen—this is a puppy’s job! An older dog can usually have the run of the house without destroying it. A puppy can be very demanding at 2:00am and 4:00am and 6:00am. He misses his littermates and his mother. If you have children, you’ve been there and done that. How about a little peace and quiet? How about an older rescue dog? With a puppy in your house, do you think you will be able to relax when you get home from a long day at work? Will your kids really feed him, clean up the messes and take him for a walk in the pouring rain every hour to get him housetrained? An adult dog will be sitting calmly next to you while your workday stress flows away and your blood pressure lowers as you pet him. Puppies need their series of puppy shots and fecal exams, then their rabies shot, then a trip to be altered, maybe an emergency trip or two if they’ve chewed something dangerous. Those puppy visits can add up (on top of what you paid for the dog!). Your donation to the rescue when adopting an older dog should get you a dog with all shots current and already altered, at the minimum. How big will that puppy be? What kind of temperament will he have? Will he be easily trained? Will his personality be what you were hoping for? How active will he be? When adopting an older dog from a rescue, all of those questions are easily answered. You can pick large or small; active or couch potato; goofy or brilliant; sweet or sassy. If they’ve been in foster homes, then you will be provided with all their good and bad habits, and they can help you pick the right match! When the puppy isn’t teething on your possessions, he will be teething on your children and yourself. Rescues routinely get calls from panicked parents who are sure their dog is biting

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the children. Parents are often too emotional to understand that a growing puppy is going to put everything from food to clothes to hands in their mouths, and as they get older and bigger it definitely hurts (and will get worse, if they aren’t being corrected properly) With an adult dog, chances are high that they have been taught right from wrong when it comes to chomping down on your skin! Good rescue organizations do extensive evaluating of both their dogs and their applicants to be sure that both dog and family will be happy with each other until death do them part. Good rescuers try to match each applicant with an appropriate dog. They know if a particular dog likes kids, can get along with other pets, needs lots of exercise, plays rough, is easy to train, is afraid of men, jumps fences, etc. In evaluating, an older dog there may be more history to pull from to inform potential families about their personalities. With an adult dog, you automatically have a friend that can go everywhere and do everything with you NOW. There’s no waiting for a puppy to grow up (and then hope he will like to do what you enjoy.) You will have been able to select the most compatible dog: one that travels well; one that loves to play with your friend’s dogs; one with excellent house manners that you can take to your parents’ new home with the new carpet and the new couch. You can come home after a long day’s work and spend your time on a relaxing walk, and ride or swim with your new best friend! Dogs that have been uprooted from their happy homes or have not had the best start in life are more likely to bond very completely and deeply with their new people. Those who have lost their families through death, divorce or lifestyle change go through a mourning process. But, once attached to a new loving family, they seem to want to please as much as possible to make sure they are never homeless again. Those dogs that are just learning about the good life and good people seem to bond even deeper. They know what life on the streets, life on the end of a chain, or worse is all about, and they revel and blossom in a nurturing, loving environment.




If you’re looking for a companion animal, give the gift of life to an adult dog, you won’t regret it! (Credit to the Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc at for their great information!) pet rescue magazine

January 2008


We’re not “Dog Catchers” Tammy Francis Peace Officer City of Edmonton


fter watching TV shows like Animal Cops and Animal Precinct, do you ever wonder what the typical work day for a City of Edmonton Animal Control Officer is like? In this town we show up for work ready to go, ready to work with animals – cats, rats, dogs, cows and snakes. Everyday is a challenge. This morning a black, mid-sized crossbreed dog is on a fun, but very impolite, romp in Westmount. Dispatch reports the dog’s behavior and location over the radio and my laptop provides history. On arrival, he’s a fur ball of energy that’s chasing, barking and baring teeth. After a quick call for backup, officer team work and practice eventually nabs this anxious canine. Most of the time we succeed; sometimes we don’t. Mid-morning a kooky snake call comes in. Mr. Snake has appeared uninvited on a breakfast table coiled around a


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cool glass of OJ. Seems he surprised the residents, and they don’t want him to stay long. I bag the reptile in a pillowcase and impound him. After a vet-tech sets up a snake tank, Mr. Snake smiles for his online Pet Gallery photo and waits safe and sound for a return to owner. Next…I stop by a complainant’s house to gather a statement about excessive barking. Understandably this woman is annoyed by the barking dog next door. Her baby won’t nap. I will warn the neighbour to control the barking. The barking bylaw shares much with the noise bylaw. We try for voluntary compliance first. EPS calls about a drunk driver on the Whitemud. They’re impounding the vehicle, but the two dogs in the offender’s truck won’t let police officers near. Can animal control officers meet them on scene to secure the dogs? When we

January 2008

arrive, my partner uses “dog whispering” to place both the dogs on lead. They eagerly leave the vehicle and even give her “kisses.” A typical 10-hour day also includes warning for dog defecation and pets without licences, patrols of off-leash dog parks, and of course paperwork (vehicle inspections, daily activities, warnings and tickets and pet impounds.) These are busy, rewarding days spent rescuing pets and educating the citizens about responsible pet ownership. I have great respect for the 18 women and men who are Animal Control Officers in Edmonton. We’re not the bad guys and we’re more than just “dog catchers.” We need a lot of education, training and compassion to do this job. I’m always impressed how much the City’s officers really care for their community and the animals. We’re here to help.

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Alberta Ferret Society (AFS) Well my name is Do-Do…no it’s “Dew-Dew” … not that extinct bird, as I am far smarter that that! My partner, Sanchez, and I are extremely mellow and very

sweet natured. We love kids and get along well with both dogs and cats, and we could easily integrate into an existing ferret household. However, if you are a first time ferret-owner we would love to train you in the proper care and management of us fuzzies. I’m an albino 1yr old girl, and Sanchez is a sable (dark) 1yr old boy. Just call me “Cuddles”! Well my name is really Tyler and I’m just too sweet, and too good a friend! I may be young (just a year old) but I’ve learned to make friends with cats, kids, and my new ferret cage-mate Kimmi. (Hey, we’d REALLY like to be adopted together …) If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s present for your best friend, Kimmi and I could be it! My name is Kimmi. So who do you people think you are? I was reasonably happy running around this weird stadium place, drinking this fizzy beer from a left-over cup when I was rudely grabbed by the janitors!! While I very much appreciate a warm home and loving care, I thought I was doing pretty well on my own … at least for a short time. However, I’ve come to realize that you folks do love me very much, and I’d really like to live with someone forever. I’m still a little nervous at times (it was actually a very scary situation!), but I’m willing to show you just how sweet and full of spunk I really am. I am approximately 1.5yrs old and a lovely sable girl. My favorite beverage is … really water! While I could go to someone’s home by myself, I think I’d really like to live forever with my new best friend Tyler …

Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) SPIN PETS

YEAH!! Dingus and Dewey, featured in the January issue of Pet Rescue Magazine were adopted! They’re enjoying their new home, and wish to encourage people to consider, carefully, ferrets as possible pets – they’re wonderful, amusing, always challenging, and always unique! Call: 1-877-FERRET-0, Edmonton area: (780) 447-3336 name is Milo and my friend down there is Otis. You fur-less ferret types are just so amusing … I’m so glad you are around to entertain us! I am a beautiful, happy, and very adventurous three year old dark-eyed-white lady, and my companion Otis is the handsome, daring champagne-colored three year old gentleman. We very much enjoy playing with you people, but we’re not overly fond of the barking fur-types. We are looking for a forever home where we will be right royally amused. Alright I’m Septimus… who gave me this bizarre name? Oh – that nice guy who picked me up from Edmonton Animal Control. He introduced me to six other ferrets who all looked just like me – I was the seventh sable/dark ferret he was taking care of … so he named me as the Seventh. Well, I’ve shown them … I can take them all on … I might be a little smaller, but I can wrestle with the best. When I’m not defending my play-space from those other dark ferrets, I’m a sweet, loving, playful and inquisitive young ferret. There’s been just one problem – my tooth broke and it had to be pulled – OUCH! Other than that, I’d love to go to a forever home with some new ferret friends to hassle, or just by myself (as long as you’re willing to give me LOTS of attention!).

Extra, Extra, Read all about it.... “Handsome and Affectionate Canine Bachelor Awaits his Retirement Home!” My name is Boots and I am searching for a gentle, loving and patient adopter to tame my frightful heart. I am strong, affectionate, sweet, and, although I am considered a senior, I absolutely love to run, chase, and fetch a ball. I am looking for a canine-free home as I am a pretty “set in my ways” kind of guy. A home with older children would be ok as long as the kids have been taught proper dog handling manners. Some stability, lots of love and a steady stream of milk bones should go a long way...before you know it I’ll build trust in you and I’ll no longer be a cowardly lion. I’ll have more c-c-courage! Everyone around here calls me Dexter, and describe me as the canine equivalent of a good-time frat boy. Without consistent rules and boundaries, I’m sure to end up in a dilemma and regret it in the morning. To keep me out of trouble, I’ll need a lot of fun stuff to do: toys to play with, a dog sport to keep me fit and my mind active, and don’t forget the chewies! Ideally I am looking for a house with dog experienced adults. Sign Dexter up for training classes? Check. Exercise him twice a day, every day? Check. Have a good sense of humour? Check. Adopt Dexter? Check!

Please visit the EHS website at Or call Adoptions at (780) 491-3500

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In Memory In Memory of ZEUS

“ He was my Best Friend and the best dog I could ever hope to have in my life. I’ll miss him always”......Neva January 2008


Hinton & District SPCA Hey…it’s me Richard…just hanging out and wondering why I’m still here. My friends call me Ricky and I am sporting one of the coolest coats ever. I am a brilliant Heeler/Rotti X and I am as adorable on the inside as I am on the outside. I have a very sweet and affectionate personality, listen well and I’m quite intelligent. I am only knee high, weigh 45 lbs, and although I am a little on the thin side, I am still REALLY strong and will require leash training. I am looking for a loving, indoor home where I can be the only male dog (or only dog). I am truly as adorable as they come. It’s me again... Bailey. I am a friendly, 40lbs, muscular, athletic, 1yr old, ‘All Canadian’ , super canine, mixed breed sweetheart! Wow that is a mouthful! I can be a little bit reserved sometimes, but I warm up quickly and I am indifferent with other dogs. I need daily playtime and exercise to stay happy, as well as a securely fenced yard to stay safe. If you can provide a stable and loving environment for the rest of my many years you should come by for a visit!

Tell me about it Richard!!! Everyone tells us what lovely boys my brother Sandy and I are (we try very hard!), but we still have not found our trail home. My name is Dewey, and we are

10 month old, neutered, Coon Hounds looking for caring, indoor homes. We both can be fairly bashful in new situations because we have not had much opportunity for social interaction in our previous home. We just keep improving though and now we love to play and give kisses. We are looking for patient, loving, knowledgeable and gentle leaders, who are willing to spend lots of time with us in our new homes.

Please don‛t let us wait a lonely lifetime. or call (780) 865-2800

No one can believe I am still here. My name is Gus and I’m a total treasure! I am a magnificent, 10 month old, playful, Border Collie/ Lab X who is about as intelligent as they come. I am an easy-going and well-mannered sweetheart who LOVES to play ‘fetch the squeaky toy’ and ‘steal the mitten’. I think I will be about 70-75lbs once fully grown. My new family must be prepared to give me a comfy indoor bed, lots of daily exercise, extra belly rubs on Sundays and tons of affection. Word around here is that my new family will be very lucky to adopt such a special boy…I hope you find me soon forever family! My name is Belle and the best way to describe me is precious! I am about 50lbs, very intelligent, energetic and playful. I have had a rough start but I am only 1yr old and ready for a forever family and permanent home. I am looking for a large yard, an active lifestyle, lots of rawhide chews and a whole lot of love. I adore children so it would be nice to have some smaller two leggers hanging around for me to love and play with. I think I will likely be around 65lbs when I’m done growing. Come on by to meet me and my buddies here, you won’t be sorry!

In Memory In Memory of Hunter Mar. 1997 - Jan. 2008

Hunter, you will be missed by your friends at the Awesome Pawsome Ranch 12

pet rescue magazine

January 2008

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Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS) Beans... Wiggly Jiggly Jelly Beans... that’s me and that’s the truth! I can not stop squirming to get close to you. I am a feisty pup with an odd story I want to share with you. It was 35 degree’s below zero and us little pups showed up in a small village outside of town. We all showed up on different door steps, but thanks to the kindness of strangers 3 of us were brought to the pound. When PARS picked us up they figured we must all be related...however, Ferdinand, my brother, has stopped growing and we haven’t so perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye! I am about 3 months old and ready for my very own ‘forever Valentine’!

To learn more about us and our friends visit

or call (780) 536-3868

MigglesMi I have no idea where that name came from but hey, why not? I really don’t care what you call me as long as you’re nice and you do call! I am a 6 month old, 28lb, Terrier X. So many good things on my list, but right on top is my obvious good looks, my sweet little girl demeanour, and my nice little size! Howdy! Jesse James here...I’ll yell it loud and I’ll yell it proud “I am a gong show”! I am a 9 month old Boxer and I have a wonderful temperament. I am good with dogs, but I tend to act like the Tasmanian Devil when excited. I jump, I bump and I will steal your mittens! Then I’ll bark at you if you tell me not to... nothing like a little backtalk from a dog! I even stole the poop shovel to get some attention!!! Needless to say I find myself way funnier than my foster mom does, she says I have more personality that I need, whatever that means. Anyway I am a very good boy, house trained, and will settle down if ya really want me to...but I am a bit rambunctious for small kids and I have not yet met the cat.

Grande Prairie SPCA George is the name. Hmmm...what’s orange and white and cute all over? That’s right it’s me! I am a 4-5yr old and I LOVE TO PLAY!! I give love nibbles, love my toys and must have daily belly rubs! Who says a big old Tom Cat can’t be a big ol’ lovable teddy bear? Just ask yourself, do you want a teddy bear or a cat? Actually you can have both! The best of both worlds…that’s me!

Hey hey hey the name is Dexter and I am a 2-4yr old, Lab X. I love to go for walks and I’m superb on leash. I have been here for quite awhile so I figure it’s about time for my new owners to come and get me. Yes I am talking to you - what are you waiting for? I know you can’t resist this handsome and charming face.... come on know you can’t. Please call for more information…or better yet, just come on over to the GPSPCA and take me for a walk today!

Hi my name is Callie and I am a 2-3yr old, Collie X. I am a happy girl and I love to go for walks. Our trainer that comes to show us good manners says I can heel on leash, sit, lie down, stay and come. I say that’s pretty darn good! I have been here a few months now and I’m really thinking it’s time for me to find a new home. There must be someone out there that can care for and love me forever!

The name is Wendel and I am in training to be the next Egyptian Sphinx - I think I have it down now. The key is to look like royalty and to sit very, very, still. I am a 1-2yr old, neutered, Manx – yup that’s right folks - no tail here…but I do have strong and long back legs! Talk about being a unique fellow…gees I’m a special little guy!

for more info on these animals please call (780) 538-4030 or visit local stories...local people...local pets

Tiggster here; we got tired of Tigger so I am now the Tiggster! I had a very rough start with my 4 brothers and sisters, we were born back in April and shortly thereafter dumped with our Mother in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, our mom tried to take us to safety and was hit by a car. We stayed in the ditch beside our deceased mom for 3 days before someone happened to notice us, and bring us to PARS. We were completely afraid of you two leggers, but that changed quickly when we met the kids -talk about love at first sight! There are three of us left...Scooner, Cowboy and myself and we are 9 months old. The only reason we are still here is because we look like Border Collies –but we act like laid back and relaxed St. Bernard’s. Border Collie fans want something with more get up and go, and the laid back dog fans just don’t gravitate to the working dog Border Collie appearance. It’s just so darn unfair because we are house trained, good with cats and dogs, and lovelovelove children. Seriously people, what more could you ask for?

The McDonald Family Animal Rescue Jude here, I’m a 3 month old, golden, sweetheart! My wrist was injured and will eventually need serious treatment, but the vet said she will give a discount to my special new family. I can sit, lie down, and stay. I also know I’m supposed to scratch at the back door when I want to go to the bathroom, although sometimes I forget...I’m still a baby, ya know! Thank goodness a kind lady saw me outside and managed to catch me! There is a special place in heaven for those who take time for creatures in need. My name is Roxy and I really love to be out of my cage running around or being held. I do use my litter box, and although I don’t have a cage mate here I could be a nice friend for one of your bunnies...but just a friend of course; we don’t want any more little bunnies running around so I will need to be spayed.

Please visit us at or call (780) 633-7117 pet rescue magazine

January 2008


Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) Hello, my name is Mary and I had puppies, just after intake, on December 8th! I have been roughing it on my own for awhile, and sadly only 4 of my 9 puppies survived. On a happy note both my 4 puppies and myself are now thriving and my foster mom tells me what a wonderful mom I am all the time. If you think you might be interested in one of my beautiful babies, or myself, please call (780) 462-8482. My name is Morgan and Mary is my mom. I am the largest one in the litter...and a total Mama’s girl! I love to be close to my mom and I am infatuated with food...but really, what puppy isn’t? Hello, my name is Samuel and I am Mary’s only little boy. I am definitely my foster mom’s favourite and I’m even named after one of her very best friends ever! I have the cutest little wave in the fur behind my neck... the chicks love it! For now we pretty much eat and sleep, eat and sleep, eat and sleep. Ah yes, this is the life. Hello, I am one of Mary’s little girls as well. They call me Luna and I love being in my new foster home with my siblings, and of course the best mom in the world. For now, us puppies are very busy eating, sleeping and growing. Rumour has it I might be the sweetest of the bunch! I am called Grace and I am one of Mary’s pups too. We are only about a month old and our mom is taking such good care of us. I really like being in a warm house where we are all safe and get to eat lots! 14

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Hello everyone, my name is Athena and I too came to SCARS pregnant and ready to burst! I gave birth to 7 beautiful kittens (Dec.10th) and I’ve been a superb little mom. My babies are growing fast and searching for new homes. I am a very affectionate cat and would be tickled pink, and every other colour of the rainbow for that matter, to have my own family to love me forever too. Maybe I could even be adopted with one of my babies! I have 3 girls named Hera, Demeter and Artemis as well as 4 boys named Eros, Hermes, Apollo and Poseidon. Check them out on the SCARS website adoption page or call (780) 462-8482 for more information. Hi everyone! My name is Jeckyl and I do need some training, but I promise I’m worth the time and I will try really hard. I am about knee high, eager to please, and marvellously sweet! I need a family who will give me some time and training to help me become the best dog I can be! Please call (780) 637-0999 to chat, I am waiting by the phone....well really I’m just close by the phone but I promise I’ll run!!! All I want is to follow you around, go for walks, sleep in a warm place, eat good grub and most of all get lots of attention. My name is Della and I am a large girl who requires lots of exercise. I am very friendly and looking for a special family who will love me for all eternity. If you know a family who would cherish my sweet spirit please call (780) 675-3018.

Visit many more of our friends at January 2008

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Proud Supporter of Animal Rescue

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pet rescue magazine

January 2008


Do You Have A Place in Your He rt? Because these puppies desperately need one


SNAP Spay/Neuter Action Program

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This month we want to encourage everyone to spend more time with their family pets. Remember their little lives often start and stop with yo...

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