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pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets

In this issue


Lap It Up


Tail of the Month Amazing Animals

What’s Love Got To Do With It? The story of Ada and Crispy

15 Pet Horoscopes Rescue Organizations


Pit Bulls for Life Foundation



Beagle Paws Rescue

Animal Rescue 13 Humane Team


Spay/Neuter Action Program

Beginnings Rabbit 13 New Rescue


Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection

Humane 14 Edmonton Society


Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation

14 Hinton & District SPCA

Providing Animals with Safety for Life

Animal Rescue 10 Prairie Society

Animals From 15 Saving Euthanasia Team

Chance Animal 11 Second Rescue Society

& Duchess Animal 15 Duke Rescue Society

Cover Hi, my name is Huff and I am a 3.5yr old Red Heeler X. I measure 20” from floor to shoulder and weigh in at 55lbs. I am a very respectful gentleman, but I can get excited when I see people I really like. I am house & crate trained, very quiet, not likely to lick your face and I do not get up on furniture. I am a pleasure to walk and I even let my caregiver clean my feet after so that I don’t get my dog bed (which I absolutely love!) dirty. I also play nice with my chosen companions and did great at the groomers. To learn more about me contact SCARS at 780-466-SCAR (7227)

Dear Readers: Pet Rescue Magazine is a result of combined passions for our own rescues, and the many homeless and unwanted pets still in need. Our magazine to this point is a “labour of love” but from all of the positive and heart warming feedback we know our venture is worth pursuing. However, time and resources are limited, as we are made up of a very small group of individuals that also have day jobs, and still actively volunteer in animal rescue. As a result, it has been decided that Pet Rescue Magazine will be published every other month in 2010 to allow more time for future development. We feel this is the only way to maintain the standards we have set, while still allowing time to plan for our long term security, growth and expansion. Our plans are to expand in size, broaden distribution, and continue to increase awareness on rescues and their need of good homes.

Thank you to Kate and Sophie, pictured here with their dog Wilson for donating their birthday money to help the animals of SCARS.

Thank you to our advertisers, we look forward to your continued support in 2010. Thank you for reading PRM! The PRM Team

Photo courtesy of Eugene Rienks Lens & Light ~ (780) 473-7905

local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010


Tail Of The Month Review by Jamie Hunter

Amazing Animals by Janice Ryan

Janice Ryan draped in red-fronted lemurs while volunteering at The Edmonton Valley Zoo

Ok, ok, I know it’s a five paw system and five is the max but this book truly is AMAZING and, I enjoyed it so much, it simply deserved six! At first glance you might compare it to other feel good animal story books, but this is not your common bowl of soup. Amazing Animals is full of incredible true stories about interspecies encounters that had us all laughing, crying, cheering and smiling the whole way through. Personally I figured with it being short stories it would be perfect to pick up for a “little quiet time” in the evenings. Around 6:30am (the morning after I started the book) I had to laugh off my irritation of having to put it down to get in the shower – but not before finishing the story about an octopus named Otto who creates the most comical confusion with his out of tank evening escapades! Along with the many remarkable stories from around the globe, there’s also some amazing Alberta animals featured bringing welcome local flavor and spirit. Bailey Jr. a 1200lb Alberta buffalo literally hangs out with his family watching TV and cruising in the convertible, a special rescued horse named Sweet Nothing from Big Julie’s Rescue Ranch gives inspiration to us all and Riley a rescue dog from SCARS heroically saves the family bunny.

From top row down: A Pig Tale and a Squirrelly Situation When the Buffalo Home Going Ape

reader an opportunity to learn about some of the marvelous animals featured, and, by keeping them short and packed with interesting facts your sure to stop and read each one! From the breathtaking encounters with grizzlies, crocodiles, lions & gorillas, to the precious stories of interspecies surrogate mothers, all ages will appreciate these astonishing stories and thoroughly enjoy the humor & heart in which they are delivered. Janice Ryan is a local, born and raised, Albertan with a background in Zoology and Marine Biology. She has been an active volunteer with the primates at The Edmonton Valley Zoo for several years, rescued many animals (including her SCARS rescue dog Zorro), produced/hosted several features on animals (including “The Edge” taped at The Edmonton Valley Zoo & “All About Pets” aired on CBC) and also won the AMPIA Award for Best Narrator on a wildlife documentary for The Discovery Channel. Janice believes that it is within everyone’s scope to make a difference when it comes to walking kindly and softly on this wondrous earth. You can pick up a copy of Amazing Animals at most bookstores or online at prm

An added bonus comes with the “Creature Features” found throughout the book. These informative excerpts give the 4

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets

Pet Rescue Magazine Alberta Owned & Operated

Brought to you by the Pet Rescue Team Publishers J. Hunter V. Marando

Contributing Writers Rachel Sentes, Publicist How To Reach Us: We welcome comments, suggestions, article ideas, or questions. Please send them to: Pet Rescue Magazine Box 37099, 8712-150 Street, Edmonton, AB T5R 1E0 (780) 637-0999 email Pet Rescue Magazine is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals by promoting adoptions of rescued pets. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date pictorial directory of shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations in Alberta. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of each month prior to publication. Please note that Pet Rescue Magazine reserves the right to refuse or amend editorial pieces at its discretion. Pet Rescue Magazine is published on a monthly basis by Finally Free Publishing, Inc. Pet Rescue Magazine cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal offered for adoption through this publication. We try to keep information as current and accurate as possible; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific animal. Prospective pet parents must contact the organization directly to make certain a particular pet is still available or to inquire about the adoption process. Disclaimer: Finally Free Publishing, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any products, services, or vendors mentioned in Pet Rescue Magazine, nor can it be responsible for problems with their products or services. Also, Finally Free Publishing, Inc. reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any advertisment. Views expressed in Pet Rescue Magazine are not necessarily those of Finally Free Publishing, Inc.

Finally Free Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.

Reproduction in whole or part without prior written consent of publisher is prohibited. Finally Free Publishing is an incorporated company.

EVERYTHING HAS VALUE ESPECIALLY THE TREASURES IN THIS PUBLICATION Please circulate pet rescue magazine to help ensure these rescues get maximum exposure and find new homes. local stories...local people...local pets

Pit Bulls for Life Foundation Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta is a volunteer operated, not for profit, foundation dedicated to rescuing and re-homing unwanted and abandoned Pit Bulls and other Pit Bull type breeds. If you are interested in fostering, volunteering or donating please contact us. I am Whiskey Girl! I am a very happy, healthy and well behaved 8yr old senior. I love long walks, playing Frisbee & ball in the backyard, and cuddling. I am too old to keep up with little guys although I wouldn’t mind a mature teenager to play with and walk me. I would also prefer a home that is not too crowded.

I’m Willow, a 1yr old girl in need of some guidance. At first I was afraid, but now I think cuddling is the best thing ever. I am still shy but I think some socialization/obedience classes would help raise my confidence. I play with other dogs and dog savvy cats, but sometimes forget that the cats are much smaller than me! I am crate trained but wouldn’t mind sharing a bed.

My name is Titan, which may sound tough, but really I’m just a big 1yr old goofball! I love my foster siblings, but it took me awhile to get along with everyone due to my energetic & persistent nature. I am always in play mode but do not share my toys very well - they’re mine! I would do well with an experienced owner who is willing to walk, play, and train me to keep me busy.

I’m Dodge and I am full of energy! I am 1.5yrs old and I have a lot of love to give to people, other dogs, and cats. I do need some training as I have not yet perfected walking on the leash…whatever that is. Oh and I think I should have a playmate cause it’s fun and energy draining.

I am a 2yr old boy named Calvin. I am quite calm and like to sleep close by but I’m still working on some of my manners. I get along with other dogs and kids are OK too. I have some anxiety about being outside alone, and feel my kennel is a very safe place to be. I would love to go for long, energy draining, walks and would prefer a bully experienced owner as I can be a handful at times.

I am Ciara and I am almost 4yrs old. I love to lie on my blanket or close to my foster mom as she works. I also love long walks in the country and walk well on leash. I get along well with other mature & laid back dogs (and kids). I would like to live in a quiet household with just people as my hip gets sore when I run around too much with other dogs or lay on it too much.

I am sponsored by Maria Daines, to help Bruce the Staffy. Thank You!

I am sponsored by Infinite Pawsibilities.Thank You! ~ (780) 902-8938 pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010


Spay/Neuter Action Program (SNAP) Hi, I’m Nutz… I mean my name is Nutz, but please don’t let it fool you as I’m a pretty relaxed cat. I am about 4yrs old and extremely handsome. I came from the pound so my past is a mystery, but because I am such a friendly guy I know I will find my perfect home soon.

Hi my name is Charlie and I am a handsome Lab X around 5yrs young. I have a great disposition so for any of you looking for a BIG dog with a puppy personality - I’m your man. I came to SNAP from the pound so little is known about my past. One thing I know for sure is that I LOVE belly rubs!

I’m still here, waiting for you to come and meet me! My name is Savannah and I was found at the dump with my puppies. All my pups have been adopted into wonderful new homes. I am a 5yr old, loyal, Golden Retriever X with a wonderful personality. My nickname here is Sweetie!

Hello! I am one of three puppies that SNAP rescued when it was 40 below. My two brothers and I look like we are Black Lab crosses around 3mths old. We are typical puppies and life is all fun & games to us now. If your family is looking to adopt a puppy please call, we would LOVE to meet you.

Hi everyone, I’m Icicle but you can call me Ice. I am a handsome 4mth old with beautiful eyes. One is blue and one is green! I am almost all white but I have a smudge of black in the middle of my head that my foster mom says gives me character. I am social, friendly and playful...could I be your next playmate?

Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you, and that is because I can’t hear. I am one of the special needs cats that SNAP has available for adoption. My name is Beaker and I am a beautiful, 5yr old, friendly and social boy. Can you find it in your heart to give a special cat like me a home?

I’m Frankie. I am a 1yr old Chihuahua and I am super duper sweet. My foster mom says my name should be Sticker because I follow her everywhere! I love, love, love to cuddle. Hanging out, going for car rides and playing with my foster buddies are my favourite things to do. I am currently in foster care with dogs, cats and children & we are all one big happy bunch.

I am sponsored by J&R to wish Philip Hunter a Happy Birthday. Thank You!

Hi my name is Chico and I am a 7yr old Chihuahua. I am super sweet, handsome and I get along with everyone! I was surrendered due to a family illness, but I’m looking forward to finding my new forever family. I am house & kennel trained and I love to cuddle. One secret you need to know about me is that I will do anything for peanut butter.

I am sponsored by Jens Foxford, Edmonton Real Estate Grouping. Thank You! (780) 968-0025

Beagle Paws Rescue My name is Maggie. Don’t you think I’m the most beautiful, elegant little lady that you’ve ever seen? Don’t worry, I’m no Prima Dona. I love my playtime and going for walks. I’m good with dogs and I’m even OK with cats. I do get lonely though so I would appreciate a home with another canine companion where my humans don’t leave me alone too long.

I am sponsored by Little Arf ‘n Annie Professional Holiistic Dog Training. Thank You!

My name is Marley - but not the one from Marley and Me (I’m even better than that Marley!) I’m a typical Beagle that has lots of energy and needs to be walked. Even on these cold winter days, just give me a nice coat and some boots to keep my feet warm and I’m ready to go! If you would like someone to share your winter walks why don’t you give me a try?

I am sponsored by Breezy & Ben Prochman. Thank You! ~ (780) 488-4636 6

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets

Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP) Hi, my name is Charlee and I am a 1yr old Australian Shepherd X. I weigh 30lbs and I love to be on the go. I have more energy than I know what to do with, and might be best suited for a family without small children. I get along with other high energy dogs and love to be glued to you human folk. Oh, and I should confess something, I absolutely must go to a home with a tall wooden fence as I have been known to climb chain link.

I am a large Rhodesian Ridgeback X named Jack and I already know the commands sit, down & shake a paw. I love to be in the centre of family life and I am good with children of all ages. I am ok with being crated but I can be suspicious of new people at first. I need a home that will continue my training & socialization, while loving me for the sensitive & affectionate dog I am underneath my macho looking exterior!

Jarvis here! I am a young Smooth Collie X and I am just a big puppy at heart. I’m about 1.5yrs old and I LOVE everyone.I’m good with kids but I’m not so great with cats and for the sanity of felines it is felt that I might be best in a no cat home.

I am a 5mth old German Shepherd X named Felicity. I was seen being thrown from the back of a van on the highway. I am ok now though and eager to start my new life. I’m a laid back, easygoing and I get along with everyone. I am also house & crate trained. I’ll be a large dog when I’m full grown but I still need an indoor home.

I’m Daisy, and I have the most beautiful big green eyes. I am 6yrs old, very friendly and I love to crawl all over you for attention. I was brought into care with my friend Bear, and we would love to stay together or go to separate homes where there are already friendly resident cats.

I’m Cedric and I’m very handsome! I’m a 1yr old classic tabby with beautiful green eyes. I’m very outgoing, ultra affectionate and gentle with people. I’m not too sure about other cats and dogs yet, so a quiet and loving forever home would be ideal for me.

I’m Bear, a big beautiful 9yr old with eyes that you will just fall in love with. I can be a bit shy in new situations but once I’m given some time and patience, I’ll show my funloving side. I would love to remain with my best buddy Daisy, but would also be happy as an only cat with people that can give me lots of love and attention. local stories...local people...local pets

Hello! I’m Freckles and I am a 2yr old friendly guy looking for a forever home! I’m very sociable and love to get cuddles and attention. I also get along great with other animals and love looking out of windows. (780) 922-0250


My name is Reba and I am a young Lab/ Collie X. I’m shy and try my best not to be noticed. At first I wouldn’t leave the kitchen and kept my head down all day but now I’m more adventurous! I surprised everyone when x-rays showed my pelvis was once broken and healed awkwardly. I can look a little crooked as a result and I often rest my hind leg a bit like a horse when I’m standing. I would do best with fairly minimal activity, I am happy just to hang out with my people and be loved. Hi, I’m Caleb and I’m a long-haired cat lover’s dream! I have a beautiful coat and will require regular brushing to keep it in tip top shape. I am about 4-5yrs old, quiet and very sweet. I just want to be snuggled at every opportunity. I would love a calm home without children, but with lots of love!

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

This is the heartwarming story of a little pup that was helped through her sickness by a friend as told by Terra Maclean of Prairie Animal Rescue (PARS). Happy Valentines!

Ada was one of three puppies, who came to Prairie Animal Rescue (PARS) with her sisters Amy and Cara. Ada was very sick with a deadly virus called Parvo (a viral infection of the digestive tract that most puppies do not survive). Ada fought the virus for over a week before she started to show signs that she was going to make it through. However, after being released from the veterinary hospital into my care, something still didn’t seem right with her. It was as if the battle had stripped Ada of the will to live. She had no interest in eating, was lethargic and sad. In my attempt to keep Ada alive, I began force feedings every few hours. Ada’s vet was confused as to why Ada was continuing to fail.

Crispy has his own sad story to tell, tossed from a moving vehicle he sustained a skull fracture, and a concussion that caused acute blindness. He survived and recovered fully from what seemed the impossible and even regained his eyesight. Crispy took Ada under his paw, perhaps recognizing another struggling friend. Crispy would snuggle up with Ada, and went on to licking Ada’s face. It was on a similar occasion that Crispy ate out of Ada’s bowl then started licking Ada’s face, he repeated his actions several times before Ada began eating on her own, but she would only eat what Crispy would. Over the following few days, and as their relationship blossomed, I could see Ada’s drive for life was finally coming back. Today, she follows Crispy everywhere, investigating only what Crispy investigates and cuddling only with Crispy. The two clearly love each other’s company, and both are thriving.

Then one day Ada met Crispy, they were an unlikely couple, Ada a pup and Crispy a cat. Crispy had only been in rescue for a couple of months and was clearly displaying the dislike he had for other cats, but Ada, well she, was What’s love got to do with it?....In my books...Everything. prm love at first sight. 8

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets

Whitecourt Homeless Animal Rescue Foundation (WHARF) Who wants a gorgeous green eyed girl??? My name is Sahara and I am a little shy but oh so beautiful! I love snuggling, belly rubs and soft kisses. If you promise to do all these things I will be your very best friend and make coming home way more exciting!

Well hello there, I’m Ethan. I have the most outgoing personality and I will never leave your side. I love giving kisses, getting snuggles and really adore any attention I can get! If you are looking for a kitty to spend lots of time with, I am the purrfect choice!

My name is Lucy and it really feels like I have been here forever. I am a great girl! I am house trained and my obedience training has excelled with my foster mom being a dog trainer. I love to run around and really enjoy going on car rides. I can’t wait to meet my new family soon.

Who wants a complete couch potato that loves to snuggle? My name is Wesley and I will do anything for a cuddle! My foster kids love to play with me and spoil me with lots of attention. I always see the smiles on their faces when they come home and see me because I am such a good boy.

I am a loveable boy named Heffner. I get along great with everyone and I love attention. I am very playful but I also love to sit and look out the window to watch the birdies fly by. I am a very big boy with a very big heart that is waiting for his forever family.

I am Malori and when I am not snuggling with you I will be ripping around the house pouncing on everything I can! I am so excited to meet my new family and show them what a good girl I am. Please call about me, you won’t be sorry!

I’m Treecka, after a character in a game. I am a kind, loving and loyal companion. I am a 6yr old Blue Heeler X and weigh just 35lbs. Don’t pass me by if you are looking for a best friend who likes a moderate amount of exercise and will welcome you home every day. To meet me call SCARS at 780-466-7227

I am Rodney and this is my sister Marla, we were saved from the pound on Christmas Eve. Talk about a perfect present! I hope to go to a home with children as I have a very playful but docile

temperament. My sister is also looking for a home to call her own and is very sweet with a soft & gentle heart.

Greetings, I am Asha. I am a pure bred Black Lab that was left at the pound. I am such a happy girl and I absolutely love to play. If I can, I will carry a ball in my mouth until I fall asleep. I love to play fetch and run around with the kids. I will make a fantastic family dog! ~ (780) 778-5299 local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010


Prairie Animal Rescue Society (PARS) My name is Milish and I am still waiting for my forever home. I am a sweet little gal around 3yrs old. I love kids and am a real homebody. Can I be your homebody?

My name is Dexter. Right now I’m being fostered with kids & dogs and I really like everyone. I am about 9mths old and can’t wait to find a loving family to call my own.

Cookies and Cream, that’s me! I love to follow you around and I’m super sweet. I am about 8mths old and hope to find my very own family very soon.

I am a sweet little orange fluff ball named Sherbert. Let me purr my way into your heart and I’ll be your Valentine for life! I am about 8wks old and ready for my new family.

I am sponsored by Mary T. Gallagher. Thank You!

I am sponsored by Auntie. Jamie to welcome the new arrival Cassidy Mckee, Jan. 7, 2010 Thank You! ~ (780) 536-3868 10

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets

Become a foster home or adopt one of our many furry friends My name is Josie, and if you thought Lassie was a keeper wait till you meet me! I think I’m a Collie/ Husky X around 5mths old. I love to play and run with other dogs and don’t mind the cats. Leash walks are fun and I am learning quickly (I love treats!). I am a little pigeon toed (which just makes me cuter) and cuddling is my new favorite word. My name is Zelda and it’s hard to believe someone is not missing me. I wandered onto a farm in the middle of nowhere. I seem to be well cared for, only a year old and I love attention. I am a beautiful Collie/Husky X that is good with other dogs, great off leash and I weigh around 65lbs. I love attention and when I’m really happy I like to talk!

Adoption Event February 6th - 12 pm to 3:00 pm Tail Blazers Adoption Event - Southside United Centre 7520 Gateway Blvd, United Centre Edmonton (780) 444.PAWS (7297) local stories...local people...local pets

I was left at the pound by my previous owners. SCARS picked me and my 6 puppies up in terrible shape, we were very thin and malnourished. Sadly I already lost one little angel named Jordan. I am a very sweet and kind natured girl. I also have an awful wound to my side that is currently being treated but it will be just fine. My name is Buck and I just arrived at SCARS. So far I’m good with people, crate trained and not too crazy about cats. I am about 8mths old and possibly an Akita X. As you can see, I also have beautiful blue eyes and brindle markings. I’m a fairly solid guy and my tail was previously docked.

pet rescue magazine

Adoption Event February 13th - 12 pm to 3:00 pm Sadie’s K9 Stay & Play 8521 Argyll Road, Edmonton (780) 756.0432 Feb/Mar 2010


Paws For Life (PAWS) My name is Timmy because I was really timid when I first came to PAWS but now I am the life of the party. I love playing with my dog friends, getting cuddles from people I know, and being the center of attention. It takes a little while for me to trust new people but once I know you everything is OK.

My name is Beans and I am roughly 1.5yrs old. They believe I am a Doberman/Rotti X. I got the name Beans because I have beans in my pants! I have been working with the PAWS volunteers and have come a long way. I am ready for my furever home.

Hi there, Buster here! I am a 1yr old Rat Terrier that is full of energy. I would do really well with a family who has lots of energy to burn. I love going on jogs and learning dog sports. I need a family that understands the Terrier breed and is willing to love me FURever.

Trigger here. I am a young Border Collie X that is one handsome devil. I would be a great dog for a family that could give me a “job” to do. I love playing dog sports – agility, flyball, or disc, it doesn’t matter to me. I recently competed in a disc competition and won a metal in the game High Five!

My name is Zipper and I am full of Zip (energy that is!). I have the short legs of a Corgi and the brain of a Terrier. I need a family that understands the Terrier breed and is willing to

Hi, my name is Theo and I am a pretty shy guy. I am roughly 1.5yrs old and they tell me I am a Terrier…likely crossed with something out of this world! I would do best in a home with another dog and no children.


pet rescue magazine

go back to the basics with me.

Feb/Mar 2010

(780) 471-2275 local stories...local people...local pets

Humane Animal Rescue Team (hart) My name is Mira, short for Miracle. I was saved by a caring soul who took me in, however as a result of a procupine quill I lost the the vision in my left eye. I am so grateful that hart was called to pick me up along with my eight puppies.

I was rescued on Remembrance Day and named Poppy by a little girl who felt it would be nice to mark the day. I am a Border Collie around 6mths old. I have lots of spunk and think I will fit in to just about any environment because I get along with people and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

My name is Shine and that is what I do! When I was rescued I had mange which caused a lot of irritation and hair loss around my eyes. I am all better now. I am about 6mths old, affectionate, walk well on leash and I’m good at coming back when called. I give cats plenty of distance and respect – I’m kinda scared of them! My name is Lily and before my rescue some mean people decided to shoot me with a pellet gun. It was not fun for me, how could it have been for them? The last few pellets will be removed shortly leaving me good as new. I am a Husky X around 5mths old and I get along with everyone. Sometimes I just get so happy that I let out a beautiful low key song. ~ (780) 455-4278

New Beginnings Rabbit Rescue

My name is Donner and I am a 1yr old sweet-heart. I may be shy at first but I always come around. I weigh about 9lbs and like other bunnies.

My name is Alvin and I am not yet 1yrs old. I am one cute fellow. My mom was abandoned in a back yard. I love to play and run around.

My name is Sox. I was left in an industrial park. I am quite shy but with enough time I will be a fantastic friend. I enjoy treats like dried papaya & parsley.

My name is Dancer and I was born shortly after rescue. I am pretty shy, but with some time & love I could be the best companion you ever had.

Hello! My name is Isaac. Alvin is my brother. I am a cute little fellow who is now fully grown. I am energetic and love plenty of exercise time. local stories...local people...local pets

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010


Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) Hi, I’m Roxy, a sweet and loving Pit Bull X. The staff and volunteers at the EHS adore me! I love to sit close and get scratches & belly rubs. I also like other dogs. I need consistent exercise and a healthy diet as I am overweight. I love to go for walks so if you are looking for a mellow and affectionate dog to casually walk with your children, then I am perfect for you.

I am one curious rabbit who would love to know how to win your heart! My name is Grape and I have been living at the EHS since last June! Staff and volunteers don’t understand why nobody has taken me home yet. I snuggle, and even use my litter box. I also really like to eat hay. If given enough hay, as well as a large cage to sprawl out in I will be one happy bunny.

Hi everyone, I’m Jemyma! I am a 3yr old beautiful, sweet and affectionate girl who has been here at the EHS for about 6 months! I was found as a stray. I am currently living with other cats in one of the beautiful life rooms, so I would do very well in a household that already has cats. I am a very good girl who loves to scratch my scratching post! ~ Adoption Line (780) 491-3500

Hinton & District SPCA My name is China because I am delicate. I am very shy but once I get to know you (and you scratch my back) I will be your best friend. I am a beautiful Coonhound X.

I am a Shepherd X named Charlotte and I love to fetch! I have been busy learning my manners and how to be the best dog I can be for my new home.

They call me Snoopy but I should have been named Wiggley! I am a super sweet Beagle X. I love to run and play. Can I come home and play with you?

I am a beautiful Pit Bull named Baxter. I love my humans but other dogs can freak me out. I am hoping to find a home soon…maybe you could be my Valentine?

I”m Lab X named Phoenix. I am a strong girl and I can’t wait to find a loving home. I am learning to walk on leash and keep busy playing with my friend Holmes.

I”m a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie X named Rascal. Everyone says that I am soon to be neutered. I hope that involves treats! I am a big bundle of love.

I am a 6mth Border Collie named Holmes. I love to run and need a home that will give me lots of exercise. I am high energy but I’m also a snuggler.

I am a beautiful Retriever/German Shepherd X named Shasta. I have been here since July! I am 7yrs old but you wouldn’t know it if you saw me run with Tarzan.

You may have seen my picture before. My name is Tar(zan) and I have been busy learning my manners and running with Shasta. Are you the home for me?

I am sponsored by BlackPaws Pet Resort. Thank You! ~ (780) 865-2800 14

pet rescue magazine

Feb/Mar 2010

local stories...local people...local pets


Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE)

Saving Animals From Euthanasia Team is dedicated to rescuing animals who are facing euthanization at local shelters that do not have the space to hold them.

My name is Jersey, but I look more like a Holstein don’t you think? I am a small loving girl despite my rough start to life. I am recovering from frost bite on my ears and paws, but my doctor says I’ll be just fine. I am looking for my forever family who will snuggle and chase toys with me.

Hello my name is Sasha, I am very affectionate and love to have my ears scratched. I am looking for my forever family who will spoil me with treats and love.

Hello, I am Pretty Peter. I am a young adult male with lots of energy. I love to be in on all the action or I will snuggle with you if that’s what you want.

Foster Homes Needed

Duke & Duchess Animal Rescue Society Guess who I am? Yep, my name is Lady Love and I’m the mother of Leah, Raffi, and Ruby. I am so grateful DDARS saved my little family! I’m still a little timid but very loving. I was so weary after looking after my babies and being out in the cold. I weigh about 37lbs and I am around 2yrs old.

My name is Leah and my littermates (Raffi and Ruby) and I are about 4mths old. We are Shepherd/ Collie crosses who love to play and be cuddled. We also think it’s wonderful to be safe and warm with full bellies! I think we look pretty dashing in our new winter coats, don’t you?

My name is Ruby and I am 4mths old too. I am very pretty and quite well behaved. My siblings and I have been working on our potty training and we keep getting better and better on the leash. We get along with dogs of all sizes and can’t wait to find our special families.

My wish came true! I’m Raffi and we wanted a warm place to sleep with somebody who cared and here we are rescued at last…now all we need are forever homes. There are many more like us that need to be rescued still but DDARS needs more foster homes. Please call if you can help!

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Aries: March 21 - April 19 With Valentine thoughts in the air you may find it hard to focus in February. Embrace the holiday but do not be consumed by it, especially financially. A few well thought out words can mean more than any $6 greeting card out there! Taurus: April 20 - May 20 Taurus pets love their toys and given their often stubborn natures it’s no wonder they sometimes have trouble sharing. If you have a Taurus littermate then best you not attempt to borrow their valuables until they’re sleeping. Gemini: May 21 - June 20 Every February you Gemini pets always try to search out the Valentine goodies. Chocolate is toxic to many of you so watch out. You don’t want end up at the vet and mortgaging the dog house! Cancer: June 21 - July 22 Decisions are hard to make, but especially difficult when they concern others you know. Keep your eyes open and your ears perked so you can separate the sheep from the goats and distinguish the good from the bad. Leo: July 23 - August 22 Whether it’s for dinner, treats or attention you always seem to get knocked out of the picture. Be proud and reveal yourself, chances are you will end up with the lion’s share once they know the real you. Virgo: August 23 - September 22 Sometimes the battle is lost before we even realize we are fighting. Stay strong, keep your back straight and your snout up! You can’t always win, but we all have to take chances and often proceed on a wing and a prayer. ~ (780) 819-2679 ~ (780) 483-0931

What’s In The Stars For Your Pets This Month?

Libra: September 23 - October 22 Cupid’s arrow may miss a few of you Libras this year, especially if you come across as too needy. Unless you’re a rescue looking for a new forever home, try to be patient and give others the opportunity to pursue you. Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 Are you, or a friend, looking for a new friend Scorpio? Think rescue! There are thousands of rescues on the prairies, and although puppy love is always special a housetrained adult companion lets you sleep in. Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 It often seems you get yourself into one dilemma after another. Try to slow down before reacting and keep yourself out of trouble. After all, the chickens come home to roost and the consequences are always your own. Capricorn: December 22 - January 19 Still stuck in the Dog Days of winter? Buck up cowboy! The days are getting longer and you’ll be outdoors soon. Until then, remind your parents you need more exercise by chewing shoes and bouncing off the walls. Aquarius: January 20 - February 18 An appreciative gesture could inspire friendship mid March in the last place you expected. As surprising as it may be, try not to bother figuring out your change of heart or you may end up a lone wolf. Pisces: February 19- March 20 There’s no question you’re cute, and everyone has their charms, but personality will only carry you so far if you can’t keep your paws off the food on the counter. Mind your manners or you may end up back in obedience training.

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