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L ck it or Lose it

L ck it or Lose it Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents:


Situation Analysis 3-4 SWOT 5 Targets 6-12 Research 13 Objectives 14 Creative Strategy 15-16 Creative 17 Media Strategy 18 PR/Press Release 19 Budget 20 Media Calander 21 Evaluation 22 Team 23

Executive Summary

L ck it or Lose it

Lock your car, it’s simple. This small task only takes a second but can make all the difference. It is something done involuntarily and for most is just a simple push of a button. When the Center of Innovative Solutions asked for a campaign designed to encourage individuals in Stillwater to lock their cars, it seemed repetitive to tell individuals something they should already be doing. However, it was still absolutely necessary to achieve top-of-mind awareness. Stillwater is a town with a population base that can fluctuate depending on Oklahoma State University’s schedule. It is a college town, most residents being 18-34. The Center of Innovative Solutions received a grant from the city of Stillwater to execute this campaign. To start, we will focus on a specific area in Stillwater, the 74075 area code. This area has a small population base of 11,500. There are residents in houses and apartments, residing in these areas are college students, families and older adults. In order to reach these targets and remind them to lock their cars. We had to be creative, innovative and use the element of surprise. It was obvious that just telling people to lock their cars would be a challenge, we needed to catch them outside their houses, at the bar, at the football game to remind them or simply ask them if they had locked their cars. Uilizing mostly guerilla marketing tactics we have developed a plan to lower car burglary in Stillwater. -Petra Sweiss


L ck it or Lose it

Situation Analysis Company Analysis

The Center for Innovative Solutions is an organization within the Criminal Justice department at the University of Central Oklahoma. The University of Central Oklahoma established the criminal justice program in the state in 1974. In the fall of 2010 the School of Criminal Justice was created with the continuing objective of providing criminal justice students with a quality education and transforming academic excellence into professional success. Market Analysis

We focus on only the 74075 area code in Stillwater. There is population base of around 11,500 living in the area. The area is made up of multiple apartment complexes and neighborhoods occupied mostly by college students but also established families from ages 18-34 owning at least one car per household. Within the 74075 area code we have three defined hotspots. Majority of the car theft occurs between 1:00 AM-5:00 AM depending on the hotspot. Overall, from Thursday to Sunday is when the theft is happening.

Product Analysis Lock it or Lose it encourages individuals to lock their cars. The issue is that cars are not actually being broken into; the cars are being left unlocked. Car thieves will walk through parking lots and check cars. It is crime with opportunity. The Center of Innovative Solutions recieved a grant to execute this campaign due to the high rates of burgalry they found during their reasearch.


L ck it or Lose it

Situation Analysis

Consumer Analysis

We had a strict focus on three hotspots in the area. Hot Spot #1 is a high intensity area consisting of mostly apartment dwellers. There is a mix of college students and non-college students. Hot Spot #2 is a low intensity area made up of older adults and established families. Hot Spot #3 is a medium intensity area occupied primarily by OSU students.

D i s t r a c t i o n

F a c t o r s


Competition Research has shown that not only are people not locking their cars but they also don’t remember if they locked their cars. Majority of our target market is college students living busy lives, multiple distractions can occur.


B u s y Carelessness Forgetfulness



L ck it or Lose it

SWOT Strengths

s e s s ne ort

k ’t supp a e W t doesn edia

-Partners -Research -Experience in law enforcement -Clear message -Community support



rtun P e e m g r l d c ities eption -Bu ditiona e c n o e f Still tra udi wing a t A water t s w e a g o a p l r r l a e e o n f -T ess ia n th i d T L e a d e r s e m g s et ch ss al anges crime -Soci ere proce & gro w s e ws ea g OSU c Threats r a h c ch ye a mpus -No ar -Time


-Carelessness -Traffic due to OSU -Environment of Stillwater -Forgetfulness -Lack of education

74075 Hotspots

L ck it or Lose it


L ck it or Lose it

Target-HOTSPOT 1 Most Active Time: HOTSPOT #  1  

Sunday 2 AM- 4 AM

• High Intensity • Apartment Dwellers • 6 Apartment Complexes • Some College Students • Some Non-College Students


L ck it or Lose it

Target-HOTSPOT 1 5%

5% 24%



Secured Vehicles

Time of Day


Secured Vehicles (Assumed)


7% unknown


L ck it or Lose it N

Target-HOTSPOT 2

Most Active Time: Sunday 1 AM- 5 AM

• Low Intensity • Established family neighborhood


L ck it or Lose it

Target-HOTSPOT 2 10%





Secured Vehicles

Time of Day


Secured Vehicles (Assumed)



L ck it or Lose it

Target-HOTSPOT 3

Most Active Time: Thursday 1 AM- 6 AM

•Medium Intensity • Homes occupied mostly by OSU Students

N 11

L ck it or Lose it

Target-HOTSPOT 3 6%



94% 6%

Secured Vehicles (Assumed)

Secured Vehicles



7% unknown


L ck it or Lose it


The Center for Innovative Solutions for the Criminal Justice Department of The University of Central Oklahoma conducted research on the increasing car burglary in Stillwater, Oklahoma. These findings were the driving factor to implement this campaign. One of the biggest findings is that individuals are forgetting to lock their cars. Burglary is defined as unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence. This crime usually, but not always, involves theft. The illegal entry may be by force, such as breaking a window or slashing a screen, or may be without force by entering through an unlocked door or an open window. As long as the person entering has no legal right to be present in the structure a burglary has occurred. Furthermore, the structure need not be the house itself for a burglary to take place; illegal entry of a garage, shed, or any other structure on the premises also constitutes household burglary. If breaking and entering occurs in a hotel or vacation residence, it is still classified as a burglary for the household whose member or members were staying there at the time the entry occurred., 2013

There are four types of burglary:


Completed burglary - A form of burglary in which a person who has no legal right to be present in the structure successfully gains entry to a residence, by use of force, or without force. Forcible entry - A form of completed burglary in which force is used to gain entry to a residence. Some examples include breaking a window or slashing a screen. Unlawful entry without force - A form of completed burglary committed by someone having no legal right to be on the premises, even though no force is used. Attempted forcible entry - A form of burglary in which force is used in an attempt to gain entry.

Objectives Communications Objectives

L ck it or Lose it

• To create awareness of the high rates of car burglary in the Stillwater area. • To influence the target market to remember to lock their cars. • To ultimately lower the rate of auto burglaries in Stillwater. Advertising Objectives • To establish a campaign focused in three residential hot spots. • To develop knowledge of the potential risks of not locking your car. • To create a campaign made up of mostly non-traditional media in order to produce a lasting impression. Marketing Objectives

• To increase the percentage of locked vehicles in the targeted hot spots by 50% by the end of campaign. • To continue to expand the message throughout Stillwater. • To raise awareness of need and encourage positve action among 80% of target.


L ck it or Lose it

Creative Strategy P o s i t i o n i n g S t a t e m e n t:

Residents of Stillwater, Lock it or Lose it You are not only protecting your belongings, SE

key Problem:


Car burgalry is on the

Guerrilla Marketing 15

Competiton: 1. Forgetfulness 2. Time 3. Carelessness 4. Lack of education 5. Lack of awareness

O n -T h e - G o Lifestyle

L ck it or Lose it

Creative Strategy

is not only a reminder to lock your car. you are protecting your peace of mind. Perception?


en to me!” “That won’t happ



“There is nothing valuable in my car.” ked my car.” c lo I if r e b m e m “I don’t re

lock their cars!




10 9


It takes just a second... 4

8 7




Tone of advertising : CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE 16

L ck it or Lose it Cardboard Cutouts

These plastic cutouts will be placed around the hotspots. On the cutouts there will be a statistic about car burglary. The ultimate goal of these cutouts is to surprise our targets with the reality of it happening to them. They can then move the cutout somewhere else. After they relocate the cutout it they can then participate in a photo or video competition by hashtagging #lockitorloseit on Twitter and tweeting @LockItUS. The most creative entries have the chance to win a Visa Gift Card. Grand prize will be $250, second place will be $100 and third place will be $50. The contest will last for four weeks.


Creative Event

A booth will be set up outside an OSU football game. The booth will distribute bottle opener key chains with the Lock It Or Lose logo. Attached to the keychain will be an informational card. Car dashboard sticky pads will also be distributed. Refreshments will be provided.

L ck it or Lose it Hundreds of cars are broken into in Stillwater each year. Here are a few Things you can do to

• Hide your valuables. • Lock your car. • Report any suspicious activity to the police.

Help us prevent property thefts in Stillwater.

L Losck it o e it r

AVOID CAR BURGLARY L ck it or Lose it

Table Tents

L ck it or Lose it

The table tents will be placed on OSU campus and around local bars and restaurants in the area. Every four weeks, 250 will be distributed among these areas.

Media Strategy

L ck it or Lose it

To increase awareness by using non traditional and guerilla marketing tactics. The target market is more receptive to these types of media opposed to traditional media. We decided to use more permanent, customized types of media such as key chains because they are less likely to be discarded. Customizable media always leaves the benefit that the consumer takes the message with them. With the message being printed on the media, individuals are more likely to respond. 1. To concentrate message deliver on the target market in unexpected locations using non-traditional message dlievery systems. 2. Prominetly display Lock it or Lose it theme in all creative execution.

L ck it or Lose it

Lock it or Lose it microsite, linked to the Stillwater Police Department Website.


L ck it or Lose it

Press Release

Press release will be sent out to local news stations (KFOR, KOCO, KWTV) to cover Lock it or Lose it in the earliest stage of the campaign.

MEDIA RELEASE • For Immediate Release "Lock It or Lose It" Auto Burglary Prevention Campaign starting in Stillwater (EDMOND, OKLA / April 1, 2013) - The School of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Oklahoma has partnered with the City of Stillwater Police Department, Oklahoma State University Police Department, and the Payne County District Attorney to reduce the loss of valuable property resulting from auto burglary in Stillwater. Through a grant obtained by Dr. DeWade Langley and Dr. Don Mizell of UCO's School of Criminal Justice, and utilizing a sophisticated computer program known as Automated Tactical Analysis of Crime (ATAC), analysis was completed and a campaign developed to address this growing crime problem. This campaign is intended to help target a number of crime hotspots that are experiencing a high incidence of auto burglary. Stillwater and the adjoining campus has an extremely high rate of personal items stolen at night from unlocked cars. Examples of high value stolen items include firearms, computers, phones, tablets, and other items of monetary and intrinsic value. The campaign is called "Lock it or Lose it," and is designed to remind residents to lock their vehicles, and hide or remove their possessions from their vehicles. The operation will consist of changes in police patrols, informational cards distributed by officers during these patrols, door hangers distributed by the Boy Scouts of America, neighborhood informational signage, and finally, TV, radio, and social media. If "Lock it or Lose it" proves a success in Stillwater, this innovative and collaborative approach has the potential to benefit other municipalities on Oklahoma and across the nation.


L ck it or Lose it

Budget Bottle Opener Key Chains

$0.55 each

Plastic Cutouts

$103.97 each

Table Tents

$0.27 each

Car Dashboard Sticky Pads Informational Cards Table Custom Canopy Tent

$0.31 each

Visa Gift Cards

$250.00 $100.00 $50.00

Soda 24-Pack Water Bottles 24-Pack TOTAL

$0.07 each $20.00 each

2,500 $1,375.00 20


1,000 $270.17 1,350 $418.50 2,500 $174.99 1 $20.00 1




$5.84 each



$3.56 each



$109.00 each



L ck it or Lose it News Coverage Plastic Cutouts Table Tents* Event Key Chains-Info Cards Dashboard Sticky Pads

Media Calendar





*Table tents are distributed 250 every four weeks.





L ck it or Lose it

Due to the high rates of auto burglary in the Stillwater area, individuals are not only being robbed of their possessions, but of their peace-of-mind as well. By incorporating our campaign into the target hotspots, we hope to raise awareness and encourage residents to lock their cars. By reaching our targets outside of their homes, using mostly non-traditional forms of media and incorporating social media, individuals will be reminded to lock their cars. Success will be determined by the rates of car burgalry declining due to awareness.

Research Majority of research on Stillwater and targeted hotspots provided by The Center for Innovative Solutions. Bureau of Justice Statistics, (2013). Burglary. Retrieved from Niroula, N. (2009). Citizen’s Perception of Police and Area Crime: Examining Public Control And Victimization. Conference Papers -- American Sociological Association, 1. Scarborough. PrimeLingo-Profile Report. Weiss, P. (1999). To catch a thief. Good Housekeeping, 228(1), 77. U.S. Census Data, (2013). Retrieved from: Zip Code Detailed Profile, (2013). Retrieved from,


L ck it or Lose it

P e tra S we i ss A le x B rade n K aci B i lbre y 23


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