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FALL 2008 Volume 1, Issue 1

...the vision...the journey...the healing... Growing….Changing….Serving…. Inside this issue: Make One Change!


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History Repeats Itself!


Alrighty then. If you blink you will be amazed at the growth and changes you see at PetraPlace in just a few short months. It’s exciting! The excitement does not come from success in itself but from the fact that people’s lives are changing. Those who have come to PetraPlace already have a story to tell about healing and redemption in their lives. There is no greater story and no greater cause for rejoicing. Since the doors of PetraPlace officially opened on March 10th of this year it has served by providing over 300 therapy sessions.

It’s gaining momentum and with it there are growing pains and learning curves. The sliding fee scale has allowed for both flexibility and accessibility in providing excellence in care to a lot of people. So what’s the future look like for PetraPlace? God only knows….literally. The

possibilities seem vast and wide. You can check out a few of the plans for 2009 on page three. Until then PetraPlace will continue to serve those who choose to make some changes in their lives, find the hope that they need to pursue their purpose and experience joy sometimes for the first time ever or at least in a very long time. This has been the scene at PetraPlace… growth, change and healing. Now that truly is exciting. The doors are open. The invitation is out there. The possibilities are endless. We are blessed.

Upcoming Events  November /December 2008 Fall Fundraiser Event

Fall Fundraiser Event

 February 1, 2009 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Have you heard the news? By the time you receive this newsletter, there will be less than two months left to complete your Christmas shopping. Don't panic....believe it or not, PetraPlace can help. Beginning November 1st through December 17th, PetraPlace will be offering gift certifi-

 April 26, 2009 2nd Annual Tea at the Beach for Women  Community Education Classes beginning in Winter 2009

cates for sale for Garden Factory ($25 certificate amount), Bruegger's Bagels ($5 certificate amount) and Delta Sonic ( Super Kiss Supreme - $20; Super Kiss Wash - $12 or oil change $25). These gift certificates make great gifts for teachers, bus drivers, employees, friends, or pastors while at the same time raising

money for PetraPlace. Contact us by phone (3620795) or click on Contact Us on our website ( to order your gift certificates today. PetraPlace accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. You can arrange to pick them up at the office or we will mail you the certificates!

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Make One Change! Perhaps you are finding yourself in a predicament. Stress at work. Chaos at home. Too many commitments. Your relationships are not going very well. You find yourself in a tough spot. Wow! What a balancing act! We all find ourselves in this situation at one time or another but maybe for you this is the constant state of affairs in your life. We live and learn from our history as well as the situations that are currently happening. We generally tend to respond to things in a pattern that is fairly consistent. That’s until we realize it’s not working. That’s step one.

So stop! Even in the midst of the craziness of life we can take one small step back to take a look at what it is that is driving you to the edge. Make a decision to make one small change. Just one. Actually, that’s one at a time, but just one change can make a world of difference. This change might be a decision to change a perspective on something, or to prioritize differently, or a behavior like intentionally scheduling in some down time. Maybe you will choose

to treat someone differently. Just making the decision to make a change will bring some relief. You will be surprised to see the ripple effect one change can have. What change should I do first, you ask? Choose one change that you already know that you can do and be successful at. Talk to a friend or someone you can trust about your decision to make a change in order to trap yourself into following through. Everything in life is in constant change so why not make one for yourself? After that, try another! You will find yourself in a better place and it will show!

PetraPlace launches eNewsletter “Choose one change that you already know that you can do and be successful at. “

On October 1, 2008 the first PetraPlace, news in the field monthly PetraPlace eNewsof mental health as well as to letter was published and sent inspire readers with an to our emailing list. essay of encourageThis is just another ment. From time to way to keep in contime there will be retact, provide up-tominder emails when a date information on major event is about to the happenings at happen since we all Log on to

need help to remember things in this very busy life we lead. If you would like to join our mailing list and be informed you may do so by visiting our website at and click on contact us. Be in the know and sign up today!

Who is served and what for? PetraPlace serves individuals, couples and families. Thus far we have served children, teens, college age, and adults from the young to the more mature. PetraPlace is what is called a generalist practice which means it is equipped to address most issues that come up in life. The cases PetraPlace has seen include relational issues, depression, addictions, family life issues,

divorce recovery, marital issues and a plethora of mental health diagnoses. What makes PetraPlace different than other counseling centers? It’s the faith factor. For some, the case might be that faith has little to do with what is going on and for others it is central. The point is that at PetraPlace there is a freedom to explore what part faith plays in the work of therapy. This is the clients’

choice. The truth is that spirituality is at the core of each of us. No matter what, PetraPlace is committed to offering the very best of care in a safe and professional environment. The therapy provided at PetraPlace is licensed, credentialed and clinically supervised. Appointments may be made by calling the office at 362-0795.

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How to Help PetraPlace operates on funds provided through fees on a sliding scale, financial partnerships with individuals like you, resource-seeking events, business/corporate support and volunteers assisting with tasks that provide success in daily operations. There are many opportunities and we need your help.

all of the individuals it serves, the staff and counselor, and its board of directors. Attend an event. On Sunday, February 1, 2009 is our Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction and on April 26, 2009 is our Tea at the Beach. Make a donation. All financial resources provided to Below are some of the ways: PetraPlace are tax deductible. Pray. There is nothing we Donations may be mailed to: can do on our own. Prayer PetraPlace, 888 Long Pond has been and will Road, Rochester, continue to be the N.Y. 14626. way PetraPlace will No amount is too seek direction from small and will help a God who desires in the daily operato have us rely on tions of PetraPlace Him in all things. and subsidize the We ask that you client fees making commit PetraPlace Together the services at to prayer including we can make it happen! PetraPlace more

accessible to many. Your help is essential to the growth and development of PetraPlace and is truly a gift received with gratitude. Volunteer some time. Often the gift of time is underestimated yet is so critical to the success of any organization. For now, we are in need of some volunteers to help fill orders for our gift certificate fundraiser, assistance with the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction as well as the Tea at the Beach. We are also seeking help with some office work for the daily operations of PetraPlace. If you are willing please call 362-0795 or send an email through our website. You will be serving Him by helping out.

So what’s this thing called therapy? It seems to be the punch line of jokes in sitcoms and in real life it brings about many notions of mystery. To sum it up in two words, therapy is relationship and process. Through these two words there is learning, application, growth, change and healing. It sounds simple but it really is a lot of work. Work that is well worth the

time, energy and effort. Of course there is the clinical part of therapy that includes discovering or reclaiming an identity that was lost in the various woundings that happen in life. There are techniques and modalities that can be used to promote that wellness and functioning. The rule of thumb is that if it

crosses your mind that you should go then the probability is that you should. The process and relationship will take some time so be prepared to invest that when you go. It will take a few sessions to get things rolling. Be patient with yourself and the process. It is not as scary as it seems and the benefits are so worth it.

needs and a particular focus. During the winter PetraPlace will offer a few classes on weeknights. Session I will begin the week of January 12 and Session II will begin the week of March 2. Each session will run for 6

weeks. Some of the topics will include journaling, marriage, child rearing, and self improvement. PetraPlace plans on offering at least one daylong seminar during the year and a Community Mental Health Awareness event.

Future Plans In 2009 PetraPlace will expand by adding some additional opportunities for growing, changing and healing. We hope to add some therapy groups for those with specific

“To sum it up in two words, therapy is relationship and process.”

888 Long Pond Road Rochester, NY 14626 585-362-0795 Executive Director Stacey Reed-MacGregor, LMSW Administrative Assistant Amy Steinmetz Clinical Supervisor Harmon Meldrim, LCSW, PhD Board of Directors Jim Pavone Deb Fox-McHugh Caryn Stiteler Vicky Vorhauer

Mission Statement

We’re on the web!

To provide excellence in professional mental health care intervention with a holistic approach and an overarching Christian worldview to individuals, couples, families and groups striving for healing and wholeness through counseling and other psychotherapies. To be a community resource through advocating for increased awareness of mental health issues and educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life.

History repeats itself! Sometimes you want more of a really good thing. Why not bring your friends and family back to our 2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction on Sunday, February 1, 2009? Good food. Great fun! This year’s dinner will be held at Orchard Community Church at 2250 Latta Road right near the 390 exit from 2-6PM. The buffet will again be deliciously prepared by Stew’s Catering. Chase away the winter blahs by getting together for a really good cause. Want another really good time? Just for the ladies, please.

PetraPlace will host its 2nd Annual Tea at the Beach for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. This event was a smash last year. Be pampered, shop, enjoy a high tea at the beach house at Charlotte Beach. The date? Sunday, April 26, 2009 from 25PM. We will have an extended shopping experience with many local vendors carrying unique products. There will be entertainment, great food by our wonderful

PetraPlace chef, Barb Gill, the former owner of Mulberry Mill and of course, a crew of very willing waiters who strive to meet your every need! Seating is limited.

Proceeds from both events will benefit the services at PetraPlace. Tickets are available by calling 3620795. Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover are all accepted. Mark your calendars!

...the vision...the journey...the healing...

PetraPlace Newsletter - Fall 2008  
PetraPlace Newsletter - Fall 2008