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Pet People Issue 03 Stockholm

Swedish magazine about pets and their people. In this issue: Apollo + Kelly, Bosco + Josephine, Titus + Sion + Elin, Toby + Isabella, Bosse + Fredrik, Humlan + Lisa, Minou 1 + Kerstin, Kaknäs Djurkyrkogürd


Pet People Issue 03 Stockholm

They kiss me on my cheeks when I’m cr ying to The Oprah Winfrey Show.










Bosco + Josephine


Humlan + Lisa 


Bosse + Fredrik 


Minou + Kerstin 24 Toby + Isabella


Apollo + Kelly


Titus + Sion + Elin 46 Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård


Bosco (1) + Josephine (31) Bromma Stockholm

We have always had pets in the family. I used to ride horses, but I injured my knee and had to quit. When I was a kid we had a Jack Russell named Orup that my mom got as a 30th bir thday gift. He was the best dog in the world but also the most impossible. He ran away constantly, chased puppies, came home in a police car, and ran away to a home for the elderly and stole cookies. He lived for 17 years. There was never any doubt that I wanted to get a Jack Russell when I eventually got a dog of my own. Bosco is the best dog ever, but I’m sure ever yone says that about their dog. He’s not tough like Orup, he’s more of a softie and a little shy. He loves to kiss, his kisses never stop. I’m not a morning person, but now it’s impossible to wake up on the wrong side because there’s always a happy Bosco next to me. For some reason, he chooses not to jump up on furniture, so when he wants to get up on the bed we act like an elevator and lift him up. He helps me get outside, and I love our snack times when we share fruits - he loves raspberries. Bosco means forest in Italian. It’s also an American brand of chocolate syrup, a cool restaurant in Barcelona, and my favorite episode of Seinfeld.






Humlan (1) + Lisa (28) Hammarbyhöjden Stockholm

Getting a dog wasn’t something we had always planned. I had a Cocker Spaniel growing up, and I knew that I wanted to have a dog as an adult, too, because having a dog is so cozy. But my boy friend was not as convinced. So I nagged him for a while about it, and then we got Humlan. I had really bad PMS one day and felt that I needed a puppy, and so it was decided. Humlan has a two-sided personality - she is ver y soft, careful and calm, but she can also be determined, growly and a bit bossy. She is ver y kind to us but she might put her foot down when it comes to other dogs. She is ver y social. I am ver y glad that we’ve often left her in the care of friends and family ever since she was a puppy. It has led to her being comfor table around a lot of people, and she always wants to be where the action is, which makes us feel more flexible. We have a lot of activities, and it’s ver y easy to find a sitter for Humlan. She gets attached ver y easily. It’s so nice to have someone around who’s always happy, who wants to lie close and breathe in your ear.






Bosse (5) + Fredrik (38) Aspudden Stockholm

In October 2012, I lived and worked in Shanghai. One day when my colleagues and I were biking home from work, we got stuck in traffic in the middle of a big intersection. In front of a bus stood a terrified poodle who almost got run over. Nobody seemed to know where he came from, and there was no owner in sight. I felt like I had to take the poor guy home. He was ver y scared but got attached to me quickly. I felt like he star ted to see me as his master. Christmas of 2013 we moved back to Sweden, and Bosse was with us on the plane. He is a real Poodle, and listens and follows in ever ything we do. He has trouble with large dogs and really freaks out around them. He keeps track of people he’s met before and who he likes, and when he sees friends he gets very excited and does spins of joy again and again. He likes people more than dogs. He can be picky but he’s a real charmer and never runs away. When we were rescuing him from the intersection in Shanghai and were looking for his owner, I asked my friend Lasse what we should call him. He said Bosse like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It’s the best name! He was fully grown when we found him, and the vet said he could be anywhere between one and seven years old. We really want him to be young so we can have him around longer, so we say he’s five.






Minou (1,5) + Kerstin (31) Väster torp Stockholm

I was originally set on getting a Dachshund. My boyfriend wasn’t really keen on getting a dog, but me being totally convinced, I star ted sending him all these links with dog ads. Since I wanted to take my dog to work immediately I didn’t want to get a puppy. After a while my boyfriend softened and we went to look at Minou. She was a little shy and lay down by us with a kind but somewhat concerned look and then sat down on my shoes when we were leaving. It was a sign. We took her home with us in August. Life has changed a lot since Minou came. I’m not as restless anymore. It’s nice to focus more on someone else than on yourself. It’s also nice to have an excuse to just stay in on a Saturday night. I work at Snickarbacken 7, a café with a galler y and a shop, and she’s with me at work ever yday. It usually works just fine, except the first day when she bit off her leash and ran out in the street. But most of the time she sleeps behind the counter. She is both my dog, my colleague, and my own little assistant.







Toby (3) + Isabella (27) Hammarbyhöjden Stockholm

Toby was born on an Amish farm outside of Pennsylvania. He is a love stor y and easily the best impulse buy of my life. My fiancé, Erik, and I lived on Stockholm Street in Brooklyn at the time. Toby was nearly six months old when we took over care of him from a Puer to Rican family. They were six people living in a one-bedroom apar tment and couldn’t afford all his vaccines. I saw Toby’s ad on Craigslist and went to meet him. He was so cute and had a beautiful Rastafari leash on. When I held him for the first time, he felt so calm. There was something between him and me, it was like he chose me. So I went to the ATM. Then we had to go the pet store to buy ever ything we needed. I’ve never been a “dog person”, but when we lived in New York the lifestyle of having a dog looked so appealing. Being outdoors provided a nice change from work in a city where work was our focus and priority. Before Toby, my fiancé and I were just a couple. Adding Toby made us a family. When I hug Erik, Toby is always there between us. He is like a symbol of our relationship.






Apollo (2) + Kelly (34) Aspudden Stockholm

I have always been obsessed with cats. We used to live in London and rented a tiny house where we couldn’t have pets. Instead I was a crazy cat lady who walked up and down the streets talking to the neighborhood cats, making up names for them. We moved to Stockholm so we could get a cat (and a baby, Beatrice is now five months old) and knew that we wanted to get a Ragdoll. Two days before Christmas we found out that we got Apollo. It really was the best Christmas present ever. Life with Apollo is pretty much what I expected, except for how unprepared we were the first time we were going away on a trip - “what do we do now?”. Also, I wasn’t prepared for how much cat hair there would be all over the apar tment. The best thing about Apollo is his comedic value he’s so hilarious to watch. Apollo is an indoor cat, but we’ve tried taking him out on a leash with var ying degrees of success. One time he got scared by the cats living on the bottom floor of our building, another time he star ted chasing a deer that lives next door. I think he prefers staying in here eating freeze dried chicken. 41




Titus (8) + Sion (6) + Elin (28) Hökarängen Stockholm

Siamese have some quirks, they constantly talk and scream like babies when they want to be cuddled. If you’ve had a Siamese once, it’s almost creepy to meet cats that never make sounds, kind of spooky even. When we brought Sion home to meet Titus, it was awful at first. Sion was the smallest in his litter - tiny, skinny and anxious. When he came to us he whimpered and was ver y scared. Titus was the most stable of us all, he was actually the one who made their relationship work. He took it easy and approached Sion literally step by step. After a week we got home one day and they were sleeping cuddled up together. The cats have more of a routine than we do, they are the ones to tell us it’s time to go to bed at 10.30 pm. They really take care of us, they kiss me on my cheeks when I’m cr ying to The Oprah Winfrey Show.







Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård Gärdet Stockholm

Älskade och saknade, beloved and

on this leafy hill. If you didn’t know

missed. Bus 69 to Kaknäsvägen and

it was there you could walk right

a shor t walk along horse paddocks

past without seeing it, but as you

takes you to Kaknäs Djurkyrkogård,

get closer there is no way to avoid

the oldest pet cemeter y in Sweden.

being touched by the hear tbreaking



and hear twarming headstones with

cats, dogs, a circus horse, birds and

inscriptions like “Our best friend

other furr y or not-so-furr y friends

Jack”, “Candela’s beloved poodles”

have found their final resting place

and “Chi-Wu - our baby”.








We hope you enjoyed this issue of Pet People. Concept: Hilda Grahnat & Linnea Paulsson Ar t Direction: Linnea Paulsson Photography: Hilda Grahnat Interviews: Linnea Paulsson Printed by: Trydells Tryckeri AB, Sweden Paper: Cyclus Offset 140g / 300g Contact, shop & stockists: Instagram: @petpeoplemag Facebook: Copyright © 2016 Pet People Magazine All rights reserved. No par t of this publication may be reproduced in any form without prior permission.


Pet People ISSN 2002-0392 58

Pet people issue 03 stockholm  
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