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Welcome to the Wonderful World of

Petwoo Petwoo is a fun safe way to connect with fellow pet lovers looking to find that special someone for friendship, dating, romance and more! Petwoo, first launched in 2008, began as a free website for pet lovers to post pics and chat with other pet friends. While the online site drew hundreds of members, there was still a need to find a way to sift out the non-commital, occasional daters from the legitimate relationship seekers that were looking for serious long term relationships. Many online dating sites have several “profiles” that seem to float around on a number of other sites. These posters may or may not represent themselves accurately. How many internet dates have you met up with, only to realize that the photo they had posted online was a glamour shot from 1998?

Well, have no fear—the all new Petwoo is here!! Now as new member you will be assigned a personal matchmaker that will go to work, carefully hand-selecting the best possible introductions for you. Whether you’re interested in casual dating or something more serious, we will find your match. And, if your just looking for a dog walking buddy well that’s an important benefit of being a Petwoo member too!


Premier Matchmaking Service for Pet Lovers!

(585) 414-2969

PETWOO • May/Jun ‘14

A Premier Personal Matchmaking Service for Pet Lovers Every client is screened, interviewed and qualified to meet your expectations before matching with you. •

Exclusive web site to browse members, chat, share pics and videos, even schedule dates. •

Monthly single mixers, speed dating events, and other meet-ups; some pet friendly, and some just for us humans. •

Educational workshops, FREE of charge for members to enhance their relationship skills. •

VIP Discount Savings Card for a wide variety of premier pet related products and services. •

Dating Dealbreaker:

How People Treat Their Pets Award-winning journalist Brian McGrory reveals what you can learn about people by the way they treat animals. It’s so true! His book, Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man, is available online – and it’s amazing.

yours and theirs—provide extraordinary insight into what you’re getting into at the beginning of a relationship. They reveal in stark terms the level of commitment that a prospective mate has: their devotion, their empathy. The kind of animals they have, how they live with them, speaks volumes about who they are. And if they don’t have a pet, how they regard yours says just as much, if not more.


Consider, for a moment, my best friend and college roommate, a delightful guy named Chris who, like me, didn’t settle down until later in the game of life. He called one day to inform me, somewhat hesitantly, that the new woman in his life had a Pomeranian, and the Pomeranian had what he described as a “Lion’s cut.”

t was about a dozen years ago when some friends convinced me to go on a blind date with a woman that they guaranteed was, in their exact words, “way over my head.” Besides, they said, she’s a dog lover. You’re a dog lover. What could go wrong? Our first get together was perfectly nice, even if they might have exaggerated her charms. From the look on her face when we met, they undoubtedly exaggerated mine as well. We got together a second time, and then made plans for a third. She was to come to my condominium in Boston. We would head over to a nearby restaurant. She planned to bring her dog to see how hers got along with mine. And therein, the beginning of the end. When I answered the door, the human half of the female duo looked great. But when I looked down at her dog, I didn’t see the regal retriever that I expected. No, I saw a veritable beachball of a dog with short legs, a grotesquely overweight creature who, at that moment, was straining so hard at her leash, breathing in such labored fashion, that I was worried she might just keel over and die. When she got into my apart-

ment, she began sprinting around like the Tasmanian Devil, such that my dog, Harry, softly growled and shot me a look that said, “Get this slobbering mess out of our house.” Now don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t the aesthetic of the dog that bothered me. Actually, it wasn’t the dog at all. It was my immediate suspicion of what had caused it to be obese and out of control, which was proven later that evening when the woman casually said, “Yeah, unfortunately I just don’t have much time for her these days.” No time? Then why have a dog? Or at least why not pay someone who does have the time to help. We never saw each other again. All of which got me thinking that pets—

Look it up. I did, and I knew in a moment the relationship wouldn’t last because I couldn’t picture Chris walking the little dog, never mind falling for the woman who regularly was. Sure enough, the relationship was history in weeks. A few months later, he told me of another woman that he was particularly interested in, mentioning that she not only had a couple of kids, she also had a handsome black Labrador retriever. A year or so later, the relationship was going strong, I asked him about the Lab that I didn’t hear much about anymore. “Yeah, she ended up giving him away,” he said. “She loves Nantucket, and the dog had this strange allergic reaction to sand, so it didn’t work for her.” I’m sure he saw the stricken look that I barely tried to hide. That relationship ended in due time, as Chris slowly came to the realization that she just wasn’t a particularly nice person. .. continued on pg. 6

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Happiness ...


oesn’t it often feel the happiness we seek seems to elude us? Each time as we feel its attainment is eminent; it somehow slips through our fingers. If only I had gotten that job. If only I hadn’t bought that car. If only I was in a relationship. If only ‘this’ or ‘that’—I know then I would finally be happy. Maybe, but I sincerely doubt it. That’s because if you’re linking your happiness to someone or something, 

PETWOO • May/Jun ‘14

It’s Closer Than You Think!

you are constantly setting yourself up for a fall. Why ?... because things change. Yes, I mean all things—where we work, who we know, where we live, what we want. Why is it that we work so hard for ‘things’ that can be wrapped up in ribbons and bows? Yes, while things are often pretty, and sometimes quite useful, they are not what creates or sustains our happiness. Pleasure, perhaps—but happiness, no. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy things; especially things in the shape of extra

large flat screen TV’s, or muscle cars of any era. It’s just that I know my happiness isn’t dependant upon them. In fact, I believe my happiness isn’t even mine. It’s not a thing to which I can, or should, claim ownership. Happiness is merely the recognition of love that flows through each of us when we experience gratitude. Want to be happy? Be grateful. But, don’t try to hold onto it; it will only prove futile. Just let it flow, like your breath and happiness abounds!

Why can’t this service be free?

F.A.Q. What exactly is Petwoo? Petwoo is a premier, full service matchmaking service for pet lovers. As a member you will be assigned a personal matchmaking consultant that will work with you to target your relationship needs and desires. Through a variety of mixers, meet-ups, and personal matches we will help you to find and develop meaningful relationships in your life. We also offer a variety of educational and entertaining services that will be available to you as a paid member.

Do I have to own a pet to become a member? No, you don’t need to own a pet to become a member of Petwoo, but ALL members must Love, Like, or Accept the idea of pets being a part of their ongoing relationships. In fact some members may currently find themselves in living situations where pets are not allowed.

Is this just another online dating site?

Well as enticing as ‘free’ may sound, there is no possible way that we, or for that matter, any legitimate personal matchmaking service can provide a professional, high quality experience for our members without charging for it.

I had previously joined Petwoo’s online community for free. Is my profile still valid? Yes, you will still have access to your online profile, however in the future, there may be updates and new features added that will be made available only to paid members.

Will I actually be interviewed in person by matchmaking professionals that will also interview my possible matches? Yes. Every single member of Petwoo must be screened, interviewed and qualified before being eligible to be matched up with another member.

What if I’m not looking to get married right away? Well, that only makes sense. We believe no one should rush into a marriage before spending time getting to know their possible long term partner.

Is this just for dog or cat owners, or can anyone join?

No, Petwoo is not a typical dating online dating site. While Petwoo does have an online web site community at this site is now offered simply as a complement to our premier personalized matchmaking service.

No. Petwoo is for pet lovers of all types. In fact, Petwoo may be just what you need to find the ideal match that shares your exotic taste in pets.

Is there a fee to join Petwoo?

Yes, there are several discounts available for new members that join before June 30th. Call: 585.414.2969 to schedule your absolutely FREE membership consultation.

Yes, there is a one time enrollment fee, along with monthly membership dues. The costs are very affordable and can be paid in variety of ways. We currently accept cash, check & charge.

Are you currently offering any discounts for new members?

Check out Petwoo online at:

Join Petwoo

before May 31, 2014 prepay for your membership and receive a very

Special Bonus

valued at over $1,200! For more info please call:

(585) 414-2969 .. continued from pg. 3

I’ve never seen a study on it, but I know of very few married friends and acquaintances that don’t share either a love of animals or an antipathy to them. The traits attract. I’ve watched new girlfriends pat Harry, my late golden and the best dog I’ve ever met, with a straight arm and a distant look, and knew in that moment, that our relationship wouldn’t last. I’ve felt the stress of women who didn’t understand that with a dog comes an irrevocable responsibility, and couldn’t grasp why I wouldn’t, say, just take off on a moment’s notice for a weekend away.

Everyone has an invisible sign around their neck that reads, “Make Me Feel Important.” - Unknown

In contrast, I’ve felt unabashed gratitude toward those who did get it, who would propose weekend plans that didn’t have us away from home all day, or offer ideas that included Harry. Pure gold, those women. This may be why I fell hard for Harry’s veterinarian. Nobody understood him, or us, better than her, and my word, did she have a way with dogs. Of course, it also meant that I, in return, needed to come to terms with her two kids, their two cats, their four rabbits, and their pet rooster, Buddy, who pretty much hated my guts. That last part represented one of the toughest—and most important—tests of my life. The fact that I succeeded is what’s kept this relationship intact. Brian McGrory is the author of Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man. Watch the book trailer, This article was originally posted by Jeannie Assimos online at: 

PETWOO • May/Jun ‘14

Website screenshot of Petwoo’s online community

Can Friendship Lead to Sparks? Maintain Honesty Just the mere thought of having a romance with your friend has already changed the way you are thinking about him. As friends, you would disclose just about anything to this closest person in your life. How about now? People in the throes of romance can begin to hold secrets and play the game of love. Are you beginning to hold back? If openness, self-disclosure and candor were the basis of your friendship, why not continue along that path? You shouldn’t use insider knowledge you have about each other to manipulate or take unfair advantage.


rossing that line from friendship to romance can be both beautiful and extremely tricky. In social psychology, friendships that merge into love fall under a type of love called Storge. Many people may have a secret crush on their friend but resist pulling a When Harry Met Sally for fear that the relationship will turn sour. What if you happen to lose the friendship altogether? On the other hand, what better basis for love than an intimate friendship? If the union is a solid one, it will hopefully be able to sustain an unsuccessful attempt at adding romance. Just to be safe, however, here are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to increase the odds:

“Acknowledge the change in your relationship and express an interest in retaining the friendship. The best lovers are the ones who are also friends,” says Kathryn Alice, relationship expert and author of Love Will Find You.

Assume Nothing Don’t assume anything! For instance, you are not exclusive until this is discussed. Now that you are lovers, you may have different expectations. Therefore it’s doubly important that you connect openly. People tend to relate more to the fantasy than the reality of their relationship. Discuss your trepidation, as well as your affection. If your feelings are mutual, then you can proceed with the same honesty that you have enjoyed in the past and allow the relationship to blossom.

Introducing Rochester’s Premier

Personal Matchmaking Service for Pet Lovers

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Where pet lovers connect. You too, can petwoo!

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        




 

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