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2012 Tournament for the Hilton Petone Cup

Proud sponsors of Petone Football Club.


Tournament Divisions

Hello and welcome to the 2012 Hilton Petone Tournament, proudly sponsored by Caltex Railway Avenue. I would like to thank Campbell & Pam for their continued sponsorship and encourage everyone to support them by using their services at Railway Avenue, Lower Hutt.

Division 1

Our tournament has two major changes to venue and scheduling, due to the planned artificial turf installation at Memorial Park. This project means only two grounds at Petone are available, so we have secured both artificial turfs at Wakefield Park. This has allowed us to host the entire tournament on Sundays - which has proven a popular choice with most clubs and is something we are seriously considering for future years. Another change this year is to group numbers. Division 1 will have two groups of six with five games each and the group winners going directly into the final. While the knock-out stage is eliminated it does guarantee each team five games. Additional entries for Division 2 result in two groups having five teams and a bye and two groups with four teams. The knock-out stage will still apply but with semi finals only for the two groups of five. I would like to thank Tournament Organiser Barry Pickering who has made all the necessary arrangements while managing a very heavy work schedule. This was no more apparent than when he distributed the initial draw while at a business conference in Rome! I must also acknowledge the support we continue to receive from the Wellington Referee’s Association, the Hutt City Council and Radio Sport. Particular thanks to Barry Tasker for organising the referees availability for Sundays and to Jason Pine for the Radio Sport coverage of the draw and results. Thank you as well to our Management Committee and other club volunteers who continue to help with the organising and running of this event. We are very proud of our tournament and are grateful for the continued support we receive every year from the local football community. You can tune in to Radio Sport for results or on online at Thank you for your participation, and remember to play hard but play fair. Craig Deadman, Chairman, Petone Football Club

Group 1 Miramar Rangers Olympic A Lower Hutt City A Upper Hutt City A Waterside Karori A Marist A

Group 2 Western Suburbs Petone A Tawa A Stop Out A Island Bay United Wainuiomata A

Division 2 Group 1 Olympic B Lower Hutt City B University Marist B

Group 2 Petone B Naenae Stop Out B North Wellington B Tawa College

Group 3 Waterside Karori B KCU Upper Hutt City B Wainuiomata B

Group 4 North Wellington A Tawa B Seatoun Eastbourne Porirua Leste

81 The Esplanade Petone PO Box 38 190 Wellington New Zealand 5045 Tel: +64 4 569 3519 Fax: +64 4 568 6356 We are a


Tournament Draw - Division 1 Group 1 Round 1 3.45 pm 3.45 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 19 February W1 Miramar Rangers W2 Olympic A M5 Lower Hutt City A

v v v

Marist A Waterside Karori Upper Hutt City A

Round 2 3.45 pm 3.45 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 26 February W1 Miramar Rangers W2 Olympic A M5 Lower Hutt City A

v v v

Waterside Karori A Upper Hutt City A Marist A

Round 3 3.45 pm 3.45 pm 7.15 pm Round 4 3.45 pm 3.45 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 11 March W1 Miramar Rangers W2 Olympic A W1 Waterside Karori A

v v v

Upper Hutt City A Lower Hutt City A Marist A

Sun 18 March W1 Miramar Rangers W2 Olympic A M5 Upper Hutt City A

v v v

Lower Hutt City A Marist A Waterside Karori A

Round 5 Sun 25 March 11.00 am M2 Miramar Rangers v Olympic A 11.00 am M3 Lower Hutt City A v Waterside Karori A 11.00 am M5 Upper Hutt City A v Marist A Group 2 Round 1 Sun 19 February 5.30 pm M2 Western Suburbs v Wainuiomata A 5.30 pm W1 Petone A v Island Bay United 3.45 pm M2 Tawa A v Stop Out A

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Round 2 5.30 pm 5.30 pm 3.45 pm

Sun 26 February W1 Western Suburbs M2 Petone A M2 Tawa A

v v v

Island Bay United Stop Out A Wainuiomata A

Round 3 3.45 pm 5.30 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 11 March M2 Western Suburbs M2 Petone A W1 Island Bay United

v v v

Stop Out A Tawa A Wainuiomata A

Round 4 3.45 pm 5.30 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 18 March M2 Western Suburbs M2 Petone A W1 Stop Out A

v v v

Tawa A Wainuiomata A Island Bay United

Round 5 12.45 pm 12.45 pm 12.45 pm

Sun 25 March M2 Western Suburbs M3 Tawa A M5 Stop Out A

v v v

Petone A Island Bay United Wainuiomata A

Tournament Draw - Division 2 Group 1

Group 3

Round 1 Sun 19 February 5.30 pm W2 Olympic B 2.00 pm W1 Lower Hutt City B

Marist B University

Round 1 Sun 19 February 2.00 pm W2 Waterside Karori B 2.00 pm M5 KCU

v v

v v

Wainuiomata B Upper Hutt City B

Round 2 5.30 pm 3.45 pm

v v

University Marist B

Round 2 2.00 pm 2.00 pm

Sun 26 February W2 Waterside Karori B M5 KCU

v v

Upper Hutt City B Wainuiomata B

Round 3 Sun 11 March 5.30 pm W2 Olympic B v Lower Hutt City B 2.00 pm W1 University v Marist B

Round 3 2.00 pm 12.15 pm

Sun 11 March W2 Waterside Karori B M5 Upper Hutt City B

v v

KCU Wainuiomata B

Round 1 Sun 19 February 2.00 pm M2 Petone B 12.15 pm M5 Naenae

v v

North Wellington B Stop Out B

Round 1 Sun 19 February 3.45 pm M5 North Wellington A 7.15 pm W1 Tawa B

v v

Eastbourne Seatoun

Round 2 2.00 pm 12.15 pm

Sun 26 February M2 Petone B M5 Naenae

v v

Stop Out B Tawa College

Round 2 2.00 pm 7.15 pm

Sun 26 February W1 North Wellington A W1 Tawa B

v v

Seatoun Porirua Leste

Round 3 12.45 pm 12.45 pm

Sun 4 March M2 Naenae M5 Stop Out B

v v

North Wellington B Tawa College

Round 3 11.00 am 11.00 am

Sun 4 March M5 Tawa B M2 Seatoun

v v

Eastbourne Porirua Leste

Round 4 2.00 pm 2.00 pm

Sun 11 March M2 Petone B M5 Stop Out B

v v

Tawa College North Wellington B

Round 4 3.45 pm 5.30 pm

Sun 11 March M5 North Wellington A M5 Seatoun

v v

Porirua Leste Eastbourne

Round 5 2.00 pm 2.00 pm

Sun 18 March M2 Petone B M5 North Wellington B

v v

Naenae Tawa College

Round 5 3.45 pm 7.15 pm

Sun 18 March M5 North Wellington A W1 Eastbourne

v v

Tawa B Porirua Leste

Sun 26 February W2 Olympic B M5 Lower Hutt City B

Group 2

Friendly Sun 18 March 3rd Group 1 Friendly Sun 18 March 4th Group 1

Group 4


3rd Group 3


4th Group 3

Knockout Rounds Semi Finals Sunday 25 March

Quarter Finals Sunday 18 March

Finals Sunday 1 April

Division 1 Winners - Group 1

Division 2

Winners - Group 1

2012 Div 1 Winner

Winners - Group 2

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Second - Group 3

Winners - Group 3

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Winners - Group 4

} }

Second - Group 1 Winners - Group 2

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2012 Div 2 Winner

Did you know that… The Hilton-Petone Cup has been contested for every year since 1955, this year’s being the 58th tournament. The ‘Hilton’ reference in the name of the Cup reflects that Otto Hilton, the then Chairman of the Petone AFC and a Board member of the NZFA, was the donor of the Cup and the primary inspiration behind the tournament. Otto, his brother Arthur, and Arthur’s son Tony, all became life members of the Petone club. The tournament resulted from clubs’ complaints that they did not get enough football, with the championship season in the 1950s finishing in late July. The name of the Cup is actually the Hilton-Petone Friendly Cup and the main objectives of the tournament were “to further the game and to foster closer relations amongst players in an informal and happy atmosphere.” In the first 10 years or so a benefit of the tournament, with entries from the top three grades, was the opportunity it gave smaller and lower grade clubs to have a crack at the higher profile clubs, and there were a number of major upsets. And not only did it give clubs a chance to blood younger players against senior opposition, but it gave the referees a chance to expose relatively inexperienced members of the ‘whistle-brigade’ to matches involving higher level teams. The tournament was an end-of-season event until 1971, and in 1972 it was reconstituted as a pre-season tournament to prepare teams for the Central League. At the same time, the tournament changed from one in which every game was knock-out to one that included a round-robin championship series within each of several groups to qualify the required number of teams for knock-out rounds.

The new structure was so successful in providing good competition that teams from as far away as Gisborne, Napier and New Plymouth used to enter to provide themselvews with a high level of pre-season competition. The expansiveness of the tournament with up to 36 team entries, and its attractiveness to teams from diverse levels, led to a change from the occasional upset results to some very one-sided games and high scores arising from the seeded groups. In 1987 a second division was introduced to offer a competition among lower grade entrants, and division two winners were awarded the Hilton-Petone Cup Mark II. The Hilton-Petone Cup Mark II had been donated by Arthur Hilton in 1979 following the theft of the original from the Stop Out Clubrooms, and was awarded to the Tournament winners until 1985. The original was found in 1985 and again presented from 1986 onwards to Tournament winners. The Petone FC has been privileged to have access to such quality grounds as those at Memorial Park for the championship rounds since 1986. Before then, games were most usually played at local primary schools. With the advent of artificial surfaces more grounds are becoming available pre-season so Petone FC is trialling all Sunday games this year to move away from the inconvenience to many of mid week games within daylight hours. Another innovation this year is a 12 team Division One where each team is now guaranteed 5 games of football, with the two group winners going directly to the final.

Previous Hilton Finalists Division 1 Finalists

Division 2 Finalists

Year Winner Runner-Up 1987 Wellington United 2 Hutt Valley United 1 1988 Wellington United 2 Manawatu United 1 1989 Wellington United 3 Miramar Rangers 1 1990 Miramar Rangers 1 Waterside Karori 1 1991 Miramar Rangers 4 Hutt Valley United 0 1992 Hutt Valley United 2 Miramar Rangers 1 1993 Miramar Rangers 1 Lower Hutt City 1 1994 Wellington Olympic 5 North Wellington 0 1995 Tararua United 3 Miramar Rangers 2 1996 Miramar Rangers 2 Tararua 0 1997 Lower Hutt City 1 Western Suburbs 0 1998 Island Bay United 2 Waterside Karori 1 1999 Western Suburbs 5 Miramar Rangers 1 2000 Petone A 3 Miramar Rangers 2 2001 Lower Hutt City A 3 Tawa A 0 2002 Lower Hutt City A 3 Tawa A 1 2003 Petone A 1 Lower Hutt City A 0 2004 Olympic A 3 Lower Hutt City A 2 2005 Lower Hutt City A 4 Olympic A 0 2006 Miramar Rangers 2 Lower Hutt City A 0 2007 Petone A 4 Island Bay United A 1 2008 Wairarapa 3 Wellington United A 2 2009 Tawa 2 Olympic 1 2010 Petone 3 Island Bay United 1 2011 Lower Hutt City A 1 Tawa A 0

Year Winner Runner-Up 1987 Newlands United 4 Lower Hutt City B 0 1988 Wainuiomata B 4 Stokes Valley 2 1989 Waterside Karori 2 Newlands United 0 1990 Victoria University 1 North Wellington B 0 1991 Seatoun 2 Raumati Hearts 0 1992 Victoria University 2 Stokes Valley 1 1993 Brooklyn Nthn. Utd. 1 Tararua United 1 1994 Tararua United 5 Island Bay A 2 1995 Petone B 1 Naenae 0 1996 Wainuiomata B 2 Upper Hutt 1 1997 Marist A 3 Wainuiomata B 1 1998 Waterside Karori B 5 Miramar Rangers B 2 1999 Upper Hutt City B 5 Waterside Karori B 0 2000 Petone B 3 Upper Hutt City B 2 2001 Olympic B 3 Upper Hutt City B 2 2002 Petone B 2 Upper Hutt City B 1 2003 Wellington United B 4 Stop Out 2 2004 Wellington United B 5 Miramar Rangers B 0 2005 Waterside Karori B 1 Lower Hutt City B 0 2006 Lower Hutt City B 3 Waterside Karori B 2 2007 Waterside Karori B 2 Upper Hutt City B 0 2008 Wellington College 3 (4) Island Bay United B 3 (3) 2009 Lower Hutt City B 1 Wellington College 0 2010 Federation U17s 6 Wellington College 0 2011 Olympic B 5 Lower Hutt City B 1

For information on finalists and winners prior to 1987, before the cup competition was split, please visit or take a look at our club honours board upstairs in our clubrooms.

Tournament Rules •

BOWLING•Lazer Strike•


Strike Porirua Ph 237 4428

Strike Lower Hutt Ph 568 3168

Late m a 9 Open Days 7

• The cups shall be the Hilton Petone Cup(s) (winners Division 1, winners Division 2) and the Jack Evans Memorial Trophy (runner-up Division 1). The cups are the property of the Petone Soccer Club Inc. • The entire control and management of the Tournament shall be vested in the Petone Football Club except for judicial action arising from cautions/ dismissals received by players during the matches. • The preliminary rounds shall be played on a championship basis with three points for a win and one point for a draw. • Group winners and runners-up will progress to the Knockout rounds e.g quarter finals (this may vary depending on the number of entries). In both divisions, criteria for placings will be firstly; points, then goal difference, then goals for, then the winner of the round robin game between the two sides. • During the Knockout rounds, the duration of play and the taking of penalty kicks at the completion of extra time shall follow FIFA rules (as applied to the Chatham Cup Competition) except that there will be no extra time played in quarter final and semi final matches. In these games, if there is a draw at the end of normal time, teams will go into a penalty shoot-out. • Guest players may participate on the condition that they play only with the written consent of the Club with which they are registered, such consent to be on that clubs’ letterhead or in an email from that clubs’ official contact and made available to the Tournament organiser on request. • No player may play for more than one club during the Tournament. No more than two players may move from a clubs’ A team to its B team, and vice versa, for each round of games during the Tournament, provided that no player may play (take the field) for two teams in any one round of the Tournament. • In the event of a clash of colours, the second named team in the draw shall be the “away” team and shall be required to change. • Teams are allowed to use five substitutes during a game.

• Team Wellington players can participate in the Tournament for their registered Club providing they are released to do so by the Team Wellington coach.

Disciplinary Action • Division 1: A player receiving three yellow cards in the group play will be suspended for the next Tournament match, including the final. • 2) Divsion 2: A player receiving two yellow cards in the Tournament will be suspended for the next Tournament match. At the end of group play all yellow cards will be wiped. • 3) A player who is sent off will be suspended as ruled by the Tournament Judicial Committee. New Zealand Football Regulation 7 – Penalties for misconduct by players – shall apply in this case. The Tournament Judicial Committee will include the Capital Football Federation General Manager. Clubs will be advised of any suspensions and cautions. Suspensions and/or cautions imposed shall be confined to the Hilton Petone Tournament and NOT carry over into the season proper.

Rules for Artifical Turf Please note the guidelines once again and make sure your players and spectators know these:


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NO FOOD or DRINK (only bottled water) ALL RUBBISH, including tape MUST BE REMOVED AFTER EACH GAME


The Bracken Street car park will be open but will be locked at dusk. Also please do not park in front of the Weltec enclosure gates opposite Capital Football, or the nearby garage marked ‘Keep Clear’. If you do Recon are likely to tow you away.

Hilton Petone Tournament 2012 Programme  

The Caltext Railway Avenue Tournament for the HIlton Petone Cup 2012 programme

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