May/June 2015 Issue of Pet Me! Magazine

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Pet Me! Magazine™ MAY/JUNE 2015

Kittens vs Cats:

Which one is right for you?


By Larissa Barnes

s kitten season kicks in, shelters, rescues, and neighbors are all showcasing gorgeous, little fluff balls that are hard to resist. Big eyed, playful and with the cutest little meows, but is a kitten what you are really after? The average cat lives to 15 years, which means if you are 50 or over, you need to seriously consider what you will be doing in 15 years. Will you be moving into an apartment? Traveling the world? Are you able to pay for a senior kitty when you retire? You will get less sleep. That’s right. Kittens want to play all night. Be prepared to have the sheets ripped off of you as that ball of fluff makes 3am their “get the lump under the blanket” moment. Accidents happen. Kittens are like little potty training children. They will have accidents as they work out where they are supposed to go and not go. Kitty proofing is a must. You will not be able to leave the toilet seat up for the next year! Bringing home a kitten means kitten proofing your house from common household dangers - electrical and computer cords, knick-knacks, household cleaners, drawers, window screens, and your feet!

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