July/August 2015 Issue of Pet Me! Magazine

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Pet Me! Magazine™ JULY/AUGUST 2015

Why Do Cats Urinate in the House? By David Barratt Jackson, courtesy of http://pet-articles.blogspot.com


here are many reasons why your cat might be peeing in the house, anything from cleanliness, change of territory and the scent of another cat. Let’s look at why cats urinate in the house and what you can do to make it stop. Making your cat stop urinating on the carpet is easier than it seems. Many cat owners cannot keep an eye on their pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it becomes difficult to see what they are doing, where and why they are doing it. I want to run through some real life situations that have happened to me, and how I stopped the constant urinating on carpets. Why do cats urinate in the house, and what you can do to make it stop? One of the many reasons cat owners find themselves in this predicament is down to health issues. A couple of years ago my male cat was starting to pee just outside his litter tray, and then over a few days, he spread to other rooms and before I knew it, the house was starting to smell of urine. He had never done this before; he was always clean and never missed the spot when it came 14 Pet Me! Magazine™