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Host, Bill Goldberg, and Kyle is holding Lily, a puppy mill survivor.

hen Kyle Harris of Canyon Country saw six-foot-four, 275 pound Bill Goldberg tear up, she knew the right crew had arrived. And what was the former NFL football player and professional wrestler choked up about? The same things that bothered the professional pet sitter: brutalized and neglected dogs and cats. While Harris has been running a pet sitting service and assisting the Castaic Animal Shelter with its overflow of animals for the past six years, Goldberg has been a spokesperson for the Humane Society of America. So when Harris told her story to the reality series Garage Mahal, it just so happened that Goldberg was the host of the show. “It was a slam dunk,” said Harris.” I still can’t believe it. But the DIY network

show and what we are trying to do here were a perfect match.” Beside the dogs, animal shelter volunteers Clare Storey, Hsiawen Hull, and Debbie Rosato regularly descend upon Harris’ garage, bringing needy animals and helping her with problem animals and clean up. Shelter officers often show up in uniform with a needy dog in the Animal Control truck. “It is a team effort”, Harris stressed. Thirty-one puppies have been fostered in this garage so far this year. Harris is also very active in spay/neuter education and anti-puppy mill legislation. In three days the Garage Mahal was complete. “I was amazed. When Bill Goldberg led Jim (Harris’ husband) and I in for ‘The Reveal’ on day three, I cried,” said Harris.

Garage Mahal Answers Foster Mom’s Prayers

The crew has a little playtime with Lily, a puppy mill survivor.

And for good reason. She had storage shelves, feed bins, elevated cages on a specially built kennel, a large dog door, electrical works, two new energy efficient washer/dryers, cabinet tops, and a deep sink for washing animals. Instead of a porous garage floor, there was newly polished floor with

a soy-based sealant. “They even put in a special drain for speedy clean ups,” said Harris. In addition, Steve Goldberg, the host’s brother and owner of Muttropolis , donated many dog supplies, such as kennels, beds, bowls, and leashes to the project. Fresh painted green walls are

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June/July 2010 Issue of Pet Me! Magazine  
June/July 2010 Issue of Pet Me! Magazine  

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