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Why Should You Use Health Supplement For Your Pets?

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Why should you use health supplement for your Pets? Health supplements provide all the essential nutrients required for the pet that include:  Various Vitamins  Calcium  Glucosamine  Zinc  Omega- Fatty Acids  Folic Acids  Biotin © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Various Vitamins Natural Seaweed Calcium plus Vitamin C and D 60 Tablets Natural Seaweed Skeleton is an highly soluble organic and natural calcium source, which is produced from calcified seaweed (Phymatolithon calcareum, also known as "lithothamnion" calcareum). Š 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Calcium It is very essential for nursing mother. A supplement containing calcium can be very essential. Calcium slows down bone and joint degeneration in older pet. © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Glucosamine Vegetarian Glucosamine plus Celadrin plus MSM 60 Tablets Per Bottle Vegetarian Glucosamine plus Celadrin is a Hypoallergenic Veterinary Formula that permits pets to improve their joint repair ans lubrication at cellular level safely. Š 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Zinc Skin and Coat Supplement Powder 90 Gm Natural Pet Skin and Coat Supplement available in Powder form is rich in Biotin, Collagen, Omega3, Zinc and Probiotic to promote Soft and Lustrous Skin and Coat for pets. Š 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Omega- Fatty Acids Skin and Coat Supplement 60 Tablets Per Bottle Natural Pet Skin & Coat Supplement is a rich composition of skin enriching formula that provides your pet a daily supplement for Healthy skin and Shiny coat. Š 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Folic Acids Present in health supplements helps production of red blood cells and DNA. It is also important for the brain, nervous system and spinal fluid. © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Biotin Biotin present in health supplements which is the part of Bcomplex plays a large role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Also plays an important role in growth, digestion, muscle formation and enabling the body to use glucose as an energy source. © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

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Why should you use health supplement for your Pets?  

The majority of food available in the market for your pets contains low quality proteins, they also lack in providing essential nutrients of...

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