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DA Double Advantage for dogs 4-10 kg

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Content • Product Name :

• Brand Name :

DA Double Advantage For Dogs

K9 Advantix (Bayer)

• Generic Name : Imidacloprid/ Permethrin • Strength :

4-10 Kg

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Product Description  Protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more.  Kill adult and larval fleas within just 20 minutes of contact.  Stops fleas from biting pets in just 3-5 minutes.  Repels and kills ticks for up to four weeks.

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Why DA Double Advantage • DA Double Advantage is an easy-to-apply water fast topical treatment for dogs. • It protects dog for a month from the irritation of biting parasites. • It remains effective for a full month even after swimming or bathing.

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Storage  Store this product in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

 Store in the original container only and do not reuse it.  If the container is empty place in trash.  If the container is partially filled, call for disposal instructions.

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How to Use ??? • Apply K9 Advantix once a month. • Use on dogs and puppies ONLY. Do not use on cats.

• Part your pet’s hair until you can see the skin and place the tip of the applicator on the skin.

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Safety Measures • This product is for external use only on dogs and puppies 7 weeks or older. • Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals. • This product is harmful to humans if swallowed. • Do not apply Advantix for Dogs to cats or animals other than dogs. © 2010-2011 OTC Pet Meds

Side Effects… • A sensation of burning, tingling, itching or numbness of the skin may occur. • This sensation usually begins 1-2 hours after application and should usually go away on its own within 1-3 days. • If signs persist or become more sever then consult veterinarian immediately.

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Hurry up… Order now… DA Double Advantage 3 pipettes of 0.4 ml

For Dogs 25 kg (400+2000MG, 3 applicators of 4.0)

 DA Double Advantage for dogs 25 kg  DA Double Advantage for dogs 4 kg

 DA Double Advantage for dogs 4-10 kg

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DA Double Advantage for dogs 4-10 kg

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Da Double for Dogs 4-10 Kg  

Repels and kills ticks for up to four weeks. Kills fleas on dogs within 12 hours and continues to prevent infestations for a month. Repels a...

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