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PET MEDIA PLUS Quality, Value, Reliability.

Our company creates and manufactures high quality, unique

magazine articles on our products. We've earned many awards

differentiation. We’ve been in business since 2001 under our

a leading pet news magazine.

and hard to find Pet Products for an industry that requires

beginning brand name of Feathered Phonics. We've grown to

be the #1 provider in the pet industry in several key categories. By placing an emphasis on high quality reliable products we bring a substantial value to the consumer as well as strong margins for our distribution and retail channels.

Since our inception, we’ve made a positive impact on the

pet community by appearing and being featured on national television, radio stations and countless newspaper and

along our journey, including being voted the best bird product in The rapid success of our organization is due to long lasting

relationships built within our distribution channel. We truly care

about how our products help individual distributors and retailers achieve their goals.

We invite you to see for yourself how our products will help your business become more successful.


– George Ford


The quickest and easiest method to reduce unwanted seed or water mess. Two sizes available! • The Seed Guard keeps the mess inside the cage, where it belongs • Practically invisible, it attaches to the outside of any cage • Simple installation, just use the supplied nylon straps, or screw onto the cage using a standard seed cup • Cleans up easily • Strong construction insures this product will last


• Great for use on all types of cages Small measures 10” x 5 ½” FP -7200


Large measures 10” x 8 ½” F P- 7201

Small Seed Guard 10" by 5 ½" UPC 758003172001

Large Seed Guard 10" by 8 ½" UPC 758003172018

THE ACRO PERCH Has an easy grip texture just like fine sand! Three sizes available!

SMALL ACRO PERCH: 6" by ½" Diameter

• Made from food grade acrylic • Bell included on medium and large sizes • Maintains grip even when wet • Material washes easily with warm water

Great for smaller birds like cockatiels, parakeets, finches, and canaries

6" by ½" Diameter F P- 7 2 0 4 UPC 758003172049

MEDIUM ACRO PERCH: 6" by ¾" Diameter

A great size for medium sized birds Conures, Amazons and Quakers*

• Long lasting and durable • Easily mounts to cage with supplied hardware • Other toys can easily be attached to perch for added fun • Acrylic washers and bells vary in color

Non slip texture just like fine sand 6" by ¾" Diameter F P- 7202 UPC 758003172025

LARGE ACRO PERCH: 10" by ¾" Diameter

For larger cages; perch measures 10" in length. This version is great for Conures, Amazons and Quakers*

10" by ¾" Diameter F P- 7203 UPC 758003172032

*Acrylic washers and bells will vary in color

A great alternative to hard concrete perches PetMediaPlus.com


Americas Most Popular Parrot Training Series

"Our Feathered Phonics Audio CD Collection has parrots talking!"

VOLUME 1: 96 Words and Phrases! It’s easy to teach your bird to speak with Feathered Phonics. Simply choose the track you wish to teach and press “repeat” on your CD Player. CD includes 96 tracks of words and phrases including “Hello”, “Goodbye”, "I love You", "Polly wants a cracker", and many more.


VOLUME 2: Songs and Rhymes Your bird will be a singing sensation in no time with this jam-packed CD of great musical hits. Songs are recorded in voice and whistled tunes. Great for all types of birds even canaries! Songs include old time favorites, nursery rhymes and patriotic musical hits. CD includes 96 tracks

F P-7155 UPC 758003171554

FP-7156 UPC 758003171561

VOLUME 3: Barn Yard Fun!

VOLUME 4: 96 More Words & Phrases

Your bird can be quacking like a duck and waking you up in the morning with a cock-a-doodle-doo! This disc includes all of your favorite farmyard sounds as well as food-association training words to have your bird asking for its favorite food by name!

Another 96 words and phrases you can teach your bird. Tracks include pirate phrases, “Batter up!”, “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning”, “I’ll be back”, “Hasta la vista, baby”, “Stick ‘em up!” Plus many more!

CD includes 96 tracks F P-7157 UPC 758003171578 PetMediaPlus.com

FP-7158 UPC 758003171585

VOLUME 5: The International Edition!

VOLUME 6: The Australian Outback Edition!

Imagine your parrot speaking up to eight different languages! That’s exactly what this CD can do. It has common words in Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, French, English and Spanish! Our International best seller.

It’s easy to teach your parrot to speak with an Australian/New Zealand accent with our outback edition! Tracks include “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “I love you”, “Here Kitty Kitty” plus many more! Sure to be a hit with our friends down under!

CD includes 97 tracks

CD includes 44 tracks

FP -7159 UPC 758003171592

VOLUME 7: Teach Your Canary to Sing! Your male canary may instantly surprise you by bursting into full competitive song once he hears many of the tracks on this CD. You have to see it to believe it! It’s hard for males to resist the temptation of competing with another strong voice! This CD is also great for females to induce nesting! CD includes 21 tracks

FP -7 1 6 0 UPC 758003171608


FP -7161 UPC 758003171615

VOLUME 8: Teach your Bird Español! This highly requested disc is the first CD ever offered for our Spanish friends! Now your bird can say all the latest and greatest words and phrases in Español! This disc is jam packed with a total of 97 tracks!

FP -7 1 6 2 UPC 758003171622

VOLUME 9: Feathered Phonics University 101 Finally the perfect CD for parakeets and cockatiels! This disc holds 65 words and whistles designed for our little feathered friends. Here you will find many of the most popular songs whistled! Patriotic tunes like Yankee Doodle Dandy a n d m a n y o t h e r s a re included.

FP -7163 UPC 758003171639


The Easy Way To Teach Your Parrots to Speak


FANTASTIC PERFORMING PARROTS ON DVD “Best Selling Bird DVDs for Parrots in the World!”

BEGINNING TRICKS This DVD presents essential training techniques. Topics include: getting ready for trick training; the training area; the praise/reward system; the training diet; how to give commands and signals; what constitutes a tame bird; and props. This DVD also demonstrates how to teach your parrot fundamental important beginning tricks: the turnaround; shaking hands; waving; the kiss; the wishing well; forward rolls; backward flips; and the dismount.


Voted #1 Bird Product in Pet Product News

Runtime: 55 min F P-7182 UPC 758003171820

The Caique Parrot on our DVDs was Animal Planet's* Pet Star Wildcard Winner of $10,000!



This DVD builds on the foundation you created with Beginning Tricks. In this continuation on training your bird will learn the retrieve. The retrieve is an important basis of so many tricks including placing rings on pegs; the basketball dunk; ringing a bell; raising a flag; and pulling an object. Also, teach your parrot to play dead; juggle a ball; hold a baby bottle; and make a parrot cocktail. Intermediate Tricks also gives you an innovative inside look at some bird behaviors.

This DVD builds on the methods and tricks shown in both videos 2 and 3. Take your bird to the next level with tricks including taking a bow; nodding head yes and shaking head no; falling over backward when shot; pushing and pulling objects; riding a scooter; and even bowling! Expanded use of commands such as “come” and “perch” and explanations of how various combination tricks were put together all on one DVD. Plus much, much more!

Runtime: 53 min F P-7183 UPC 758003171837

Runtime: 55 min FP-7184 UPC 758003171844


*Animal Planet and the Animal Planet Logo are Trademarks of Discovery Communications LLC


The First DVDs for Pets that Entertain and Train!



Volume 1: Backyard Fun!

Volume 1:

Adventure abounds in every scene! This amazing DVD will take your feline on a thought provoking and fun thrill ride of cat-u-tainment! Scenes on this DVD include real life animals in stunning clarity and color – just like they are in the wild. Great to play for your cat while you're away at work.

This exciting and interactive DVD for your bird will keep them entertained and learning throughout the day! Great for parrots of all types including Parakeets and Cockatiels. Lessons include behavior training, learning to speak, and actual footage of other tame birds interacting with humans. Other lessons include reading flash cards. Cutting edge training never before released on DVD.

Runtime : 45 min FP -7170 UPC 58003171707

Runtime : 60 min FP-7176 UPC 758003171769



Volume 1: Outside Adventures

Volume 2: Petite Fun

Now through the magic of DVD your dog or puppy will never feel alone at home. Just play this fun and thrilling video for them to watch and learn. Adventure abounds in every scene! This amazing DVD will take your canine on a thought provoking and fun-filled entertainment thrill ride. Includes scenes from the magnificent mountains of Montana to the gorgeous Oregon Coast.

Adventure Dog is back with another edition, this time teaching your pet more commands and tricks not available from Volume 1. Volume 2 includes training segments of the “come command” and “speak” command. It also includes bathing and grooming segments that allow dogs to begin to be comfortable during grooming appointments. This DVD is made entirely for dogs to have fun and to learn with!

Runtime : 62 min FP -7176 UPC 758003171745

Runtime : 60 min FP-7175 UPC 758003171752


PET MEDIA PLUS 1502 9th Ave Longview WA 98632 1-800-701-0074 | Fax 360-575-9748 Petmediaplus.com

AUDUBON BIRD CALL For over 50 years this has been a secret of top wildlife experts worldwide! • Long lasting birchwood and metal construction • Handmade in the USA • Small enough to fit in your pocket, wear around your neck or fasten on a keychain. • Available for the first time in the Pet Industry! • Kids love it! • Easy add on. Easy to merchandise! Fun to sell!! FP-0003 | UPC 72500600003

Audubon Bird Call

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Pet Media Plus Catalog  

Quality, Value, Reliability Our products are designed with quality in mind they are innovative and different! We are always looking for new...

Pet Media Plus Catalog  

Quality, Value, Reliability Our products are designed with quality in mind they are innovative and different! We are always looking for new...


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