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Ten minutes later they arrived at the hospital. Misha waited in the waiting room for the results. An hour later a paramedic came through. ‘I am afraid he is dead’, he said grimly. ‘Ok thank you for telling me’, Misha said bravely. When she came out of the hospital she decided to go back up to the surface. When she got back up, her mum was waiting there for her. ‘Hi Mum, she said cheerfully. ‘Hello Misha, where are all the others?’ Misha’s mum asked.

‘That is another story’, giggled Misha.


The Shark who Spoke Shiekinah Ramdeholl

‘Dave’, screamed Misha. ‘HE’S DEAD!’,

‘I’ll phone the ambulance’, said Louis helpfully. ‘Wait what did you just say?’ asked Misha. ‘I will phone the ambulance’, repeated Louis. ‘You’ve got an ambulance?’ questioned Misha. ‘Yes but there is no time to talk about it now’, cried Louis as he flipped out his cell phone and dialled 01234 5913, the ambulances’ number.


nce on a beach in Skegness there were five girls named Rowan, Misha, Limone, Olivia and Shiekinah. Rowan and Olivia decided that they wanted to build a moat from the resting spot all the way down to the sea. After they had finished the sea water came rushing in. But it wasn’t all sea water, because when the1tide went out a tiny dogfish lay in the sand, looking exhausted. In the corner of her eye Misha saw him. She beckoned over to the other girls,

‘I think it is hurt’, she announced quickly.




or ten minutes they swam in absolute silence. ‘Here is my house’, cried Louis making every one jumped.

‘What is that big satellite thingy on the top of your house?’ asked Micha.

When she looked up from her book she gasped in awe. The sight that surrounded her was brilliant as she swam past a sign that said Oceanville.

‘That is my sea sky satellite dish?’ Louis replied. ‘Do you like it?’ ‘Yes your house is wonderful!’ exclaimed Rowan, ‘I wish I had a house like this one’


‘Where am I?’ she cried.


‘Run, or rather swim for your lives!’ cried Louis,

but none of the girls swam away.

They all stared at George with their MP45 under water guns. They all aimed….then went for the trigger….

! M BOO They shot right in George’s mouth.

‘Ahhhh! That hurt BIG TIME’, cried George, 8



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