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Are Your Alpha Over Your Dog?

Accidents, aggression, unruliness, challenges by your pooch, they are all coming if you are not the leader!


If your dog has countless housetraining accidents, or other behavioral problems you are not alpha no matter how you THINK your dog views you.

One way to develop alpha status is to simply catch your dog’s eye. Does your dog look at you often? Is it only on HIS terms? That is NOT eye contact. That is him telling you he wants something from you, but you CAN establish eye contact on your terms.

Take your dog, on leash, in or outside the house, and have him sit. Holda little “up” tension on the lead, touch his muzzle gently and bring your hand up to your eyes. At the same time, say something like “Buddy, look up here at me.” Notice the request is long enough to get his eye contact for a few seconds. Make sure when you bring your

hand up to your eye that you stand up so he is truly looking UP at you. Then...end with praise like “Good boy Buddy’! Then turn around and go. Your rules, your time.

Don’t feel bad about walking off, his mom used the same technique when she was teaching him as a little pup to keep her her babies in line. If that didn’t work for mom, she’d give a low grow to get his attention.

I’ve witnessed this often, as recently as this past week, over and over again with a litter of pups and their mother that I am taking care of.So, if you’ve been yelling at your dog... STOP and stop today!

Try using the human equivalent of a dog’s growl when disciplining him. Use eye contact and a LOW growl together to speak to him.

While your dog will likely learn some human words (sit, stay, come, down, let’s go walk, etc) he

will never have your vocabulary, so dog speak is a great way to see how your tone influences him. In dog speak, the alpha growls, while littermates, whine, cry or whimper. So use that low tone and you will be regarded as alpha. Whine or whimper, and you are demoted to subordinate status.

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