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by one of the cockatoos (Umbrella, Moluccan, Sulfur Crested) then you need to have at least three hours per day dedicated to hands-on time with your cockatoo. Also, if you are considering starting a human family, it is best to wait until you are finished building your family before bringing a cockatoo into your life. Otherwise, you will have problems, be they excessive vocalizations, self-mutilation, and/ or aggressive behavior. However, if you do have the time cockatoos can be great companions. One critical fact is that parrots can live upwards of 70 years. Therefore, it is important that a potential caretaker understand that a parrot may be a lifetime companion and that the decision to get a parrot should be well thought out. It is very difficult to place an older parrot in a new home so for the parrots’ sake, please do your research. Equally important to understand is PET JUNCTION

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that parrots are prey, as opposed to being predators (such as dogs, cats, and raptors). As such, they tend to hide when they are sick from you; in the wild, the birds who show any signs of weakness are the first ones to be attacked. How does this affect you as a bird owner? Well, you need to establish certain routines with your little companion. When they do not act the same as they usually do a big red flag should go off, and you need to take your bird to the vet immediately. Parrots are very hardy, yet if their illness is not caught early then they tend to go downhill quickly. These intelligent, curious, happy creatures are sure to win your heart. They can be and will be the best pet you’ve ever had as long as you understand the requirements of ownership and the implications of certain behavior. For more information, you can contact Richard at The Golden Cockatoo in Deerfield Beach or visit APRIL 15 - JULY 15 2019

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