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If you wear makeup, then you should really consider investing a little money into a decent cosmetic brush set. Good brushes will help your makeup go on smoother and more evenly, and will look much better than if you used the brush that most cosmetics come with. The applicator brushes that come with most eyeshadows and blushes are low quality, wear out quickly and aren't that great for applying makeup evenly. Good cosmetic brush sets are less expensive than some would think, but even the expensive name brands are worth the investment. Most basic cosmetic brush sets come with 12 pieces or more but a basic set should at least include: Blush Brush: a medium sized brush with a round tip. The blush brush that comes with your blush compact is usually too small and stiff. Eye Shadow Brush: a small brush with angled bristles. These are great for shading your eyes and a good eye shadow brush is a MUST HAVE. Lip Brush: small brushes with a protective top, great for creating the lip line you want. Powder Brush: great if you use bronzing powder or loose face powder as the finishing touch. Circular Sponge: for compact foundation or pressed powder. These usually need to be replaced regularly and for me, the compact foundation usually outlasts the sponge. Triangular Make Up Sponge: great for blending foundation and concealer. Eye Lash Curler: great for curling your eye lashes open and making your eyes look bigger. Pencil Sharpener Major Brush Tip Be sure to keep your brushes in the best possible shape by cleaning them regularly. A poorly maintained brush is worthless and can actually do more harm than good (literally.. brushes can collect bacteria and cause infections, especially eye infections). A lot of people ask how to clean their brushes. If you've invested some money into your set, you'll want to make sure they last a long while. If you use your brushes every day then the brush cleaners sold by most make-up brands is great. The one down side about using some bottled brush cleaners is that the cleaning solution contains alcohol, which means your brushes will dry faster however over time the alcohol can also dry the hairs of your brush and be damaging. Remember, most decent brushes use real hair which are prone to the same issues our hair has. One alternative is to use baby shampoo to was your brushes once a week. A clear shampoo can wash your brushes safely and effectively, and best of all, it's much cheaper than most brand-name cleaners. If you aren't in the habit of cleaning your brushes regularly, try cleaning your brushes today and you'll notice a wolrd of difference in how they feel. It's also a good idea to use

conditioner on your brushes two or three times a year. Remember, like I said before, the fibers in your brushes are made from real hair and they need some of the same care you give your own hair.

==== ==== Best cosmetic brush.

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Best cosmetic brush  

12 Piece brush set in a beautiful pouch Professional set for professional application

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