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Pages 4-5: Tiffany Grier Pages 6-7: Kirsty Lowe Pages 8-9: Alexis Dalton Pages 10-11: Priscila Marie Pages 12-13: Crowned Queen: Abriel Pages 14-15: Crowned Queen: Savannah Pages 16-17: Little Atoms Clothing Pages 18-19: Brandi Lankford Pages 20-21: Elaina Hinshaw Photography Pages 22-23: Oblique Foto Pages 24-25: Studio Fifty One Pages 26-27: Geejers by Jennelle Gee Pages 28-29: Marco Acevedo Pages 30-31: “Get the look” Ft. Kevin Camp

Pages 32-33: Sarah Reid Photography Pages 34-35: Natalie Leck Photography Pages 36-37: Vanessa Ruiz Pages 38-39: Photography be *Gamma* Pages 40-41: Gabriela Michanie Pages 42-43: Daughtry Photography Pages 44-45: Moments by A Pages 46-47: Lauren Dod Pages 48-49: Liz Kane-Blanco Photography Pages 50-51: “About Us!”

Petite Magnifque #110 Book No 2.  

Petite Magnifique is kicking off summer in issue #110! From self written stories, senior portraits, to Father's Day specials, we've got it a...

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