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“Bullying was something that I’ve faced all of my life. It wasn’t just something that happened this year. Ever since I was little I’ve been bullied. I’ve been bullied because I have an anxiety disorder, I’ve been bullied because I’m not the thinnest, I’ve been bullied because I’m not the prettiest, and so many other reasons. When I was younger I was diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder that had me in tears every single day, in this point in time I was going to a private school where there were no school counselors so I had nobody that could help me, I’d just sit and cry, get made fun of for doing so, and then get sent to the principal’s office where they’d call my dad and he’d talk to me and tell me that, “everything would be okay”. But it wasn’t okay.. Later on in 5th grade I moved to a public school (my current school) and I got the help I needed for my anxiety. I even went to visit a doctor who gave me medicine to help make me feel better, now this medicine made me gain some weight, but I didn’t care, I was finally happy. But of course, as soon as I started putting on weight, the jokes began; they’d make fun of me constantly, telling me I was ugly. They’d make fun of what I wore, my crooked teeth, my glasses, everything…I was so hurt. When I got to middle school, things were okay for a year, but it was when I reached 7th grade that things went sour. A rumor spread that I was saying mean things about my best friend, my best friend who had been there for me since I first moved to public school. She found out about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me, she hated me. I was devastated, she even gave back our friendship necklace… broken. That year was probably my hardest year, I had to go a whole year (and another year as I later found out) with rarely speaking to my best friend, I was crushed. In 9th grade, a rumor spread that I had cheated on my very first real boyfriend who I really cared about, he dumped me shortly after. That was a very difficult time for me because I had never experienced heartbreak. And the worst part was, he didn’t even want to be friends with me, he hated me, and that broke my heart because I did nothing wrong, he still hates me to this day. 9th grade was also the year I posted a bikini picture on Instagram and got told to take it down because “girls with bodies like mine shouldn’t post pictures like that”, I didn’t understand, I thought I was pretty…but the hateful comments just kept coming. In 10th grade I hit another very low point; a girl who I thought was my friend, hacked into my computer and sent around dirty images and videos to people from my email. I was humiliated, these images and videos weren’t even of me! But everyone believed that they were…it was so embarrassing. I felt humiliated just walking down the hallway and facing people, I knew what they thought of me. And even if I had explained to them what happened, they wouldn’t believe me. This girl also took all of my private Facebook conversations and posted them on the internet for the whole world to see, she apologized, and we haven’t talked since. In 11th grade I was bullied on the bus, I got called “sausage fingers” and “fatty”, it hurt so badly. I didn’t even do anything to these kids, why were they being so cruel? They would even throw things at me and talk rudely about me while I was sitting right in front of them, I didn’t think I could take much more. Finally, my Senior Year of high school, I had made it, all I had to do was make it through the rest of the year and I’d be in the clear, granted I definitely had a lot more friends this year; I still was ready to get out. But when I walked into my English 101 class one day, my teacher gave me a whole new perspective. He told us that we were to write a research paper, and that it could be about anything we wanted, I knew exactly what I wanted to do mine on, bullying. As soon as I got home I got on Facebook and went to a page called “The Hottest Teens of 2014” knowing how much hate I would get, I posted the picture I had taken back in 9th grade of me in the bikini, the comments I got…I never would’ve expected, I was told to kill myself. I got called ugly, fat, worthless, basically everything about me, these strangers targeted. After all of the hateful comments were said, I politely thanked them for all of their comments because their comments would be used in my research paper on bullying. After that, I got so much recognition. People from around the world were messaging me, thanking me for taking a stand against bullying. One girl even told me that she was thinking of committing suicide, but then she read my project and decided not to. I even had a guy message me who told me that he never realized how much bullying could harm someone. I was so happy that people were reading my project and realizing that their words could be so hurtful and that they needed to change. So my message to everyone is, even when you think it’s your lowest point, and there’s no hope of anything getting better…please don’t give up, you never know how close you are to being the happiest you’ve been in your entire life.”

Teenager, Hannah Wommack had faced bullying problems all through high school. This year she decided to do a project for her senior year. Her bullying story went viral and she’s now receiving support all over the world. How did this happen? She’s here to tell Petite Magnifique all about it. Read her self written article!

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