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he chicken dog treats category is experiencing growth largely in part to companies like Kennelmaster Foods and Green Coast Pet who continued to innovate, churn out and launch products, despite what was going on around them. Their attention to providing pets with a diet prioritizing proteins above fillers and carbs helps Kennelmaster and Green Coast Pet to stand out from competitors. Kennelmaster Foods’ newest product Hickory Smoked Chicken Stix was originally scheduled to be unveiled at Global Pet Expo. However, company leaders decided to launch them early out of concern that Global was going to be canceled. “Our ability to adapt to the changing market has resulted in a huge success of the launch of our new product,” said CEO Vicki Wagner. “Our customers have already been asking for a larger package of the Hickory Smoked Chicken Stix and we are in the process of making that become a reality.” Green Coast Pet is really looking

Chicken Dog Treats

forward to the rest of 2021. "With the launch of our brand new Chicken Crisps, we have begun to produce more single ingredient treats in this new 'Crisps' line," said President Mike Bateman. "This summer we will launch Beef Liver and Pork Crisps and we are continuing to explore the creation of more and


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more products in this single ingredient line as well. This is going to be an amazing line of fun and unique treats that are only one ingredient, crispy and crunchy. Our Chicken Crisps are single ingredient chicken thigh, low calorie, crispy and crunchy. These are made in small batches by hand with cage free chickens that are raised on family farms. The rest of our Crisps line will focus on the same quality and fun!" Kennelmaster Foods’ product offering spans several proteins and is not limited to chicken—a detail most retailers and pet owners don’t realize, Wagner said. “Even though Kennelmaster Foods’ flagship product is the single ingredient Doggie Chicken Chips, most people are unaware that we offer an entire line of single or low ingredient pet treats which require only a small footprint and have a quick sell through history,” she explained. “The Chip’s Naturals line covers a variety of palates including beef, chicken and sweet potato.”