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Tackle Fleas the Easy Way with Eliminall Flea Treatment Products for Pets If you have pets then you need to consider how you are going to deal with fleas. There is no 100% way to protect your pets from these nasty parasites so you do need a plan to deal with them. Eliminall flea treatment products can help in your fight against fleas and provide fast-acting solutions.

Flea Infestations It can be difficult to eliminate fleas from your home once an infestation has occurred. Even when you have thought you had got of all the fleas some eggs can be lying dormant in pet bedding or cracks and crevices in the home. A few weeks later they can hatch and the infestation cycle starts all over again. This is why it is so important to have a structured approach to flea treatments if you have pets. As well as treating your pets with Eliminall flea treatment products you also need to treat your home using the latest Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) products.

Treating the Home IGR products work to destroy not just adult fleas in the home but also eggs and larvae. This can help to break the cycle of infestation and really get rid of fleas from your home. If you are going to use IGR products then you need to be thorough. These products work for up to 6 months as long as you use them properly. Here are a few tips for using IGR products to eliminate fleas in your home:

Vacuuming regularly can help break the flea life cycle. The vibrations from the vacuum will encourage eggs to hatch early.

Larvae and adult fleas are easier to eliminate than eggs so this can help to ensure the IGR chemicals are as effective as possible.

You need to make sure the IGR chemicals can get into every little crack and crevice. This means moving back the furniture and lifting up rugs when you apply the product.

If you are using a powder or spray format make sure you go around the edges of the room. Fleas can hide in the dark spaces between the carpet and skirting boards so make sure you treat these areas.

Focus on those areas your pets sleep in. Wash the bedding on a hot machine cycle and dry thoroughly.

Keep pets away from their normal sleeping area and treat with IGR products. Leave it at least 24 hours and then vacuum thoroughly to remove any dead fleas before putting clean bedding back down.

Treating Pets

Eliminall flea treatment products make treating pets for fleas easy, these products are simple to apply and have been thoroughly tested for their effectiveness and also their safe use on animals. The Eliminall Spot On treatment is highly effective and also one of the easiest products to apply on pets and offer practical solutions to treating fleas in the home.

Author Bio You can tackle fleas the easy way with Eliminall flea treatment products for the home. The Spot On options are very straightforward to use and provide powerful treatments that are safe for your pets.

Tackle Fleas the Easy Way with Eliminall Flea Treatment Products for Pets