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All media included is designed and created by Peter Washer unless otherwise stated. This portfolio Š2008 Pete Washer. Reproduction is respectfully prohibited, unless written consent is provided. Contact details: 07854 677 380 LSUTV, LCR, Loughborough Students’ Media Logos & Varsity media reproduced with permission of LSU. Created with thanks to Joe Tidy, Andrew Clark, James Johnson, Seamus McDonagh, and many, many others at LSU Media. Without their help and inspiration none of this would have been possible.


Curiculum Vitae Education Educated to A-Level standard at Birkdale School Sheffield A-Levels Systems & Control - A Maths - D Physics - C General Studies - A Geography (As) - a 9 GCSEs including Maths, English, Science, French and German 4@A* 4@A 1@B Currently Studying for MEng (DInd) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University Various Music Qualifications Incl. Jazz Piano G3, Singing G2 Educated in guitar to G6 standard Clean UK Drivers License

Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

Experience House Prefect, Birkdale School Invitational Committee position in charge of a third of the school - organising sports events, publicity, reporting back to peers, overseeing and supervising various aspects of school life. Designed 6th Form Publication - ‘The Voice' 3 Years at The Peacock, Owler Bar, Sheffield Serving both on the Restraunt floor and behind the bar, dealing with a variety of customers and their various complaints!

Several paid commercial design jobs including re-design of Peritus Health Management logo/brand and several DVD Cover designs.

Member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ - Photography)

Head of Design & Photgraphy (07/08) at Label Magazine, LSU. Headed team of several designers and photographers. Trained many members of the Media Centre in Abode CS3. Raised personal experience of photography design and organisation to new heights. Highly experienced live music photographer.

Acting Editor of Label Magazine for two very successful issues. Organised and worked with the team of 12 sub-eds to concept, generate content, design and create the 32-page magazine

Highly experienced in Adobe Creative Suite CS3 (InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge, Illustrator) Experienced User of Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects CS3 Windows & Mac Fluent, with an in depth knowledge of Vista/XP and OSX Computer literate since 1992

Variety of work with Loughborough University Students’ Television, involving hands- on experience with all aspects of technical equipment, edit suites, televisual design and TV production. Involved with commercial jobs for SubTV and

Read on for examples of my work and further explanation of specific involvement

Awards Birkdale School - Economatics Prize for Systems & Control Arkwright Scholarship (£1000 Sponsorship through 6th Form) RAM Award - Label's Most Outstanding Volunteer Student Experience Award - President’s Special Recognition (Varsity Team) RAM Award - Best Team (Varsity Team)

Image printed with thanks to Seamus McDonagh


A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way - J. C. Maxwell

g n i o g d n a g n i w o Kn Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

Label • • • • • • •

Four years experience in photography and design Lead and trained a select, successful, team of designers Edited two very successful issues Generated increased interest in advancing design of the magazine Motivated people to help design the magazine Heavily involved in all aspects of the magazine Advanced knowledge of all aspects of Adobe Creative Suite (CS3)


LSUTV • • • • • • •

Varsity Graphics & Promotional Video Involvement in several highly successful live shows Knowledge of all equipment and edit-suite programs Taken part in several commercial filming jobs (Aura Studios) Technical experience in setting up equipment Design of DVD boxes for commercial jobs Recipient of too much Label back-chat

• • • •

Took part in Radiothon Designed a variety of posters for shows and promotion Knowledge of studio equipment, competent with O/B Desk Awful, yet sustained, bant

Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

If I could tell the story in word

-- Lewis Hine

ouldn’t need to lug around a cam era.’ w I s, portfolio


el Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Design

NUS Delegate Elections

bel Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Desig Your opportunity to be one of six people to represent Loughborough Students at a National level on issues that affect students Must be available between 1st & 3rd April 2008 to attend the National Union of Students (NUS) conference in Blackpool - Travel & Accom. Provided Nominations Open - Mon 19th Nov @ 1200 Nominations Close - Tues 27th Nov @ 1200 For more information, Ppick up a candidate pack from LSU Reception, Check out or email David Goss at

Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Design Label Des

y t i s r a V V8 0 0 2 il r p A th 0 3 th a B . Loughborough vs


layed a vital part in this award winning, completely student-produced live show. As VT-Op on the night, was responsible for playing all VTs/straplines and co-ordinating with Vision-Mixing team to prepare and play out replays during the game. Didn’t sleep for over 40 hours! Designed all of the graphics seen right, and the DVD cover seen below. Also responsible for putting together the Promotional Video for the game, which was shown both on-line and on Freewire prior to the game. The promo was later adapted to form the Title Sequence.

Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

The show was viewed by 1500 individual connections from across the JANET network and the internet beyond. Figures for Freewire are unknown, but estimates during the show suggested we were more popular than several high-profile mainstream television stations.

Though not integral to the overall planning and development of the show, was key to the development of the station’s replay system, and semi-transparent chroma-keying. The show has won national recognition through the JANET Magazine, and was recently awarded a RAM Award for ‘Best Team’ and a ‘Presidents ***’ Award at the Loughborough Students’ Experience Awards. This award recognises a oneoff event which has had a substantial positive impact on university life at Loughborough. And Loughborough won!!


‘Approachable’ - Vicky Morphew

‘Friendly Faced’ - LSUT V Publicit

y 08/09


‘ef f o r t . c o m /

but gets th e - Emily Fu

‘ c om m i tt ed ’

’ ‘Lovel y pe r m R Station Manager ’ 08/09

nnell - LC


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P e b i ‘w r c ei r d o s -hai r e ’ d h do’ r k w it h o w o c t i n u f h good d s 07/08 w n e w a N l , be t a ‘wi L n e i n o s ill at h p D zar h , g t d in g en r i deep S l d’ n i a S d ’ o -M s t, r e n e i o k eW ng e, h W l i h b i r i s t ‘p h tak b ‘ Se n er ge ot L n S UT V ’ ! ha os c ? H hen Pete's on the case you ead , a m l ho i 8 i a h M 07/0 of T si t p r e u d ‘W know there's a masterpiece c e h 07 o S v h V 9 e o t T 0 /08 wi nd & LSU ,08/ in the making - his design knowledge ntr 08, 08/ o o 09 M d c / e 7 , e ia Leg 0 and skills still astound me. Pete has ete is one of the most g d w E d ld k - Med vin nline u o l n grown massively in confidence this ‘P hardworking members of the o O n w ew Clar TV u t u U f S a L , year and the world is a better place for media centre and what is so great o dly hnson ‘Wh -Andr r n it. Amazing wit, and amazing hair.’ about him is he is so enthusiastic o ie A ‘Fr James J - Jen Grieves, Label Features 07/08 and can make anyone smile in any k circumstance. He is loved by all media s members and particularly renowned -A for his practical jokes...’

‘ am a z in


Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

-Rachel Vine, LSUTV SM 08/09







as tm s ris al Ch eci

Main recruitment period



Begin to use ‘elected’ acting editors after two issues if team agree.


LCR Publicity-a-go-go. LCR should have more listeners than ever, and even at this stage, lots of shows should be running with 07/08 presenters taking the slots.



Ensure committees are aware that they need to hit the ground running from Day 1. Not so important with TV/LCR as they are mainly experienced. Label must be instructed appropriately.


All systems go. Issues must be better designed and have interesting content from the word go. Liase with sub-eds over holiday time to re-iterate this

Prep for freshers - Freshers DVD, Freshers Label

Bring Media Under One Umbrella Encourage Multimedia-ism


08/09 office Begins

FRESHERS BAZAAR!!! Get all 15,000 students involved. Bring home the bacon for Media

Second Chance. Rejuvenate volunteer base, get new people in, remind people what makes LSU media amazing

AURA, under leadership of Joey, Raj and Alison to continue sucess of 07/08 for meantime


All awards should be covered by at least one camera (with or w/o op), with the SEAs to be broadcast live.

Campaigns Coverage, Candidate Cam, Candidate Vox Pops, Opinion Polls, Website forum, LIVE RESULTS SHOW, follow-up All disciplines to be involved with buildup and coverage of event.




NaSTAs Easter? (provisional) Win more TV awards Reclaim News Award




Awards Season

Varsity @ Bath April/May 09 LIVE SHOW



RAMs Build on success of this year Plan more in advance!



Radiothon (+TV?) More listeners Even more people taking part



Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008



LCR & LSUTV Publicity teams need to generate interest asap


• •


LABEL success to build throughout course of year, as 07/08

YEAR ENDS SRAs Help LCR take up more shelf space in the office with awards!

• •

Bazaar LCR

Secondary recruitment period

• •

= SUMMARY OF AIMS = Bring Medias Together Multimedia Website Bi-weekly Live TV Shows Win awards for Label Win awards we used to win for TV - and more Win any awards for LCR Continue Development of LCR Boost Media publicity Volunteers, volunteers..



• • •





Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008


This site currently exists at and it is hoped tthat it will be moved to


Proposals For Media Centre Development

• • •

• • • •

Pete Washer - Design Portfolio - 2008

Making Better Use Of CreativeSuite Encourage people to show off their work in the creative suite - and use it to edit. Install existing and acquire new soft/hardware to make CS usable by all 4 sections. Install appropriate patches to allow Aura & LCR to edit in that room. Implement an imformal booking system for edit suites. Tidy up existing equipment and rack-mount amplifiers/audio equipment.



Implementation of The VersionCue CS3 Workflow Allows Label to be constructed in a substantially more efficient fashion. Simply requires implementation of software we already possess. Will require a small amount of server space, or a dedicated Mac to run VersionCueServer. Media volunteers will hence be trained on industry standard print and publishing technology as used in many professional design houses. Should remove chance of lost links. Takes a little more maintainance and care from users, but end result will be quicker and easier to achieve.


Aquisition of Network Attached Storage or Dedicated Media Server Hosts all files in one place for LSUTV, LCR and Label. Vast amount of storage capacity. Quicker file acquisition over network. LSUTV: Improved export system which will monopolise only one computer at a time for the export process. Currently two or more can be monopolised as FCP takes up their processor time for file acquisition. LCR: Will allow substantially easier update of Sustain playout server. Label: Will facilitate smooth operation of Version Cue Server Existing hardware (External HDDs etc.) can be dismantled for benefit of FS

• •

• • •

• • • • •

• •

Implementation of Apple QMaster Allows distributed processing across the network. Can speed up export process by several times. Connected to all Media Computers. Uses any spare processor time to render video. Attempts have been made to set up QMaster before, but professional guidance is perhaps needed to achieve optimum settings for our setup. Will be especially beneficial with .flv format requirements of new website. Again, implementation of existing software.

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