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funkin Purées funkin Purées are 100% Natural:    

No Artificial Colour No Artificial Flavour No Artificial Preservatives No Artificial Sweeteners

Benefits:       

Labour Savings Operational Ease Product Consistency No Produce Seasonality 24 fruits Availability Pure pour Lime and Lemon juices No Waste

Shelf Life: Up to12 month ambient shelf life when sealed Up to 7 days refrigerated shelf life once opened

funkin Purées: The Benefits vs. Fresh & Frozen Fruit funkin Purées vs. Fresh

Fruit:  No waste  Quality product all season long  Labour/cost savings: no preparation or time to thaw  Consistent price all year round  Little day to day management  Always perfectly ripe

funkin Purées yield far more than fresh fruit - as you can only use: (and this is from ripe fruit) • 38% of a fresh pineapple • 46% of a fresh mango • 82% of a fresh strawberry • 62% of a fresh apple • 44% of a fresh cherry

funkin Purées vs. Frozen Purées  Ready to go, no defrosting

 No planning necessary with funkin: it is ready to go  100% longer shelf life once open (up to 7 days vs. approx 3 days for frozen)

 No freezer required

funkin PurĂŠes: Popular & Unique Flavors Available

funkin Syrups  funkin syrups are 100% natural with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or additives, packed in 70cl glass bottles  funkin syrups are designed by great mixologists, for great mixologists, using actual juices to ensure the best performance  Created by funkin using the finest raw materials available, the syrups are designed for use in bars and restaurants to create great cocktails and ‘mocktails’

 Sugar Cane – Pure, Simple, Perfect!  Passion Fruit – Great Balance between the sweetness of the sugar and the natural sourness of the passion fruit!  Grenadine – Timeless classic with strong vanilla over tones!

funkin Cocktail Mixers: fresh cocktails made easy! Make style bar cocktails in 10 seconds Many outlets do not currently provide cocktails because of: • Know how • Time • Financial risk of failure

Funkin Cocktail Mixers overcome these objections: Anyone can make a cocktail in 10 seconds Simply add spirit Produce consistent drinks every time 12 month shelf life

Why funkin Cocktail Mixers? 100% Natural - made from the best fruit and ingredients

Fantastic profit margins available Incremental and impulse purchases Higher cash value than traditional mixers Drive Spirit Sales

Make complex cocktails in 10 seconds! Example: funkin Bacardi Mojito Cocktail Mixer 1. Fill glass with ice 2. Add 50ml of Bacardi 3. Add 1 pouch of funkin Bacardi Mojito Cocktail Mixer 4. Stir and serve

Our full range‌..


Funkin are proud to present the first and only 100% natural fresh fruit cocktail mixers. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or a...

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