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A simple thing, done well. This beautiful bicycle celebrates the joy of cycling. A ride that is relaxed and nimble, a machine that just works every time you need it to, and a journey that leaves you comfortable clean and refreshed. The upright posture takes the weight off your hands, while the clever frame and fat tires smooth out the road ahead. The mudguards and covered chain keep your clothes clean and dry, and the open frame makes getting on easy. All ready for a relaxed ride. The frame design rewrites what a bike can be.


MOTOR Pedelec, 36 V system voltage and 250 W output, Panasonic mid motor The Panasonic drive system is a mid-drive, meaning that it’s designed to be in the middle of the bike for a low center of gravity, stability and an easy integration with the drivetrain. This setup also allows the motor to complement a full use of the gears on the bicycle. The power of the motor goes through the “transmission” of the bike before it reaches the wheel. Flat tires are flat tires, no motor in wheel to complicate repairing a flat.

CONSOLE Assist Levels: Low 0.75, Mid 1:1.5, High: 1:3 Battery Gauge On / Off Switch

BATTERY 12 Ah: 432 Wh (36 V) up to a 40 - 60 mile range, charging time approximately 4 hours Panasonic 18650 Li-Ion Cells *Battery range is based on using assist level 1 on relatively level terrain. Distances will vary depending on road conditions, rider weight and the level of assist chosen.


RETRIEVE AN eBIKE User identifies the eBike to retrieve

User checks that LED is blinking green (green indicates a full charge)

User makes contact with the i-button

System verifies user before slot is locked or unlocked User has 10 seconds to remove eBike



User identifies an open slot User positions front wheel in slots and firmly pushes the ebike in Once eBike is locked LED blinks red to indicate charging

FUNCTIONALITY The design of the bike stations is based on a modular concept with self-supported, solid base plates. Due to its wireless connnection to the internet, the station can easily be relocated. Each station requires access to 110V AC power to operate. User is identified by the i-button (1) in the Bike-In® User data is processed in the Control Unit (2) and after validation, the slot is unlocked (10 seconds) allowing the user to retrieve the bicycle. Slot is locked or unlocked (3)

(3) Slot

(1) i-button identification and unlocked key


(2) Control Unit

Go Beyond Paved Roads ~ Master Everyday Life ~ Extend Cycling Rides

You still pedal,we only assist....

An electric bike is designed to bring together the health and environmental advantages of a bicycle with the benefits of a silent no-emissions electric motor. Riders tackle everyday distances in a shorter time and with less sweat than on a conventional bike as they ride their e-bike to the office, do their local shopping, or head out to play. Pete’s e-bike systems allow you to easily cover longer distances and complete more strenuous rides than you thought possible on two wheels. Only consuming a drop of fuel to recharge, e-bikes are excellent for the environment and for your health! Easily integrated with most bikes, Pete’s e-bike systems open up whole new worlds for riders of all ages.

HARDWARE - SOFTWARE Control Unit: contains electronic components to process information to lock/unlock slots and manage the battery recharging times. If internet is available, then information is sent to server, offering other services like billing, bike reservation, etc‌ The structure covering the Control Unit can be a standard electrical closet or an Informative Column that will allow other features like touch screen, RFID cards, etc.

Administration Software: manages station/slots/users remotely. Capabilities: (1) station: blocks station for retrieving any bikes, identifies location of stations and bike availability; (2) slots: lock/unlocks, recognition of registered user, start/stop bike recharging; (3) user: create/delete users or user group, recognition of bike owners, etc‌ Software can be customized to meet client requirements.

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